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Vol. 26 (65), № 1. 2013
Biology, chemistry


Belalov V.V., Dyagileva Yu.O., Khripun A.Ya., Timysh I.Ya., Pavlenko V.B.
EEG correlates of language development in orphans under the age of three and a half  years
The results of study correlations level of speech development and the power spectral density of the current  EEG rhythms in children and orphans. Considerable delay in speech development may be due to  underdevelopment of the associative fields of the brain responsible for processing complex information and  the integration of different parts of the cerebral cortex. This delay in the maturation of neurons, probably  connected with the stay of the child in terms of anti-social before entering the child's home, as well as the  conditions of social deprivation in which the child is placed.

Bugara I.A.
Clonal micropropagation and healthy Mentha piperita L. in vitro
The possibility of clonal micropropagation and healthy of peppermint (Mentha piperita L.) based on the  culture of isolated meristems in vitro was shown. Use of a modified medium Murashige and Skoog  supplemented with IAA 0,5 mg/L, kinetin 0,1 mg/L, 6-BAP 1,0 mg/L and ribavirin 5 mg/L can receive the  bulk copy free of virus infection regenerated plants.

Vasheka I.P., Veselsky S.P., Gorenko Z.A., Karbovska L.S., Grinchenko O.A.
Part of calcitonin in the regulation of exocrine function of the liver in rats
The influence of calcitonin on the choleresis level and bile acids spectrum was investigared in acute experiments  on the rats with common billiary duct cannulated. It was shown that administration of calcitonin at doses 200 and  800 ng/kg body weight increase the secreted bile volume and content of taurocholates in the bile. The  intramuscular introduction of calcitonin at dose 200 ng/kg body weight statistically significant increase absolute  content of glucoconjugate dihydroxycholane bile acids. And the action of calcitonin at dose 800 ng/kg body  weight increases yield glucoconjugate as dihydroxy-and trihydroxycholane bile acids. Significant changes in the  absolute content of free bile acids by the action of both doses of calcitonin is not observed.

Veselsky S.P., Makarenko O.M., Makarchuk M.Yu., Dovgy R.S., Baranovsky V.А.
Comparative description of substances produced by mushrooms Cordyceps sinensis, Ganoderma lucidum and Leucoagaricus macrorhizus
The comparative estimation of biologically active compounds obtained from the mycelium and fruiting bodies  of mushrooms Cordyceps sinensis, Ganoderma lucidum and culture medium of mushroom Leucoagaricus  macrorhizus is done. Contents of albuminous and lipid compounds were analysed, in particular peptides,  amino acids, phospholipids, phytosteroids and triglycerides. Medicine «Cordyceps and Lingzhi» differed by  higher content of free amino acids and phospholipids in comparison with Leucoagaricus macrorhizus. The last  one contained more peptides, phytosteroids and triglycerides in comparison with «Cordyceps and Lingzhi».  Investigated differences in chemical composition can cause the specific character of pharmacological action of  medicines and preparations, obtained from aforementioned mushrooms.

Gamma T.V.
Behavioral responses of rats exposed to certain benzimidazole derivatives in ultra low concentrations
It was investigated the effect of 2-aminometilbenzimidazole and 2-(1-hydroxyethyl)benzimidazole in  ultrasmall concentrations on the behavioral responses of rats in the stress tests. It was found that these  compounds in ultra low concentrations can to alter the behavior of rats. Thus, it was shown that 2- aminometilbenzimidazole in concentration 10-12 M was rendering strongly pronounced antistress and anxiolytic effects. 2-(1-hydroxyethyl)benzimidazole in ultra low concentrations, in contrast to 2- aminometilbenzimidazole, was rendering a sedative effect on the behavior of rats and only in the  concentration of 10-13 M – was showed an antidepressant effect. Thus, substances containing -NH2  and -OH  groups in ultra low concentrations was having multidirectional effects on animal behavior.

Gladilina E.V., Lyashenko Yu.N. , Goldin P.E.
Winter Distribution of Cetaceans in the Black Sea and Adjoining Areas in 2012/2013
We report the results of vessel and coastal observations conducted from December 2012 to February 2013 in  the Black Sea and adjoining areas. Common dolphins formed a single stock in open sea, which was distributed  as groups up to 15 animals in each. Harbour porpoises formed small groups in some coastal areas and also  were recorded in open sea. Bottlenose dolphins were dispersed as small groups near the Crimean coast. Such a  distribution of bottlenose dolphins is an argument for existence of their resident coastal stocks in the northern  Black Sea.

