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Vol. 25 (64), № 3. 2012
Biology, chemistry


Alieva T.A., Eysmont E.V., Pavlenko V.B.
The course of neurotherapy sessions effect on the characteristics of evoked potentials of  children and adolescents
The course of neurotherapy sessions effect on the characteristics of evoked potentials of 33 6-14 years-old  children were studied, assessed Go /  No-Go paradigm modification. Obtained data are an evidence of the  change of temporal parameters of  event-related potentials after the course of neurotherapy sessions. The  decreasing of P1 and P2 components  latency values were observed. In  addition, the neurotherapy sessions  have a positive effect on the individual psycho-emotional characteristics of the person, as evidenced by the  observed decreasing of the levels of the "magic" and the general anxiety by A. M. Prihojan schoolchildren’s  personal anxiety scale and the decrease of "the communication difficulties" by the projective psychological  test "Нouse – Tree – Person".

Bogdan M.M.
Influence of complex fertilizers on performance structural analysis of winter wheat
Investigated the influence of the modern complex fertilizers company «Valagro» on indicators of structural  analysis of plants of winter wheat.

Bogdanovskaya N.V.
Gender differences of L-arginin metabolism of atletes
Is investigated 26 athletes of both sexes. Which are  highly qualified, adapted to long-term performance at   heavy physical work of high intensity. Shown gender differences in oxidative and non-oxidative metabolism  L-arginine, including it in the nitric oxide synthesis system (oxidative de novo and non-oxidative reutilization  routes of NO synthesis), at different stages of their competitive activities. At the stage of maximum functional  abilities and adaptation (early competitive period) among girls prevailed non-oxidative metabolism of arginine
with arginase over the oxidative degradation of L-arginine with NO-synthase.  During reduction functional  abilities (dysadaptation of secondary and final period of competition) the required level of nitric oxide  synthesis provided for girls mainly due to resynthesis of nitric oxide from its stable metabolites, whereas for  boys – by increasing oxidative de novo synthesis of nitric oxide (as constitutive and inducible).

Virych P.A., Makoveychuck T.I., Schwartau V.V.
Influence of trinexapac-ethyl on content anions in plants of Hordeum vulgare L.
The effect of different concentrations trinexapac-ethyl (TE, Moddus) on the content of free anions (F- , Cl- , NO3- , PO43-, SO42- ) in flag-leaf of plants barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) was studied. Processing plant retardant  TE on plants in tillering phase contributed to better ensure the photosynthetic parts of the plant nutrients. TE  can play an important role in the development of mineral nutrition systems of plants.

Danilova A.O., Zaporozchenko A.V., Bolshakov L.L. 
Study of the effect of drugs with probiotic microorganisms on morphometric parameters  of the large intestine, liver and pancreas of  rats with alloxan diabetes
The effect of drugs with probiotic microorganisms, which was immobilized on a high carbohydrate  preparations, on morphometric parameters of the large intestine, liver, pancreas of rats with induced alloxan  diabetes  have been studied. It was found that the studied drugs in conditions of  alloxan diabetes, which is  accompanied by a loss of  β-cells of the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas,  positive impact on the  regeneration of its endocrine and contribute to the  stimulation of islet neogenesis, including through the  creation of focal zones. Receiving high carbohydrate preparations with probiotic microorganisms improves the  colon and reduces the toxic effect of alloxan on the liver cells.

Yelkina N.M.
The state of hemoglobin’s system in erythrocytes of patients with erythroemia
It has been shown, that rising of the content of total hemoglobin in erythrocytes of patients with erythroemia is  connected with essential increase of the level of methemoglobin (347,2% higher than in control group). At the  same time, the percentage part of glycosilated hemoglobin relatively to methemoglobin in erythrocytes of ills  was 403,2 percentage less as compare with control group.

Zilbervarg I.R., Zilbervarg E.V., Peskovets S.А. 
Landscaping project proposal on terraced slope in the parterre square Culture Palace  of Trade Unions in Simferopol
In article gave characteristic of spatial organization, presented the results of the inventory areas, and developed  recommendations for planting terraced slope in the parterre Square Trade Unions Palace of Culture in  Simferopol.

