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Vol. 27 (66), № 5. 2014
Biology, chemistry


Biological sciences

Repetskaya A.
The Structure and Dynamics of Collection of the Botanical Garden of Taurida National V.I. Vernadsky University (2004-2014)

Vakhrusheva L.P., Vasilyeva V.S.
Age Stages Criteria and age Structure of Coenopopulation Jurinea Roegneri K. Koch (Jurinea Sordida Stev.) in Phytocoenosis of Foothills in Crimea

Gorodnyaya E.V.
The Promising Assortment of Roses for a Landscaping and Breeding in the Conditions of a Foothill Zone of the Crimea

Datsuk E.I., Efimov S.V.
Problems of Identification and Verification of Historical iris Varieties in the Scientific Collections

Efimov S.V.
Complex Studying and Evaluation the Morphological Features of Peony (Paeonia L.) During Introduction Process

Korenkova O.O.
Features Natural Regeneration of the Crimean Population Juniperus Foetidissima Willd.

Leonov V.V., Seit-Ablaeva S.S.
Use of Green Hedges in Modern Landscape Gardening Design on the Example of Вotanical Garden of Taurida National V. I. Vernadsky University

Mammadov T.S., Gulmammadova Sh.A.
Scientific Bases oF Azerbaijan Landscape Architecture

Mammadov D.Sh.
The Features of Pistachio (Pistacia Vera L.) Cultivation in Azerbaijan

Martinov S.A.
Evaluation of Introduction of Ornamental Representatives Natural Flora in the Foothill Crimea

Mykhailova O.A.
Current Status of Crambe Maritima L. Populations in Crimea

Nazarov V.V., Shirokov A.I.
Preliminary Research Results of Allelopathic Interaction of Some Orchids in Vitro

Nevkrytaya N.V., Ametova E.D., Marchenko M.P.
The Outcome of the Creating a new Variety of MelissaOfficinalis L.

Potapenko I.L., Letuhova V. Yu., Rozenberg O.G., Diordienko Y.V.
Ornamental Arboreal Plants of Feodosia

Reshetnikova L.F.
Evaluation of Introduction Species of Iris L. in the Foothill zone of Crimea

Savushkina I.G., Fedkina A.Y.
Results of Evaluation of Syringa Vulgaris L. and Syringa ×Hyacinthiflora Rehd. In the Foothill Zone of Crimea

Sedelnikova L.L.
Comparative Morphogenesis of Exotic Species of the Genus Hemerocallis, Hosta, Iris in the Forest-Steppe Zone of Western Siberia

Sedelnikova L.L., Larichkina N.I., Sedelnikova A.A.
Use of the Method of Biotesting of Ecological Condition in the Urban Environment

Filippova A.V., Ryabukhina M.V.
To the Question of the Organization of Effective Plantings of Tree Species in the Conditions of the Urban Environment

Chalyavina S. V., Repetskaya A.I., Leonov V.V., Seit-Ablaeva S.S., Besedin V.A.
About Dendrological Collection of «Ponds of the Botanical Garden of Taurida National V.I. Vernadsky University » Exhibition

Shlapak V.P.
Why was Main School of Horticulture Transferred to the Base of “Sofiyivka” Park?

Yudina V.N., Prosyannikova I.B.
Evaluation of Phytosanitary Condition of the Crimean Federal V.I. Vernadsky University Botanical Garden’s Rosary

Yakimova O.V., Yegorova N.A.
Callusogenesis and Morphogenesis in the Culture of Isolated Organs and Tissues of MelissA Officinalis L. In Vitro