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Vol. 24 (63), № 2. 2011
Biology, chemistry


Chuyan E.N.
History of the department of physiology and animal rightsand biophysics
Article is devoted to the history of development, development of the department of human  physiology andbiophysics and animals Tauride National University. V.I Vernadsky, which in  2011 celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Temuryants N.A.
Crimean school magnetobiology
Provides information about magnetobiological studies conducted at the Department of Human  and AnimalPhysiology and Biophysics of Taurida V.I. Vernadsky National University in the last 50 years. These studiesrelate to the study of biological effects of low-intensity electromagnetic  fields and very low microwavefrequencies and biorhythm.

Ananchenko M.N. ,Chuyan E.N.
Skin microcirculation in the functional load of the subjects with different   typologicalcharacteristics under the influence of low intensity millimeter radiation
The method of laser doppler flowmetry (LDF) revealed certain differences in the mechanisms of  regulation oftissue blood flow in apparently healthy female aged 18 to 23 years, with different  микроциркуляторнымиtypes. It is shown, that in the mechanisms of the action of low-intensity  electromagnetic radiation of extremelyhigh-frequency (EMR EHF), or millimeter range (mm)  leads on microblood circulation human skin play themain role endothelium-dependent,  myogenic endothelium-independent and neurogenic components of theregulation of tissue blood  flow, but their expression depends on the typological peculiarities of themicrocirculation  processes subjects. Thus, course impact of EMR EHF leads to leveling of intergroupdifferences  and approximation values of the functional tests in subjects with hypo- and hyperemic types to  themost balanced in the functional relation normoemical, that testifies to its homeostatic action.

Andreeva N.A. ,Ostapchuk T.V. , Liskun O.V.
Antibiotic sensitivity of opportunistic pathogenic microflora of bottlenose dolphins(Tursiops  truncatus) kept in Oceanarium conditions
The results of long-term research on antibiotic sensitivity of microflora of dolphins kept in  Oceanariumconditions are given here. High sensitivity of opportunistic pathogenic  microorganisms to cyclosporines hasbeen revealed. The obtained results make it possible to  choose an optimal medicine and develop individualtactics of antibiotic therapy.

Balichiyeva D.V.
Study of protein metabolism in the body of experimental animals exposed to  physicalenvironment factors
The article presents data on the effect of vibration on protein and amino acid metabolism in the  body ofexperimental animals exposed to general vibration. Disturbances in the metabolism of  proteins and amino acidmetabolism associated with shifts in nitrogen metabolism during  exposure.

Belyaeva O.I.
Abundance and biomass of bacteria in the district of receipt of thundershower flow in aKazachya Bay (Black sea)
Data on determination of abundance and biomass of bacteria in the district of receipt of hundershower flowsin a Kazachya Bay werw cited. The off-shore area of bay of receipt was the most eutrophical. Two peaks ofabundance of bacteria are registered: maximal in spring and  less expressed - in autumn. The highest generalabundance of bacteria was observed in a winter  period at the mass accumulation of jelly-fishes Aurelia auritа.

Bugaenko L., Ivanova-Khanina L.
The grapevine morphogenesis of in vitro culture
Shown the necessity to consider a genotype and features initial buds to choose a nutrient  medium for apicalmeristems cultivation. The nutrient medium containing BAP (0,5 ml/l) and  GA (1,0 ml/l) is the optimum forcultivation grapes microsprouts. Revealed that investigated  genotypes have different reaction to concentrationIAA for stimulation rhizogenesis. Established  a high effectiveness of using the absorbent TERAWET foradaptation to in vivo conditions.

Bukova A.V.
Respiratory mechanics pecularities in aged women
Stuady of respiratory  mechanics in aged women was perfomed. Different levels in ventilatory  abilities wererevealed. Factors promoted aged changes in respiratory mechanics, which lead to high pulmonary risk weredetermined.

