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Vol. 25 (64), № 2. 2012
Biology, chemistry


T.A. Alieva, E.I. Alyadinova, V.B. Pavlenko
Longitudinal study of age-related changes of event-related potentials characteristics in 10- 12 years-old schoolchildren’s
Age-related changes of 21 10-12 years-old schoolchildren’s event-related potentials in longitudinal study were studied, assessed using go/no-go paradigm modification. Obtained data are an evidence of the appropriative change of amplitude and temporal parameters of event-related potentials with age. The changes of the average reaction time, Р1, N1, Р2, P3 components and the wave complex N1-P2 amplitude, N1, Р2 and P3 components latency values were observed. In addition, some ERP components, especially N1, P3 and complex N1-P2 waves, amplitude stability was found.

Yu.A. Baranan, E.V. Evstafyeva, N.M. Ovsyannikova, S.A. Zinchenko, O.B. Malceva
Cluster analysis in ecologo-physiological research for processing of multivariative data: analyses of EEG and arsenic content in 11-16 year old pupils
Cluster analyses were used to classify 11-16 year old children into homogeneous groups based on arsenic content, spectral power of EEG and age. Results shows that three groups with statistically significant difference can be formed where higher arsenic content (0,19; 0,56; 2,66; μg/g) is accompanied by increased spectral power of all the EEG rhythms (1,96±0,23; 5,56±0,86; 10,13±1,76 μV2/Hz).

N.I. Bogatina, N.V. Sheykina, E.L. Kordyum
Influence of roots orientation relatively combined magnetic field direction on the cress and mays roots gravitropic reaction’s changes. Experiment and new hypothesis. Adaptation mechanism
It was shown experimentally that the graviyropic reaction of plants depended on the roots direction relatively to combined magnetic field (CMF) direction. While the roots were located ⊥ to gravitation force (CMF was || to gravitation force) the negative gravitropic reaction was observed. While the roots were located ⊥ to CMF( CMF was ⊥ to gravitation force) the gravitropic reaction was absent. . While the roots were located || to CMF and ⊥ gravitation force (CMF was ⊥ to gravitation force) the gravitropic reaction didn’t change. The effects obtained in the work may be explained by Liboff’s and our hypotheses. By using them we can conclude that the main Ca2+ current was directed along the roots. The essential role in observing the effects played the electrical field of cell membrane. By taking in account the magnitude of the electrical field we could get over all theoretic objections that the effects of magnetic fields observed were impossible because its energy was very small. We think that CMF was only the switching on mechanism, which released the cell energy. By means of CMF one may regulate the calcium exchange velocity in cell. The possible mechanism of cell adaptation in CMF was discussed It is proposed to be connected with Mg2+ ions.

L.N. Bogdanova, S.K.Matisheva
Control of dolphins′ functional state, using hypercapnic test
Research of change in external respiration, gas exchange and electrocardiogram indices in common porpoises and bottlenose dolphins at inhalation hypercapnic mixtures in order to estimate sensitivity of respiratory center to carbon dioxide excess as well as availability to use hypercapnic test for control of dolphins′ functional state and their recreation in captivity conditions.

O.V. Bondzyk, E.M.Resetnik, S.P. Veselsky, P.I. Yanchuk
The influence of L-arginine on the spectrum of bile acids in rat bile
The influence of L-arginine on the spectrum of bile acids in rat bile was investigated in acute experiments on rats with using thin-layer chromatography. It was shown that L-arginine after bolus intraportal injection in dose 10 mg/kg body weight increased the concentrations of free and conjugated with taurine dihydroxy cholates compared with baseline of concentrations. Also the concentration of glycocholic acid was decreased. In contrast, after bolus intraportal injection of NO-synthases inhibitor L-NAME (dose 20 mg/kg body weight), this amino acid decreased the concentrations of all fractions of conjugated bile acids.

J.A. Bukov, O.N. Burbanova
Possibilities of correction of lipid metabolism in older women
A study of blood lipid spectrum and antioxidant system of the body aged woman. Revealed age-related features of lipids. Determined the possibility of arbitrary control breathing and exercise in the correction of sclerotic changes and antioxidant status in the elderly.