Grebennikova O.A., Paly A.E., Logvinenko L.A.
Biologically active substances of lemon balm
The data about qualitative and quantative composition of biologically active substances (volatile compounds,  phenolic substances, vitamins) of water-ethanolic extracts of promising specimen of lemon balm bred in NBS–NSC have been given in the paper. The conclusion about the possibility of use of the extract to create a  food and health care products has been done.

Yolkina N.M.
The content of lipids and them peroxide oxidation secondary products in erythrocytes of  patients with erythraemia and iron-deficiency anemia
It has been shown, that in erythrocytes of patients with erythraemia and iron-deficiency anemia the reactions  of lipids peroxide oxidation are intensified. The significant lowering of the level of lipids and rise of the  peroxide oxidation secondary products content are observed in hemalysate of erythrocytes.  More expressed change oh the studing indexis were determined in erythrocytes of patients with erythraemia.

Zimaroeva A.A., Matsyura O.V. 
Assessment of corvid response to human settlements
We determined the degree of human tolerance of model Corvidae species by analyzing of the flight initiation  distances in the cities, towns, and villages of the Zhytomir oblast. Bird take-off distances were determined  according to Blumstein and they were calculated for the first time in various human settlements within  Zhytomir oblast. We registered that take-off distance had decreased regularly along gradient of urbanization  for all the species. This confirms that corvids could successfully adapt to human presence, and therefore can  be used as model speices for the study of synanthropization.

Kovblyuk M.M.
New data about spiders (Arachnida, Aranei) in Crimean Nature Reserve (Crimea)
There are 143 spider species recorded from the Crimean Nature Reserve, 81 species are found in this place for  the first time. Hipsosinga heri, Tetragnatha nigrita and Thanatus formicinus are new species records for the  Crimea.

Kolotilova O.I.
Neurotropic effects of viagra with triterpence glycosides
We had got tow complexes, one of that contains a viagra and монодесмозидный, and other the viagra and  бисдесмозидный тритерпеновый glycoside. With intracellular recording of electric activity of neurons  presence: orientation, threshold, optimal and toxic concentrations, and also possible mechanisms of  neurophilic influence of the indicated complexes. It is shown that these connections change practically all  electro-physiological indexes reflecting the functional state of neurons. So in a concentration a 10-5 - 10-4 M  they reduce frequency of generation of impulses, change speeds of growth of incoming and going out  transmembrane ionic currents. At the applique of complexes in a concentration a 10-3 M, the expressed  increase of frequency of generation of impulses, decline of amplitude of potentials of action, reduction of  speeds of growth of incoming and going out transmembrane ionic currents, revealed. Drawn conclusion, that  testable substances can both activate depending on a concentration and oppress the functional state of the  nervous system. Specifies the properties of the investigated connections educed by us on perspective of their further research.

Korobeynikov G.V., Korobeynikova L.G., Makarchuk N.E. 
Features vegetative regulation of cardiac rhythm in sportsmen with different levels  of sensorimotor response
The goal was to study the features of vegetative regulation of heart rate in athletes with different levels of  sensor motor response. In the surveys involved 24 highly skilled athletes in Greco-Roman wrestling at the age  of 20 to 25 years. We studied the parameters of sensor motor response by computer complex Multipsihometr- 05. Evaluation of vegetative regulation of cardiac rhythm was performed using Cardiomonitor «Polar-S800».  The research results indicate the relationship of psychomotor stress athletes with performance of visual-motor  reaction. Revealed that the rate of sensory-motor response due to a decrease in duration and frequency of  vibrations cardio. At the same time, the rising trend of aperiodic oscillations cardio. Identified is consistent  with the presence of growth of tension of psychomotor regulation in athletes with high levels of sensor motor  response.

Mametova O.B.
Effect of paravertebral miorelax in optimization of function muscles and physical  capacity of sportsmen
The influence of the tonus of the paravertebral muscles were shidiet in the reflex genes cardio-respirator area  (segments С3-Th8 ) with the puzpose to determine the active ability of aerobics sportsmen (footbalers) and  anaerobics sportsmen (field athletics), It was determined that the traction of the cervikal and thoracic regions  increase PWC170 (p<0,001) proportionally to the index of the decrease of the hippertonus of the  paravertebrals muscle (index of correlation 0,57) in sportsmen without dependency from the direction of their  training process.