Volkova Y.V.
Age-specific peculiarities of the change in low-molecular antioxidant level in rat brain andliver  under conditions of immobilization stress
It has been shown that immobilization of 12- and 24-month-old rats was not accompanied by a  change in urea,uric acid and bilirubin concentrations in postmitochondrial fraction of liver. In  2-month-old rats theimmobilization was accompanied by an increase in uric acid and bilirubin  concentrations, in 1,5-month-oldrats it was accompanied by an increase in uric acid  concentration. In brain postmitochondrial fraction of 1,5-month-old rats immobilization was  accompanied by an increase in urea concentration, while a change in ureaor uric acid  concentration wasn’t characteristic for the rats of older age groups under conditions of stress.

Grabovskaya E., Nagaeva E., Nazar M.
Role of ultra-high frequency electromagnetic field (UNF EMF) in the functionalcorrection of the sympathoadrenal system and the types nonspecific adaptation reactions of theorganism in athletes
The work is devoted to the study of ultra-high frequency electromagnetic field (UNF EMF) on thedevelopment of nonspecific adaptation reactions and the content of catecholamines in erythrocytes athletes. Itis shown that under the ultra-high frequency electromagnetic field (UNF EMF) of extremely high frequencychanges the type of nonspecific adaptation reactions of the organism, changing the content of catecholaminesin erytrocytes athletes.

Grinchenko О.А., Baban V.M., Yanchuk P.I.
The influence of taurine on the ion content of gastric juice at the histaminestimulation of secretion in dogs
The influence of taurine on Na+ and K+ ion concentration in gastric juice stimulated by histamine wereinvestigated in chronic experiments on dogs with gastric fistulaes. It was shown that taurine in dose 1,4 mg/kgbody weight increased the Na+ concentration in gastric juice at the beginning of experiment at the introduced 15 minutes before histamine injection (0,05 mg/kg) and decreased the K+ concentration during the first 60minutes of experiment at the introduced both 15 minutes before and 2 hour before stimulator application.

Danilova A.O., A.V. Zaporozchenko
Study of influence of high-carbonhydrate additions on the state of rats which wasinduced by an alloxan
Influence of bioactive additions (BAA) is studied on the basic physiological and biochemical indexes of ratswith a diabetes mellitus which was induced by an alloxan. It is found out that all investigational additionsdiminish maintenance of glucose in the serum of blood of rats with alloxan diabetes, thus the prophylacticfeeding of animals by BAA allows to decrease toxic influence of alloxan. The most effective was a BAA with introduction of probiotic microorganisms, that showed up both in the insignificant increase of basale level ofglucose in the serum of blood and during realization of glucose-tolerant test.

Yolkina N.M., Konoshenko S.V., Shashua Ilias, Zhugina O.V.
The enzymatic activity of human erythrocytes under ischemic heart disease in theconditions of  oxidative stress
It has been shown that under ischemic heart disease in the conditions of oxidative stress the  activity ofenzymes in erythrocytes that catalising “trigger” reactions of glycolysis and pentose  phosphate pathway isrised. At the same time the activity of glutathionereductase is rised also.  The changes of activity of someenzymes in erythrocytes may have the compensatoric  significance.

Ibragimova E.E., Bandak I.V., Drozd A.S.
Fluctuating asymmetry leaves Morus alba L. as bioindicators of aerotechnogenicpollution         urboecosystems
The article deals with the estimate of stability changes in the development of Morus alba L. in   biotopes withdifferent level of technogenic work. It was determined that the deterioration of the urbanized environmentecological not condition causes the decrease of stability in development of Morus alba L. and can testify theirtolerance to aerotechnogenic pollution.

Karpenko N.O., Smolenko N.P.
The level of anxiety of adult rats were stressed and feed substances with estrogenicproperty at   early postnatal period
The level of anxiety of adult rats which were exposed to maternal separation stress or abundance of substanceswith estrogenic property during suckling has been examined. The imprinting anxiety-depressing events hadbeen found out in adult males from the Stress group. The weakening of this anxiogenic effect of stress isobserved at males were exposed to both stress and substances with estrogenic property. The manipulationsduring suckling have not influence on the behaviour of adult females.