Kmetko I.L., Sobolev V.I.
The functional condition of the skeletal muscle of white rats in dynamics of the  development of experimental hyperthyreosis
In experiments  in situ it has been established, that the latent  period of the generation of "M-answer" of a  forward tibial muscle of white rats has been undergone a number of independent phases in a process of the  development of experimental hyperthyreosis: shortenings, increase and stabilization. The latent period of the  generation of "M-answer" had been shortened for 15,6% in comparison with control in an initial phase of the  formation of hyperthyreosis, and, on the contrary, had been extended for 93% at the expressed degree of  hyperthyreosis.

Kobylnik S.N., Razumnova A.Yu., Petrov S.A.
The study of the balance of thiamine in the muscle after allotransplantation of a donor  fetal tissue
One of the important trends in modern theoretical and Medical Biochemistry is the study of biochemical  processes in the transplantation of fetal tissue to stimulate and restore functions. The aim of our study was to  investigate the distribution of thiamine in allotransplantation formed in the embryo-tional and muscle tissue.  Transplantation of the abdominal fetal tissue leads to increased levels of free thiamine in the tissues of the  acceptor due to reduction in the tissues of the embryo. Transplantation of fetal tissue leads to a decrease in  levels of free thiamine in the abdominal muscle of the acceptor. Transplantation of tissues of rats per litter  reduces the levels of free thiamine in all tissues examined.

Kovblyuk M.M.
The first data about species composition of spiders (Arachnida, Aranei) in Kazantip  Nature Reserve (Crimea)
There are 39 spider species recorded from the Kazantip Nature Reserve.  Ero flammeola Simon, 1881  (Mimetidae) is the new record for the former Soviet Union, Ukraine and Crimea.

Korolyeva A.V., Simchuk A.P.
The changeable of RAPD-PCR specters DNA of Scorpaena porcus in the Sevastopol’s  bays with different degree of anthropogenic pollution
The investigations of  DNA-spectres from Scorpaena porcus’ nervous tissue were made. The DNA-spectres’  peculiarities of Scorpaena porcus from two bays, which have different level of environment pollution, were  ascertained. The uncial DNA-fragments  of specieses, which are living in more polluted aquatory, were  discjvered.The  DNA-spectres of Scorpaena porcus, which were gathered from more polluted bay, are  characterizing of more degree of uniformity, that is testify about hard nature selection.

Kostyuk A.S.
Seasonal and infradian rhythmicity nociception of intact snails  Helix albescens
Seasonal and infradian rhythmicity of nociceptive sensitivity snails Helix albescens was detected. The highest  values of n and winter lower values of the studied parameters were recorded than in the summer, but a few more resistant  than in spring. Multi-day rhythmicity indicators of nociception is included rhythms of between  ≈2,38 d  –  ≈9,50 d . An interconnection between seasonal and multi-day rhythmicities was manifested in the difference in  the composition of the spectra of infradian rhythmicity and amplitude of rhythms. The smallest number of  allocated periods was noted in the summer (n=5), when were registered maximum amplitudes.

Kuznetsova L.N.
The influence of Bacillus thuringiensis on the quantity of the phylloplana epiphytic  microflorae and its fungustatic action against the activators of illnesses in the potato agrocenosis
The several strains of B. thuringiensis were selected from the crimean insect populations. The strain  B.  thuringiensis var.  thuringiensis 0371, isolated from  Hyphantria cunea Drury caterpillars showed the most  insecticidal activity. While processing the potato leaves with bacterial culture we observed the 100% mortality  of potato beetle larvae for 5 days. The strain is a technological one and it can be the base for biopreparation for  plant protection against leaf-cutting depredators.

