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Vol. 24 (63), № 4. 2011
Biology, chemistry

Berezhnaya E.A., Sukhova L.L., Grabovetskaya E.R., Davydov V.V
Activity of endogenous aldehydes catabolism enzymes in subcellular fractions of liver, heart and brain of rats at pubertal age
It has been found that the activity of aldoketoreductases in 1-year-old animals is the same in all age groups of rats, but Aldehyde dehydrogenase (AlDH) activity level is lower  than such in subcellular fractions of adult rats. AlDH activity levels have not been significantly different in liver and heart of all studied groups. In mitochondrial fraction in pubertal age animals, AlDH activity had tissue-specific properties. It has been suggested that established peculiarities of age-related dynamics in enzymes activity promote to decrease in stability of the organs to oxidative stress at pubertal age.

Bondar' G.V., Shevchenko V.V., Polyakov P.I., Ryumshina T.A. 
Influence of the complex magnetic field on blood indices at the radiation therapy of oncologic patients
The influence of the complex magnetic field (500±80) θe with a frequency of 50 Hz on blood indices in the process of the radiation therapy of oncologic patients was investigated. It is shown that the action of magnetic field improves the indices of the blood and can be used in the medical practice. The authors assume that the effect is stipulated by force action of alternating magnetic field to the magnetopositive elements of the blood. Magnetic field "shakes” erythrocytes, that leads to their hypocoagulation, thus increasing their working surface and increasing their activity.

Bugara I.A., Maltseva O.A.
Receive of Mentha piperita L. callus culture and their cytological characteristics when grown in nutrient medium with different concentrations of selenium
The features of callus cultures in vegetative organs of peppermint (Mentha piperita L.) in vitro on a modified medium Murashige and Skoog containing 2,4-D 2,0 mg /l, BAP 0,5 mg/l kinetin 0,5 mg/l and various concentrations of selenium was investigation. It was established that the selenium in the medium in concentrations of 5 mg/l and 10 mg/l has a stimulating effect on the induction of callusogenesis of leaf explants of mint.

Bukov Yu.A., Minina E.N. 
Comparative description of adaptation backlogs of respirator system of girls is 19-20 years with different level of physical capacity
Researches of adaptationd backlogs of the respirator system in young girls were perfomed with the different level of physical capacity. It is exposed, that the energy resources of organism are determined in a great deal by functional backlogs of the oxygen-transport system.

Bukova A.V.
Respiratory mechanics properties in elderly women
Respiratory pattern and ventilating function were investigated in the elderly women. The age properties in respiratory regulation were exposed. Diagnostic abilities of chemoreceptive stimulation in the elderly women’s respiratory system functional state determination were estimated.

Voroshilova N.V., Kasyan I.A., Vashkevich Ye.A. 
Comparative investigation of recreational pressure on the main expositions of Taurida National V.I. Vernadsky University Botanical Garden
Got results prove the irregularity of distribution of recreational pressure on the main expositions of Taurida National V.I. Vernadsky University Botanical Garden. The got results might find practical application during determination of the ways for regulation of recreational pressure.

Gorenko Z.A., Karbovskaya L.S., Veselsky S.P. 
Effect of Prostaglandin F2α on the rat bile pigment composition
Influence of Prostaglandin F2α on pigment content in the bile was investigated in acute experiments on rats with cannulated common bile duct. It was established that Prostaglandin F2α at the dose of 10 mkg/kg animal body weight after intraportal introduction decreased bile output (-28.7%, p<0.01) and basic pigmentary derivatives content on the whole experiments. The results of investigation demonstrate that under the influence of Prostaglandin F2α unconjugated [indirect reacting] bilirubin excretion was decreased at 46,3% (р<0,001), monoglucuronidmonoglucoside at 56,2% (р<0,001) and diglucuronid bilirubin at 18,5% (р<0,05) compared with control. At the same time content of monoglucuronid and sulphate bilirubin in rat bile under the influence of prostanoid was invariable.

