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Vol. 27 (66), № 1. 2014
Biology, chemistry


 Bielalov V.V., Dyagileva Iu.O., Khripun A.Y., Timush I.J.,
Kulenkova A.A., Pavlenko V.B.

Features of Perception of Male and Female Speech in Orphans two and a half - Three and a half years old

Broshko Y.O.
Some Structural and Biomechanical Peculiarities of Limbs’ Long Bones of Reptiles and Mammals

Bogatina N.I., Sheykina N.V.
Influence of Different Relative Orientation of Static and Akternative Magnetic Fields and Cress Roots on Their Gravitropic Reaction

Borovkov A.B., Gudvilovich I.N.
Production Characteristics of Semicontinuous Cultures Dunaliella Salina Teod. Under Different Irradiance

Vovchuk I.L.
Influence of Cations of Bivalent Metals on Activity of Carboxypeptidase a non Malygnant and Tumor Endometrium

Zayets N.S.1 Lyashenko V.P.1, Burtseva D.O.1, Lukashev S.M.2, Melnikova O.Z.
Adaptive Reactions of Neyrosynaptycal Activity of Ergotropic Area of the Hypothalamus of Rats in Response to Alkaline Ration

Ibragimova E.E.
Mitotical Activity of Cells of Root Meristems of Allium CepaL. at the United Action of Pesticides and Heavy Metals

Yolkina N.М.1, Konoshenko S.V.
Indexes of Nitric Oxide Metabolism in Erythrocytes of Patients with Erythraemia

Korzh A.P.
Modern Hunting as one of the Causes of Transformation of Fauna

Kulichenko A.M.
Relation Peculiarities Between Brain stem Aminergic Neuronal Activity and Spectral Power of EEG Rhythms in Animals Recorded Symmetrically in Both Hemispheres

Kucher E.N.
Reproductive Effort and Reproductive Tactics Species of the Genus Cephalanthera rich. in Crimea

Naidych S.I.
Research of Indexes of Interchange of Gases of man During Muscular Activity in the Conditions of the Chaged gas Environment

Oberemok V.V., Zaitsev A.S.
The Modern Insecticides: Their Advantages, Disadvantages and Preconditions for the Creation of dna Insecticides (Review)

Omelchenko A.V., Yurkova I.N., Zhizhina M.N.
Stimulating Effect of Silver Nanoparticles on Growth and Development of Wheat

Otradnova M.I., Rogacheva S.M., Kozlitin A.M., Vishnevskey V.V.
Impact of Smoking on Bioelectric Activity of the Myocardium of Practically Healthy People At Different Levels of Geomagnetic Activity

Rzhevskaya V.S., Oturina I.P., Teplitskaya L.M.
Study of the Biological Characteristics of the Lactic acid Bacteria Strains

Savina K.D., Syshko G.D.
Vegetative Adjusting and Functional Being of Sine knot at Higly Skilled Sportswomen in the Conditions of Vestibular Irritations

Simagin N.O, Izyumskaya A.A.
Biological Peculiarities of Artemisia Vulgaris L.

Soloviova O.V., Tikhonova E.A.
Oil Hydrocarbons Accumulation by the Dominant Black Sea Molluscs Species in Condition of the Port Water Areas

Temuryants N.A., Kostyuk A.S., Tumanyants K.N., Yarmolyuk N.S.
Role of Dopamine Receptors in Mechanisms of Changes of Nociception Under the Electromagnetic Shielding

Tribrat N.S., Chuyan E.N.
Myogenic Reactions of Microvasculature Skin Under the Influence of Low Intensity Electromagnetic Radiation Extremely High Frequency

Tsapenko P.K., Ogloblya O.V., Liashchenko T.P.
The Role of Prostaglandins in Realization of Bombesin Influence on Hepatocytes Membrane Potential

Chelyadina N.S.
Individual Variability of the Copper Content in the Soft Tissues of Mytilus Galloprovincialis Lam. Depending on Phene, Sex and Stage of Gonads Maturity

Chmeleva S.I., Kucher E.N., Dashkevich Y.O., SіTnik M.I.
The Influence of Drug Zircon on the Growth and Development of Corn Plants at the Early Stages of Ontogeny in Conditions of Drought

Shylina V.V., Khusainov D.R., Cheretaev I.V., Koreniuk I.I.
Analgesic Effect of Aspirin Against a Background of Heavy Metal Salts Intoxication and After Blocking D2-Receptors

Emirova D.E.
Estimation of Sharp Toxicness of Pesticide of BI-58 on Lumbricide in the Conditions of Artificial Contamination of Soils

Brygas O.P., Masberg I.V., Keivan M.P.
Current Status of Agriculture Production and Calculation of Reactive Nitrogen in the Area of Animal Breeding in Crimea

Valiev E.V., M.I. Sheikh-Zade
Mathematical Modeling of the Various Factors Influence on the Relative Error in Determining the Equilibrium Constant of Formation of Complexes With Hydrogen Bond in the Case of Proton Donor Self-Association

Vyatkina О.
Methods of Improvement and Stabilization of Activity Black Radish Peroxidase

Zhilyakova T.A., Aristova. N.I., Panov D.A., Zaitcev G.P.
Determination of Mineral Composition in wine and wine Materials by Capillary Electrophoresis

Ivanets L.M., Polyak O.B., Zagrichuk G.Ya.
The Investigation of Mechanism of the Reaction Hydrazide O,O-Diphenylthiophosphoric Acid With Phenylisothiocyanate

Kapustina E.V., Kozlovskiy R.A., Kapustin A.E.
Hydroxide Clays as Solid Base Catalysts

Panova E.P., Osmanova A.A.
Study of Interaction Sodium Selenite With L-Cysteine by Potentiometric Method

Prosyannikova I.B. Grishkovets V.I., Fedotova A.Y.
Influence of the Rust Fungus Uromyces Geranii (DC.) Lev. On Indicators of the Phenological and Phenolic Composition of Geranium Sanguineum L. (Geraniaceae)

Filonova O.V., Lekar A.V., Vetrova E.V., Maksimenko E.V.,
Yakovishin L.A.,
Grishkovets V.I., Borisenko S.N.
Mass Spectrometry of Triterpene Glycosides Molecular Complexation with Bromhexine