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Vol. 24 (63), № 3. 2011
Biology, chemistry


Yakovishin L.A., Grishkovets V.I., Belash D.Yu., Yarovoy I.R.
Molecular complexation of ivy and licorice saponins with some drugs of aromatic nature
The molecular complexation of monoammonium glycyrrhizate (glycyrram) with sildenafil citrate, and hederagenin 3-O-α-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1→2)-O-α-L-arabinopyranoside (α-hederin) and its 28-О-α-L- rhamnopyranosyl-(1→4)-О-β-D-glucopyranosyl-(1→6)-О-β-D-glucopyranosyl ester (hederasaponin C) with sildenafil citrate and caffeine was described. The questions of determination of complexes composition, their biological activity, and intermolecular interactions at complexation are discussed.

Kokhanenko E.V., Pershin E.D., Kokhanenko V.V, Kazdobin K.A.
Physico-chemical and catalytic properties of the systems water - bentonite - phosphate - an ion
Demonstrate the influence of water to increase the number of charge carriers in dilute suspensions of modified phosphate ions of bentonite. Experimentally established the existence of a high redox potential in such systems. Shows the difference in the redox properties of suspensions of natural and modified bentonite. Kinetic studies have established the stabilizing effect of the proton at the active forms of oxygen in the presence of hydrated interfaces.

Kuryanov V.O.
Synthesis and structure of heteroaromatic glucosaminides
The results of investigation of glycosylation reaction of heterocycles apt to thiol-thione, or amido-imidole  tautomerism with α-D-glucosaminyl chloride under phase transfer conditions, are generalized in a review. The approaches to determination of structure of the synthesized compounds was discussed. It was shown that oxadiazol-, triazol-, and thiadiazol thioles forms mixture of S- and N-regioisomeres. Glycosylation of benzannalated 2-mercaptooxazoles, thiazoles, imidazole and mercaptoquinazoline leads exceptionally to S-β- glucosaminides. Triazol-3-ones, bezoxazol- and benzthiazol-2-ones, and indolin-2-ones were transformed in corresponding N-β- glucosaminides.

Vvedenskiyi A.V., Grushevskaya S.N., Ganzha S.V.
Photocurrent and photopotential in the oxides anodically formed on copper and copper–gold alloys
The anodic formation of Cu(I) and Cu(II) oxides on polycrystalline copper and copper-gold alloys (4 and 15 at.% of gold) in deoxygenated 0.1 M KOH was investigated by voltammetry, chronoannetry with synchronous photocurrent measurement, chronopotentiometry of open circuit with synchronous photopotential measurement and scanning electronic microscopy. It was shown that Cu(I) and Cu(II) oxides are p-type semiconductors. The extent of non-stoichiometry of oxides decreases at transition from copper to copper-gold alloys. Band gap of Cu(I) oxide is 2.2 eV for indirect transitions independent from gold content.

Vvednskiyi A.V., Morozova N.B., Maximenko A.A., Zolotoreva I.P.
Hydrogenation and ionization of atomic hydrogen on compact  Cu,Pd-electrodes
The processes of hydrogenation and ionization of atomic hydrogen on compact electrodes from copper- palladium alloys in a wide region of concentration are considered. It was established that the rate of ionization of atomic hydrogen decrease with the growth of copper concentration in the alloy. On copper and Cu4Pd alloy the ionization peak is not revealed. It was determined the constant KD, characterizing the hydrogen diffusion penetrability.

Voitenko T.A., Nedilko S.A., Levitskaya K.E., Zenkovich O.G., Zelenko N.A.
Effect of substitution Gd/Ln on the structure and properties of solid solutions of GdLnxBa2-xCu3O7±z (Ln-La, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd)
HTSC samples of GdLnxBa2-xCu3O7±z GdLnxBa2-xCu3O7±z (Ln-La 0≤ x ≤ 0,6, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd 0≤ x ≤ 0,5) were synthesized. Dependence of the regions of homogeneity, parameters, kinds of lattice symmetry and oxygen stoichiometry from the displacement degree x was studied. It’s adjusted that for solid solutions GdLnxBa2-xCu3O7±z (Ln-La, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd) just substances with x=0 and x=0.05 have superconductivity properties in temperature interval 77-300 K. It is shown that increasing the homogeneity of Gd3+ 0 ≤ x ≤ 0,3 to La3+ 0 ≤ x ≤ 0,5.

