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Vol. 26 (65), № 2. 2013
Biology, chemistry


Balichieva D.V.
Medicobiological criteria of adverse action of unfavorable effect general vibration on the reproductive system
In the article are analyzed the remote consequences of influence of vibration, noise, working conditions, working pose, smoking and alcoholism on the reproductive system of operators of self-propelled cars, embroideresses of vestibule shop and their posterity.

Brailko V.A.
Peculiarities of the shoots growth in some species Lonicera L. in the conditions of the Southern Coast of the Crimea
Realization of the plants developmental genetic programme goes under the influence of the constantly changing environmental conditions. Knowledge of plants` growth biological peculiarities and development is a necessary clause for their propagation, growing and effective usage. Among exotic bushes in Nikitsky Botanical Gardens which are perspective for using in the decorative gardening species Lonicera L. play a significant role. They are valuable thanks to their long fragrant blossom, variety of the living forms, decorative fruits, leaves` colour and texture. Connected with these the aim of our work was to determine peculiarities of the growth rhythms for one year shoots in some species Lonicera L. of different geographical origin in the conditions of the introduction on the Southern Coast of the Crimea. The objects of our study were different age bushes of nine Lonicera species growing on the territory of Nikitsky Botanical Gardens and represented with different living forms: deciduous strait-stemmed (Lonicera tatarica L. and L. maakii (Rupr.) Maxim.), deciduous climbers (L. caprifolium L. и L. etrusca Santi.), semievergreen strait-stemmed and climbers (L. fragrantissima Lindl. et Paxt., L.genryi Hemsl.), evergreen climbers (L. japonica Thunb.) and evergreen straitstemmed and spreading (L. pileata Oliv., L. nitida Wils.). Observations and measurements of the shoots growth had been made from March to October 2012. Intensity of the shoots` growth has been determined with the biometrical method. Shoot growth measurements have been made every ten days with the exactitude up to 1mm. Using the method of the numeral differentiation the first derivatives which gives analytic expression of the shoot growth intensity in each time point have been calculated. As the results of our investigations peculiarities of the growing processes rhythms for the one year shoots in some species Lonicera L. introducted on the Southern Coast of the Crimea have been determined. According to the indexes of seasonal growth dynamics and progress of the studied species characteristics of the climbers and strait-stemmed species` groups with the monotypic growing processes have been given. Each of the studied groups includes deciduous, semievergreen and evergreen species, but according to the life-forms characteristics reliable distinctions for growth intensity haven`t been found out. For most climbers uninterrupted shoot growth characteristic during the whole period of vegetation while the shoot growth of the strait-stemmed species finishes in June. Deciduous species from the strait-stemmed group have the autumnwinter repose period. Reliable distinctions for growth intensity of the leading shoots for deciduous, semievergreen and evergreen species inside the groups haven`t been determined. Intensity of the leading shoots and adventitious shoots growing decreases while the hydrothermal stress increases. Following the growth period the stage of stabilization starts and during this stage adventitious shoots from the first to the third rate form. Adventitious shoots form in the upper 4-5 axils of the leading shoots. In L. caprifolium, L. japonica and L. etrusca adventitious shoots are situated on the upper side of the leading shoots that is associated with the spreading form of the bushes. It should be noted that in the species of this group adventitious shoots of the first rate have the average length twice higher than in the species of the straitstemmed group. There is no great difference between vegetative and generative adventitious shoots in the bushes with the open shoots such as species Lonicerа are. According to the growth intensity during the vegetative period species with the highest growth can be shared out –in the group of strait-stemmed species L. fragrantissima and L.maakii, and in the group of climbers L. caprifolium and L. japonica. Maximum one year growth has been noted for L. caprifolium – 205 sm (leading shoot). Shoots length, number of their rates in the leading shoots and main branches systems, the time of the main cycle depend from the living conditions.

