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Vol. 25 (64), № 4. 2012
Biology, chemistry


Bogdanovskaya N.V.
Nitric oxde as a regulator of adaptive capacity of the organism of practically  healthy youth and girls
This research of nitric oxide synthesis system of practically healthy youth and girls aged 20-25 years (62  persons). Regardless of sex, reducing the adaptive capacity of these individuals is accompanied by decreased  activity of the constitutive and total NOS, arginase, nitrate reductase, increased activity of inducible NOsynthase, increased its share in the total pool of  NO-synthase and a pronounced decrease in vasodilation  reaction of brachial artery at an artificially created congestion is founded. The main contribution to the total  synthesis of NO in the body of persons with high levels of adaptive capacity of the cardiovascular system  makes the oxidation calcium dependent pathway of nitric oxide synthesis with the participation of cNOS is  shown.

Godlevskaya L.V.
Results of the work of the bat contact-centre (Ukraine)
Data collected in course of the work of the bat public contact-centre are considered and analyzed. During  2009–2012 the author received about 400 calls connected mostly with bats in rooms, bats found on the ground  and colonies in buildings. Calls enabled to gather data on 201 records of 8 species:  Plecotus auritus,  P. austriacus, Nyctalus noctula, Pipistrellus nathusii, P. kuhlii, Vespertilio murinus, Eptesicus serotinus,  E. nilssonii. It is shown that contact-centres may be an efficient instrument of bat conservation and bat  popularization. Besides, the work of such centres enables to accumulate faunistic data and as well to fix  changes which may occur and occur with ranges, quantity and status of certain species.

Goldin P.E.
Unusual anatomy of a pelvic bone in the harbor porpoise Phocoena phocoena (Cetacea,  Phocoenidae)
A pelvic bone of unusual anatomy was found in a harbor porpoise: it bears a process, which is a rudiment of  femur, ilium or ischium. Such a rudiment is found in porpoises for the first time.

Gordienko Yu.A., Kulinich A.O., Shaulska O.E., Shevtsova A.I. 
Impact of corvitin on proteolytic  enzymes activity in rats with anthracycline  cardiopathy
Activity of trypsin-like enzymes (TLA) and matrix metalloproteinases MMP2 and MMP9 in rats with  doxorubicin-induced cardiopathy were investigated and effect of quercetin on their activity was estimated.  Increased activity of the indicated enzymes in blood of rats treated with doxorubicin was proved. It is revealed  that TLA was not restored under the action of corvitin, activity of MMP2 and MMP9 decreased, in addition  MMP9 activity was less than normal values. TPA decreased in cardiac muscle, and under the treatment of corvitin it was restored almost to norm. A conclusion about the independent functioning of trypsin-like  enzymes and gelatinases A and B in anthracycline cardiopathy was made. Data obtained suggest that one the  mechanisms of cardiotherapeutical effect of corvitin is reducing of gelatinase B activity.

Guralchuk Zh.Z., Sorokina S.I., Rodzevich E.P., Morderer E.Yu. 
Soybean nitrogen-fixing activity at  combined application of herbicides with  microfertilizers
The effects of combined application of herbicides with microfertilizers on nitrogen-fixing activity of soybean  plants were studied. Immediately after the application of tank mixture of herbicides harmony and pulsar with  microfertilizers nutrivant plus oil and reacom-SR-bean the transient inhibition of soybean nitrogen-fixing  activity was observed. However, further microfertilizers had a positive effect on formation of nodules, their  weight and nitrogen-fixing activity. More effective in restoring the nitrogen-fixing activity was microfertilizer  nutrivant plus oil at 2 kg / ha.

Epishkin I.V., Epishkin I.V., Korenyuk I.I., Cheretaev I.V.
Research activity analgesic 1.5- benzodiazepinona-2 and some of its derivatives
In the test of the "hot plate" and "hot water" The effect of 1,5-benzodiazepinon-2 and three new derivatives of  4-methyl-1,5-benzodiazepinon-2, 3-methyl-1,5-benzodiazepinon-2 and 5-formyl-1,5-benzodiazepinon-2  intraperitoneal doses of 5, 25 and 50 mg / kg on the threshold of pain. A comparison of the effects of the tested  substances analginum pharmaceuticals. Shows that of the four compounds tested only 1.5 benzodiazepinon-2  increased the pain threshold in rats, which exceeds the effect ofanalginum.

Yelkina N.M.
Oxidative modification of proteins in erythrocytes of patients with erythraemia, aplastic and irou-deficiency anemia
It has been shown that in erythrocytes of patients with erythraemia, aplastic and iron-deficiency anemia the  reactions of proteins oxidative modification are intensified. These changes may be an result of rise of oxigen  active forms formation.  The character of the studing indexes changes has dependence of pathology. More high level of changes is  observed in erythrocytes of patients with erythraemia and aplastic anemia, less level of changes had  erythrocytes of patients with irou-deficiency anemia.