E.V. Gladilina
Observations of Cetaceans (Cetacea) in the waters of Karadag nature reserve and the adjacent waters. 2010
Three cetaceans species are registrated in the waters of the Karadag Nature Reserve are harbor porpoise, common dolphin and bottlenose dolphin. The registrations ratio is 15:3:123, the persons ratio is 58:16:362. Bottlenose dolphins register in the distance from the coast less than 500 m by 11 time more often harbor porpoise. The average group size harbor porpoise are 4,1 persons, common dolphin are 5,3 persons, bottlenose dolphin are 2,5 persons. The maximum group size respectively are 9, 11 and 18 persons. Bottlenose dolphins and harbor porpoises live in the waters of Karadag whole year. The most different behaviour observed for bottlenose dolphins are individual and group feeding and migration, playing, training, resting. Coming closer 50 m to the cost the feeding behaviour acts frequency is authentically higher than for the area as a whole. The demonstration of feeding behaviour and migrations coming to the coast characteristically for the all three species.

E. Yu.Grabovskaya, N.A. Evseeva
Application of art therapy and phytotherapy in the complex rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy
The effect of comprehensive rehabilitation of the change indicators characterizing the state of the musculoskeletal system and the emotional status of children aged 5-8 years with cerebral palsy. It is shown that the inclusion of items in the rehabilitation program of art therapy and herbal medicine leads to more effective recovery coordination abilities, dexterity, fine motor skills, improve mental and emotional status of children with cerebral palsy.

E.R. Dzheldubaeva, E.N. Chuyan, T.V. Zayachnikova
Changes in the H-reflex under the influence of low-intensity electromagnetic irradiation of extremely high frequency
Investigated characteristics H-reflex under the influence of low-intensity electromagnetic irradiation of extremely high frequency (EHF EMR) (7.1 mm, 0.1 mW/cm2) at electroneuromyographic study neuromotor apparatus of the state of the lower limbs of man. It is shown that under the influence of EHF EMR amplitude of minimum and maximum H-reflex decrease and the threshold of the H-reflex is increased relative to baseline values, It is reflecting the weakening of nociceptive effects and (or) increased antinocicetive.

Dynamics of biometric parameters of pollen Pinus pallasiana D. Don in connatural populations of Mountain Crimea
The results of study of dynamics of biometric attributes of pollen P. pallasiana in connatural populations of Mountain Crimea are given in connection with features of individual development and influence of environmental factors. With use dispersion of analysis is established, that the variation of the dimensions of pollen P. pallasiana, connected with action of conditions growing, on the average compounds 3-7%, lobe of influence of a separate arbor - 15-24%, lobe of a random factor - 70-75%.

A.S. Kostyuk, K.N. Tumanyants
Modification changes in nociception of land snails Helix albescens in actions of low-intensity electromagnetic fields of weak electromagnetic shielding
It is shown that weak electromagnetic shielding modifies the changes in nociception of snails Helix albescens caused by the action of low-intensity electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequency (42.2 GHz, 10 mW/cm2) and variable magnetic field of ultra-low frequency (8 Hz, induction of 50 nT): hyperalgesia is more pronounced and prolonged, and the antinociceptive effect is reduced by 12.64% and 27.9% respectively.

V.F. Krovykov, K.D. Savina, D.V. Syshko
Features of microcirculation in skin at sportsmen in the conditions of vestibular irritations
The comparative analysis of the functional being of the regulator systems of microcirculation is conducted in a skin at the sportswomen of track-and-field (run on 800-5000m) before and after vestibular irritations. It is shown, that vestibular stimulation is causes of changes microcirculation processes in the skin, resulting in a change of some characteristics of the amplitude of oscillations by frequency spectrum of skin blood flow.

A.M. Kulichenko, V.B. Pavlenko, Y.O. Dyagileva
A link between the activity of serotonergic neurons in raphe nuclei and the spectral power of EEG rhythms awake cats
We analyze the relationship between the frequency of background impulse activity of serotonin neurons in the brain stem and the power spectral density of the frequency components of electroencephalogram awake cats. Revealed that the impulse activity of serotonin neurons in raphe nuclei frequently (in 47.6% of cases) correlated with the spectral power density of beta-rhythm electroencephalogram. The results of this work indicate the possibility of considering the specific patterns of EEG activity as an indicator of serotonin systems.