Maslak G.S., Kostyuk O.V., Brazaluk O.Z. 
Serum level of sialic acid and neuraminidase activity in chronic lymphocytic leukemia and  background chemotherapy 
The concentration of total sialic acids (SC) and neuraminidase activity in chronic lymphoid leukemia (CLL)  and under chemotherapy (COP therapy) was investigated. Significant increase in these parameters in CLL  relative of hematological healthy volunteers was shown. Holding COP-therapy leads to normalization of SK  and neuraminidase activity in serum of patients between these parameters defined correlation, no to treatment.   After 2 months after chemotherapy in patients with CLL level of general insurance increased and decreased  neuraminidase activity, and between them there was a reliable negative correlation. For the first time shows  the influence of chemotherapy on the level of sialic acid and neuraminidase activity in patients with chronic  lymphocytic leukemia. These data can be used to assess the response of the human body at COP therapy.

Melnikova O.Z., Lukashev S.N., Lyashenko V.P.
The changes of limbico-neocortical structures' background electrical activity powers in  rats by application carbamazepine during chronic stress
Analyzed the changes of limbico-neocortical structures' background electrical activity (BEA) powers in rats  during a chronic stress and when using on its background carbamazepine which reduces of synaptic  transmission intensity by blocking of sodium canals in neuronal membranes. Hypothalamic, hippocampus,  neocortical BEA were register in the period of early post-narcosis depression. The inverse correlation between  the changes of the dominant waves powers of central structures BEA was reveal in condition of the isolated  stressful influence and when using carbamazepine. The possible mechanisms of adaptation-compensatory  changes of central synaptic transmission during chronic stress are discussed.

Naydich S.I.
Dynamics of indexes of the external breathing of man during muscular activity in the  conditions of the changed gas environment
It is reduced, that the increase of maintenance of oxygen in respirable air during intensive muscular work  results in the increase of functional possibilities of the external breathing, mainly, due to the improvement of  diffusive ability of lungs. Adding of small concentration of carbon dioxide to кислородосодержащую gas  mixture reduces the stimulant effect of oxygen, however assists the less expense of endogenous carbonic acid  as compared to work in ordinary terms.

Naydich S.I.
Application of active rest for renewal of functions of the external breathing of man
It is reduced, that active rest is the most effective means of neutralization of sour foods of muscular  metabolism as compared to passive renewal and breathing by gas mixture with enhance able maintenance of  oxygen. Most speed of renewal of acid-basic equilibrium was marked during physical work of moderate  power corresponding 32,4% maximal consumption of oxygen. At active renewal simultaneously with  liquidation of sour foods of metabolism maintenance of buffer bicarbonates and general amount raises cut-in  and chemically constrained СО2.

Nikolskaya V.O., Danilchenko Yu.D., Memetova Z.N.
Biochemical aspects of the consideration of the role of high molecular mass in the body
This article was a synthesis and comparison of published data with the results of their own research with a  comprehensive assessment of the role of the average weight molecules, which significantly enhances the indepth understanding of the processes in the organism at various metabolic changes.

Omelchenko A.V., Yurkova I.N., Bugara I.A., Kotov S.F., Pipiya O.M.
The Investigation of Influence of Nanobiosilver on Wheat Germination and Silver Accumulation in Grains
The influence of various concentrations of nanosilver in water-soluble composition based on sodium alginate  on wheat germination and silver accumulation in grains was investigated. It was shown that the concentrations  of nanobiosilver up to 25,0 mg/L did not have any inhibitory effect on the processes of swelling and  germination of seeds. The optimal range of the concentrations of nanobiosilver at which silver content in  wheat seedlings is from 50,0 to 100,0 mg/kg dry matter was determined.

Pismenetskaya I.Yu., Butters T.D. 
Chromatographic profile changes of plasma free oligosaccharides in subleukemic  myelosis
The work is devoted to an investigation of plasma free oligosaccharides of patients with subleukemic  myelosis, a type of myeloproliferative leukemia. For the first time HPLC-profiles of plasma free  oligosaccharides have been obtained in this disease. A significant increase in total concentrations of plasma  glycans and in heterogeneity of their HPLC-profiles have been revealed. In all the samples there were  identified 3 peaks of oligosaccharides that were absent in control profiles. These oligosaccharides composed  of 7-9 monosaccharide residues.

