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Vol. 25 (64), 1. 2012
Biology, chemistry


Andreeva N.A.
Microbiological processes in the the black sea offshore water where sea animals inhabit:a review
Data on microbiological processes in the water and bottom sediment in the offshore water which are enriched by sea animals’ metabolic products have been analyzed. It’s revealed availability to use some bacteria and microalgae as markers of water ecological well-being.

T.A. Achkasova, S.V. Tsil.ko, T.V. Dumova, Y.N. Achkasova  
Actuality of emerging infectious diseases
The information about emerging infections observed now is presented. Dynamics of flashes of epidemics, the pandemics caused by new kinds, genetically changed variants of change of specific structure of the activators, which steels by risk factors in development of an infectious pathology is displayed.

V.V. Bielalov, Iu.O. Dyagileva, V.B. Pavlenko
Features of speech pecception of children under 3 years
The article summarizes literature data related to the process of speech perception and processing a speech stream of children under 3 years old. Presented facts indicate the process of language acquisition is continuous and starts at the moment of birth. Individual child’s features to differentiate the phonemes of the native language in infancy determine further development of speech abilities on the second and third year of life.

Buzevich I.Y.
Methodical aspects of determination of fish juvenile by-catch in commercial fishing gears
There have been analyzed model and actual parameters of immature fish by-catch when sampling commercial catches. The data on catch selectivity of active and passive fishing gears relatively to the fish size composition are presented. Based on statistical processing of variability of body length of fish caught by different fishing gears, thee have been assessed representativeness of different samples when determining the actual by-catch.

 .S. Goncharenko, O.O. Konovalova, H.P. Andreyko, O.O. Glagka  
Influence of toxic doses of lead and take of a syrup from herbs on a mineral exchangeof rats.
Microelement composition of different organs and fabrics of rats which the toxic doses of lead were entered is investigational the method of atomic-absorbing spectrophotometry. Correcting influence of a syrup from herbs «Valeoton» is studied on maintenance of calcium, magnesium, lead, zinc, copper, manganese in a heart, buds, liver, spleen, muscle's and bone's fabric's of rats. Findings testify to the detoxicate action of this preparation, based on ability of organic acids to liberate, and pectin to connect and deduce heavy metals and on bioavailability essential microelement which are a part of a syrup what leads to an obstacle of accumulation of heavy metals in an organism.

Iu. O. Dyagileva, A.Ya. Chripun, I.Ya. Timush, E.S. Vistman, O.A. Igoshina, V.B. Pavlenko
Features of the neuro-psychological development of orphans from 1 month to 3 years of age
The level of neuro-psychological development of orphans from 1 month to 3 years of age was assessed with G.V. Pantyukhina, C.L. Pechora, E.L. Frucht test using. Children raised in institution have delay of neuropsychological development. Such delay is related with reduction of cognitive, speech, motor, sensory and emotional development. Probably delay of neuro-psychological development is associated with changes in the processes of growth and maturation of the cerebral cortex. These changes are accompanied by later cortical nerve cells differentiation and maturation of different types of neurons, reduced the rate of dendrites and axons growth, myelination deficit and the decrease in the rate of formation of synaptic contacts with other cells in all areas of the brain.

I.V. Epishkin, I.I. Korenyuk, T.V. Gamma
Effect of 1,5-benzodiazepinon-2 and 3-formyl-1,5-benzodiazepinon-2 on electrical activity of neurons in mollusks Helix albescens rossm
It is investigated an intracellular effect of 1,5-benzodiazepinone-2 and 3-formyl-1,5-benzodiazepinone-2 on the electric activity Helix albescens Rossm. neurons. It is established that the action these substances depend on their concentration and appears in hyperpolarization of the membrane, reducing a pulse frequency generation and ion currents changes. At a concentration of effects of these compounds are reversible, and the concentration of– irreversible. In the concentration range 10-5-10-3 M effects of these compounds are reversible, and concentration of 10-2 M in all investigated neurons irreversibly blocked the mechanisms generating action potentials, but retained ability to support membrane potential.