Dzheldubaeva E.R., Chuyan E.N. 
Features of the study noсiceptive flexor reflex in the evaluation of pain sensitivity (review of literature)
Analysis of the literature showed that the nociceptive flexor reflex (NFR) makes it possible to objectively quantify the pain threshold in humans. Numerous studies indicate that NFR threshold NFR certain relationships with the functions of nociceptive and antinociceptive systems. Currently, NFR is actively used to investigate the efficacy and mechanisms of action of various drugs and physical factors.

Zalevskaya I.N., Korolyova A.V., Neroda I.N. 
The investigation of season’s dynamic of Black Sea fishes’ protein polymorphism (on example of Scorpaena porcus)
The investigations of season’s dynamic of Scorpaena porcus’ polymorphism of the muscle proteins were made. The season’s peculiarities of the electrophoreric spectres of Scorpaena porcus’ muscle proteins were ascertained. The learning of special features of fishes’ muscle proteins’ spectres may promote to the estimation of physiological and biochemical state of fishes and their environment.

Zolotnitsky A.P.
Large-scale cultivation on the influence of mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis lamarck, 1819) on the ecosystem of the black sea shelf zone
Investigated the possible extent of secondary pollution of the Black Sea shelf zone in large-scale cultivation of mussels on the example of the waters of the Kerch Strait. A quantitative description of the collectors produced by fouling organisms and biodeposition and eliminated from the artificial substrates mussels. Shows the possible negative effects of large-scale mariculture of mussels on the ecosystem of the shelf zone of the Black sea.

Kazakova I.S., Repetskaya A.I., Biryulyova E.G., Dildina O.O., Burilova V.D. 
Anatomical and morphological features species as Hosta Tratt. implementation of adaptive potential in introduction in the foot-hills Crimean
The article presents the results of anatomical and morphological studies of species, cultivares and forms of genus Hosta in Botanical garden Taurida national V. Vernadski university collection. Morphometric parameters of 5 sample hosta species growing in different light conditions are shown. The features of the anatomical structure of the leaf blade of this species studied.

Katyushina O.V., Korenyuk І.І., Husaіnov D.R., Gamma T.V., Cheretaev I.V., Kolotilova O.I., Lyamina A.M. 
Psychotropic effects ultra-small doses of aspirin and its salts
Using behavioral tests revealed psychotropic effects of  ultra-small doses of aspirin, acetylsalicylate cobalt and zinc. Aspirin at a dose of 40*10-8 mg/kg increased anxiety in animals, and a dose of 40*10-8 and 40*10-10 mg/kg exerted antidepressant effects. Atsetylsalicilate cobalt at all doses showed antistress and antidepressant effects, and at doses of 40*10-8 and 40*10-13 mg/kg – an anxiolytic. Atsetylsalicilate zinc in doses of 40*10-10, 40*10-3 mg/kg exerted antistress and antidepressant effects.

Kirillova A.V., Lesova L.D., Panova S.A. 
Dynamics of capacity of children
The reliable increase of indexes of capacity, memory, attention is educed.

Klimova E.M., Ivanenko M.O. 
Historical aspects of phagocytosis studying. Modern view to the phagocytosis process
Historical aspects of creation and development of the phagocytosistheory are shined. The basic stages of phagocytosis process are described and the methodical approaches for phagocytic activity definition are considered.

Konareva I.N.
Cardiointervalographic correlates of motivational properties of the personality
In a group of 142 healthy adults of both sexes, we examined indexes of cardiointervalography in the state of physiological rest (sitting), in the standing position («partial» orthostatic test), and under conditions requiring mobilization of attention and intensification of cognitive activity (correction test). These indexes were correlated with the estimations of different aspects of motivation diagnosed used the corresponding psychological questionnaires. As was found, persons with high estimates of necessities and motivations (except motivation for success and fear of out casting) under sitting and standing conditions are characterized by prevailing of influences of the parasympathetic mechanisms on the state of the cardiovascular system; under conditions of performing of the correction test this was replaced by domination of the influences from the sympathetic subdivisions of the autonomous nervous system (except of motivation for drive to affiliation). The manifestation of the VLF index can be considered a most typical index of a high level of motivations.