Kuleshova D.K.,Davydov V.V.
The activity of blood enzymes of endogenous aldehydes utization in adolescents with a  complicated insulinе resistance obesity
The present study was performed to educidate the features of neuroendocrine obesity formation in puberty.  The activity of some enzymes of endogenous aldehydes catabolism has been investigated in the blood of adolescents with neuroendocrine obesity, complicated with insulin resistance, or without such a complication.  In adolescents with neuroendocrine obesity but without insuline resistance complication in early or late  puberty there were observed no blood changes as regards basal power of the enzymatic system of the  endogenous aldehydes catabolism. However, in adolescents with a complicated insuline resistance  neuroendocrine obesity an adaptive increase in the enzymatic activity of the endogenous aldehydes catabolism  was relevated mostly in late puberty. The consequence of such an increase is a decreased blood content of  carbonylated products of free radical oxidation in  adolescents, aged 16-18, with a complicated insulin resistance obesity.

Kulibaba E.V., Razumnova A.Yu., Petrov S.A.
Study of transaminase activity and protein content in allotransplantation embryonic and  formed muscle tissue
The article presents the results of research activity of enzymes and of changes in protein content in muscle  tissue at allotransplantation homologous embryonic tissues. Found that transplantation of embryonic muscle  tissue to the adult individual does not change transaminaznoy system in muscle tissues

Lisitskaya L.A.
Morphometric characteristic of shrimps  Palaemon adspersus and  Palaemon elegans  (Palaemonidae) from the black sea waters of  south-west Crimea (Kaya-Bash and Balaklava Bay)
The shrimp of Palaemon elegans species (Palaemonidae) was found in 2010 – 2011 in the waters of KayaBash. P. adspersus and P. elegans were found in Balaklava Bay. The number of P. adspersus was more than  90% of the sample. The morphometric characteristic of shrimps was presented. The development of larvae P.  elegans was studied, their size and description of the larval development stages was given.

Matsyura O.V.,Matsyura M.V.
The structure of the species diversity of island bird communities of Sivash area
The analysis of the island birds’ communities was performed using the key ecological parameters - the index  of species diversity, dominance, and evenness. This revealed the differences in communities structure due to  their qualitative and quantitative composition. The differences in the spatial structure of island bird  communities were determined by the number of dominant species and their significance within the  communities. In island systems, where the area suitable for nesting are limited, and territorial competition  increases, the dominant species determine the species diversity of bird communities at large extend.

Mikhalskaya L.М. Shvartau V.V., Omelchuk S.T.
Pinoxaden metabolism in winter wheat
Found that the use graminicide Axial 045 EC k.e. in compositions with herbicide Derby 175 SC s.c. and urea  after germination did not enhance major pinoxaden residual metabolites M02, M04, M06 and M10 in winter  wheat grain.

Muravjova I.P., Mironova T.O.
Lipid-hudrocarbon composinion of Mytilus galloprovincialis (Lamarck, 1819) from hudrotechnical constructions of the  Artilleriskaya Bay (Sevastopol, the Black Sea)
It was estimated for the first time that mussel 30 - 40 mm long contains about 2 mg of oil hydrocarbons, while  the mussel, which is less than 10 mm contains about 0.2 mg of oil hydrocarbons. Studies have resulted that the  mussels from the most contaminated areas of the bay contain the increased amount of lipids and  hydrocarbons.The results obtained can be used in monitoring researches. 

Orishaka О. V., Vovchuk I.L., Kucherov V.А., Petrov S.А. 
Extracting and identification of  thiamine pyrophopshokinase from tumour  myometrium tissue
Protein spectrum and molecular forms variety of  thiamine pyrophopshokinase  from the nonmalignant and  tumour myometrium tissues were studied by the method of polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. A method of  extracting thiamine pyrophopshokinase isoenzymes and their identification in gel blocs was elaborated.  Electrophoretic characteristics of the identified isoenzymes were studied. It has been shown that malignization  process is accompanied by changes in protein and enzyme spectra. 