Katsev A.M., Kuruanov V.O., Chupakhina T.A., Chirva V.Ya.
Structure-activity relationship for aryl-O-β-D-glucosaminides studied by luminescentbacteria biotesting
The biological action of new derivatives of aryl-O-β-D-glucosaminides is studied by luminescent bacteria biotesting. It is shown that inhibition effect of bacterial luminescence is related to the certain functional groups, and depends on lipophilicity of substances. The QSAR-models of dependence between biological effect and ClogP values are present.

Kirillova A.V., Panova S.A., Lesova L.D.
Comparative estimation of influence of essential oils on психофизиологический statusof man
The actions of essential oils of lavender, clary, pine-tree and lemon are investigational. The changes of indexes of basic rhythms are shown EEG and the психофизиологического state of man at the action of essential oils.

Kobylnik S.N, Kulibaba E.V., Yanchukova A.A., Petrov S.A.
Activity multienzyme piruvatdegidrogenase and α-ketoglutaratedehydrogenasecomplexes under  the condition of transplantation of embryonic muscle
Allotransplantation leads to increase activity of α-ketoglutaratedehydrogenase, pyruvat dehydrogenase and theoxidation of endogenous substrates in the ventral and in the skeletal muscle.

Konareva I.N.
Peculiarities of cardiointervalographic induces in persons with behavioral types of A and B
We measured individual induces of the heart rate variability in representatives of different types of personality classified according to the Jenkins questionnaire. A coronary-prone type A is characterized in the terms of cardiointervalography based on the statistical criteria. Statistical and spectral specificities of cardiointervalograms typical of individuals with the personality types A and B have been demonstrated. As was found, distributions of the values of the stress index (by Bayevskii) within the above types are heterogeneous (bimodal).

Kostyuk A.S.
Nociception of snails Helix albescens in shielding in copper shield
The influence of an electromagnetic shield, made of the textolite, which weakens the electric field and radio frequency alternating magnetic field, the parameters of nociception mollusc Helix albescens. It was found that changes in nociception are phase character: I stage – an increase of nociceptive sensitivity to 6.42% (hyperalgesia), II phase - the development of antinociceptive effect (decrease in nociceptive sensitivity to 5,90%, III phase stabilization of parameters of nociception at baseline data . It is shown that the presence of snails in the copper shield is a tendency to change the parameters infradian rhythmicity of nociception.

Krestyanishin I.A.
Study of the soil structure in forest cultures ofPinus sylvestris yayla
In this paper, bringing the results of investigation of the structure of forest soil in cultural tours of Pinus sylvestris jajle. The characteristic differences in their structure, due to the fullness of forest crops, and also given a comparison with open areas jajly.

Manushkina T.N., Bugaenko L.A.
Thermotherapy in vitro of plants Lavandula angustifolia Mill.
The comparative study of efficiency of technique of improvement thermotherapy in vitro for clearing plants of lavender of the Impatiens necrotic spot virus (INSV) is conducted.

Markina I.V.
Physical development and biopower descriptions of organism of girls with diffuse muscular gipotoni
It is rotined on the basis of the conducted researches, that girls with a diffuse hypomyotonia behave to mikrosomatical and mikromezosomatical somatotips and characterized the slow rates of physical development. The offered program of physical exercises is instrumental in substantial growth of functional backlogs of optimization of power exchange.

Mininа E.N.
The autonomic regulation of cardiac rhythm in female students with insufficient physical activity at different incentive effects
In the group with reduced functional reserves and low levels of physical health correction mechanisms of the vegetative regulation in the face of their optimization as is possible under the influence of a combination of physical exercise and essential oils, as well as with the independent use only essential oils. In the last more than adequate regulation of the adaptation processes is not due to the accumulation of functional reserves, and as a result of the adaptation voltage.

