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Vol. 27 (66), № 2. 2014
Biology, chemistry


Biological sciences.

Amjad Hamdallah 1, Davydov V.V.
Age Peculiarities Modulation of Glutathione Transferase Activity in Postmitochondrial Fraction of Femoral Muscle of Rats

Andrusevych E.V.
The Mesofauna Ecomorphical Characteristic of the Sodlithogenic Soil on the Grey-Green Clays at the Reclamation Site of the Nicopol Manganese ore Basin

Vovchuk I.L.
Prognostic and Diagnostic Value of Determination of Antigen СA 15-3 During Neoplastic Transformation in Breast

Gidulyanov A.A.
Influence of Denaturing Hydrophobic Agents on the Electrophoretic Mobility of Hemoglobin

Gidulyanov A.A.
Comparative Study of Peroxidation proCesses in the Tissues of Individual Representatives of Vertebrates and Invertebrates

Gidulyanov A.A.
Comparative Study of Peroxidation Processes in the Tissues of Individual Representatives of Vertebrates and Invertebrates

Gol’din P.E., Kirukh K.G., Vishnyakova K.A., Gladilina E.V.
Cetacean Strandings on the Coast of the Kalamita Gulf (Black Sea)

Eshchenko Y.V.
The Influence of Chelators on the Cells Containing Chelate-Creating Zinc

Yolkina N.М., Konoshenko S.V.
Peculiarities of Nitric Oxide Synthesis System and Processes of Nitrosylation in Erythrocytes Under iron- Deficiency Anemia

Zavyalov A.V.
Population-Ierarhiec and Functional Peculiarities of Organization Metastructure Parasitic Structure of the Nematoda Hysterothylacium Aduncum (Nematoda: Ascaridata) in the Crimean Coastal Biocoenosis

Korenkova O.O.
The Investigation of Peculiarities of Geographical Distribution of Forest Stands Juniperus Foetidissima Willd. in the Tract Sinab-Dug

Korobeinikova L.G.
Influence of Level of Functional Hemispheric Asymmetry of the Brain at the Possibility of Manifestation of Mental Functions in the Combat Sport

Kostyuk A.S.
Participation Opioid System in Changes of noCiception in Mice Under Electromagnetic Shielding

Ostrovskaya S.S.
Impact of Alcohol and Smoking on Toxic Properties of Cadmium (Literature Survey)

Pogodina S.V., Kozlovа S.N., Liskonog L.V., Yuferev V.S.
Changes Cortisol Levels in Men of Different Ages and Levels of Performance During Physical Work

Rodinskii A.G., Demchenko T.V.
Analysis of Body Weight Changes in Experimental Rats in Condition of Systemic Introduction of Gammahydroxybutyrate After the Compression of the Sciatic Nerve

Sipulinov R.B., Karagaicheva Y.V, Kozulina T.N., Rogacheva S.M., Otradnova M.I.
Screening and Evaluation of the Destructive Activity of Microorganisms, Utilizing Acrylic Polymers

Tevfik A.Sh., Mitrofanova I.V.
The Investigation of Regeneration Ability of Canna (Canna ×Hybrida Hort.) Embryos and Seeds in Vitro

Khmel N.V.
Efficiency of Terahertz laser Application at Contamination of Metal-Cutting Compounds by Microflora

Yantsev A.V., Kirillova A.V., Panova S.A., Aliyev A.A., Savrasj T.Y.
The Impact of Sinusoidal Modulating Currents on Psychophysiological Indicators of a Young Man with Cerebral Palsy

Yarmolyuk N.S., Grabovskaya E.J.
Transition to "Winter Time" Causes Desynchronosis in to Cardiovascular System in Athletes

Chemical sciences.

Каtsev A.M. , Skamrova G.B. , Evstigneev M.P.
Study of Biological Action of dna-Intercalators and Caffeine Combinations on Luminescent Bacteria

Memetova L.A., Branovitskaya T.Yu.
The Improvement of Production Technology of Confectionery Semi-Finished Products from the Grape Pressing

Pevzner N.S., Gusev A.N., Starikova A.I., Shul’gin V.F.
Coordination Compounds of Some 3D-metals with Pyridinecarbaldehyde and 1,2,4-triazolil-5-carboxylic Acid Hydrazon