Pismenetskaya I.U., Butters T.D. 
A structure prediction of blood plasma free oligosaccharides of practically healthy  donors
Free oligosaccharides (FOS) are glycans unbound to glycoconjugates, the products of their synthesis and  degradation. An accurate analysis of glycan structures is extremely complex because of their enormous  diversity. This article is devoted to exploring the possibility of using the information on intracellular FOS and  electronic databases on glycans of glycoconjugates to predict blood plasma FOS structures. The  chromatographic profiles of plasma FOS of healthy donors obtained experimentally were compared with the  structures of glycans and their profiles shown in scientific publications and electronic databases GlycoBase  and EUROCarbDB. This approach allowed us to offer the possible structures of carbohydrates for the main  peaks of the chromatographic spectrum from blood plasma to develop the ways to further experimental  analysis.

Ravaeva M.Yu.
The role of nitric oxide in the implementation by microvascular effects of millimeter  radiation low intensity
The article is considered the impact of low-intensity  millimeter radiation on the system of nitric oxide  synthesis. Correlation analysis of microcirculation parameters and nitric oxide showed that the 10-fold effect  by milimetric radiation low intensity leads to the optimization of the functional activity of nitric oxide  synthesis by the use of the pool circulating of nitrite anion in blood to nitric oxide.

Savushkina I.G.
The microelements content in the leaves of pubescent oak influence on the composition  of microcommunity phytophagous insects
There is results of study of the microelement content  (Cu, Zn, Bb, Cd) in the leaves of pubescent oak trees  influence on the composition microcommunities herbivorous insects inhabiting these plants. Found that the  density seven of the thirteen species of phytophagous insects spring-summer complex is significantly  correlated with the content of heavy metals in the leaves.

Sandetskaya N.V., Kamenchuk O.P., Sitar O.V.
The effect of mineral nutrition conditions on antioxidant status of winter wheat plants  parameters
The activity of glutathione reductase, glutathione peroxidase, superoxide dismutase and malondialdehyde  content and SH-groups in leaves and roots of wheat seedlings under the actions of foliar treatment by various  concentrations of sulfur and phosphorus has been studied. Stated сhanges in antioxidant status of wheat plants  under foliar treatment by various concentrations of sulfur and phosphorus was discussed.

Skamrova G.B., Evstigneev M.P.,  Trushkin A.N., Shckorbatov Yu.G.
The effect of mobile phone and WiMAX network microwave radiation on membrane  permeability of human buccal epithelium cells
The effect of low-intensity electromagnetic radiation at 8 GHz frequency, and the influence of electrical and  magnetic radiation components  separately on membrane permeability and chromatin state  in the nuclei of  human buccal epithelium cells was investigated. The statistically meaningful cells response to this radiation  manifested by increase in the number of heterochromatin granules and membrane permeability with respect to  control mean was observed. The electrical component of electromagnetic radiation has the greatest influence  on the heterochromatin formation.

Stanishevska T.I.
Character of dependence of the thermal cost muscular contraction from level of  circulatory free triiodothyronine for white rats at experimental thyrotoxicosis
In experiments it is shown on white rats, that at an euthyroidism between the level of free triiodothyronine and  thermal cost of muscular contraction there is positive connection (R = 0,82). At an experimental thyrotoxicosis  connection (R = 0,88) acquires negative character. It is set that on the high bound of physiological level of  triiodothyronine (5, 0 ч 7,1 pmol/l) the thermal cost of unit of work of muscle on 37% is higher, than at the  beginning of scale of concentrations of hormone (2, 2 ч 4,8 pmol/l), and at an experimental thyrotoxicosis, the  thermal cost of muscular contraction below, than in the initial range of level of triiodothyronine (8 on 19%, 8 ч 11,8 pmol/l). It is shown that precision of process of thermal cost regulation at the state of euthyroidism and  experimental thyrotoxicosis gets worse at the height of level of triiodothyronine (accordingly in 2,9 and 2,2 time).