Volkov M.A.
Features of the physical development of pupils with different types of hemodynamic
The article investigates the physical characteristics of school-age children with different types of central hemodynamics in conditions of relative rest and during stepwise increasing continuous exercise based on gender and age differences. Comprehensively studied the physical characteristics of school-age children, depending on the functioning of the circulatory system and found that students with different types of central hemodynamic response of the cardiovascular system to exercise depends on age and gender.Physical development is one of the important criteria of healthy children and adolescents. To determine the physical development using morphological characteristics (height, weight, chest circumference), functional parameters (vital capacity, physical performance). Physical development, describing, geometric dimensions of the body and its proportions, directly affect the functioning of all body systems. Pronounced deviations from physical development usually means the disturbance of growth and maturation of the body. The aim of the study is to determine the physical characteristics of school-age children with different types of central hemodynamics based on gender and age differences. According to our research in each sex and age group surveyed students 8-16 years of marked hypokinetic types of circulation and eukinetic. However, not all sex and age groups (boys and girls 9 years 8 10 years) we have found people with hyperkinetic type ofhemodynamics. From 8 to 16 ratio of people with different types of blood in the middle of sex and age groups varies without a clear pattern. Children with hyperkinetic type of hemodynamics inherent lower values, compared with hypokinetic type. Differences in physical performance is also observed in patients with different types of hemodynamics. In the boys under 10 years differences in physical performance for different types of systemic hemodynamics without display, and girls - to 12. After these age periods and up to 16 years in both sexes have higher values of physical performance of students with hypokinetic type of circulation. Physical performance serves as a criterion of adaptation of the organism as reflecting the
functionality of the body in activity that requires the mobilization of body reserves. The study demonstrated increase physical performance in children during the school period. This is confirmed by its dependence on sex and physical development. The highest values increase physical performance recorded at 10 and 16 years, which corresponds to the period of most intensive growth, as well as in 12 years.

Gornaya O.I.
The change of animals’ motor activity with different type norm and of the motor asymmetry under the condition of hipokinesia
The changes of animals’ motor activity with different type of motor asymmetry under the influence of hipokinetic stress are studied. It is described that the development of rats’ hiokinetic stress as a result of their mobility restriction causes the development of different emotional reactions of animals with different type of the motor asymmetry: the occurrence of anxiety emotional reaction of “ambidexterity” and “right-handed person”; fear emotional reaction of “left-handed person”.

Dyagileva Yu.O., Belalov V.V., Pavlenko V.B.
The technique to study the activity of mirror neurons in toddlers
The article describes a technique of research activity of mirror neurons in children aged 1 to 3 years. The proposed method is efficient, simplicity and quickness of execution, it is necessary to work with young children. This technique allows to evaluate the activity of the brain during a demonstration of goal-directed and non-goal-directed action that determines the child's understanding of another person's actions. Analysis of toddlers` EEG at the time of the action execution and comparing the reactivity of mu-rhythm in action observation / execution makes it possible to assess the activity of mirror neurons. Using the program EEG Mapping 3.0 allows perform analysis of the EEG, to carry out spectral analysis and topographic mapping in the EEG specified frequency bands.

Yolkina N.M., Konoshenko S.V.
Enzymes activity of erythrocytes under some hematological diseases
It has been shown, that in erythrocytes of patients with erythraemia and aplastic anemia (oncological diseases) the activity of glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase, glutathione-reductase and catalase is rised. In erythrocytes of patients with iron-deficiency anemia the insignificant rising of corresponding enzymes activity is observed and it has the character of tendency.

Kirillova A.V., Yantsev A.V., Panova S.A.
Influence of essential oil of a cedar on a psychophysiological condition of person
Work is directed on research of influence of cedar essential oil on a psychophysiological condition of the human. The received results testify to positive influence of an aromatherapy on psychophysiological indicators. When performing proof test the quantity of mistakes decreases by 2,2 times, indicators of stability of attention, accuracy of performance of a task and coefficient of intellectual efficiency authentically raise.