E.N. Minina, V.V. Minin
Correction of the state of heterospecific rezistencii for the women of different ages with the use of composition of essential oils of «Poliol»
In the group of women with mionectic functional backlogs and low level of physical capacity optimization of mechanisms of heterospecific ability to resist is possible at influence of essential oils in a natural concentration in respirable air, as an external link of self-regulation. The age-dependent features of application of odorant of Poliol were studied in the correction of reactions of heterospecific adaptation.

S.I. Naydich
Research of the exterior breathing functions of the windsurfer during long sea sailing
The research is based on the analysis of the exterior breathing reaction and thermo topography of a windsurfer while sailing in the Black Sea for many days. It is revealed that during prolonged sailing in unfavorable weather conditions, the exterior breathing functions receive extra wear, providing simultaneously several important physiological processes – keeping temperature balance and energy production of the working mussels. It is explicated that the functional capability of the body can be presented through the dynamic of the following figures: PACO2 – the slower figures become lower from the starting level during mussels activity, the higher is aerobic potential of the body.

I.N. Paliy
The influence of the soil nutrition on the harvest formation and essential oils' production for Agastache foeniculum Pursh
Changes of the harvest structure and essential oils' production in Agastache foeniculum Pursh. plants of different ages under the influence of mineral and organic manures have been discussed in this article.

I.U. Pismenetskaya, T.D. Butters
Fractionation by charge of blood plasma free oligosaccharides of practically healthy volunteers
Intracellular free oligosaccharides can be both neutral and charged depending on their sources. The work is devoted to the study of charge heterogeneity of blood plasma free oligosaccharides, the sources of which are still not understood. Blood plasma free oligosaccharides of practically healthy donors were separated into fractions of uncharged (neutral) and charged (acidic) glycans with ion-exchange chromatography. Glycans of the fractions were analyzed by normal-phase high performance liquid chromatography (NPHPLC). It has been shown that most of the free oligosaccharides are uncharged glycans concentrated in 7 main peaks of the HPLC-profiles and consisted of 4-8 monosaccharides. The spectrum of charged oligosaccharides has been characterized by two main peaks of glycans with 4-5 and 8-9 monosaccharides.

I. Rusev, V. Zakusilo, V. Kirichenko, A. Ovcharov, D. Sokolovsky
Species composition, numbers and epizootological importance of small mammals in natural reserve "Elanetskaya steppe"
The natural reserve of Elanetskaya steppe in the Nikolaev oblast - one of the few places in Ukraine, which preserved untouched virgin steppe. As a result of the ecological and epizootological monitoring of the territory of the reserve in the spring-summer period of 2006 year for the first time it is established that, 7 species of small mammals living in this steppe biotop. Dominant species during observation period was a forest mouse Apodemus (Sylvaemus) sylvaticus, subdominant species - common vole Microtus arvalis. Other species, even taking into account the statistical spread of the data, met in the catches with a frequency not exceeding 7%. The results of the serological test does not exclude the possibility of the circulation on the territory of the reserve pathogen of tularemia as especially dangerous infections, which suggests a need for a more detailed environmental and epizootological monitoring of the natural complex.

O.O. Semenova
The condition state of antioxidant system of Black sea mussel under influence of heavy metals
The study of the state of the antioxidant system of black sea mussel is conducted under influence of heavy metals at their hit in an organism with food and with salt water. It is shown that the receipt of heavy metals in an organism regardless of method of their hit results in activation of superoksyddysmutazno are the katalazna systems. The reaction of glutatyon system depend on the source of heavy metals entering organis of shellfish.

A.P. Simchuk, P. Gao
Blood type and rhesus factor, as markers of Susceptibility to some pathologies in the crimean population
The marking effect of AB0 and Rh blood types were investigated at pathologies and in a norm among the men and women in age from 17 to 65 years, resident in territory of the Crimea. The marking effect for men and women coincided in regard to head pains and differentiated in regard to eye pathologies and consumption of alcohol. The blood types were found to mark allergic and cardio-vascular diseases and gastro-enteric pathologies in women.