Pogodina S.V., Yuferev V.S. 
Features gonadal-adrenal axis and standard of physical performance in different phases  of the menstrual cycle in sportswomen veteran
The levels of secretion of gonadotropins, estrogens and glucocorticoids during the menstrual cycle athletes 40- 45 years when the physical work of various capacities. Level of estrogen in the period corresponding to the  phase of ovulation is reduced, whereas the levels of gonadotropins - follicle-stimulating hormone and  luteinizing significantly higher rates of reproductive age. Cortisol levels are significantly lower in comparison  with the young athletes, which indicates a high degree of resistance to the stress situations, due to the fading of  the most stress-response for a long trace the impact of training. Spotted a sister adrenocortical reactivity  associated with a decrease of cortisol in the blood when the exercise of various capacities. At the same time  there are various events associated with the change of tonic secretion of estradiol caused a dose of exercise.  Anovulatory cycles recorded in 72% of cases. Lack of ovulation, which is characteristic for athletes 40-45
years helps to reduce the level of physical performance in athletes Veterans period corresponding to the phase  of ovulation.

Radchenko M.P., Sorokina S.I., Guralchuk Zh.Z., Morderer E.Yu. 
Content of photosynthetic pigments and TBA-active substances in soybean plants at  combined application of herbicides with microfertilizers
The content of photosynthetic pigments and TBA-active substances by combined use of fertilizers nutrivant  plus oil and reacom-SR-bean in tank mixtures with herbicides pulsar and harmony were studied. Immediately  after treatment of soybean plants with a mixture of herbicides harmony 3 g / ha + pulsar 0.5 1 / ha, a decrease  in the total content of chlorophylls, carotenoids and slight increase of TBA-active substances were observed.  The application of fertilizer nutrivant plus oil in tank mixtures for spraying plants decrease the effects of  herbicides on photosynthetic pigments content. Especially effective in increasing chlorophyll a+b and  carotenoids in soybean leaves was fertilizer nutrivant plus oil at a dose of 2 kg / ha applied in tank mixtures  with herbicides. In addition, for his actions in a mixture of herbicides the content of TBA-active substances  decreased compared to individual use of herbicides, which proves reducing oxidative stress caused by the  action of herbicides.

Radchenko N.S., Yanchuk P.I. 
Peculiarities of bile secretion processes in application of different endothelin-1 doses
Influence of different endothelin-1(ЕТ-1) doses on cholesecretion velocity was studied in acute experiments  on rats. It was shown, that intraportally injected endothelin-1 in doses of 0,1 and 0,2 µg/kg of body weight  causes stimulation of bile secretion during the whole experiment compared to control by 20.4% (p<0,05) and  31.0% (p<0,05) correspondingly. ET-1 in dose of 0,5 µg/kg of body weight evoked slight choleresis  increasing at the beginning of experiment followed by unsignificant bile secretion decreasing during the  second half of experiment. But the highest dose of ET-1 (0,75 µg/kg of body weight) exposed strict inhibitory  action on bile formation process and during the fifth half-hour period cholesecretion decreased by 11,7%  (p<0,05) compared to control experiments.

Simagina N.O.
Allelopathic potential of arboreal plants
Allelopathic influence of excretions of above-ground organs of Tilia cordata Mill, Fagus orientalis Lypsky,  Platanus orientalis L., Catalpa bignonioides Walt. on morphometric parameters, reflecting vitality of  Trifolium repens L. on the early stages of ontogenesis was investigated. The features of influence of  phytotoxic matters of above-ground organs of arboreal plants on grassy were exposed. The allelopathic  threshold of sensitiveness of test-object Trifolium repens L was definited.

Simchuk A.P.
Blood type markers of alcohol consumption and smoking among women and men living  in Crimea
The marking effect of AB0 blood types were investigated in respect to the alcohol consumption and smoking  among the men and women in age from 17 to 65 years, resident in territory of the Crimea. AB(IV) blood type  was associated with the alcohol consumption in men; Crimean women with this type consume alcohol  significantly rarely then carriers of other blood groups. B(II) and AB(IV) blood types we associated with  smoking in men and women correspondingly. Preference to fat food in women was associated with and  AB(IV) blood group. Significant deviations from random mating, expressed in positive assortative mating,  were found for AB0 blood types.