Korenjuk I.I. , Gamma T.V., Cheretaev I.V., Katyushina O.V., Husaіnov D.R., Lyamina A.M., Dgaparova S.I., Ismailova E.T. 
Influence of lead nitrate on behaivour of rats
In stress-tests with different averssion it is shown that introduction of lead nitrate during a week in a dose 100 mgs/kg by the animal take place oppressing their locomotor activity, increase of their anxiety level at weak and moderate stress and at strong, - vice versa, decline. At the same time the reliable changes of the the depressed behavior are not educed at moderate and strong stress. The possible mechanisms of lead nitrate psychotropic action are considered.

Kulagina I.B., Korogod S.M.
Biophysical mechanisms of dependence structure of Purkinje neuron discharge. Simulation study
On computer models studied communication patterns of the output discharge of Purkinje cells with the morphological and electrotonic structure of dendritic arborizations reconstructed under tonic activation of excitatory synapses. It was found that the simple periodic patterns (repetitive action potentials or bursts), generated at high and low intensity of synaptic activation, are consistent with synchronous, phase-shifted oscillations of membrane depolarization in metrically asymmetric dendritic sub-trees with different electrical transfer characteristics. Asynchronous depolarization processes in asymmetric sub-trees correspond to complex periodic and aperiodic patterns (multiple bursts of different structures) that are generated at intermediate intensities of activation.

Marchuk N.Yu., Ezhov V.N. 
The influence of anthropogenic pollution on the content and composition of essential oil Cupressus sempervirens L.
The change in the content and composition of essential oil of Cupressus sempervirens L. under the influence of anthropogenic pollution has been studied. Decrease in the content of diterpenes in the essential oil from the needles and increase of the part of the derived terpenes in the essential oil from the cones has been marked.

Melnikova E.B., Burmistrova N.V. 
The usage of cluster analysis for structurization of the bioluminescent hydrobionts communities
By the method of cluster analysis we studied general laws of the season variability in the bioluminescence field intensity, created by the hydrobionts in the Black sea coastal waters. The structurization of the bioluminescence processes, taking place in the surface and near-bottom layers of the open and closed sea water areas has been conducted. It has been shown that bioluminescence seasonal processes in the surface layer of the open and closed sea water areas had quite close character and could be joined in one cluster. Seasonal changes in the bioluminescence field in the deep – water layer of the Black sea open water area differ considerably from the processes in the surface layer as well as from the processes in the near-bottom layer of the closed water area, that is why they should be considered as a separate cluster.

Muravjyeva I.P., Mironova T.O. 
Seasonal dynamics of lipid-hudrocarbon composinion of macrophytes overgrowings at the hudrotechnical constructions of the Artilleriskaya Bay (Sevastopol, the Black Sea)
The data on the seasonal dynamics of lipid-hydrocarbon composition of macrophytes overgrowings at the hydrotechnical constructions of the Artilleriskaya bay are obtained for the first time. Maximal concentrations of lipids and hydrocarbons in macrophytes has been marked during spring seasons. Concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbons in macrophytes did not practically differ at the selected sampling stations.

Nikiforova O.A., Lyashenko V.P
Ratios of testosterone and progesterone in the blood serum of rats under nutritional stress condition
We studied some of the mechanisms underlying the changes in testosterone and progesterone in the blood serum of rats - males with alimentary cholesterol load for 21 weeks. As a result, studies have shown progesterone was higher than control group. With regard to the level of testosterone, up to 12 weeks was lower than target values, and from 15 weeks to the end of studies, greater than any. Considered the possible reasons for the redistribution of data in the biosynthesis of steroid hormones in a load of cholesterol.

