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Vol. 26 (65), № 3. 2013
Biology, chemistry


Andreeva N.A., Ostapchuk Т.V., Liskun О.V., Mazovska S.V.
Microbiological Adaptation of Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops Truncatus) to Life in Captivity

Bielalov V.V., Dyagileva Iu.O., Khripun A.Y., Timysh I.Y., Kulenkova A.A., Pavlenko V.B.
The Dynamics of Speech Perception in Orphans Two and a Half - Three and a Half Years Old

Bogatina N.I., Sheykina N.V.
Effect of Alternative Magnetic Field on Plants Gravitropic Reaction under the Conditions of Absence of Static Components of Magnetic Field. The Shuman's Frequencies Role

Bukov Y.A., Burbanova O.N.
Function Relationships in the Assessment of Age-Respiratory Mechanics and Gas Homeostasis Women

Gol'din P.E., Vishnyakova K.A., Gladilina E.V.
Taphonomy of Stranded Small Cetaceans: General Aspects and Impact of the Coast

Danilova O.I., Dunich A.A., Budzanivska I.G., Mishchenko L.T.
Phylogenetic Analysis of Ukrainian Tomato Isolate of Potato Virus M

A.A. Isakov, V.P. Lyashenko, S.N. Lukashev
Dependence HRV Students of Gender and Level of Physical Activity

Yolkina K.М., Konoshenko S.V., Kotsuruba A.V., Dobrovolsky F.V.
Processes of Nitric Oxide Synthesis and Nitrosylation in Erythrocytes of Patients with Aplastic Anemia

Kobechinskaya V.G., Oturina I.P., Kotolup M.V., Sidyakin A.I.
Spatio-Temporal Variability of the Structure of Steppe Communities in Opuk Nature Reserve

Kostyuk A.S., Volkovaya S.A., Tumanyants K.N.
Development of Adaptive Reactions under Peloidotherapy

Kunah O.N., Zhukov A.V., Baljuk Ju.A.
The Spatial Variation of Soil Mesofauna Ecomorphic Structure in Urbazem

Lysyakova N.Yu., Simagina N.O., Gurskaya A.S.
Biological Peculiarities of Hyacinths in the Conditions of the Botanical Garden of Taurida National V.I. Vernadsky University

Makhin S.A., Orekhova L.S., Makarisheva A.A., Pavlenko V.B.
Correlation between Individual's Empathy Properties and Sensorimotor Rhythm Reactivity to Biological Movement Observation

Muravjova I.P., Mironova T.O.
Рeriphyton Chemical Composition from the Hydrotechnical Constructions Macrofoulings in the Recreational Zone of Sevastopol (The Black Sea)

Ovcharenko N.S.
Research of Micobiota Aromatic and Medical Plants of the Crimea. Review

Radchenko M.P., Sychuk A.M., Morderer Ye.Yu.
The Reducing of Antagonism in the Mixtures of Herbicides through Specific Inhibitor of Superoxide Dismutase

Safronova N.S., Vikulova N.N.
Correction of the Functional State of External Breath System of Elderly and Senile Age Men

Sirenko P.O., Korolinska S.V., Sirenko Yu.P.
Features Interference Elektromiogram M.Gluteus Maximus for Scilled Players in the Exercise "Unbending Thigh from Standing Position"

Sukhova L.L., Volkova Y.V., Grabovetskaya E.R., Davydov V.V.
Testosterone Level and Aldo-Keto Reductase Activity of Blood, Liver and Heart in the Different Ages of Rats

Teliga A.V, Smyrnova L.L., Sitnikov A.V.
Electrolytic Chlorination of Sea Water in the Pool with the Black Sea Bottlenose Dolphins: the Optimum Active Chlorine Concentration and the Control of the Metabolites Transformation Level

Khodanitska O.O., Kuryata V.G.
Productivity of Oil Flax under the Influence of Composition of Growth Regulators

Chuyan E.N., Birjukova E.A, Zayachnikova T. V, Peredkova I.S.
The Controlled Breath with Individually Picked up Frequency Influence on Relation of the Heart Rate Variability of Examinees with Variations of Heliogeomagnetic Factors

Chuyan E.N., Ravaeva M.Yu., Nikol'skaya V.A., Podarevskaya А.M., Belyi I.A., Dzheldubaeva E.R., Zayachnikovа T.V., Drevetnyak N.A., Tumanyanc E.N., Peredkova I.S.
Influence of Electromagnetic Radiation of Extremely High Frequency on Indexes of Lipid Peroxidation in Terms of the Stress-Induced Injury

Chuyan E.N., Tribrat N.S., Dzheldybaeva E.R., Ravaeva M.Yu., Zayachnikova T. V., Tumanyants E.N., Drevetnyak N.A., Peredkova I.S.
Adaptive-Potective Reactions of the Microvascular Vessels of Skin in Conditions of Local Cold Test under the Influence of Low Intensity EMR EHF

Yurkova I.N., Omelchenko A.V., Bugara I.A.
The Influence of Time Treatment Nanobiosilver Composition of Wheat Seeds on their Growth and Development


Zvyagintseva A.V.
Structural and Phase Changes in Electrochemical Systems Ni-In

O.O. Kelyp, I.S. Petrik, V.S. Vorobets, G.I. Dovbeshko, N.P. Smirnova, G.Ya. Kolbasov
Synthesis of Mesoporous Tio2 Films Modified with 3d Metal Ions (Co, Ni, Mn, Cu) and their Electro- and Photocatalytic Properties

Kutsyi A.V., Manilevich F.D., Kozin L.F.
Regularities of Hydrogen Evolution from Sulphuric Acid Solution on Titanium Electrodes with Rhodium Coating and without Coating

Netreba Y.Y.
Synthesis And Investigation Of Molecular And Crystal Structure Of Coordination Compounds Of Thulium(III) Nitrate with 4,4,10,10-Tetramethyl-1,3,7,9- Tetraazospiro [5.5] Undecan-2,8-Dion

Pershina K.D.
On Possibility of Slurry Electrode Formation in the Alumosilicate - Water System

Prisedsky V.V., Pogibko V.M.
Microstructure and Properties of Pzt Piezoceramics Consolidated from Nanopowder

Fesych I.V., Dzyaz'ko O.G., Nedilko S.A., Golubtsov V.A., Bulachok A.S.
Synthesis and Superconducting Properties of Solid Solution Y3Ba5-xSrxCu8O18+δ (0≤x≤0,2)

Fomanyuk S.S., Shpak I.A., Kolbasov G.Ya., Krasnov Yu.S.
Gasochromic Properties of Films the Oxides of Vanadium of Tungsten and Nickel

Shul'gin V.F., Bekirova Z.Z., Konnik O.V.
The Europium (III) and Terbium (III) Coordination Compounds Based on Acylbishydrazones of 3-Methyl-1-Phenyl-4-Formylpyrazol-5-One

Yakovishin L.A., Grishkovets V.I., Korzh E.N., Degtyar A.D., Klimenko A.V.
Supramolecular Complexes of Licorice and Іуу Triterpene Glycosides with Paracetamol