Yorkina N.V.
Population health in the context of ecological monitoring of air of urbosystem
The basic urban pollutants of air are considered in the article, possibilities of operative tracking of the ecological state of urban system are described. The interrelation between of health of the population and deterioration of ecological situation in districts of the city is revealed.

Ivanchenko O.Z.
Anticipatory changes of the human low extremity H-reflexes by the voluntary contralateral movements in man
H-reflexes of the soleus and peroneus longus muscles were studied in healthy humans lying at the prone position. Facilitation of the H-reflexes takes place at about 90 ms before the onset of the voluntary contralateral ankle joint movements. The changes of H-reflexes appears later before the contralateral movements than before ipsilateral ones. Anticipatory facilitation of the soleus H-reflex does not differ significantly at the plantariflexion and dorsiflexion of the contralateral extremity. The peroneus longus Hreflex is also facilitated in the same way before the contralateral ankle joint movement. The present results suggest that anticipatory H-reflex facilitation which rise up before the contralateral extremity movements is generalised reaction which spreads on the muscles with the different functions.

Koba V.P., Gigalova T.P.
Influence of vegetarians animal of Pinus pallasiana L. in conditions of a heathland fires
The results of researches of renewal features of Pinus pallasiana L. on the territory, damaged by fires in conditions of southern macroslope of the Main ridge of the Crimean mountains are represented. The characteristics of the influence of animal on productivity and development of seed renewal is given established, that the plantlets, damaged by animals has lower indexes of height, however higher stability to a drought in comparison with uninjured plantlets.

Konareva I.N.
Cardiointervalographic correlates of the psychological adaptational potential
In a group included of 140 healthy subjects, we examined interrelations between the cardiointervalographic indices and psychological components of the adaptational potential of the personality (PAP). Subjects with low estimates of the PAP were more frequently characterized by domination of the sympathetic influences on the state of the cardiovascular system and higher values of the strain index, by Bayevskii, of the regulatory mechanisms affected the above system. Individuals with higher estimates of the PAP demonstrate more balanced relations between the effects of sympathetic and parasympathetic effects. Data obtained in the course prognostic value in the integral estimation of psychological adaptational abilities of the individuals.

I.I. Korenyuk, T.V. Gamma,I.V. Cheretayev, O.V. Katyushina, D.R. Husainov, V.F. Shulgin
S Influence of mercury sulfate on behaivour of rats
In stress-tests with different averssion it is shown that after daily introduction to the animals within a week of mercury sulfate in a dose 20 mgs/kg take place oppressing their locomotor activity and increasing of their anxiety level. At the same time the reliable changes indexes of anxious behavior at strong stress and depressed  at moderate and strong. The possible mechanisms of mercury sulfate psychotropic action are considered.

 .. Korenyuk, D.R. Husanov, T.V. Gamma, O.V. Katyushina, A.M. Lyamina , T.V. Yakovchuk, I.V. Cheretayev, V.F. Shulgin
Modification of the psychotropic effect of aspirin intoxication sulphates mercury in rats
With using of behaivorial teasts it is set, that isolated administration of aspirin increasing anxiety and diminishing of depression level. Septain mercury intoxication of rat's organism (20 mgs/kg for a day) was modifying these effects and changing them on opposite. The possible mechanisms of mercury modifying action are considered.

 I.I. Krokhmal
The biological features species of the genus Aquilegia L. leaves introduced in south-east of Ukraine
The biological features were studied in the Aquilegia L. species introduced in south-east of Ukraine. It was found out that the abundance species of the genus Aquilegia are impotent natural vegetative propagate, but form viable self-seeding in condition of introduction. . It was found out that seed production and coefficient of seedfication flat and subalpine species very high, that supported their selfreproduction in condition of introduction. In results study physiologo-morphological characteristics of leaf of species of Aquilegia it was found that most adapted in conditions south-east of Ukraine are flat species and spicies whith wide ecological amplitude.

