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Vol. 24 (63), № 1. 2011
Biology, chemistry


Bednarskaya E.V.
The main biotic relations and localization in microstatons of prostigmatic predatory mites in carst cavities of Mountain Crimea
Information about confinement of prostigmatic predatory mites to different microstatons in the caves, classification of species according to their localization in microstatons is given in the article. The main biotic relations between prostigmatic predatory mites and invertebrate cave fauna are considered. The most common biotic relations between species include: predation, competition, neutralizm. Within the studied group the most common are competitive relations, analyses the reasons of interspecific competition within the studied group.

Bogatina N.I., Sheykina N.V.
Influence of electric fields on plant
Provides an overview of published data on the effect of electric fields on plants.

Grabovskaya E.U., Zinyuk E.A.  
Effectiveness of art therapy in the complex rehabilitation of patients with ischemic stroke
The effect of comprehensive rehabilitation of the change of hemodynamic parameters, the state motor function of upper limbs, the mental status of patients with ischemic stroke. It is shown that the inclusion of the rehabilitation program elements of art therapy leads to more effective restoration of fine motor skills, improve mental status of post-stroke patients.

Zaporozhets O.P.
Psychophysiological aspects of adaption of junior school gymnasts to educational loads
This article presents the analysis of psychophysiological characteristics of junior schoolchildren going in for gymnastics. How it has been established, the functional state level of central nervous system of children going in for sport is in keeping with limits of age norms. Theese children showed the reliable improving of the response precision on moving objects, memory and attention parameters and also higher successfulness of studies compared with their contemporaries in the control group. Also it has been showed, the sports studies improve an adaptation level of junior schoolchildren to educational loads.

Ibragimova E.E.
Lichen indication of aerotechnogenic urboecosystem pollution degree in the example of Xanthoria parietina (L.) Belt
There given a comparative analysis of Xanthoria parietina (L.) Belt. population at different levels of aerotechnogenic pollution. In the highway area there was found the worsening living conditions of thallus of X.parietina, manifested in the reduction of a projective cover and reducing of the size of thallus with the increasing of the degree of their damage.

Ivanenko M.O., Klimova О.М., Kuzmenko О.V.
Scientific outlook formation in childhood and adolescent years
The article is devoted to the outstanding scientist, Nobel Prize laureate, I.I. Mechnikov, whose works laid the foundation for natural science. The stages of scientific outlook formation in childhood and adolescent years and the unknown facts of I.I.Mechnikov's life and scientific work are covered in this article.

Klimenko G.О., Belan S.S., Zlobin Yu.A.
The ways of improving protection of rare plant species in Ukraine
We analyzed the main problems of the study and protection of rare plant species. The main directions in the conservation of plant species that need of protection are regarded. A critical assessment of a Red Book and the criteria for making plants in the Red Lists of different levels of protection are conducted. The criteria of assessment of individuals and populations of rare plant species, taking into account the need to use nondestructive morphometry. The basic categories of populations of rare species on the degree of resistance are dedicated. The sources of risks for species that need protection and general conclusions on the mechanisms of biodiversity loss and extinction of rare species are considered.

Koval S.J., Hhomyakova O.V., Chornaya V.N.
Electromyography methods’ application for physical exercises alternatives efficiency’s estimation in rehabilitation of patients with traumatic sickness of spinal
The results of investigations of electromyography methods’ application for physical exercises alternatives efficiency’s estimation in rehabilitation of patients with traumatic sickness of spinal cord were discussed.The methods of higher physical activity is the more effective in the influence on patients with traumatic sickness of spinal cord.

Konareva I.N.
Cardiointervalographic indices in persons with different levels of aggressiveness
In a group included of 120 healthy subjects, we measured the cardiointervalographic indices in the resting state (sitting position) and after standing in a vertical position. These indices were correlated with the estimates of different aspects of aggressiveness diagnosed using the questionnaires. Subjects with high levels of aggressiveness were, in general, characterized by the relative prevalence of influences coming from the central contour of regulation of the cardiorhythm and sympathetic mechanisms and weakening of the parasympathetic effects on the heart rhythm. The data obtained allow us to conclude the mechanisms controlling the heart activity work under strain in subjects with high estimates of aggressiveness; thus, the adaptation capabilities of the cardiovascular system are, to a certain extent, limited in this contingent.