Narmanskiy V.Y.
Dynamics of vectors of planetary speeds and processes in biosphere
Article is devoted to the theory and practical application of new cosmophysical index. As against an astrology and mountain heomechanics where dynamics are considered in geocentric to system of coordinates, a basis of an index became vectors of speed of the planets, considered in heliocentric system of coordinates. The index, called "heliomechanics" (HM) calculated a computer program was written based on the DE200 ephemeris, and is used as a tool for research and prediction of biological, medical, social, economic and other time series. It is shown that biological processes have a significant correlation with the dynamics of the velocity vectors of the planets. It is suggested that the speed of the planets is synchronizing and synchronized rhythms of the biosphere.

Popolitov R.A., Konovalchuk V.N., Arkhangelskaya E.V., Chenchik J.S.
Trial of rideterapy as a means of functional brain activity of children suffering from CP
In this study the effect rideterapy on bioelectric activity of the brain of children 8-10 years old suffering from cerebral palsy. Shown that after raytterapiyi course, in children who have it, make significant positive changes in EEG parameters in comparative analysis with data of control group children.These changes are expressed in the improvement of fine motor skills of upper extremities, which was proved by Pearson correlation analysis.

Pishkin V., Visockaya N.
Ecological- geograpic review of Orthoptera (Insecta, Orthoptera) of Crimea
Created within the framework of the program Criminsecta database on taksonomii, allowed ecology and chorology of Orthoptera insects of Crimea to select the entomological complexes of fiziko-geographical provinces and areas of peninsula, study their structure and forming features.

Rusev I.T., Zacusilo V.N., Vinnik V.D.
Complex of fauna of mosquitoes in urban biocenosis and they role in circulation of west nile virus
The article is devoted to the 13 species of mosquitoes, living in open urban biotopes in Odessa. Among all mosquitoes was found 2 dominant species - Aedes caspius и Culex pipiens. Species with low occurring was Aedes vexans, Mansonia richiardii, Anopheles maculipennis and Culex modestus. Species with rare occurring was Uranotaenia unguiculata and Anopheles hyrcanus. In underground and free rooms on the steps place of the building 3 species of mosquitoes was found - Culex pipiens L., Culiseta annulata Schrk. и Uranotaenia unguiculata Edw. Culex pipiens L., Culiseta annulata Schrk. и Uranotaenia unguiculata Edw. Buildings with antisanitary conditions and wet undergrounds there are suitable biotops for mosquitoes and they breading round all year. For the bites they are use human, rats and pigeons. Firstly in Ukraine in  urban areas was found ecological type of Culex pipiens – C.p. pipiens f. molestus as vector of West Nile fever virus.

Semenova O.O.
Study of cadmium accumulation in tissues of Black Sea mussel at the different ways of organism entering
The compare of cadmium accumulation to the Black Sea mussels organisms depending on the way . - of intake (with food and from water environment) have been done. The main quantity of this heavy metal were accumulated in the leg and branchiae of mussel in condition of soluble state as opposed to the condition of nutritional intake. The characteristics of cadmium accumulation and his content in the tissues practically did not depend on the source of his entering organism of shellfish. In the condition of nutritional intake cadmium was accumulated in the tissues of branchiae. There were no effect of cadmium satiation in the tissues of hepatopancreas and leg of mussels.

Smyrnova L.L., Babeech I.I., Anninsckaja S.N.
Species composition and distribution of algae in the pools with marine mammals
A comparative study of species and quantitative compositions of dominant species and genera of algae growing in natural and chlorinated seawater in pools with bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncates ponticus Barabash 1940) was conducted. The seasonal dynamics of bacterial-algal microfouling biomass developed on the walls of the pool with dolphins in natural seawater shows.