A.P. Simchuk, A.V. Kirichenko
Choice of the oak leafroller pupae by parasitoid Itoplectis maculator F. and its consequences for the host and parasitoid fitnesses
The role of genetic factors was studied in three trophic-related species: pubescent oak (Quercus pubescens Willd.), oak leaf roller (Tortrix viridana L.) and its parasitoid (Itoplectis maculator F.). Choice of unfit host specimens by the parasitoid was considered as a mechanism, which regulates interactions among the species.

V.N. Chornaya, S.J. Koval, O.V. Hhomyakova, J.U. Protas
Kompleks physical aftertreatment of patients with osteochondrosis of lumbosacral department in the conditions of the specialized center
In article results of research on detection of efficiency of complex impact of specialized exercises of medical gymnastics and medical massage in restoration of functional activity of a locomotorium and health level at patients are discussed with osteochondrosis of lumbosacral department. Results of researches prove efficiency of application of medical gymnastics for augmentation of flexibility, mobility of a spine column, and also rising of power indicators of muscles of a back and an abdominal wall. At a combination of medical gymnastics with medical massage efficiency of occupations authentically raises.

S.I. Chmeleva, A.V. Omelchenko, D.A. Panov, A.O. Shirina
Effect of selenium on the growing characteristics callus culture Fatshedera lizei and accumulation in its triterpene glycosides
The data on the effect of various concentrations of sodium selenite on the growth rates Fatshedera lizei in culture in vitro. Selected nutrient media modified Murashige and Skoog c Na2SeO3 addition to callus formation. Experimental evidence of the presence of callus cultures of various fractions of triterpene glycosides similar to those of intact plants.

Chuyan E.N., Birukova E.A., Zayachnikova T.V
Changes of heart rate and fractal neurodynamics variability indicators under controlled breathing in the heart rate oscillations frequency spectrum
Changes of heart rate and fractal neurodynamics variability indicators in the conditions of controlled breathing in the heart rate oscillations frequency spectrum are studied. It is shown that controlled breathing whose frequency corresponds to the frequency of localisation of the maximum peak of heart rate power in the low-frequency (LF) range is a powerful mechanism for controlling heart rate and modifying functional state as a whole. It is possible to study the properties of the heart rate vegetative control system’s own oscillation processes on the basis of the resonance effect in the heart rate spectrum under controlled breathing whose frequency corresponds to the frequency of localisation of the maximum peak of heart rate power in the LF range.

J.I. Shramko, V.N. Chornaya, S.A. Kotov
Heart rate variability analysis in the estimatim of rehabilitationefficiency in cardiological Patients
Results of informativity of the Heart rate variability analysis in the estimation of rehabilitation efficiency in cardiological patients in polyclinic are discussed. Cardiointervalograms indices had the most significantly changes in the main group of patients. Cardiac rhythm variability analysis allows to interpret the basic mechanisms of the different rehabilitation measures more carefully.

D.E. Emirova, E.E. Ibragimova
Screening palynotoxic effect of actellik on generative organs of Helianthus annuus L.
Influence of different concentrations of actellik on the generative system Helianthus annuus L. has been investigated. It has been determined that actellik in the investigated range of concentrations (0,375 – 3,0 ml/l) had palynotoxic effect on the microgametophyte of Helianthus annuus L. revealing itself in the valid increase of products of abortive pollen.

I. Yurkova
Effect of selenium on the growth activity and its accumulation in callus cultures Hedera helix L.
Investigated growth activity and accumulation of selenium in callus cultures of ivy Hedera helix l. It is shown that the concentration of selenium in the medium 5,0 mg / l observed stimulation of growth of primary callus cultures of 4.0-fold, with a maximum accumulation of selenium compared to the control increased by 80 times.