 Kusmenko E.V.
Condition of some indicators of cellular immunity of rats with various reaction to stress depending on irradiation time
Functional activity of peripheral blood phagocytosis neutrophils of rats with different reactivity under immobilized stress has been studied. The discrepancies of animal Functional activity of peripheral blood phagocytosis neutrophils with respect to type of reactivity to immobilization stress have been found out, which resulted in separating animals into two groups-hyporeactive and hypereactive. circadian rhythms of animals belonging to different activity groups as well as dynamic of circadian rhythm postradiation restoration of blood cell production and immunity of animals in order to determine their role in individual and group radiosensitivity have been studied. Estimation of immunity of rats with the different types of reactivity exposed in different time of 24 hours cycle has shown deep depression of immune system in hypereactive animals exposed at 8:00 in comparison with hyporeactive rats exposed at 20:00. The relationship between radiosensitivity and type of rats response on psychoemotional stress influence haves been discovered.

Makhin S.A.
“Mirror neurons” system: current achievements and research trends in use of the EEGbased methods
The article briefly reviews the basic results of implementing the EEG-based methods for the search and identification of the possible cortical localization of the mirror neuron system. The focus is given to a special role of such alpha-band oscillatory mechanisms as somatosensory mu-rhythm and phi-complex including phi-1 and phi-2 components.

Melnikova O.Z.
The changes of heart rate variability indexes in rats caused by amplification of brainGABA-ergic mechanisms during protracted stress
The geometrical and spectral analysis indexes of heart rate variability (HRV) in rats were investigated during the protracted stress and application on his background of drugs that amplified the central GABA-ergic mechanisms activity. It is set that the changes of HRV indexes during stress depended on the term of action of stresogenic terms. The dynamics of these changes consisted in the gradual diminishing of educed at the beginning of research centralization of cardiac activity regulation that at the end of research brought to oppression of animals HRV. Amplification of the central GABA-ergic mechanisms on a background stress by gidazepam and carbamazepin removed the displays of such centralization that assisted stabilizing of geometrical analysis indexes of HRV and proceeding in its spectral descriptions at the end of research.

 O.Z. Melnikova, V.P. Lyashenko
The manifestations of pyracetam adaptogenic action in the changes of background electrical activity of rats' neocortex during prolonged stress
The changes of rats' electocorticogramm (ECoG) indexes under the influence of prolonged stress and application on its background of nootropic drug with adaptogenic GABA-like action – yracetam were analyzed. Revealed, that the three phases were separated in the dynamics of absolute and normalized powers of ECoG waves under the isolated stress influence, which could correspond to different stages of organisms stress-response. In applying of racetam the dynamics of ECoG indexes became a two-phase, that together with character of ECoG indexes changes could be a sign of drug adaptogenic action on the brain processes. The obtained data suggest that under the isolated stress influence the manifestations of sustain adaptation did not appear in background electrical activity of neocortex, that could be connected with deficit of energy caused the prolonged stress and GABAergic mechanisms.

Naydich S.I.
Research of the heart-vascular system reaction during sailing on the windsurf
It is revealed that prolonged sailing in extreme weather conditions demands well-trained heart-vascular system, as temperature factor starts “distracting” heart activity from its adequate oxygen supply of the working mussels because of intensification of the skin blood flow. Thus, while windsurfing it is obligatory to take into account temperature factor, eliminating its strenuous effect on the body to the maximum. It is also shown that one of the integral figures, presenting effective heart work while windsurfing can be vegetative index Kerdo (VIK) – its positive values justify effective contracting yocardium function.