Sobko V.M., Martynyuk V.S., Shevchenko V.B., Protopopov M.V.
Effect of electromagnetic field with 8 hz frequency on тhymocytes nucleuses injury caused by nanostructured silicon and hydrogen peroxide
Electromagnetic fields of low frequency are known to modulate cells functioning both in physiological and pathological conditions, on what their effective application in medicine is based. Using the reliable and sensitive method of comet assay the nucleuses DNA damages were studied in the suspension of isolated rat thymocytes after three hour incubation with nanostructured silicon, hydrogen peroxide and exposure to electromagnetic fields, considering both  individual and combined effects. After the comet assay analysis we confirmed the results of previous research that indicated the DNA damages in cells after combined influence of nanostructured silicon, 0.1 mM hydrogen peroxide and electromagnetic fields. It was found that the exposure of the suspension of thymocytes to electromagnetic fields with frequency of 8 Hz combined with the action of hydrogen peroxide and nanostructured silicon in the presence of light leaded to the increased number of DNA breaks in nucleuses that might be due to a protective response to peroxide damage.

Temuryants N.A., Martynyuk V.S., Yarmolyuk N.S., Shehotkin A.V.
The effect of weak electromagnetic factors in ultradian rhythms of locomotor activity of planarians Dugesia tigrina
Revealed ultradian rhythms speed planarian Dugesia tigrina. In a weak electromagnetic shielding, the action of weak alternating magnetic fields of extremely low frequency of observed changes, reflected in pronounced modifications of the power spectra, phase shift and amplitude of the selected periods. At first, seventh and 14th day of exposure to electromagnetic factors, these changes are expressed in different ways. Maximum changes occurred on the first day of observation, and further periods of ultradian rhythm to normal.

Tepltitskaya L., Zayatc A., Yurkova I., Sidyakin A.
Growth characteristics of callus cultures Clematis vitalba on cultures media containing selenium and manganese.
The growth characteristics of callus cultures of Clematis vitalba on the modified solid media of Gamborg and Eveleg supplemented with manganese were under study. It was established that the growth index depends on the concentration of manganese in the solid media. The maximum growth index (13.52) was observed on the solid media containing 10 mg Mn / dm3.

Tepltitskaya L., Yurkova I.,. Sidyakin A., Zhupanov I.
Receipt of callus cultures of M. officinalis and them cytomorphological features.
The features of  callus induction in the culture of vegetative and generative organs of Melilotus officinalis were investigate .Modifications of nutrient soil of Murashige and Skoog (MS) for callus induction were chosen. Cytomorphological analysis of transplanted callus cultures was carry out. Its morphogenetical potential low was exhibit.

Ustjansky O.V., Bokal I.I., Shvartcova O.V., Petrov S.A.
Cathepsin L Activity Adjusting by Thiaminum and Its Derivatives
In the article the influence of Thiaminum and some its metabolites on the activity of the cleared preparation of cathepsin L are studied. It is determined that free Thiaminum and thiochrome can serve as effectors for the cathepsin L by the specific joibing to it on a thioldisulfide mechanism, that results in activation of enzyme.

Fokina Iu.O., Kochuhova O.M., Timush I.Ya., Vistman E.S., PavlenkoV.B.
The dynamics of orphans physical development under 24 months of age
Institution-reared children have physical growth delays (weight, height and head circumference) comparatively with normative anthropometric data. Physical growth delay of institution-reared children directly relates with birth physical growth delay and child’s age when he/she entered at the institution. The later children enter at the institution, the more delay they have.

Cheretayev I.V., Husainov D.R., Korenjuk I.I., Katjushina O.V.,Gamma T.V.
Influence salicylic acid and their salts on impulsive activity neurons of snail аt the blockage a calcium system
The article is about results of researches of neurotropic effects of acetylsalicylic acid and acetylsalicylates cobalt and zinc It was made attempt to find their mechanisms from a state of calcium system snail`s neurons. On experiments with blockade of an entering calcium current by cadmium chloride and with the blockade of an entering calcium current and allocation of calcium from intracellular depot of barium chloride it is shown that extracellular and intracellular ions of calcium do not participate in neurotropic effects of acetylsalicylic acid and its salts.