Korovyakova T.А.
Feature production process and growth meadow forbs on haymakings and pastures of Psel’s a flood plain
In article results of researches production process and growth of three species meadow forbs: Achillea millefolium L., Prunella vulgaris L. and Carum carvi L. are submitted. Dynamics of key parameters growth these species is resulted. Thresholds of firmness populations and optimum conditions growth the investigated species are established. The revealed laws can be used for definition of optimum modes using by natura fodder grounds.

Krizhko A.V., Kusnezova L.N.
The influence of Bacillus thuringiensis on the quantity of the phylloplana epiphytic microflorae and its fungustatic action against the activators of illnesses in the potato agrocenosis
The exzotoxin containing enthomopathogenic strain B. thuringiensis 994, in first two days after processing the potato plants with the biodisinfestant, promotes the decreasing a number of ammonificators, fungus and streptomices. The β-ekzotoksin not containing strain B. thuringiensis 787, for the second days leads to inhibition the fungus growth. However, in 7 days after processing were observed the full disappearance of biodisinfestants influence, that was expressed in restoration of phylloplana microbiota. Chemical disinfestant Calipso, for all period of researches, causes the inhibition the streptomices growth. The strain B. thuringiensis 994 and 787, showed the antagonism to phytopathogenic fungus Fusarium oxysporum and Alternaria solani. In comparison with Calipso, it is the most active on phytopathogenic fungus influences was the strain B. thuringiensis 994, which producing the thermostable β-ekzotoksin.

 Krokhmal I.I.
Anatomical and morphological features of Campanula L. species leaves introduced in south-east of Ukraine
The anatomical and morphological features of the leaf were studied in the Campanula L. species introduced in south-east of Ukraine. It was found out that the species of the genus Campanula are characterized by appearance of the various anatomical adaptation features to the rigid natural and climatic conditions of the region of introduction.

Kusmenko E.V.
Modern approaches to definition of group and individual radio sensitivity of the organism modern approaches to definition of group and individual radio sensitivity of the organism
Data about modern approaches of an estimation of group and individual radio sensitivity of organisms are presented. Mechanisms of individual reactions of an organism in reply to damaging action of radiation and the integrated answer кроветворной and immune systems are discussed. Are considered various methodological approaches to an estimation of individual radio sensitivity of organisms.

Nikolenko O.V., Syshko D.V.
Using of medical massage and medical physical training in rehabilitation of a functional condition of a backbone at sick of an osteochondrosis
As a result of massage and physical exercises application in complex rehabilitation of patients with cervical osteochondrosis was noted positive action on the cerebral haemodynamics, resulted in increase systolic inflow of blood due to decrease in a tone of cerebral vessels, ivflow speed of arteries in vertebrobasillar pool, and also of venous outflow improvement.

Nikolskaya V.A.
Changes of biochemical indexes of serum blood of laboratory rats at influence of experimental hyperinsulinemia
In experimental hyperinsulinemia observed elevated levels of molecules of average weight in the serum of laboratory rats. By the methods for determining the oxidative modification of proteins, peroxide activation processes in blood serum with the formation of aldehydic and ketonic product of neutral and basic character are installed. Relief of hyperinsulinemia by glucose can reduce rates of oxidized products.

Oberemok V.V., Zaytsev A.S., Simchuk A.P.
DNA insecticides versus dna stimulators: every drug is a poison, every poison is a drug
The basic idea of our work is that exogenous DNA fragments, which coincide with sequence of DNA of the testing cell, should influence its biochemical reactions because they bear some of the information about management of the cell. We used two short single strand fragments of Lymantria dispar multiple nucleocapsid polyhedrosis virus iap3 gene as testing DNA fragments and Drosophila melanogaster larvae as a model object for the experiments. We have found that the same DNA fragments may act as DNA insecticides (χ2 = 4,87; d f. = 1; P < 0,05) in 100 pmol/mcl concentration and as DNA stimulators (χ2 = 7,99; d. f. = 1; P < 0,01) in 20 pmol/mcl concentration, decreasing mortality of the insect,. In our opinion, the DNA fragments showed insecticidal activity due to mechanisms similar to DNA and RNA interference. These mechanisms are based on blocking of target genes that coincide by sequence with the used DNA and RNA fragments. In our case, mortality increased probably due to activation of cell apoptosis. Using the virus DNA fragments as specific primers for PCR, we have found that there are many target areas in the Drosophila melanogaster’s genome that are similar to them. The nature of acting DNA fragments as DNA stimulators is unknown and requires further investigation. The data obtained may serve as a base for creation of DNA insecticides against agricultural and forest pests, and DNA drugs

Orlova L.D., Fedorko N.L., Petrov S.A.
Activity trypsyne-like proteinases of snakes
The presence of trypsyne-like proteinase was first detected in preparations made from serpent’s organism. It is ascertained that the examined preparations are characterized with the varions proteolytic activity of those ensymes. The most activity of trypsyne-like proteinase is detected by preparation from Vipera ursini.