Nikolskaya V.A.
Influence of experimental hyperinsulinemia is on the level of molecules of middle massin the whey of blood of laboratory rats
In experimental hyperinsulinemia observed reliable change level of molecules of average weight in the serum of laboratory rats. It is establish that the repeated action of experimental hyperinsulinemia does not have influence on the studied index.

A.E. Paliy, G.V. Kornil’yev, V.N. Ezhov, L.A. Hlypenko, V.D. Rabotiagov
Biologically active substances of Helichrysum italicum (Roth.) G. Don. variety VIM
The data about qualitative and quantative composition of phenolic substances and content of vitamins in water-ethanolic extracts of Helichrysum italicum (Roth.) G. Don. variety VIM have been given in the paper. The conclusion about the possibility of its use as raw material for food, medicinal and prophylactic products has been done.

I.U. Pismenetskaya, T.D. Butters
Blood plasma free oligosaccharides of practically healthy volunteers
The mechanisms of cellular quality control of newly synthesized glycoconjugates and the degradation of membrane and secreted ones lead to the appearance of free oligosaccharides - unbound analogues of glycans of glycoproteins, glycolipids, proteoglycans and glycosylphosphatidylinositol anchors. HPLC spectra of plasma free oligosaccharides of practically healthy donors are obtained for the first time. It is shown that the concentration of these oligosaccharides in plasma can vary but HPLC spectra of the glycans in the samples have very similar profiles. The stability of the spectra in norm can be a reliable basis for studying the changes of plasma free oligosaccharides in various diseases. The use of biomaterial of practically healthy donors as a control requires further ranking within the group and its extensions.

S.V. Pogodina, V.S. Yuferev
Heart rate variability athletes in various phases menstrual cycle
The paper discusses the characteristics of heart rate variability in athletes of various phases of the menstrual cycle (). According to the results of spectral analysis of heart rate is shown that for is dominated by the contributions of HF and VLF-components. Revealed a significant degree of interaction between VLFcomponent and the concentration of estradiol in serum athletes in postovulatory phases of the MC. According to the results of the geometric analysis of ECG fragments shown that a significant increase is observed in AMO premenstrual and menstrual phases. The index of tension of regulatory systems has significantly increased before menstruation. It is therefore recommended to apply the significant and high physical activity, taking into account the functional state of the cardiovascular system in different phases of the athletes MC.

A.V. Telga, L.L. Smyrnova
Some aspects of chlorination and purification of the sea water in the pool with the Black sea bottlenose dolphins
The electrolytic chlorination of sea water in pool with bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncates ponticus Barabash 1940) is useful method for the cleaning of water from nitrogen-contained metabolites during the process of nitrification. Dynamics of nitrites - nitrates formation is connected with the concentration of active chlorine and can be destruct if the active chlorine concentration will reduce. It was shown that the optimum active chlorine concentration changes in a range 0,60 – 0.70 mg/l (iodometrically). The suspended substance and inorganic salts are collected in a benthonic sheet of pool water and can be delete from pool during regular change of 200 − 250 m3 benthonic water at pure natural sea water.

N.A. Temuryants,A.S. Kostyuk
The role of opioid system at different stages modification shielding-induced changes in nociception of land snails weak extra-low frequency alternating magnetic field
It has been shown that modifications in the mechanisms of shielding-induced changes in nociception of snails weak extra-low frequency alternating magnetic field frequency of 8 Hz, 50 nT plays an important role opioid system. Its activity under the influence of electromagnetic parameters of various factors, changes phase: an initial decrease in the activity of opioid systems followed by its subsequent increase. Additional impact alternating magnetic field of 8 Hz shielding-induced changes in nociception of snails blocks opioid inhibition of the first-third day of the shielding, causes an earlier and longer conditioning shielding-induced analgesia, and prevents the development of opioid tolerance of the system.