P.I. Yanchuk, V.I. Komarenko, L.O. Slobodyanyk
Involvement of α-adrenoceptors in the constrictor reactions of the liver veins on serotonin and endothelin-1  
Constriction effects of serotonin (8 μg/kg) and endothelin-1 (0,8 μg/kg) on portal and liver veins were shown in acute experiments on the anesthetized rats. It has been suggested that this effects is realized through the endothelial secondary mediator (possibly, noradrenaline) which acts on smooth muscle cells through α- adrenoreceptors and causes vasoconstriction.


N.A. Bezhin, І.І. Dovgyy
Sorption strontium-90 of new sorbent on the base of endoreceptor dibenzo-18-crown-6
The sorption properties of new sorbent which was obtained by impregnation of endoreceptor dibenzo-18- crown-6 in the polymer matrix "Porolas-T" was studied on the respect of the extraction of radioactive 90Sr, namely the distribution coefficients and pattern their changes depending on the concentration of nitric acid.

V.E. Burda, D.A. Panov
The chemical composition of liqueur change in the process of step preparation
In this work carry out research the changes of chemical composition (titrate acids, ethanol, sulphur(IV) oxide and iron) of must grade Aligote, Rkatseteli and mixes of Chasselas, is conducted in the process of gradual addition of sucrose. Derived reservoir liqueur can be used for the second fermentation.

E.V. Valiev, M.I. Sheikh-Zade
The minimization of the relative error of the spectrophotometric definition of the equilibrium constant of formation of complexes with hydrogen bond
We consider the reaction of hydrogen-bonded complexes in the absence of proton donor self-assosiation. Obtained and analyzed from the plots of the εК γ = С0 в0 а, К, С0 а. Determined experimental conditions under which εК can be obtained with a value less than the predetermined value ε.

T.A. Zhilyakova, O.A. Gorobchenko, O.T. Nikolov, N.I. Aristova
Hydratation of the wines basic components from data of the dielectric measuring
Data of dielcometry long-wave, centimeter and millimeter ranges of waves lengths applied for the estimation of ethanol, glycerin, glucose and sucrose hydratation in water and aqueous-alcoholic solutions.

Mamedov Kh. F.
Radiolytic destruction of ochratoxin in damp barley grains
The destruction of ochratoxin in damp grains of barley under the influence of ionizing radiation of 60Co has been studied. The possibility of “radiolytic detoxification” of barley has been determined at the various degrees of grains’ humidity and at the different values of absorbed dose of ionizing radiation. It is defined that, the doses 10-25 kGy is quite sufficient, also for full sterilization of grains.

E.V. Morozkina
The study of reactivity of silicium dioxide surface
A method for chemical modification of siliceous rocks of various classes of organic compounds is proposed. Immobilization of functional groups carried by the activation of silanol groups on the surface of the carrier.

S.O. Mostovoy, O.V. Ostapenco, V.F. Shul'gin
Authentication of the etiologic factor, that defiant "Screw Osteomyelitis" and estimation of its affecting on bone fabric and uric system of laboratory white rats
The unnarcotic analogue of psychotropic preparation "pervitin" of substitute production action on the bone fabric and urea system of laboratory rats has been investigated. Supposition about phosphonate nature of the looked hurts was outspoken.

E.E. Netreba, A.M. Fedorenko
Synthesis and investigation of molecular and crystal structure of coordination polymer of zinc chloride with 4,4,10,10-tetramethyl-1,3,7,9-tetraazospiro[5.5]undecan-2,8-dion (spirocarbon – Sk)
Crystal and molecular structure of first synthesized coordination polymer {[ZnСl2(C11H20N4O2)]}n is reported. Crystals are monoclinic, sp. gr. P21, a = 6,2121(17) A, b = 11,276(3) A, c = 11,387(3) A, β= 94,99(3) A, V = 794,6(3) A3, dcalc = 1,574 g/cm3, Z = 2. Zinc ion is coordinated tetrahedrally with two chlorine atoms and two carbonyl oxygen atoms O1 and O2 of two ligand connected with by symmetry operation [2-z,1/2+y,2-z]. Bond angles, centered on zinc atom, are in range of 101,05(12)-122,13(9)°. Zn…Zn distance in polymer is 9,48 A. Molecules in coordination polymers are additionally connected by intermolecular hydrogen bonds N2- H2…O2i [i: 2-x,1/2+y,2-z] (H…O 2,17 A, N-H…O 147°) and N4-H4…Cl2ii [ii: 1-x,-1/2+y,2-z] (H…Cl 2,48 A, N-H…Cl 159°). Chains are connected in layers along the plane (0 0 1) by intermolecular hydrogen bonds N1-H1…Cl1iii [iii: 1-x,-1/2+y,2-z] (H…Cl 2,78 A, N-H…Cl 148°). 