Voronin E.F., Nosach L.V., Pakhlov Е.М.
Creation of mono - and multilayers copper sulphate coating on the nanoscale silica surface by means of mechanical activation
The mechanical activation of mixture of copper sulfate and nanosilica has been investigated by the X-ray and thermogravimetry methods. It is shown that monolayer of copper sulfate, consisting of the high-aquated ions can be formed on the surface of nanosilica particles. Further increase of salt amount in the nanocomposite leads to appearance of nanoclusters with a crystalline structure, not to formation of next ion layer.

Gabdullin A.N., Kalinichenko I.I., Pecherskikh E.G., Semenishchev V.S.
Obtaining of highly dispersed silica by nitric acid processing of serpentinite
The research of by-product formed during the nitric acid treatment of serpentinite - waste of asbestos ore  industry are conducted. It is found that the material, which is a residue extraction of metal oxides (magnesium, iron (III), nickel (II), and other) is a valuable component of silicon, to meet current standard requirements. X- ray and infrared spectroscopic studies are performed, the elemental and mineral composition of the starting material and its processing products are established. It is shown that the above mentioned technology can be used for complex extraction of valuable components from waste asbestos ore industry.

Getman E.I., Ignatov A.V., Mohammed A.B. Abdul jabar, Loboda S.N.
Study the crystal structure of the composition Pb8-xEuxNa2(PO4)62-x/2Ox/2
The substitution of europium by lead in the compound Pb8Na2(PO4)6 2, in accordance with the scheme Pb2+ + ½ → Eu3+ + ½ O2- has been investigated by infrared spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy and powder X-ray diffraction methods, that corresponds to the compound of solid solutions Pb(8-x)EuxNa2(PO4)6 (2-x/2)O(x/2) (0 ≤ x ≤ 2,0). It was established that single-phase solid solutions, synthesized by solid state reaction at 800°C, are formed in the range from x=0.0 up to x=1.0. Refinement of the crystal structure of some samples was performed using the Rietveld method. Established that europium ions are located in positions Pb(2), resulting in the distance in a polyhedron Pb(2) the structure of apatite decreased.

Globa N.I, Prisyazhnyi V.D., Pushik O.B., Potapenko A.V.
Tetraalkylammonium bis(oxalate)borate salts as components of electrolytes for supercapacitors
The results of investigation of activated carbon materials in electrolytes based on tetraalkylammonium bis(oxalate)borate in aprotic solvents are presented. The salts were synthesizes by microwave method from mixtures containing boric acid, oxalic acid, and tetraalkylammonium hydroxide such as tetramethylammonium Me4N, tetraethylammonium Et4N, tetrabutylammonium Bu4N. It has been shown that solution containing tetraalkylammonium bis(oxalate)borate may be used in the pair with nanosised carbon materials in double- layer supercapacitors.

N.I. Globa, V.A. Sirosh, Yu.V. Shmatok, V.D. Prisyazhnyi
Effect of LiBOB additive on electrochemical characteristics of iron disulfide
Electrochemical characteristics of electrode systems which include natural pyrite as a cathode material and aprotic electrolytes have been studied. The electrolytes used were 1mol/kg Li-salt solutions in diglyme– propylene carbonate mixtures which include LiBOB as additive. It has been shown that LiBOB additive improves electrochemical characteristics of FeS2.

Golovko L.V., Tychinin I.V., Gomza Yu.P., Vasiliev A.N.
High porosity nanostructured materials on the base of bridged trialkoxysilanes with high amides content
Synthesis of hybrid organic-inorganic silica materials on the base of bridged trialkoxysilanes in presence and without surfactants was made. Alkaline medium was kept up in trialkoxysilanes hydrolysis and polycondensation process. Structured and adsorption characteristics of made materials were studied. Тhat synthesized materials are prospective as adsorbents of greenhouse gases and catalytic supports.

Goncharov V.V., Zazhigalov V.О.
Properties of nanocomposites on the basis of steel of 12Х18Н10Т
The results of the investigations of surface morphology, phase composition and state of elements of the samples synthesized by means of ionic implantation of Al, Ni, Mo, Ti, Cr ions on stainless steel foil are presented. Thermophysical properties of obtained composites were studied. The use of synthesized samples as heterogeneous catalysts of oxidization of hydrocarbon fuels, generating of hydrogen e.c. was proposed.

Grebenyuk A.G., Zagorovsky G.M., Sydorenko I.G., Lobanov V.V.
Effect of modifying with acridine on electroreduction of modecular oxygen on carbon
Catalytic activity of the electrodes from carbon multi-wall nanotubes modified with acridine has been examined in reactions of reduction of O2 and H2O2. The adsorption energy of acridine molecule on both basal and side faces of graphene plane has been calculated within the second order Mшller-Plesset perturbation theory with basis set 3-21G. On the electrodes modified with acridine, O2 is reduced at the potential of -0.25 V what is lesser for 0.1 V than on unmodified ones.