N.V.Tolkachova, V.N. Ezhov, O.P. Bondarchuk, E.Z. Komarovskaya-Porokhnyavets, R.B. Vinnitskaya,V.P. Novikov, V.Ya. Chirva
Biological activity of steroidal glycosides of raceme of Allium cyrillii (Alliaceae)
Biological activity of saponins sum and basic steroidal glycoside of raceme of Allium cyrillii Ten. – 3--β-Dxylopyranosyl-(1→3)-[-β-D-glucopyranosyl-(1→2)]--β-D-glucopyranosyl-(1→4)--β-Dgalactopyranoside-(25R)-5α-spirostan-2α,3β,6β-triol have been studied. It is shown that they have not possess bactericidal properties, but have high fungicidal and growth-regulatory activity.

I.V. Cheretayev, I.I. Korenyuk, V.F. Shulgin, D.R. Husainov, O.V. Katyushina, O.I. Kolotilova
Adenosinetriphosphate- and calciumdependene mechanisms of salicylate neurotropic Effects
The adenosinetriphosphate- and calciumdependence mechanisms of adjusting of snail`s neuron activity of Helix albescens Rossm are researched. It was shown that the neutropic effects of salicylates depends on the presence of adenosinetriphosphate in a extracellular environment. At joint application of adenosinetriphosphate with salicylic and acetylsalicylic acids the oppressing effect of these acids on electric activity of snail`s neurons is removed. Adding to the extracellular environment of adenosinetriphosphate strengthens the activating neurotropic effects of salts salicylic and acetylsalicylic acids. The blockade of transmembrane current of 2+ showed, that these ions did not participate in the neurotropic effects of salicylates, except for influences of calcium-dependent potassium current on the effects of salicylic acid and cobalt salicylate.

L.I. Cherkes, V.N. Ilyin, D.V. Syshko, V.I. Portnichenko,M.M. Mikhailovych, Y.A. Popadyuha, S.B. Koval
Factors determining the functional state of regulatory systems in athletes spending 10 to 12 days at mid-range altitudes 2
We tested 12 athletes on 2nd-3rd and 10th-12th day of their stay at mid-range altitude. The tests were carried out while athletes were lying down as well as during of active orthoprobe. The athletes were the runners (400 and 800 meters distances). Our statistical and factor analysis revealed the individual characteristics of cardiac rhythm variability as well as factors that determine the functional state of regulatory systems responsible for adaptation.

N.S. Yarmolyuk, N.A. Temuryants, A.V. Shehotkin
Relationship infradian rhythmic parameters of regeneration of planaria Dugesia tigrina their functional asymmetry
The differences of parameters infradian rhythmicity of regenerative processes in planarians with different functional asymmetry. Electromagnetic shielding causes changes infradian rhythmicity that animals with different functional asymmetry expressed in different ways.


 K.I. Astakhova, J.V. Melnik, .D. Pershyna, E.T. Miliukov
Influence of the acid-basic and redox properties of carbonate breeds on their stability in gravitational processes
The genesis of concentration elements formation in the dumps of lime breeds was considered using the complex of physical and chemical methods. It is experimentally set that ability to take the water testifies the presence of ion exchange polyvalents cations. The movable ions of iron in a limestone change it redox- and acid-basic activity, that is a factor defiant local concentration elements. The presence of local concentration elements in the dumps of breeds is promoted risk of origin of landslide.

A.A. Astrakhantseva, V.O. Kuryanov, T.A. Chupakhina
Synthesis of the medicinal remedy’s glycosyl ester
3,4,6-Tri-O-acetyl-2-acetamido-2-deoxy-β-D-glucopyranosil chloride forms the 1-O-glycosyl esters with the range of well-known nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory remedies and valproic acid in the phase transfer catalytic system "solid potassium carbonate – acetonitrile" in presence of crown-ethers. The mixture of diastereomers forms in the reactions with flurbiprofen and ibuprofen. use of chromatographic method there was able to separate diastereomeres only for flurbiprofen’s esters. It’s shown, that the nature of the phase transfer catalyst exerts considerable influence on the direction of the initial glycosylgalogenose’s conversion. The structures of all synthesized compounds were proved by 1H NMR spectroscopy.