Tokarchuk K.O., Parilova O.O. 
Comparative study of acrolein and formaldehyde cytototxic effect on rat thymocytes in  vitro
It has been investigated the acrolein (ACR: 5-15 µM) and formaldehyde (FA: 100-300 µM) cytotoxic effect  on rat thymocytes, and also their mutual action during 12 and 15 hrs of incubation. The obtained result  indicates that LD50  for ACR is 50 µM and for FA – 400 µM. The difference of the cytotoxic action of these  aldehydes is that the maximum increment of dead cells is observed for the ACR at 5-10 µM concentration, and  for FA – at 0-100 µM. For ACR: at concentration of 0-5 μM increment of dead thymocytes is 0,1 %/ μM, at 5- 10 μM – 0,7 %/μM, at 10-15 μM – 1 %/μM, for the FA: at 0-100 μM – 1 %/μM, at 100-200 μM - 0,1 %/μM,  at 200-300 μM – 0,4 %/μM. After 12 hours of incubation with ACR during additional 3 hours the dead cells  percentage was same, but with FA this index increased in 1,4 times. Under the ACR and FA  mutual action  was the significant enhancement of the cytotoxic effect. So, for 12 hours of incubation, the result of their  combined effect was greater than mathematical sum in approximately 1,5 times. Therefore, it can be assumed  that the development of pathological conditions with hyperproduction of these aldehydes may result in the  cytotoxic effects increasing

Tumanyants K.N., Yarmolyuk N.S. 
Influence of weak electromagnetic fields of extreme frequency ranges on dynamics  and infradian rhythmics of regeneration at planary  Dugesia tigrina
It is shown that low-intensive electromagnetic factors of extreme frequency ranges stimulate regeneration of  planarian, change infradian rhythmics of their regeneratorny processes. Extent of stimulation of regeneratorny  processes at planarian weak electromagnetic radiations of extreme frequency ranges isn't identical. The increase  in an index of regeneration, speed of movement at planarian treated to action of a variation magnetic field by  frequency of 8 Hz by an induction 50 nTl, than electromagnetic radiation in length of a wave 7,1 mm is more  expressed. Changes of rhythmics of regeneratorny processes lasting many days under the influence of EM of  factors consists in reorganization of structure of ranges, peak and phase relationship. Electromagnetic radiation of  the highest frequency causes more expressed changes of infradian rhythmics of regeneratorny processes in  planarian, than a variation magnetic field of ultralow frequency. Distinctions in biological action of the studied  factors are found can be connected with change of properties of water under their influence.

Chuyan E.N., Drevetnyak N.A., Bogdanova O.D., Ravaeva M.Yu., Tribrat N.S. 
Individually-tipological approach to  research of processes of microblood circulation
By a laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF) was studied individually-typological features of indicators of the blood microcirculation parameters in rats. There were 3 types LDF-grammes revealed as a result of research:  aperiodic, monotonous with low and high perfusion. The analysis of the micro-blood flow fluxmotions and the  parameters of the thermal probe showed the highest equation of the regulatory processes of the  microcirculation in aperiodic type LDF-grammes.

Chuyan E.N., Nikiforov I.R., Birukova E.A.
Heart rate variability  at examinees in regenerative period after bicycle ergometric test  under the electromagnetic radiation  extremely high frequency
Heart rate variability within 30-minutes regenerative period after the electromagnetic radiation (EMR),  extremely high frequency (EHF) influence..  It is shown that ten-day EMR EHF to increase in  adaptive capability of an organism, optimization of  regulating mechanisms, decreasing in power expenses and increasing  of regenerative speed processes at  examinees in answer to the submaximum physical activity.

Yantsev A.V., Kirillova A.V. , Panova S.A., Maidanskaya О.D.
Study effect of essential oil of cedar on the cardiovascular system
Found a statistically significant hypotensive effect of vapours of cedar oil. It was noted a decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It was also revealed a statistically significant reduction in the frequency of cardiac contractions during the procedures, aromatherapy.