Kovalchuk A.N.
Miocene and pleistocene ichthyofauna of the multilayered locality Protopopovka (Odessa region, Ukraine)
Formation of the modern freshwater bony fish fauna in the Europe began in the second half of the Paleogene. This process continued in the Miocene, accompanied by a large-scale restructuring of ecosystems against the background of significant climate changes. From the early Miocene fauna includes modern bony fish genera, and by the end of the Miocene fossil record appears in a number of modern species or related forms. In this context the study of Neogene and Anthropogene bony fish fauna is of great interest for understanding the history of the formation of modern assemblages. The purpose of the present paper is a brief description of the Late Miocene (Maeotian) and Anthropogene (Neopleistocene) fish fauna remains from the multilayered. It is situated on the left bank of the Hadzibejsky estuary on the southern outskirts of the Protopopovka village (Belaievsky district, Odessa region). Three fosilliferous alluvial strata, located on the different hypsometric levels and accommodated different-aged vertebrate fauna animals were identified during the previous study. Results of determination of the fossil freshwater bony fish from the Late Miocene and Neopleistocene sediments of the multilayered locality Protopopovka were presented in the paper. Osteological material (near 100 bones, including 14 from the Protopopovka 1, 34 from the Protopopovka 2, and also 52 from the most ancient (Meotian) fosilliferous strata Protopopovka 3) is processed using modern techniques of morphosystematic analysis. Isolated pharyngeal teeth of the carp fish, fin rays, individual vertebrae with broken spines, rib fragments are the material for study. Thirteen freshwater bony fish taxa were identified, including eleven for the ancient (Maeotian, MN 12) fosilliferous strata (Protopopovka 3), six – for the Neopleistocene Protopopovka 2 orictocoenosis. Three species are in the materials of the community from the most geologically younger layer (Protopopovka 1). A significant number of identified taxa because of poor preservation and fragmentation determined using open nomenclature. Representatives of the family Cyprinidae are the dominant group in each community, while the loaches (Cobitidae), catfish (Siluridae), pikes (Esocidae), perches (Percidae) determined only by single specimens. Freshwater bony fish species composition of Maeotian alluvium (Protopopovka 3, MN 12) is associated with a broad range of the previously described communities on the south of Ukraine. Eight, eight, seven, seven, four and two common species were defined for Protopopovka 3 and Novoelizavetovka 3, Egorovka 2, Egorovka 1, Cherevychnoe 3, Novoukrainka 2, respectively. The maximum Jaccard coefficient value (53,8%) takes a couple of Protopopovka 3-Egorovka 1, the minimum (16,8%) – for the Protopopovka 3-Novoukrainka 2. A considerable similarity is shown between fish species lists of fosilliferous strata Protopopovka 2 and similar-in-age localities of Ukraine (Lysa Gora 1, Medzhibozh), England (West Runton), Germany (StuttgartWilhelma Bärengehege, Stuttgart quarries Hass und Lauster, Bilzingsleben), Spain (Barranco León 5), Slovenia (Bobovek), Poland (Barkowice) and Russia (Bobkovo). At the same time, the small value of the Jaccard coefficient (28,6%) for a pair of Protopopovka 2-Protopopovka 1 suggests a lack of connection between its ichthyologic complexes and their independent development in different water bodies.

Komarenko N.S.
Features of ixodesfauna of the Kyiv region in the natural foci of transmissible infections
The article is devoted to the study of natural foci of vector-borne infections in the Kyiv region. Lasting many years of species numbers of Ixodeaceae family ticks as primary vectors and reservoirs of transmissible vectorborne infections in zone of Polissya and Forest-Steppe was determined. By calculated indicators of baсteriofornity and virusofornity was detected of set specific membership of Ixodeaceae ticks that involved into circulation of the agents of tick-borne transmissible infections on Kyiv region territory.

Konovalova O.O., Goncharenko O.V.
Effect of load of manganese on the content of microelements in the organs of rats.
An actual model of the research on the mechanism of manganese microelementoses through the use of subacute doses of manganese chloride on the basis of the DL50 created/ By atomic absorption spectrophotometry showed that the load manganese leads to a redistribution of macroelements in rats. Level of calcium in the kidneys, bones and heart increases, and in the liver and skeletal muscle – decreases. The concentration of magnesium in the bones, spleen, skeletal muscle, liver decreases. This is reflected in the ratio of Ca / Mg. Introduction syrup "Valeoton" against toxic doses of manganese chloride results in a significant increase in magnesium content in bones, skeletal muscle, liver, and reduces the changes of calcium content. This demonstrates the protective role of syrup "Valeoton" in the process of manganese intoxication.