N.A. Bezhin, .. Dovgyy, A.Y. Lyapunov
Application of ionization buffers for atomic-absorbing determination of strontium with the use of flaming atomization
The possibilities of atomic-absorption method for determining of strontium in flames «acetylene – air» and «acetylene – nitrous oxide» with the study of the influence on the sensitivity of finding out strontium of different ionization buffers.

L.V. Guba, .. Dovgyy, M.. Rizhkova
Method of measuring of cesium by flame emission photometry method
The method of determination of cesium by emission photometry of flame is offered with the use of atomic absorption spectrometer Saturn-4 EPAV.

Mamedov Kh.F.
Radiolytic decomposition of pumpkin seeds
Rather big concentration (1,2–1,3 mg/kg) of nivalenol in the pumpkin seeds infected with microscopic fungi Fusarium nivale and E. cli have been found out. The kinetics of radiolytic decomposition of nivalenol in pumpkin seeds and in water solutions have been studied. The absorbed dose of ionizing radiation equal 25 , provides full sterilization of pumpkin seeds, infected with E. cli and fungi, and decomposition of the nivalenol, synthesized by fungi F. nivale. The sterilization of pumpkin seeds by a dose equal to 25 , provides their long storage and doesn't cause negative changes.

V.S. Manik, .. Dovgyy, A.Y. Lyapunov
Features of atomic-absorbing determination of cobalt with the use of flaming and electrothermal atomization
The features of atomic-absorbing determination of cobalt with the use of flaming and electro-thermal atomization are studied, namely, features of the hardware tuning and metrology aspects of analysis.

E.V. Morozkina, B.. risov, A.M. Dgaparova
Experimental search of natural sorbents and filtration materials properties
Physico-chemical and textural properties of the natural siliceous rocks and granodioritnyh are studied. The high sorption activity of the sample of natural silicon to solutions oil-emulsion is established (=7,6–8,5). The possibilities of intensifying sorption method of water purification. The factors and conditions of the reliability of process water treatment in filter structures are determined.

Filipcova E.A.
Physicochemical properties of carboxypeptidase A from the non-malignized tissue of the mammalian gland
Physicochemical properties of carboxypeptidase A (CA) from the non-malignized tissue of mammalian gland were studied. Molecular mass of this CA is 44293 D. Optimum of temperature of this CA is presented at 37 , optimum pH - in region of the pH 5,0 – 5,5. The negative influence of bivalent metal ions on the activity of this CA is reducted in series: Cu > Mn = Pb > Zn = Co = Ba > Hg > Fe > Mg > Ca > Ni > Cd. By the influence majority of bivalent metal ions and optimum of temperature this carboxypeptidase A from the nonmalignized tissue of mammalian gland is not differentiation, and by the molecular mass, optimum pH and influence of this metal ions, as the Zn++ and C++, – is differentiation of the carboxypeptidase A from the other of biological objects.

V.F. Shulgin, Z.Z. Bekirova, O.V. Konnic, G.G. Aleksandrov, I.L. Eremenko
Molecular structure of the binuclear samarium complex with malonic acid and 1-phenyl-3-methyl-4-formylpyrazolone-5
The synthesis and crystal structure of samarium complex with malonic acid and 1-phenyl-3-methyl-4-formylpyrazolone-5 by composition [Sm2(H2L)3]·8Me2SO·6H2O was described.

L.A. Yakovishin,V.I. Grishkovets, Z.N. Kravchuk, V.M. Nikitina
FT-IR-spectroscopy of escin molecular interaction with L-lysine
The molecular interaction of escin with L-lysine was investigated using the method of FT-IR-spectroscopy. It was found that the escin form salt with L-lysine. The COOH group of the glucuronic acid moiety of escin takes part in interaction with ε-NH2 group of L-lysine.