Skiba O.A.
Peculiarities of vegetative regulation of heart rate variability in children 15 – 16 years in  adaptation to long physical load
The peculiarities of heart rate variability in children in adapting to long exercise are studying. Determined,  that the nature of the vegetative regulation depends on the stage of training macrocycle. At the conclusion of  the macrocycle in children observed activation of the parasympathetic nervous system and the regulation of  independent contour, which indicates a high fitness and adaptability of children to physical activity at this  stage of training.

Sklyar V.G.
Vitality structure small undergrowth of main forest tree species of the Novgorod–Sivers’k  Polissya
Information about vitality and vitality structure small undergrowth of Pinus sylvestris, Quercus robur and Acer platanoides in forests of the Novgorod-Sivers’k Polissya are present. Revealed parameters of the  formation of this category of vitality small undergrowth of the studied species under the influence ecologycal  factors.

Sukhova L.L.
Special features of age modulation of aldehydreductase activity in heart and liver of  pubertal age rats
The purpose of this work is to study features of changing in aldehyde reductase activity in heart and liver of pubertal age rats in reply to the action of some factors that arise in tissues at oxidative stress (metabolic  acidosis and accumulation of reactive oxygen species). It has been shown that aldehyde reductase activity  from post mitochondrial fraction of myocardium is less sensitive to effect of assay factors than from liver  ones. There is decrease in sensitivity of aldehyde reductase from postmitochondrial fraction of a myocardium  in pubertal age to acidation in reactionary mixture and addition to reactionary mixture an active forms of  oxygen, in comparison with that at sexual mature animals.

Tarabrina N.Yu., Grabovskaya E.Yu. 
Role of traction miorelaksation in optimization of physical capacity of sportsmen after vestibular loadings
Possibility of active traction rotation miorelaxation is studied, as facilities of correction of negative influence  of the vestibular loading on the level of aerobic and special capacity of sportsmen, taking into account initial  vegetative tone. It is shown that preventive lead through active traction rotation miorelaxation at the vestibular  loading statistically meaningfully improves the indexes of aerobic and special capacity of the wrestlers with  different initial tone of the vegetative nervous system.

Temuryants N.A., Kostyuk A.S., Tumanyants K.N
Effect of weak electromagnetic factors with various penetrating ability at multiday  rhythmicity of nociception of snails Helix albescens
It is found that a variable magnetic field 8 Hz and 50 nT induction and electromagnetic radiation of extremely  high frequency (7.1 mm, frequency of 42.2 GHz, the power flux density – 10 mW/cm2) change infradian  rhythmicity parameters of nociception of land snail Helix albescens, lead to a new organization of a multi-day  rhythmicity parameters, which was reflected in the restructuring of the spectrum, a sharp phase shift. It is  shown that a variable magnetic field of low frequency creates new synchronization conditions, causing a  tendency to mismatch, while the low-intensity electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequency leads to  a significant disagreement order multi-day rhythms.

Timchenko S.L. 
Cardiac Autonomic Activity and Toxic Elements (PB and CD)
Studies conducted among adults professionally exposed to heavy metals suggest a negative impact of Pb and  Cd on heart rate variability (HRV) while the results among children regarding background exposure are less  consistent. Measurement of Pb and Cd in hair was performed in 56 children (12-13 year old) using X-ray  spectrophotometry. HRV was assessed using 5-min recordings through a standardized protocol. Multiple  linear regressions were performed. Median hair lead and cadmium levels were 2,59 µg/g (interquartile range  (IQR): 1,06-5,25) and 0,02 µg/g (IQR: 0,0005-0,11), respectively. Child hair Pb and Cd were associated with  high frequency (HF) (b = -0.26 and b = -0.33, p < 0.05), while Cd with low frequency (LF) (b = -0.36, p =  0.006). Results of the present study suggest that lead and cadmium exposure during childhood influence HRV.

Tseysler Yu.V.
The influence of extremely low frequency magnetic field on structurally-functional  properties of different proteins
It was shown that the effect of the magnetic field (MF) on intrinsic fluorescence of serum albumin depends on the frequency of the field. MF accelerates the decline of the ATP-ase activity of actomyosin due to increased  protein aggregation and changes in its temporal dynamics. The effect of this physical factor on the structural  and functional properties of proteins has been more significant in terms of their interaction with hydrophobic  ligands. The combined impact of the MF and chloroform reduces oxidative capacity of cytochrome c in the  first hours of the MF-exposure. MF inhibits the process of renaturation of methemoglobin interactied with benzene and chloroform in the first four hours of action but does not lead to significant changes in the long  daily exposure.