O.M. Nіkіpelova, L.P. Gorbach, S.І. Nіkolenko, N.O. Aleksєєnko, E.A. Zaharchenko
Prognosis estimation of muds Lake Panske AR Cream
Based on preclinical studies of the complex (hydrogeological, physico-chemical, microbiological, and experimental) show that sediments of the lake Panskoe Crimea do not have a biological activity and can not be used for therapeutic purposes.

E.P.Panova, M.V. Nazarenko, M.U. Baevsky
Synthesis and properties hydroxyderivatives of benzimidazolylpropionic acid
Benzimidazolylpropionic acid hydroxyderivatives were synthesized. Interaction of acids with copper(II) acetate have been studied. By results of conductometric titration and a method of isomolar series the ratios metal:ligand in complex are calculated. method of isomolar series.

O.B. Polyak, L.M. Ivanets, I.S. Drebot
The distribution of desloratadine in the bodies of poisoned animals
The distribution of desloratadine in the bodies of poisoned animals was studied. Investigated the preservation of desloratadine in the biological material, which succumbed to rot. The methods of TLC and UV spectrophotometry were used for the detection and quantification of desloratadine in the obtained extracts of biological material.

A.M. Fedorenko, A.V. Sugak, A.A. Fedorenko, V.M. Povstyanoy
Application of the method to describe the relative solubility of the complex processes in heterogeneous processes  
Described processes of complexation with beryllium nitrate ion, cadmium, scandium and with oxalate ion by the method of relative solubility. Confirmed the formation of complex ions and determine their overall stability constants. Proved the feasibility of applying the method of relative solubility in the description of complex processes according to the ion exchange.

V.F. Shulgin, Z.Z. Bekirova, O.V. Konnic, G.G. Aleksandrov, I.L. Eremenko
Synthesis and structure of the binuclear samarium and gadolinium complexes on base the acylhydrazones of 3-methyl-1-phenyl-4-formylpyrazol-5-one
The synthesis and crystal structures of samarium complex on bases of the acylhydrazones of oxodiacetic acid and 3-methyl-1-phenyl-4-formylpyrazol-5-one (Н4L) with composition [Sm2L3]•1,5H2O•2,5CH3OH and gadolinium complexes on bases acylhydrazones of oxodiacetic acid and iminodiacetic acid and 3-methyl-1- phenyl-4-formylpyrazol-5-one (Н4L) by composition [Gd2L3]•3Me2SO•9CH3OH•3H2O has been described.

L.A. Yakovishin, V.I. Grishkovets, E.N. Korzh
Molecular complexation of the triterpene glycosides with aspirin
Using a method of FT-IR-spectroscopy, the interaction of hederagenin 3-O-α-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1→2)-O- α-L-arabinopyranoside (α-hederin) and its 28-О-α-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1→>4)-О-D-glucopyranosyl-(1→6)- О-D-glucopyranosyl ester (hederasaponin C) with aspirin was investigated for the first time. Intermolecular interaction is caused by formation of hydrogen bonds.

L.A. Yakovishin, V.I. Grishkovets, E.N. Korzh
Physico-chemical interaction of the triterpene glycosides with perlite
Using a method of FT-IR-spectroscopy, the interaction of hederagenin 3-O-α-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1→2)-O- α-L-arabinopyranoside (α-hederin), its 28-О-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1→4)-О-D-glucopyranosyl-(1→6)-О-D-glucopyranosyl ester (hederasaponin C), and monoammonium glycyrrhizinate (glycyram) with perlite was investigated for the first time. Intermolecular interaction is caused by formation of hydrogen bonds and universal nonspecific attraction.