Zilbervarg I.R.
The range of species of perennial flowering plants garden in Japanese style in Crimea
We have presented an extensive assortment of perennial flowering plants to create a garden in the Japanese  style in the Crimea. Plants are divided into groups  depending on the requirements of the conditions of  cultivation. We have recommendations for their use in different types of Japanese gardens.

Ivanova N.N., Mitrofanova I.V., Shishkina E.L.
Peculiarities of development of feijoa explants in condition in vitro on the stape of introduction
The method of obtaining of aseptical culture of feijoa in condition in vitro allawed to receive 80% of vitable explants free from contamination has been worked out. The peculiarities of development of primary explants on the stage of introduction in culture in vitro have been studied. The influence of zeatine and BA in modificated medium MS on the regeneration of feijoa microshoots has been shown.

Kalinovsky P.S., Podoprigora V.N.
Using of humin substances for creating a water ecosystem in mine water
Humin acid extract obtained from biohumus of high quality was shown to have ion-exchange activity and high sorption characteristics. Adding the extract to mine water, we created a primitive water ecosystem close to a marine one and suitable for crab Carcinus aestuarii.

Kiselyev B.A., Filimonova N.B.
Activity of man’s brain during performance of Sentence Completion sub-tests of Intelligent Structure Test (IST)
The logical selection testing of verbal information took place on basis of complex figurative perception of sentences was observed.

Kovblyuk M.M.
The preliminary report about spiders (Arachnida, Aranei) in Yalta Mountain-Forest Reserve (Crimea)
There are 134 spider species recorded from the Yalta Reserve, 109 species are found in this place for the first time. Archaeodictyna consecuta and Zora manicata are new species records for the Crimea.

Konareva I.N.
Electrographic correlates of aggressiveness as a property of the personality (a review)
In the review, literature data on the neurobiological basis of aggressiveness and aggressive behavior obtained using methods of objective examination (electroencephalography, cardiointervalography, tomography, and others). As markers of high aggressiveness, a relatively low background heart rate and increased autonomic responsiveness with respect to threatening stimuli, an increased power of slow-wave EEG components combined with relatively low integral power of EEG oscillations, a low amplitude of the P300 potential, and also manifestations of structural and functional changes in the frontocortical and limbic brain regions. A few theories on the nature of aggressiveness and aggressive behavior are described. These data are supplemented with own results obtained by the author.

Kostyuk A.S.
Influence of weak electromagnetic factors on infradian rhythmicity of nociception of land snail
It was shown that weak electromagnetic factors of varying intensity change infradian rhythmicity parameters of nociception of land snail Helix albescens, which was reflected in the restructuring of the power spectrum of variations of indices and amplitude-phase relations in the spectra. The weak long-term electromagnetic shielding of animals leads to a mismatch of rhythms, increase the phase difference between the periods, indicating the development of desynchronosis. Additional exposure to a variable magnetic field 8 Hz induction 50 nT on snails in the shilding chamber, has a synchronizing effect on the parameters of multi-day rhythmicity of nociception, reducing the phase difference between the periods and by making spectrum allocation periods close to its composition, found in intact animals.

Kuzmenko E.V.
Circadian rhythm restoration of some haemopoiesis characteristics and an immunity after radiation exposure
The influence of response type of haemopoiesis characteristics on the duration of postradiotional circadian rhythm blood creation restoration was discovered: hypereactive animals have had more higher degree of pancytopenia in comparison with hyporeactive animals. It was shown that effect of ionizing radiation in sublethal dose (4.0) has different influence on the shifts of haemopoiesis circadian rhythm and depends on exposure time to radiation and animals reactivity: destructive effects of radiation on lymphopoesis among hyporeactive rats exposed to 20:00 have been minimal. Estimation of immunity of rats with the different types of reactivity exposed in different time of 24 hours cycle has shown deep depression of immune system in hypereactive animals exposed at 8:00 in comparison with hyporeactive rats exposed at 20:00. The relationship between radiosensitivity and type of rats response on psychoemotional stress influence haves been discovered.

Makarenko M.V., Lisogub V.S., Yukhimenko L.I., Chernenko N.P.
Cerebral hemodynamices and heart rate are in a person with deferens property of basic nervous processes by brainwork
Analysis cerebral hemodynamices and heart rate variability showing four types of variation mechanisms regulation: optimal, compensation, decompensation and breakdown. The brainwork was characteristic moderation and ordination activities mechanisms nonspecific and specific of regulation cerebral hemodynamices and heart rate for a person with higher level propertys of the main nervous processes.