Chechina O.M., Kondrateva N.L., Stepanova L.V., Strelyanaya V.M 
Development stages of food behavior in Bottlenose dolphin calves in ontogenesis
We’ve examined forming food behavior of the Black Sea Bottlenose dolphin calf born in Oceanarium. The  methods used are visualization, video filming, ethograms registration. The food we gave was defrosted fish of  different species with defined weight-size characteristics: Black Sea sprat, anchovy, scad, Atlantic scad,  mackerel, and herring. We’ve singled out three stages in forming food behavior of the calf. The first stage  involves orientative-research reaction for food object; the second one – forming motional reactions being of a  feature of food dolphin behavior; the third one – forming of being in need for fish and respectively food  motivation. The results obtained affirm that in the process of forming food behavior in dolphin calves in  ontogenesis weight-size characteristics of food objects play a significant part.

Chuyan E.N., Tribrat N.S, Dzheldubaeva E.R., Peredkova I.S. 
Effector function of sensetivity peptidergic perivascular fibers exposure low-intensity  electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequency
Publication is devoted to the study of the effector functions peptidergic perivascular fibers under the action of  electromagnetic radiation extremely high frequency. For study of the effector function perivascular sensitivity  fibers was used the method of electroneuromyographic and recording of tissue blood flow data using laser  Doppler flowmetry. It is shown that EHF EMR increases parameter of ΔPM and decsease of T1, that  indicating on increased effector function of sensitivity peptidergic fibers and microvascular reactivity.

Sheykina N.V., Bogatina N.I. 
Influence of static and combined magnetic fields’ noises on the adaptation of the gravitropic  reaction of the cress and maize roots
Dependencies of gravitropic reactions in the static magnetic field and at different frequencies of alternative  component of the combined magnetic fields were investigated. These frequencies were equal to the cyclotron  frequencies of Са2+, Mg2+ ions and ions of auxin and abscisic acid. It was shown that the increasing of magnetic  field noise assisted both to the observation of biological effects and to the acceleration of adaptation processes.

Shinkarevsky P.V., Osmanova N.B., Balichieva D.V. 
The above-zero temperature impact to the increase of earthworms qrowth on the  substratum basis of food waste in winter
Possibility of recycling of a food waste of potato, banana, coffee by means of earthworms of family  lumbricidae is considered. The structure of population of earthworms is analyzed taking into account weight  and length of the worms’ bodies, their puberty before and after wintering.

Yarmolyuk N.S.
Influence of alternating magnetic field on the infradian rhythm of speed and  regenerating planarians and don’t regenerating Dugesia tigrina
It is shown that an alternating magnetic field causes the low frequency changes infradian rhythmic speed and  regenerating planarians and don’t regenerating, resulting in a change in the structure of the spectra and the  amplitude and phase relationships. It is noted that the change of rhythm infradian speed more pronounced in  planarians don’t regenerating than regenerating.

Vyatkina O.V.
Effect of the nature of the substratum on the substrate specific immobilized black radish peroxidase
The article presents the results of kinetic studies in systems with immobilized black radish peroxidase and  deferent nature reductant-substrates. The effective kinetic parameters of the oxidation processes under study  and the average molar activity of the enzyme relative to hydroquinone and sodium thiosulfate were defined. It  is shown that the enzyme activity depends from the mechanism of linkage enzyme-substratum.

Guba L.V., Dovgy І.І., Lyapunov A.Yu. 
Synthesis of new sorbent on the base of endoreceptor dibenzo-24-crown-8
The first obtained new sorbent by impregnation different amounts of endoreceptor dibenzo-24-crown-8 in the  polymer matrix «Porolas-T». Parameters of cesium sorption from water-ethanol solution in presence of picric  acid were estimated.