Dalakova N.V., Osmolovsky M.G., Osmolovskaya O.M., Belevtsev B.I., Beliayev E.Yu.
Dependence of magnetoresistive characteristics for pressed CrO2 powders on the properties of intergranular dielectric layers
We investigated resistive, magnetoresistive and magnetic properties of three pressed CrO2 powders, synthesized of chromium anhydride by the hydrothermal method. The powder particles had a needle-like shape with an average thickness of 22.9 nm and average length of 302 nm. One of the powders consisted of particles coated with naturally degraded layer. The surface of particles in two other powders was coated with a stabilizing layer of Cr2O3 oxide with different thicknesses. For all the samples at low temperatures we observed the giant negative magnetoresistance (MR) and non-metallic temperature dependence of the resistance. The values of the resistance and MR depended on the thickness and quality of inter-crystalline dielectric layers. With rising temperature the MR rapidly decreased (to 0.9% at T ≡ 200 K). It is shown that such MR behavior is typical of systems of magnetic granuli with magnetic (spin-dependent) tunneling.

Zvyagintseva A.V., Shalimov Yu.N.
Doping electrolytic alloy by components raising degree of hydrogen absorbtion
In paper material questions of alloying of nickel by a pine forest for the purpose of reception of electrodeposited coatings with a certain set of functional properties are considered. The analysis of results of researches is given and the assumption of the possible mechanism of formation of communication in an electrochemical system of Me - N. It is found that the binding energy of Me - Н has the whole spectrum of values. Hydrides with small values of a binding energy are formed as a result of interacting of hydrogen with low potential defects in metal structure. The inadequacy analysis energy communications of Me - Н for various elementary sections of the electrode, caused by their rule in an electrochemical system is carried out.

Zvyagintseva A.V., Shalimov Yu.N.
Technology of metal structures preparing for hydrogen storage with the limited number of hydrogen
The analysis of theoretical and practical results on research of processes hydrogen saturation is in-process carried out. The assumption of possibility of formation of metal structures with certain concentration of defects on which it is is possible interacting of metal with hydrogen for the purpose of its safety storage in металлогидридной to the form is come out. It is shown that phenomenological theory substantive provisions are according to the majority of experimental data gained by us during works on studying hydrogen saturation elecrodeposited coatings.

Kalyukova E.N., Ivanskaya N.N.
Studies of the adsorption process of nickel (II) and copper (II) cations by natural sorbents.
The reaction order, reaction rate and reaction rate constants of the process of adsorption of nickel (II) and copper (II) cations by the natural opoka and composite sorbent are determined. The dependence of reaction rate on the used sorbent type and adsorbed cation is revealed.

Kardash M.M., Aleksandrov G.V.,Volphkovich Yu.M.
Synthesis and properties of cation-exchange membranes "Рolycon" for electrodialysis
Describes the main advantages of polycondensation filling for membranes, a method to improve it by using the system as a reinforcing fabric of phenol formaldehyde novolac fibers, are the basic properties of the tissue, the results of its effect on composite properties of heterogeneous membranes "Рolycon K".

Korniy S.A.
Quantum-chemical calculation of geometrical and electronic structure of small binary of platinum nanoclusters
In work the small binary symmetric platinum nanoclusters PtnXm (where X are transitional metals of Co, Ni; n+m = 13) are simulated on the basis of the use quantum-chemical method of density functional theory in a cluster approaching. The geometrical structures, binding energies and superficial electronic densities are expected. It is studied stability of small binary of platinum nanoclusters and their adsorption ability for their use in low temperature fuel cells in the reaction of oxygen reduction.

Kostyrya M.V., Boklag V.I., Koshel N.D., Zakharov V.D., Vaganov V.Ye.
Obtaining of dendritic nanodispersed composites on the bases of a lead matrix
Dendritic lead composite materials with carbon nanotubes (CNТ) which have the enlarged specific surface and structure with a high degree of deficiency are received by electrochemical method. The mechanism of formation of threadlike lead deposits based on the unique physical and chemical properties of carbon nanostructure and special hydrodynamic conditions during electrodeposition is offered. It is supposed that the structure features of dendritic lead composites are connected to anisotropy of carbon nanotube electroconductivity. The structure and morphology of lead dendritic nanodispersed deposits is studied by electronic microscopy method.