Panova S.A., Kirillova A.V., Yancev A.V., Aliyev Z.K.
Influence of physical activity on functional systemic reactions of girls 18-22 years
In experiments with girls 18-22 years found that the highest rates of system functional level, reaction stability and level of functionality inherent in subjects with average physical activity. There was a significant positive correlation between these indicators in all studied groups, differing in level of motor activity.

Pismenetskaya I.U., Butters T.D.
Analysis of plasma free oligosaccharide charged fraction of practically healthy donors
Plasma free oligosaccharides include both neutral and charged (acidic) glycans. This article is devoted to a study of the free acidic oligosaccharide structures by using a sialidase enzymatic degradation and by comparison with the known structures of transferrin glycans. The main HPLC-peak of plasma free oligosaccharide charged fraction of practically healthy donors contained the two-antennary complex type of N-glycan with two residues of sialic acid. In the fraction with lower molecular weight there were also found free oligosaccharides with sialic acid. In addition, the positions of some HPLC peaks were not changed after the glycan digestion with sialidase, which may indicate that their negative charge is due to the presence of acid residues other than sialic, such as, for example, phosphoric one.

Podpalova O.N., Tseysler Yu.V., Nurischenko N.E., Martynyuk V.S.
ATP-ase activity the actomyosin of rat’s skeletal muscles during prolonged chronic  alcoholisation
The functional activity of actomyosin in differently sensitive to ethanol skeletal muscle of rats with alcohol  abuse during 2 -, 4 -, 6-month period was studied. It was shown that actomyosin ATPase activity in sensitive  to alcohol muscles was increased after 2 months and then it decreased during development of alcoholism. The  similar but less pronounced changes occur in 4 months of alcoholism in the muscles, which are considered  insensitive to the effects of alcohol, were found in rats.

Reshetnyak O.A.
Dependence of indexes of the cardiovascular system on the level of maintenance of toxic  and essencial'nykh elements in the organism of sportsmen
The functional inspection cardiovascular system is  conducted at 80 the sportsmen and physically untrained  students, who have been surveyed about the maintenance of cadmium, potassium and calcium in an organism.  The physiological role toxic and essencial elements for an action of the heart of sportsmen and the persons  who are not going in for sports is revealed.

Sklyar V.G.
Ontogenetic structure population of tree species in mixed and deciduous forests of the  Novgorod –Sivers’k Polissia
For mixed and deciduous forests of the Novgorod-Sivers’k Polissia assess developmental structure of the main  tree species. Shown that the characteristics of their ontogenetic spectrum  are not full, shift to the left and  dynamism. Significant representation the populations where there are no plants of some ontogenetic  states  indicate a problem with the normal turnover of generations, which is the result of long and intensive human  intervention in forest of the Novgorod-Sivers’k Polissia. These features may have negative consequences in  terms of sustainable and long-term presence of modern forest plant communities.

Solovjev V.V.
Defending behaviour of the Crimean red deer Cervus elaphus
Defending behaviour of Crimean red deer is described in detail. The most significant factors were found to be  the following ones (4 from 11): group size, presence of a calf, location of an individual and contrast of  coloration of a dangerous signal.

Teplitskaya L.M., Yurkova I.N., Kutyavina Yu.N., Reshetnik G.V. 
Influence manganese on growth characteristics Astragalus dasyanthus (Pall.) cultivated  in vitro
It was shown the effects of different concentrations of manganese in the culture medium for the grouth index  and cytomorphological features of callus Astragalus dasyanthus Pall. in vitro.

Tumanyants K.N.
Dynamics and infradian rhythmic regenerator processes for planarians  Dugesia  tigrina to low-EMF frequency extremes ranges
It is shown that low-intensity electromagnetic fields extreme frequency ranges stimulate the regeneration of  planarians and change the rhythm infradian regenerative processes. The degree of stimulation varies. Increase  in the index and the speed of recovery is more pronounced in the electromagnetic shielding. While infradian  rhythm regenerative processes more changes under the action of electromagnetic radiation of extremely high  frequency. In this case, there is the restructuring of the spectra and the amplitude and phase relationships. The  differences in the action of the studied factors that may be associated with changes in the properties of water.

Ustyanskaya O.V., Vovchuk I.L, Radionov D.B., Chernadchuk S.S., Petrov S.A. 
Study of interaction of thiamin and  its metabolites with the cleared cathepsin L
In the article the influence of thiamin and basic its metabolites on the activity of the cleared preparation of  cathepsin L are studied. It is determined that fastening of thiamin and its metabolites with the molecule of  cleared cathepsin L take place due to pirimidin’s part of molecule, and activating of enzyme will be realized  due to tiazol’s part of thiamin, when it is present as a cycle.