Kuryanov V.O., Tokarev M.K., Chupakhina T.A. 
Synthesis of chalcones glukosaminides
In catalytic two phase system "solid potassium carbonate–acetonitrile" reaction of the completely acetylated α- D-glucosaminylchloride with chalcone bearing hydroxyl group in one of the aromatic rings the synthesis of  the corresponding glucosaminides was implemented. It was found that in presence of interfase catalysis  chalcones react similarly to phenols of simpler structure. The process is stereoselective, leading to the  formation of only O-1,2-trans-glycosides, as evidenced by 1H NMR spectroscopy. The synthesis of chalcones  glucosaminides by reaction of formyl- or acetophenylglucosides with appropriate carbonyl compounds is an  alternative to the direct glucosaminilation.

Netreba E.E
Synthesis and investigation of molecular and crystal structure of coordination compounds of praseodymium(III) nitrate with 4,4,10,10-tetramethyl-1,3,7,9-tetraazospiro[5.5]undecan-2,8-dion
The synthesized binuclear praseodymium(III) ([Pr(NO3 )2 (C11H20N4O2 )(H2O)3 )]+ )2·2NO3-  (I) it’s structure was  determined by means of X-Ray diffraction study. Crystals are monoclinic: sp. gr. P21 /n, a = 6.5351(3), b =  15.6937(5), c = 21.8019(6) Å, β = 94.744(3)°, V = 2228.32(13) Å3, dcalc. = 1,85 г/см3, Z = 2. Praseodymium  ion coordinated by two oxygen atoms of two ligand molecules related transaction symmetry [-x,-y +1,-z +1],  two bidentate nitrate-anions and three water molecules. One of the nitro compound is located in the outer  coordination sphere of the metal. The coordination number is 9 praseodymium.

Panov D.A.
Application of different metals as electrodes in chitosan potentiometric titration with silver  ions
The possibility of using metals: tungsten, tantalum, and niobium as indicator in potentiometric titration of  water-soluble hitosan solution of silver nitrate. All titrations there was one jump of the electrode potential, the corresponding ratio of 1:1 molar concentrations of amino groups to silver ions.

Pershina K.D., Filimonova K.M., Bokov V.A., Sotskova L.M., Siroshenko U.S., Yunusova S.N.
Chemical Assessment Tests for Waterbalanced Technologist
It was investigated the influence of the anthropogenic stress on the physical chemistry parameters of the  natural water. There was found a correlation of water redox -potential with a current’s speed and self-clearing  ability of water. The influence of mineral components on water oxidizing activity is experimentally confirmed.  It is determined that self-clearing ability of natural water is low in violation of the waterbalance.

Fedorenko A.A., Klyashtornaya О.S., Pershina E.D. 
Рhotoelectrochemical effects at the border of titanium dioxide-water
The electrochemical activity of heterogeneous systems based on titanium dioxide was investigated in this  work. Photocatalytic effects have been experimentally detected in aqueous media. Detectable effects based on  two heterogeneous photochemical reactions to the implementation of the photolysis of water on the border  TiO2–H2O and on the formation of the catalytic complex. Kinetic methods confirmed the possibility of  electrochemical generation of titanium sulfate(III) in sulfuric acid media.

Chupakhina T.A.
Synthesis and chemical modification of 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-β-D-  glucopyranosylamine
A simple method for the preparation of 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-β-D-glucopyranosylamine by reducing o appropriate glicosylazid was proposed. The possibility of use of glycosylamine as a potential glycosyl-donor  in the nucleophilic substitution was shown. On the example of N-protected amino acid it was studied acylation  conditions of 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-β-D-glucopyranosylamine. It was shown that the optimal for obtaining of  such glycopeptides is the method of mixed anhydrides. Acylation by diacetongalacturonic acid as a possible  through in situ formation of the corresponding acyl chloride. A modification of amino group of glycosyl  amine by versatile synthetic intermediate – glycosyl isothiocyanate was shown. This approach allowed us to  synthesize spacer armed glycoside. The structure of the synthesized N'-substituted glycosides clearly proven  by 1H NMR spectroscopy.

Yakovishin L.A., Grishkovets V.I., Korzh E.N., Rubinson M.A., Degtyar A.D., Klimenko A.V.
Parameters of the supramolecular complex of monoammonium glycyrrhizinate with

Using a method of spectrophotometry, the complexation of monoammonium glycyrrhizinate (glycyram) with  β-cyclodextrin in aqueous solutions at different temperatures and concentrations was investigated. Glycyram has been shown to form complex with β-cyclodextrin the ratio of 1:1. Complex stability constant and Gibbs's free energy of complexation process are calculated.