Nikolskaya V.A., Z.N. Memetova
Role of biochemical analysis at pathology of stomatological character in the exposure of endocrine diseases, attended with a hyperinsulinemia
Intercommunication of forming of diseases of stomatological character from different family pathology of internalss is rotined. Literary information, testifying to correlation of changes at biochemical level in the cavity of mouth and blood at endocrine diseases, is added up in the article, in particular at saccharine diabetes of 2th type. The early exposure of rejections of indexes of mouth liquid can be the factor of prognosis in the exposure of different of pathologies, attended with a hyperinsulinemia.

Pismenetskaya I.Yu., T.D. Batters
Chromatographical analysis of model oligosaccharides immobilized on paper matrixes
Since various paper matrixes are very helpful for collection, keeping and sending of different biological samples and widely used (mostly for blood and serum) all over the world, we compared levels of carbohydrate recovering from several paper substrates (Guthrie cards, Grade AA Discs, Whatman chromatography paper) to evaluate their appropriateness for the same purposes in the case of glycan investigations. HPLC profiles of hydrolyzed dextran and N-glycans of transferrin showed that all studied matrixes can be used. Nevertheless, better glycan recovering from Whatman chromatography as well as the possibility of using the same paper sheet for preliminary paper chromatography of the samples, Whatman chromatography paper could give the best alternative.

Pogodina S.V., Muzyka S.L., Yuferev V.S. 
Glucocorticoid activity of the adrenal cortex and the reaction cardiorespiratory system athletes of different ages in the implementation of the competition the exercises in kettlebell lifting
The article deals with the problem of tolerance to physical exertion of force in kettlebell sport. In particular, we discuss age-sensitive responses of the adrenal cortex and the cardiorespiratory system during the execution of a competitive weightlifter exercises of various ages. It is shown that the increased background activity of the adrenal cortex in weightlifters veterans may cause the hypertensive effects, as well as reduce the reactivity of the respiratory responses during the execution of the power of physical activity.

Ravaeva M.Yu., E.N. Chuyan
Change of activity system of synthesis nitrogen oxide under action of low-power millimeter waves
In the article influence of low-power  millimeter waves is examined on the system of synthesis of oxide of nitrogen. It is set that this physical factor promotes oxidizing metabolism of arginine, resulting in the synthesis of oxide of nitrogen due to the high-specific activating his oxidizing constitutive de novo synthesis, considerably.

Reshetnyak O.A., Evstafjeva I.A, Evstafjeva H.V., Reshetnyak А.V. 
Features of adaptation of the cardiovascular system of sportsmen to the physical loadingdepends on the level of maintenance of cadmium, potassium and calcium in an organism
The functional inspection cardiovascular system is conducted at 80 the sportsmen and physically untrained students, who have been surveyed about the maintenance of cadmium, potassium and calcium in an organism. The physiological role toxic and essencial elements for an action of the heart of sportsmen and the persons who are not going in for sports is revealed.

Rzhevskaya V. S., Omeljchenko A.V., Teplitskaya L.M. 
Effect of the joint application sodium humate and microbiological preparations «Embiko» performance of plant growth in cucumber variety Nezhinskii 12
We studied the effects of microbial drug «Embiko» and sodium humate on biological productivity of plants of cucumber cultivar Nezhinskii 12. It is shown that when combined with the use of microbial drug «Embiko» and sodium humate showed a significant increase in the length of the root and stem, number of leaves. The combined use of «Embiko» and sodium humate have a stimulating effect on plant productivity to a greater extent than these drugs one by one.

Rusev I.T.
Anthropogenic transformation of natural foci of plague in North-West coast of the Black Sea
Classic point of view on appearance of plague in Odessa city and others cities of the coast of the Black Sea based on hypothesis that bacteria of plague was introduced by see sheep from the Asia, Africa and South America. Analysis of landscape, ecological and faunistick fitches of the steppe area of the shorelines of the Black Sea, socio-ecological conditions and transport of the cargo to Odessa and on all Ukraine in ХYI – XX centuries, first of all grain – give a background to think that on wide area in Ukrainian North and Western part of the Black Sea was present active natural foci of plague, from where bacteria of plague might be introduce to the city port, which export a grain. Wide scale of the anthropogenic transformation of the steppe landscapes and complex of fauna of foci biocenosis  resulted in complete suppression of activity of natural foci of plague from the North-West coast of the Black Sea in beginning of XX century.