Chmeleva S.I., Branovitskay T.Y., Panov D.A., Omelchenko A.V., Bugara I.A.
Callus cultures Fatshedera lizei - producers of triterpene glycosides
The features of the induction of callus induction in the culture of the vegetative organs Fatshedera lizei. Podobranny modification of culture media Murashige and Skoog medium for callus induction. Passiruemy callus has a high level of morphological heterogeneity. Experimental evidence of the presence of callus cultures of different fractions of triterpene glycosides similar to intact plants.

Chuyan E.N., Nіkіforov І.R.
Anti-inflammatory activity of salicylic and acetylsalicylic acids and its salts
Changes of heart rate variability during the 30-minute recovery period after submaximal exercise in subjects under the influence of low-intensity electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequency (EMR EHF). It is shown that the preventive effect of a ten EMR EHF has a marked antistress action in response to submaximal exercise, as well as to increase the speed of recovery.

Jakovchuk T.V., Katjushina O.V., Husainov D.R., Korenjuk I.I., Gamma T.V., Cheretayev  I.V., Kolotilova O.I.
Anti-inflammatory activity of salicylic and acetylsalicylic acids and its salts
In job with the "formalin test" are showed the presence of anti-inflammatory activity acetylsalicylates of cobalt (ASA) and zinc (ASC) and salicylates of cobalt (SK) and zinc (SZ). In this case, ASC was more effective anti-inflammatory agent than aspirin, that is a reference anti-inflammatory drug.


Baevsky A.M., Tsykalov V.V., Baevsky M.Y., Shelud'ko A.B.
Boric acid-s in reactions of condensation of carboxylic acids of o-phenilendiamine
The reaction of condensation of carboxylic acids with aromatic amines in the presence of boric acid is studied. The high efficiency metaboric acid as condensing agent. Synthesized a wide range of derivatives of benzimidazole and 2-aminoalkilbenzimidazoles. The structure of the synthesized compounds was confirmed by NMR spectroscopy.

Valiev E.V., Sheikh-Zade M.I.
Estimation of cis- trans- transition energy in 2-nitrophenol
IR spectra of 2-nitrophenol and and H-complexes of 2-nitrophenol with proton acceptor in CCl4 solutions in the region of valence vibrations of OH- and NO2- groups in the temperature range 22-72°C have been received. The changes of enthalpy under the formation of H-complexes with intermolecular hydrogen bond in the trans- form of 2-nitrophenol, the changes of enthalpy in the transforming from the cis- forms of 2- nitrophenol to the H-complex with intermolecular hydrogen bond have been received. The estimation of cis- trans- transition energy in 2-nitrophenol has been made.

Gusev A.N., Shul’gin V.F., Postnikova O.N., Krivorutchenko Y.L.
5-(2'-Hydroxyphenyl)-2-(2'-pyridyl)-7,8-benzo-6,5-dihydro-1,3,6-triazaindolizines and coordination compounds based on it: synthesis and antifungal activity
5-(2'-Hydroxyphenyl)-2-(2'-pyridyle)-7,8-benzo-6,5-dihydro-1,3,6-triazaindolizines and zinc coordination compounds based on it were obtained. The structure was determined by IR and NMR spectroscopy methods. Antifungal activity was investigated.

Kryvov'yaz A.O., Lendel V.G.
Synthesis of derivatives pyrimidine and prediction their biological activity
On the basis of the method obtained amide derivatives of pyrimidine. Carried out further functionalization received initial pyrimidine systems to the synthesis of 1,3,4-oxadiazole derivatives. All final products subjected to computer prediction of biological activity spectra and checked for criterion Lipinski. Identified compounds leaders.

Kropotov V.A.
Comparative characteristics of some methods for the reproducibility estimation of sedimetric titration curve parameters
The paper deals with the comparison of four methods of reproducibility estimation of sedimetric titration curve parameters (the repeated titration method, the sum of squares of deviations and two methods according to "the law of distribution of errors"). It is established that all methods as a whole give reproducibility estimations of a titration curve parameters correlating well in the majority of titrations. At unique titration generally the methods based on "the law of distribution of errors" have advantage.