Kostyuk A.S., Yarmolyuk N.S., Tumanyants K.N., Lebedev A.V.
Long-term effects of electromagnetic screening for behavioral response of rats
Long-term electromagnetic shielding alters the behavioral responses of rats, manifested increasing time passive navigation and reduced activity in the Porsolt test, an increase in the level of depression.

Krokhmal I.I.
The reproductive features of Aquilegia L. species under the conditions of the steppe zone of Ukraine
We studied the reproductive features of the genus Aquilegia L. under conditions of the steppe zone of Ukraine. The diagnostic features, terms and duration of age states have been revealed. These plants come into the generative period in their second year of life. At the virginile age the root system of A. pyrenaica, A. Chrysantha, A. buergeriana var. oxycepala, A. olympica state is mixed. The taproot dies in the rest of the studied species, namely A. einseleana, A. alpina, A. saximontana, A. vulgaris, and their the root systems are cluster-rhyzomatous. At the young generative state the lateral branching is observed in A. shrysantha, whereas in A. pyrenaica, A. shrysantha, A. olympica, A. buergeriana var. oxycepala the main root dies off, and the root systems of these species are cluster-rhyzomatous. A high percentage of friutage and flowering, semenification coefficient and real seed productivity are characteristic of forest and sub-alpine Aquilegia species. The semenification coefficient increases in subalpine species with the decrease of solar radiation in June in their natural habitats. In the region of introduction the seed production and percentage of fruitage and flowering is higher and semenification coefficient is lower in the high-mountain forest species from warmer and more humid habitats. A higher seed production rates in the steppe zone of Ukraine were revealed in the species from colder habitats.

Kuzmenko E.V.
Modern ideas about the manifestations of mechanisms of psycho-emotional stress
Presented data on modern representations of the manifestations of psycho-emotional stress. The mechanisms of individual features of psycho-emotional stress. Examines the various individual biological rhythms characteristics of an organism.

Kulenkova H.A., Pavlenko V.B.
Physiological correlates of children's temperament in the course of the first 3 years of life
This article reviews the data of the modern studies related to the early individual differences in temperament. There have been presented the meta-analysis of the correlations between individual peculiarities of temperament, patterns of electroencephalogram and differences of autonomic regulation of heart in the children during the first years of life.s. A higher seed production rates in the steppe zone of Ukraine were revealed in the species from colder habitats.

Maslak G.S., Kostyuk O.V., Kulinich A.O., Masheyko I.V., Brazuluk O.Z.
Ratio of plasma fibronectin and α-1 acid glycoprotein glycoform in patients with myeloid leukemia and lymphocytic leukemia
Minor type glycosylation of α-1 acid glycoprotein and plasma fibronectin in patients with myeloma and leukemia were investigated. Canavalia ensiformis lectin – Con A, Lens culinaris agglutinin - LcL and Sambucus nigra lectin – SNA were used. Increased level of fibronectin glycoforms with biantennary Nglycans and enhanced levels α-1 acid glycoprotein glycoforms with a core α(16) fucose were found in plasma of patients with myeloid leukemia compared to the plasma of patients with lymphocytic leukemia. It is shown that the ratio glycoform α-1 acid glycoprotein can be used to differentiate lymphocytic leukemia and myeloid leukemia.

Melnyk M.I., Artemenko O.Yu., Martynyuk V.S.
The influence of weak low-frequency electromagnetic fields on intracellular calcium concentration of the smooth muscle cells
It was investigated the influence of weak (25 μT) low-frequency (1-100 Hz) electromagnetic fields on intracellular calcium concentration in the suspension of smooth muscle cells of the stomach of rats. We have shown that some frequency ranges activate smooth muscle cells (15-16, 35, 45, 50-51, 67, 78, 81, 91, 95 etc.), and other some frequencies inhibit it (19-21, 26-28, 60-61, 97 etc.). We have determined that bioeffective electromagnetic fields cause change of intracellular calcium concentration up to 400 nmol/L.