Valiev E.V., Sheykh-Zade M.I.
The application of factor analysis to identify experimental conditions that minimize the relative error in determining the equilibrium constant for the formation of complexes with hydrogen bond.
Obtained the mathematical model of the influence of relationship γ=С0в0а between initial concentrations of proton donor С0а and acceptor С0в, K and С0а on the relative error εК of the complexes with hydrogen bond formation process equilibrium constant K in the absence of the proton donor self-association. Based on the analysis of these models revealed the most significant factors affecting theεК. Defined γ values range minimizing the amount εК.

Vyatkina O.V.
Problems of allocation and clearing plant peroxidase
In the article analysis of existing plant peroxidases isolation and purification methods indicated that none of them is universal. Results of  the studies confirm the influence of extractant nature on the catalytic activity of  radish black peroxidase.

Gusev A.N., Shulgin V.F., Meshkova S.B. 
The influence of size factors on the photoluminescence of zinc complex with 3-(pyridin-2-yl)  – 5-(2-salycilideniminophenyl)-1H-1,2,4-triazole.
The factors determining the photoluminescence of  zinc complex with 3-(pyridin-2-yl) – 5-(2- salycilideniminophenyl)-1H-1,2,4-triazole. It was found that the photoluminescence of the complex in the  solid state depends on the grain size and the degree of crystallinity of the sample. It was shown that the  aggregation of the suspension of the complex in DMSO-water leads to a significant increase in the intensity of  luminescence.

Kropotov V.A.
Comparative characteristics of some methods for the reproducibility estimation of  comleximetric titration curve parameters
The paper deals with the comparison of  to "th estimations of a titration curve parameters correlating well in the majority of titrations. At unique titration  generally the methods based on "the law of distribution of errors" have advantage.

Lekar A.V., Yakovishin L.A.,  Borisenko S.N., Vetrova E.V.,  Borisenko N.I., Grishkovets V.I.
Electrospray ionization mass spectrometry of mixtures of triterpene glycosides with  acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin)
Using electrospray ionization mass spectrometry, the molecular complexation of acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin)  with ivy triterpene glycosides α-hederin (hederagenin 3-O-α-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1→2)-O-α-Larabinopyranoside) and hederasaponin C (hederagenin 3-O-α-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1→2)-O-α-Larabinopyranosyl-28-О-α-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1→4)-О-β-D-glucopyranosyl-(1→6)-О-β-D-glucopyranoside) was for the first time investigated. The glycosides form complexes with acetylsalicylic acid in the 1:1 molar proportion. The complex of acetylsalicylic acid with α-hederin is more stable.

Nіkіpelova O.M., Gorbach L.P., Nіkolenko S.І., Aleksєєnko N.O.
Complete preclinical researchеs of   therapeutic muds (peloids) Lake Dzharylgach Crime
Complete preclinical researchеs of therapeutic muds (peloids) Lake Dzharylgach Crimea justified their  conditioning, security and the possibility of use in medical practice.

Panov D.A.
Biocomposites of iodine with polysaccharides
During the work it was found, that iodine have influence on conformation of macromolecule of pectin and  alginate. Iodine is formed with an alginate the complex of red-orange color, and with a pectin two types of  complexes: red-orange and violet.

Panova E.P., Katseva G.N. 
Nanocompos on basis of silver and pectin substances
The worked out method of preparation of nanocomposites of silver where as a reductive-stabilizer agent of  nanoparticle the apple and citrus pectin’s are used is the simple and technological method of receipt of unique  nanosize materials of wide action spectrum.

Fedorenko А.A.
Cathodes and anodes discrimination materials for electrochemical synthesis of titanium  sulfate(III)
The series of materials for production of cathodes and anodes used in sulfuric acid solutions with a view to  identifying current density, stability, toxicity, as well as their value. Analysis is made according to the surge of  hydrogen and oxygen in 1.0 mole/dm 3  sulphuric acid solutions, as well  as the electrosynthesis titanium  sulfate(III) current density 5,0 A/dm 2  and 3,5-4,0 V. Found that the optimum cathode materials are stainless  steel, niob energy of electrochemical system.