Kulalayevа N.V.
Determination the properties of "organized media" during the research of the “polyelectrolyte–water” system
By the methods of ionometry, viscosimetry, spektrofotometry the properties of "organized media", which is formed by cationic polyelectrolyte VPK-402 in water solution and the impact of nature media, ionic strength of solutions, type of a base electrolyte, temperature on it have been researched. It has been shown that inorganic electrolytes, organic bipolar solvent, which does hydrophilization of the polyelectrolyte macromolecules, exercise a significant influence on its behavior in a soluble. An effect that mentioned factors have on a process of connecting polycation by anionic dyes with their quantifications in the "polyelectrolyte– water» system has been researched.

Poddubov A.I., Tsikalov V.V., Baevsky M.U.
Synthesis of derivatives of 1-alkil-2-aminoalkilbenzimidazola
A new scheme of synthesis of obtaining derivatives of 1-alkyl-2-aminoalkyl-benzimidazoles is develop. This scheme is based on nucleophilic substitution of halogen in the o-benzene at nitrogalogen derivatives aminoalkyl radical. After that, the synthesized compound regains hydrazine to the corresponding N-alkyl-o- phenylenediamine and condensed by Phillips with a number of amino acids. The structure of the synthesized compounds were confirmed by NMR spectroscopy.

Tolkachova N.V., Zaytsev G.P., Kachala V.V., Grishkovets V.I., Chirva V.Ya.
Structure of basic steroidal glycoside of raseme of Allium cyrilіlii (Alliaceae)
As the result of the research of steroidal glycosides of raseme of Allium cyrilіlii Ten. The main spirostanol saponin has been obtained. With the help chemical and spectral methods the structure of the given compound has been determined. It is 3-О-β-D-xylopyranosyl-(1→3)-[О-β-D-glucopyranosyl-(1→2)]-О-β-D- glucopyranosyl-(1→4)-О-β-D-galactopyranoside-(25R)-5α-spirostan-2α,3β,6β-triol.

Chupakhina T.A., Goncharenko U.N., Kuryanov V.O., Astrakhantseva A.A.
Features of the phase transfer glycosilation of salicylic acid
In the phase transfer system "solid potassium carbonate–acetonitrile" in presence of catalytic amounts of 15- crown-5 reaction of peracetate α-D-glucosaminilchloride with salicylic acid was studied. Conditions for obtaining mono-and bis-carbohydrate derivatives of salicylic acid whose structure was proved by 1H NMR spectroscopy were proved.

Shulygin V.F., Abkhairova S.V., Konnic O.V., Rusanov E.B., Alexandrov G.G., Eremenko I.L.
Crystal structure of the anionic complexes of europium with 3-methyl-1-phenyl-4- formylpirazolon-5
The coordination compounds [Na(H2O)2][EuL4] and [NBu4][EuL4] (HL = 3-methyl-1-phenyl-4- formylpirazolon-5) were synthesized and investigated by X-Ray analysis method. This is found that anionic complexes have a square antiprismatic geometry and contains four residues of pirazolone.

Yakovishin L.A., Grishkovets V.I., Belash D.Yu., Yarovoy I.R.
Supramolecular complexes of the triterpene glycosides with sildenafil citrate: formation in aqueous-alcoholic solutions and biological activity
Using a method UV-spectroscopy, the molecular complexation of sildenafil citrate with hederagenin 3-O-α-L- rhamnopyranosyl-(1→2)-O-α-L-arabinopyranoside (α-hederin) and its 28-О-α-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1→4)-О- β-D-glucopyranosyl-(1→6)-О-β-D-glucopyranosyl ester (hederasaponin C) in aqueous-alcoholic solutions was for the first time investigated. It was found that the glycosides form complexes with sildenafil citrate in the 1:1 molar ratio. Comparative study of influence of glycosides and complexes on seeds germination Avena sativa L. has been made.