Rusev I.T.
Anthropogenic transformation of natural foci of plague in North-West coast of the Black Sea
Classic point of view on appearance of plague in Odessa city and others cities of the coast of the Black Sea based on hypothesis that bacteria of plague was introduced by see sheep from the Asia, Africa and South America. Analysis of landscape, ecological and faunistick fitches of the steppe area of the shorelines of the Black Sea, socio-ecological conditions and transport of the cargo to Odessa and on all Ukraine in ХYI – XX centuries, first of all grain – give a background to think that on wide area in Ukrainian North and Western part of the Black Sea was present active natural foci of plague, from where bacteria of plague might be introduce to the city port, which export a grain. Wide scale of the anthropogenic transformation of the steppe landscapes and complex of fauna of foci biocenosis  resulted in complete suppression of activity of natural foci of plague from the North-West coast of the Black Sea in beginning of XX century.

Safronova N.S., Fomenko A.V., Mustafaeva L.A. 
Manifestation of dysfunctional breathing and possibility of it's correction in deportative Crimea nations
Manifestation of hypercapnic type dysfunctional breathing by deportative Crimea nations was research. Possibility of dysfunctional breathing correction by respiratory exercises and massage was discovered.

Semenova O.A., Petrov S.A. 
The study of alkaline phosphatase in the cells of Chlorophyta, Bacillariophyta, Chrysophyta representatives at the different concentrations of sulfate of copper in an environment
Influence of sulfate of copper is studied on alkaline phosphatase activity for the representatives of Chlorophyta, Bacillariophyta, Chrysophyta. Most an enzyme changes the activity under act of sulfate of copper for the representatives of Chlorophyta, the least this effect was observed for the representatives of Chrysophyta  and the representatives of Bacillariophyta had him minimum.

Simagina N.O., Lysyakova N.Yu.
Dynamics of allelopathic activity Bupleurum fruticosum L. during vegetation and ontogenesis
Allelopathic potential of introduced plant Bupleurum fruticosum L. conditioned by watersoluble and gaseous excretions. It was determined that allelopathic activity of Bupleurum fruticosum L. changes during a vegetation and ontogenesis.

Skamrova G.B., Evstigneev M.P., Lantushenko A.O., Lukyanchuk G.A., Salamatin V.V.,  Shckorbatov Yu.G. 
The effect of mobile phone and WiMAX network microwave radiation on membrane permeability of human buccal epithelium cells
The effects of different intensities and exposure time of electromagnetic radiation of mobile phone (900 MHz) and WiMAX network (3.7 GHz) on human buccal epithelium cell membranes permeability was investigated. The cell membranes permeability was estimated by staining the cells with indigocarmin solution. The statistically meaningfull effect of increase of the number of stained cells depending on the exposure time and intensity of the radiation source was observed.

Sklyar V.G.
Size structure Pinus sylvestris in forests of the Novgorod –Sivers’k Polissya
Information about  size and size structure Pinus sylvestris in forests of the Novgorod-Sivers’k Polissya are present. Peculiarity, regularity influence ecological factors on  size and size structure are research.

Tarabrina N.Yu., Grabovskaya E.Yu.
Respiratory system response to the miovisceral reflexive correction of vestibular reactions of the athletes considering initial vegetative tone
The possibility of the application of the active traction rotation miorelaxation as an instrument of correction of negative influence of the vestibular load on the characteristics of the external breathing of the athletes with different initial vegetative tone has been studied. It is shown that combined influence of active traction rotation miorelaxation and vestibular load as statistics show significantly improves characteristics of the external breathing of the wrestlers with different initial vegetative tone.