Krasnoperova A.P., Tkachenko V.V., Yukhno G.D.
Alternative extraction system
The conditions for the formation of two-phase systems H2O – polyethylene glycol (PEG) – (NH4)2SO4 as a function of molecular weight PEG (3000, 4000 and 6000), temperature and concentration of sulfuric acid. It is established that with increasing molecular weight PEG expanding area of heterogeneity and reduced amount of polymer required to obtain a heterogeneous system. It was found that with increasing concentration of sulfuric acid in the heterogeneity of the region decreases. It is shown that the expansion of the heterogeneity of systems for water-PEG-salt with increasing temperature due to the peculiarities of the two-phase binary system PEG-water (athermal effect, and the restructuring of the system).

Mamedov Kh.F.
Photolytic and radio lytic detoxication and sterilization of the mixed fodders, infected with escherichia coli and fungi aspergillus
Infected with E. coli and fungi Asp.flavus, Asp.ochraceus the mixed fodders are sterilized by UV-light and the ionizing radiation 60Co. The absorbed exposition of UV-light equal 2 кJ sterilized the infected  thin layers of mixed fodders and provides them next two-month preservation of fodders lost-free. The absorbed dose of ionizing irradiation equal 10 кГр, provides the detoxication of infected with E. coli, fungi Asp.flavus, Asp.ochraceus and polluted with aflatoxin and ochratoxin mixed fodders and also provides their full sterilization. Sterilization of mixed fodders by an ionizing radiation dose 60Со equal 10 кGy, provides their longer preservation (more than 6 months) and doesn't cause negative changes in them.

Mustyatsa O.N., Antishko A.N.
The electrochemical research of influence of oxygenic substances on stibnite’s properties.
It has been conducted the research of influence of oxygenic additives (СаО, Na2SO4, Na2CO3, 0,6Na2CO3– 0,4CaСО3, NaОН) on stibnite’s (Sb2S3) electrochemical properties (electroconductivity, volt-ampere characteristics, electrolysis). It has determined that substitution of “traditional“ heteropolar additive (Na2S) in stibnite’s melt for oxygenic ones, was accompanying with similar transformations in transportation of the currant of systems’ materials. It is also characterized by effective electrolysis of mixed systems’ melts.

Mustyatsa O.N., Yankovich V.M.
Physico-chemical investigation of the synthesis of the systems antimony(III) sulphide – copper(I) chloride
By rough thermodynamics appreciation of the possibility of the of the process and with the help of methods of the thermal, X-ray diffraction analysis, conductivity it was invastigated the mutual influences of the pure Sb2S3, CuСl on the properties of the system Sb2S3 – CuCl in the temperature range 25 – 900°С. On the base the complex physico-chemical investigation melted and condensed system Sb2S3 – CuCl it was proposed the method of preparation of SbСl3 .

Nosach L.V, Grebenyuk A.G., Voronin Е.F., Pakhlov Е.М., Oranskaya Е.I.
Structure and electronic spectra of silver nanostructures in composites with high disperse silica
Silver nitrate has been obtained in a nanosize state via formation of a monolayer cover on silica nanoparticle surfaces under mechanoactivation in gaseous disperse medium. In the nanocomposite obtained, AgNO3 is present as a monolayer of high hydrated ions on particles. When heated in air at 550°С, the samples turn dark- brownish, and peaks appears in their diffractograms characteristic of metal silver along with an absorption band at λ = 389 nm in the UV spectrum. In order to justify the data obtained, quantum chemical calculations have been carried out by means of configuration interaction method on the absorption spectra of model adsorption complexes with various composition containing both oxidized and reduced silver species.

Ponomaryeva L.N., Dzyazko Yu.S., Belyakov V.N., Litvinenko Yu.А., Shcherbatyuk N.N.
Ion exchange on organic-inorganic nanocomposites
The exchange of Cd2+→Н+, Cu2+→Н+ and Ca2+→Н+ on organic-inorganic exchangers based on ion exchange resin, which include native nanoparticles and nanoparticle aggregates of zirconium hydrophosphate was investigated. Found that the greatest selectivity against Cd2+ ion shows for nanocomposite which achieved the largest increase in weight during the administration of inorganic component.

Potapenko А.V., Chernukhin S.I., Romanova I.V., Kirillov S.А.
Physico-chemical and electrochemical properties of nanosized Li[Li0,033Mn1.967]O4, synthesized by a citric acid route
Phisico-chemical and electrochemical properties of the nanosized non-stoichiometric lithium-manganese spinel of the composition of Li[Li0,017Mn1,983]O4 synthesized by means of a citric acid route have been studied. A comparison of electrochemical parameters of the material obtained and a commercial sample has been performed. Great advantages of Li[Li0,017Mn1,983]O4 compared to the commercial sample have been shown, especially its prospects for the use in high-rate lithium ion batteries.

