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Vol. 27 (66), № 3. 2014
Biology, chemistry


Biological sciences.

Vovchuk I.L.
Risk Factors, Role of Steroid Hormones and Their Receptors in Development of the Gynecomastia

Galkin A.Yu., Gorshunov Yu.V., Besarab A.B.
Bioanalytical Validation of the Enzyme Immunoassay for the Qualitative (Semi-Quantitative) Determination of Iga Class Antibodies to Chlamydia Trachomatis

Gidulyanov A.A.
Short-term Effects of Denaturing Нydrophobic Agents on the Electrophoretic Mobility of Human Hemoglobin

Ibragimova E.E.
Research of Combined Effects of Residual Amounts of Pesticides and Heavy Metals Onto the Frequency of Cell Mutations of Allium Cepa L. Root Meristem

Ivanenko M.O.
Feature Immunoresistance in Induced Inflammatory Processes in Experimental Models

Kobechinskaya V.G., Oturina I.P., Kotolup M.V.
The Dynamics of Primary Biological Productivity of Steppe Phytocenoses in Opuksky Natural Reserve

Kusmenko E.V.
Mechanisms Development of Anaemia for Oncologic Patients

Kulenkova A.A., Dyagileva Ju.O., Pavlenko V.B.
Neurophysiological Analisis of Emotional Sphere Development in Early Childhood

Livshyts I.V.
Controversial Issues of Human Uterine Transplantation

Оstrovskaya S.S., Shatornaya V.F., Kolosova I.I.
Combined Impact of Plumbum and Cadmium on the Organism (Foreigning Literature Review)

Pismenetskaya I.U. , Butters T.D.
HPLC-Profiles of Plasma Free Oligosaccharides in Acute Hematologic Malignancies

Pototska S.О.
Coenotic and Floristic Diversity of Natural Areas Within Urban Zones of Chernihiv Polissia

Rzhevskaya V.S., Oturina I.P., Bulygin S.V., Teplitskaya L.M.
The Influence of Microbial Preparation Embiko® on Fruitification of Cucumber and Soil Biological Activity

Semenova E.F., Teplitskaya L.M., Presnyakova E.V., Mezhennaуa N.A.
Anatomical and Morphological Characteristic of Rose Petals of Representatives of the Genus Rosa L.

Temuryants N.A., Kostyuk A.S., Tumanyants K.N.
The Effect of Melatonin and Variable Magnetic Field of Extremely Low Frequency to Development of Shieldinginduced Changes of Nociception in Snails

Temuryants N.A., Tumanyants K.N., Kostyuk A.S., Khusainov D.R.,
Cheretaev I.V., Chajka A.V.
The Participation of the Opioid System in Modifying Aggressive Behavior of Rats in Conditions of Electromagnetic Shielding

Yu.V. Tseyslyer, N.Е. Nurishchenko, V.S. Маrtyniuk, О.M. Podpalova, O.V. Shelyuk
The Indicators of Lipid Metabolism in Rats Under Chronic Prolonged Alcohol Abuse

Chemical sciences.

Vyatkina O.
Using Black Radish Peroxidase in Test-Methods of Phenols` Determination

Katsev A.M.
Enzyme Activity of Bioluminescent Bacteria From Black and Azov Seas and Their Antioxidant Defense

Konnik O.V., Zamnius E.A., Gusev A.N., Shul’gin V.F.
Spacer Armed Copper(II) Coordination Compouds on Basis of Iminodiacetic and Salicylidenhydrazone

Yakovishin L.A., Grishkovets V.I., Korzh E.N.
Supramolecular Complexes of Licorice and ivy Triterpene Glycosides With Streptocid