Khodanitsky V.K., Mikhalskaya L.M.
The influence of anhydrous ammonia autumn application on element content of soil  and winter wheat plants
It was found the positive effect of ammonium anhydrous on the content of total nitrogen in the winter wheat  plants. The autumn introduction of the anhydrous ammonia increased the yield and quality of grain wheat.

Chuyan E.N., Dzheldubaeva E.R., Tribrat N.S.
The change of nociceptive flexor reflex data under the influence of  low-intensity  electromagnetic radiation extremely high frequency
It is shows the dynamics of change nociceptive flexion reflex data under the influence of low-intensity  electromagnetic radiation extremely high frequency (EMR EHF, 7.1 mm, 0.1 mW/cm 2 ) by the study of hands  with electroneuromyographic survey. It is shown that under influence of multiple exposure EMR EHF the  latencies R2 and R3 components of the nociceptive flexion reflex, pain threshold, threshold of reflex and the  coefficient (the threshold of pain / threshold of reflex) was significantly increased relative of benchmark data,  indicating a weakening of nociceptive effects and enhancing of antinociception.

Yarmolyuk N.S.
Infradian rhythmic speed and regenerating planarians  Dugesia tigrina not  regenerating in low electromagnetic shielding
It is shown that the electromagnetic shielding causes changes infradian rhythm speed and regenerating planarians and not regenerating, resulting in a change in the structure of the spectr and amplitude-phase relationships. It is noted  that changes infradian rhythm velocity is more pronounced in not regenerating planarians than regenerating.

Vyatkina O.V.
Effect of the nature of the substrate on the sorption mechanism peroxidase radish black
The article presents the results of sorption studies in bentonite−peroxidase,
silicagel−peroxidase systems. The  quantitative parametres of the sorption processes and the mechanism of linkage enzyme-substrate are  established. It is shown catalytic  activity on of the received materials related hydroquinone.

Krymova V.V., Scherbin E.A. 
The study of adsorption of ions Fe 3+  on bentonites 
Adsorption of ions Fe 3+  from solution  tested for natural sorbents - bentonite. Obtained and investigated  chemically modified forms of bentonite. Found that the modification of bentonite by triethanolamine greatly  improves its sorption characteristics.

Netreba E.E., Fedorenko A.M. 
Synthesis and investigation of molecular and crystal structure of coordination compounds  of lanthanum(III) nitrate with 4,4,10,10-tetramethyl-1,3,7,9-tetraazospiro[5.5]undecan-2,8-dion
The coordination complex of spirocarbon with lanthanum (III) nitrate [La(NO3 )3 (C11H20N4O2 )(H2O)2)] 2 was synthesized for the first time and it’s structure was determined by means of X-Ray diffraction study. The complex have binuclear structure with Z’ = ½. Each of lanthanum atoms anions is coordinated by two oxygen atoms of two symmetry related organic ligand molecules, three bidentate nitrate anions and two water molecules. Coordination number of lanthanum is 10 with irregular coordination geometry. The La…La  distance in in binuclear complex is 9,54 Å.

Panov D.A.
Triterpenoid saponins from Сlematis vitalba flower buds
On the basis of one-and two-dimensional TLC analysis, as well as using a variety of chemical analysis  methods, in extracts of  Сlematis vitalba flower buds 8 fractions of triterpene glycosides hederagenin and  oleanolic acid were identified. The presence of mono- and diacylated triterpene glycosides was cofirmed.

Povstyanoy M., Fedorenko A., Povstyanoy V., Lebedeva I.
The use of amino acids in the heterocyclization of 7,8-difunctional substituted  theophylline to imidazo (1,2-f) theophylline
The principal possibility of univariant heterocyclization ketoaril 7-8-bromotheophylline under the influence of  amino acids to the imidazo (1,2-f) theophylline-containing amino substituent in the imidazole moiety.

Yakovishin L.A.
Spectrophotometry of the molecular complexation of licorice and ivy triterpene  glycosides with aspirin
Using a method of spectrophotometry, the complexation of monoammonium glycyrrhizinate (glycyram), α- hederin (hederagenin 3-O-α-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1→2)-O-α-L-arabinopyranoside) and hederasaponin C  (hederagenin 3-O-α-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1→2)-O-α-L-arabinopyranosyl-28-О-α-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1→4)- О-β-D-glucopyranosyl-(1→6)-О-β-D-glucopyranoside) with aspirin in aqueous solutions was investigated. Glycyram has been shown to form clathrate with aspirin the ratio of 2:1. α-Hederin and hederasaponin C form complexes with aspirin in the 1:1 molar proportion.