Rudenko A.S, Dzyazko Yu.S., Belyakov V.N., Tsyba N.N., Yukhin Yu.M.
Inorganic membranes modified with nanocomposites of hydrated zirconium dioxide and bismuth oxynitrate for selective extraction of ions F- from Solutions
Composite membranes containing nanocomposite of hydrated zirconium dioxide and bismuth oxynitrate, which exhibit selectivity for F- were synthesized. The results of investigation of the charge selectivity of the membrane with respect to the ions Cl- and F- with potentiometric method are present. Conditions for the synthesis of membranes with optimal kinetic parameters and selective characteristics are found.

Semchenko G.D, Borisenko O.N., Povshyk B.B..
A role of the created organo-neorganic complex is in workhardening of carbon matrix of periklazouglerodistykh refractoriess
The mechanism of creation is described workhardened the particles of carbide of silicon and shpineli of carbon matrix in periclase-carbon refractory. It is set that the increase of firmness to the action of slags takes place due to formation of dense tape on a contact periclase-carbon refractory is a slag, which does not moisten a slag.

Skogareva L.S.
Calcium Polyphosphates are a New Resorbable Materials for Bioceramics
We present the results of synthesis and investigation by methods IR spectroscopy, X-ray powder diffraction, DSC–TGA, electron microscopy of condensed calcium phosphates with a chained and circular structure with 3 PO3 groups in chain and 3, 4, or 6 PO3 groups in cycle. The use of organic matrix in the synthesis allowed us to obtain particles of different dispersion—from macro- to micro- and micro-nanocrystalline form. The compounds examined have properties potentially useful for preparation of biocomposites.

Tolstenko D.P. , Vyatkina O.V.
Сomparative analysis of ion-exchange properties of bentonites, used in
In the article the results of research of dynamics of exit from the structure of vine-making swelled and unswelled bentonite of exchange cations of Na+, Ca2+, Fe3+, are resulted in water and systems, modelated wine materials. It is rotined that alcohols and acids activate the output of exchange cations in a water phase. It is set that the concentrations of ions of Ca2+ and Fe3+, selected in terms, most close to the terms of the winemaking, are able to influence on stability of the prepared products.

Trunov A. M.
Fe4+ oxides based electrode materials for secondary electrochemical cells
Iron based electrochemical systems may be used for development of inexpensive and ecologically friendly perspective rechargeable batteries. Viability of recharging of such systems was confirmed with a set of laboratory prepared cells which utilized iron chloride based electrochemical system and anion exchange membrane. Development of Fe4+ oxide based electrochemical system (for example, BaFeO3 based) is discussed.

Fedorenko A.A, Shitmanyuk A.I., Pershina E.D., Fedorenko A.M., Kozik G.P.
Development of the device for electrolysis for the synthesis of titanium sulfate(III) in sulfuric acid solutions
The paper provides information on research and development of a series of pots in order to identify the maximum output current in the recovery of titanium ions(IV) to titanium(III) in sulfuric acid solutions. It is established that due to design changes electrolysis current efficiency increased from 51% to 85–98%.

Cherginets V.L, Rebrova T.P., Datsko Yu.N., Yavetsky R.P., Kosinov N.N., Pedash V.Yu.
The effect of Eu2+ on scintillation properties of CsI single crystals
The effect of Eu2+ doping on the shape of radioluminescence spectra and relation of scintillation pulse components of CsI single crystals is studied. The addition of 10-4 mol·kg-1 of Eu2+ in the growth melt causes the destruction of oxide-containing admixtures (carbonate) and the band with the maximum at 2.7 eV disappears from the radioluminescence spectrum. At concentrations of Eu2+ of 10- mol·kg-1 and more results in arising the band with the maximum at 2,8 eV caused both cation vacancies and 5d-4f transition in Eu2+. The modification of CsI by Eu2+ does not affect relation of the scintillation pulse components (7 і 30 ns); however it decreases the intensity of the slow component.

Chornenka N.V.
Electroplating of palladium from cis-(bis)aspartato palladium(II) complex
The new amino acid electrolyte for electro deposition of palladium from cis-(bis)aspartato palladium(II) complex has been proposed. The single-phase, fine-grained, homogeneous, light gray in color galvanic precipitations of palladium from this electrolyte on the nickel and copper substrates were obtained.