Melnikova E.B., Lyamina N.V.
Revelation by the Fourier series expansion of the biological rhythm hydrobiont communities
According to the results of experimental studies have established that the field of bioluminescence, formed hydrobiont communities in the dark in the coastal waters of the Black Sea is subject to periodic changes. The method of Fourier series highlights the major harmonic components of change in the field of bioluminescence and calculate their performance. It is shown that the harmonic components caused by biological rhythms hydrobiont community.

Minin V.V., Minina E.N.
The comparative characteristic of vegetative regulation reserves of boxers with different qualification
Do boxers with different levels of resistance (n=117) were identified vestibular significant differences in functional reserve ratio quantified vestibulo-autonomic adaptability that can be used to rank fighters by their adaptive capacity.

Minina E.N.
ECG T wawe analysis in the phase space in the determining the functional of reserves of myocardium
A study of 70 healthy subjects and analyzed indicator of symmetry of the T wave (βT) ECG recorded in the first abduction by program-technical complex "FASEGRAPH®" that implements innovative technology to the processing and analysis of ECG in the phase plane coordinates. Revealing the high sensitivity βT in determining systolic diastolic ratio, which is reflected in the dynamics of stroke volume during exercise.

Parfenova I.A.
Comparative assessment of anionic and cationic detergent on the growth of cumulative microalgae cultures Platymonas viridis
Influence of cationic and anionic detergents on the accumulation of cultures of microalgae Platymonas viridis. As anionic detergent used sodium dodecilsulfat (SDS) and cation-tetradeciltrimetammonium bromide (TDTMA) in the concentration range of 0-1 mg·l-1. It was shown, that TDTMA has a significant impact on the growth of a culture of Platymonas viridis. Oppression growth processes observed at a concentration of 0.25 mg·l-1 TDTMA. When 0.50 mg·l-1 the effect was statistically expressed. SDS in a specified concentration range had no significant effects on the cultures of Platymonas viridis.

Pismenetskaya I.Yu., Butters T.D.
Dynamics of neutral and charged fractions of plasma free oligosaccharides in subleukemic myelosis
The article is devoted to a study of neutral and charged fractions of blood plasma free oligosaccharides of patients with subleukemic myelosis. The neutral oligosaccharide fraction of plasma free oligosaccharides of the patients is shown to be more likely represented by bi- and tri-antennary high mannose type N-glycans, and the main peaks of the charged fraction – by bi-antennary complex N-glycans with one or two sialic acid residues. The increasing heterogeneity of plasma free oligosaccharide HPLC-profiles was observed in this disease. In all the samples there were identified 3 distinctive peaks, two of which had a much smaller area in norm, and the third was absent in the control profiles. The greatest differences were revealed in the fraction of charged glycans, in which the main marker peak, completely absent in norm, was discovered.

Rusev I.T., Alekseev E.V.
Natural foci of infections : structure, dimension, hierarchy, taxonomy
Presently one of thorny problems in the questions of natural foci illnesses is a question about a structure and dimension of different spatial units of such territory and principles of her taxonomy. Most enzootic territories and border their dividing, determined with the known stake of convention. Criteria, allowing clearly to limit territory with natural foci from other naturally-territorial difference, not too much, and frequently they carry not so much concrete ecological-geografical aspect, as how many cleanly speculative character. Using a system paradigm which stipulates the wide use of categories "unit" - "part" it is expedient to use approach of the systems as methodological basis at the study of the natural phenomenon - illnesses with natural foci. Methodology of system estimation and monitoring of natural foci of infection must be based on the hierarchy of their spatial, temporal and biocenotic organization.