Temurjyants N.A., Chuyan E.N., Kostyuk A.S., Tumanyants K.N., Tumanyants E.N.
Reaction of molluscs Helix albescens for low intensity electromagnetic radiation effects of extremely high frequency
The effect of low-intensity EMR EHF on the parameters of nociceptive sensitivity of molluscs Helix albescens. It is shown that EMR EHF has a pronounced antinociceptive effect in the regulation mechanisms of which the importance played by opioid system, whose role at different stages of the impact of EMR EHF varies.

Кнalyavina S.V., Glumova N.V. 
Biochemical features of the white water lily (Nymphaea alba L.) in the introduction in the foothills of Crimea
Some biochemical features, touching accumulations of aromatics of white water-lily (Nymphaea alba L.) in the conditions of introduction in Foothills of Crimea are exposed. There is information about maintenance and composition of the extract oil abstracted from flowers.

Kharkovlyuk-Balakina N.V., Gorgo Yu.P.
Informative approach to psychophysiological diagnostics of professional adaptation of man in natural and extreme terms of activity
As a result of application of complex psychophysiological diagnostics and informative estimation of professional adaptation of people at different age in the conditions of influence of limiting factors of working environment, it was found out that age features of display of adaptation mechanisms to the terms of activity, which characterize differential parameters of professional adaptation, namely functional age and rate of senescence of man, speed of processing of information, psychomotor and mental capacity.

Cherkes L.I.
Key characteristics of cardiac rhythm variability in highly qualified athletes after return from the altitude of 2100 meters
We have studied a group of athletes who compete in speed-power disciplines. The athletes spent a period of time at the altitude of 2100 meters and the state of their regulatory systems was measured on their return to normal conditions. We have shown that training at the altitude improves the functional state, shifts the vegetative balance towards the prevalence of vagus influences, and improves stamina. The positive effects remain as long as 25 days after return from the altitude.

Chuyan E.N., Ananchenko M.N.
Typological features of the microcirculation of human skin and their role in the modulation of tissue blood flow low-power millimeter waves
By means of  laser Doppler flowmetry typological differences of  subjects’ microcirculation indicators were revealed, on the basis of which the aperiodic type of LDF-gram, monotonous with low and high perfusion was concluded. The study showed that low-intensity radiation has an effectively correcting differentiated impact on the indicators of peripheral microhemodynamics, causing a compensatory-adaptive reactions in subjects with different individual-typological peculiarities of microcirculatory processes. Мм radiation has a selective effect on the parameters of microcirculation, affecting mainly the initially modified without affecting the normal baseline, which leads to a leveling of intergroup differences and bring the values of indicators of microcirculation in subjects with hypo- and hyperemic types of the most balanced functionally normoemical, indicating that of the homeostatic effect of this physical factor.

Chuyan E.N., Nikiforov I.R., Biryukovа E.A., Chuyan E.V
Heart rate variability features at the subjects with different types of vegetative regulation under the low intensity electromagnetic radiation extremely high frequency influence
The changes in heart rate variability (HRV) in subjects with different types of autonomic regulation after the action 10 times the electromagnetic radiation (EMR), extremely high frequency (EHF) are described. The effects of EMR EHF course at subjects with normal automatic type and sympathetic predominance leads to a significant reduction in stress index and increase in power spectral components of heart rate (HR) is shown. In addition, as a result of a course of EHF exposure is an effective modulation mechanism regulating HR subjects. Which is associated with a decrease in between-group differences and approach the values of indicators studied in subjects normal automatic type and sympathetic predominance to HR at the subjects with vagal predominance. These changes indicate the homeostatic effect of EHF EMR.

Shibko A.N.
Biomorphologycal peculiarities of Hyssopus officinalis L. seeds under the cultivation in the conditions of the Pre-mountain Crimea
Morphologycal peculiarities of H. officinalis seeds have been described, their laboratory and field germination and germination energy have been determined. Terms fo keeping seeds and optimal terms for their sowing have been found out.