Temuryants N.A., Kostyuk A.S., Tumanyants K.N.
Melatonin is involved in change of nociception of mice under long-term electromagnetic shielding
Long-term electromagnetic shielding causes three-phase changes in nociception of mice: an initial phase of the antinociceptive effect of hyperalgesia is replaced with a further normalization of the parameters of nociception. Daily injections of melatonin in animals eliminates shielding-induced hyperalgesia causes an earlier and more pronounced antinociceptive effect. Such changes are due, apparently, with the initial depression of melatonin secretion under the influence of the electromagnetic shielding, which leads to the
development of hyperalgesia. In the future, the secretion of melatonin increases, that is shown in the growth of antinociceptive effect.

Chelebieva E.S., Skrebovskaya S.V.
Scenedesmus rubescens (Chlorophyta) morphological and molecular phylogenetic studies
Based of the of nucleic sequence analysis 18S rDNA the taxonomic status Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Dang (IPPAS D-292) is corrected. It is found that the strain IPPAS D-292 is identical to the strain CCAP 232/1 Scenedesmus rubescens (Dangeard) Kessler, Schafer, Hummer, Kloboucek & Huss.

Yanchuk P., Shtanova L., Grinchenko O., Vovkun T., Veselsky S., Baban V.
Correction by corvitin of gastric secretion and blood flow in the gastric mucosa іn rats treated with chronic oral 20% ethanol
The results presented here indicate the possibility of correction with corvitin gastric secretion and blood flow in the rat gastric mucosa that have changed as a result of the 90-day use of ethanol. After long-term use of 20% ethanol in rats amplified gastric secretion: increases in the volume of gastric juice, total production of the protein, total output of hydrochloric acid (HА), the acidity of gastric contents and decreased blood flow in the gastric mucosa (half animals). The maximum concentration of HA in the gastric contents was observed in the mid-term alcohol abuse. The corvitin solution which was injected into the stomach after the period of alcohol abuse to return to normal or significantly reduced all parameters of gastric secretion, that have changed under the influence of long-term alcohol abuse, and restores blood flow in the gastric mucosa.


Burda V.E., Panov D.A.
The Changes in the physic-chemical properties of grape musts by a phased reservoir liquor preparation
The paper presents the results of studies of viscosity, density and surface tension changes of musts Аligote, Rkatsiteli and table grapes composites in a three-step process of adding sugar. These values are derived reservoir liquors affect the nature of the "game" of wine and foaming.

Valiev E.V., Sheykh-Zade M.I.
The relative error in the IR spectra determination of the equilibrium constant of complexes formation with a hydrogen bond in the case of proton donor self-association
Theoretically considered reaction of hydrogen-bonded complexes in the presence of self-association of the proton donor. Obtained and analyzed graphs of εK versus g, K, C0 a, Kд. Identify conditions of the experiment in which εK can be obtained with a value less than the predetermined value.

Zemlyakov A.E., Tsikalova V.N.
The immunomodulatory properties of muramyl dipeptide glycosides with aliphatic aglycones С10-С14
Immunomodulatory activity of β-decyl-, β-dodecyl- and β-tetradecylglycosides of muramyl dipeptide in a series of experiments in vitro and in vivo was studied. The structure of glycopeptides were confirmed by 1H NMR spectroscopy and COSY experiments. The ability of muramyl dipeptide glycosides stimulate antibacterial resistance of mice by introperitonal introduction of lethal dose of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli was investigated. The maximum protective action provided β-decyl- and β-dodecylglycosides MDP in the dose of 40 μg/mouse (S. aureus) and β-tetradecyl- MDP in a dose of 1 μg/mouse (E. Coli). Direct action of glycoside derivatives were studied on the human erythroleukemia cells and blood mononuclear cells (BMC). Significant cytotoxic effect on tumor cells was showed β-tetradecyl-MDP at a concentration of 200 g/ml only. Joint incubation of cells K-562, which are sensitive to natural killer (NC), and activated BMC were revealed the ability of the β-decyl- and β-dodecylglycosides MDP induce the spontaneous NK activity in BMC population. From the study group glycopeptides reliably stimulated the proliferative activity of BMC β-dodecyl-MDP only.

Kotikov I.V., Khodakov G.V.
Lipids from above-ground part plants of Artemisia balchanorum Krasch.
From above-ground part plants of Artemisia balchanorum Krasch. is it selected four triterpens oleanan row – α- and β-amyrins and their acetates, and also one lipid – phytol. The structures of compounds are well-proven on the basis of chemical transformations and spectral information.

Mamedov Kh. F.
Radiolytic processes in damp corn, wheat and barley grains
The kinetic regularities of radiolytic decomposition of mycotoxins in water solutions, in dry and damp corn, wheat and barley grains have been studied. Radiation-chemical yields of decomposition of mycotoxins are defined for these systems. It was found that the increase in grains’ humidity leads mycotoxins’ destruction to increase. Mechanisms of mycotoxins’ radiolytic destruction in water solutions and in grains are offered.

Netreba E.E.
Synthesis and investigation of molecular and crystal structure of coordination compounds of holmium(III) nitrate with 4,4,10,10-tetramethyl-1,3,7,9-tetraazospiro[5.5]undecan-2,8-dion
Structure of first synthesized binuclear complex [Ho(NO3)3(C11H20N4O2)(H2O)]2, its structure was determined by means of X-Ray diffraction study. Crystals are monoclinic: sp. gr. P21/c a=6,4284(3), b=23,2266(10), c=13,7641(4)Å, β=98,363(4)°, V=2033,25(14) Å3, dcalc=1,99 g/cm3, Z=2. Each of holmium atoms is coordinated by two oxygen atoms of two symmetry related organic ligand molecules, three bidentate nitrate anions and water molecules. Coordination number of holmium is 9, its coordination polyhedron is a distorted three capped trigonal prism. The Ho…Ho distance in binuclear complex is 9,34Å.

Pirsky Yu.K., Krupennikova O.S.
Bimetallic palladium electrocatalysts based on carbon nanotubes and Co-, Ni-, Fechlorides
The influence of chlorides Co, Ni, Fe at high temperature synthesis of bimetallic palladium electrocatalysts with carbon nanotubes has been found. It has been found that electrocatalysts Pd-Co, Pd-Ni and Pd-Fe with CNTs form composite that active in oxygen reduction reaction due to metallic palladium particles which are formed at temperatures of synthesis no higher than 400 °C. It has been shown that the use of chlorides in high-temperature synthesis of bimetallic palladium electrocatalysts with carbon nanotubes at temperatures 500 - 900 °C leads to the formation of inactive forms electrocatalysts by agglomeration CNTs during their heat treatment.

Pirsky Yu.K., Tupchienko A.S.
Oxygen reduction electrocatalysts based on melamine nitrided carbon-supports by and cobalt
The influence of nitrogen and cobalt in electrocatalysts synthesized from carbon media (activated carbon and carbon black), melamine and cobalt on their activity in the oxygen reduction reaction has been studied. It has been found that composite electrocatalysts with melamine and cobalt increase their catalytic activity in the oxygen reduction reaction. Catalysts made at temperatures of 600 - 700°C in an argon atmosphere have the highest activity in the oxygen reduction reaction. Electrocatalysts based on activated carbons showed higher catalytic activity.

Khodakov G.V.
Composition sage wax
Established the chemical structure of some components of sage wax, which is a byproduct of the industrial technology, obtaining sclareol of clary sage. Сhromatography-mass spectrometry sage wax method in 17 identified related components terpenoids alkane hydrocarbons, flavonoids and sterols.

Yakovishin L.A., Grishkovets V.I., Kopzh E.N., Klimenko A.V.,Degtyar A.D.
Parameters of the molecular complexes of licorice and ivy triterpene glycosides with aspirin
Stability constants of aspirin complexes with triterpene glycosides α-hederin (hederagenin 3-O-α-Lrhamnopyranosyl-(1→2)-O-α-L-arabinopyranoside), hederasaponin C (hederagenin 3-O-α-Lrhamnopyranosyl-(1→2)-O-a-L-arabinopyranosyl-28-О-α-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1→4)-О-β-D-glucopyranosyl-(1→6)-О-β-D-glucopyranoside) and glycyram (monoammonium glycyrrhizinate) were determined. Gibbs's free energies of complexation processes are calculated.