Ostroglyad A.N.
Morphological indicators of honeybee after a double replacement of the queens in the uncontrolled reproduction
The article explores the implications of translating the apiary on thoroughbred breeding by double replacement of he queens. The effectiveness of this method in the absence of crossbreeding control is studied.

Sukharev Yu.S.
Metod of producing conjugate enterotoxins Escherichia coli
The method of two-stage glutaraldegid conjugation of enterotoxins of Escherichia coli is worked out. Got conjugate possessed immunogenic properties and induced the synthesis of bispecificity of antitoxic antibodies to the enterotoxins of E.coli. The use of method gives an opportunity substantially to shorten business hours busy at corresponding operations; to minimize the number of procedures, increase specificity, decrease labour intensiveness and use of expensive equipment and reagents, and can be recommended for creation of immunizing and diagnostic preparations against toxigenic E.coli.

Emirova D.E. Balichiyeva D.V.
Biotesting acute toxicity of DNOC on earthworms
The article presents the results of research of acute toxicity of DNOC on earthworms. It is proved that the dose of 2–8 g/l does not possess acute toxic effects. The dose of 16 g/l has acute toxic effect which occurs in 75 % of animal death.

Yarmolyuk N.S., Shehotkin A.V.
Effect of weak alternating magnetic field ultralow frequencies speed on the dynamics of intact and regenerating planarian Dugesia tigrina
It was found that the dynamics of diabetes in intact and regenerating planarians during the 15-day observation is the opposite. The effect of weak electromagnetic factors do not cause changes in the SD in intact animals. DM regenerating planarians increases under the action of ULF VMF and EME. ULF VMF, while limiting stimulation DM regenerating planarians screening.


Aleksashkin I.V., Pershina E.D.
The use of magnetite for oily wastewater
An example of the use of magnetite in the process of cleaning the environment from petroleum products. The optimal ratio of magnetite: slime to achieve the maximum degree of purification. The synthesis of magnetite with high magnetization.

Aristova. N.I., Panova E.P. ,Chirva V.Ya.
Determination of succinic acid in wine by the chromatography methods
The results of succinic acid mass concentration determination in wines by the methods of ionic and highefficiency liquid chromatography are presented. High determination efficiency of acids by these methods and their relative simplicity are shown.

Boruk S.D.
Production of water–coal fuel from the brown coal
An influence of the modifying agent nature on rheological characteristics, sedimentation and aggregation stability of the highly concentrated water-coal suspensions based on the brown coal has been investigated. A technological scheme of the water-coal fuel production through the brown coal modification has been proposed. Such water-coal fuel can be used as an energy carrier.

Vyatkina O.V., Lavrentieva I.V., Ermakova M.O.
Catalitic activity of peroxidase of a black radish with inorganic substrate S2O32-
The article presents the results of studies confirming the catalytic effect of black radish peroxidase in the system with hydrogen peroxide and sodium thiosulphate. The effective kinetic parameters of the process being studied and the medium molar activity of the enzyme with thiosulphate ion were determined. Optimum concentration of substrate-oxidant and substrate-reductant and the temperature interval were established, allowing to reach maximum oxidation efficiency of the studied substrate.

Zhuravlyova K.S., Kokhanenko E.V., Pershina K.D.
Factors affecting the conductivity in the clay-water system
In studying the electrochemical properties of dilute suspensions of natural and modified bentonites correlation between protons and hydroxyl ions transfer numbers, nature of the electrode and anions influence was found. The role of alumosilicate in the increased mobility of the proton compared to water was determined. The effect of increasing the numbers of proton transfer in suspensions of natural and modified bentonites was experimentally observed. The formation of the protonic suspension electrode was fixed.

Korzh E.N., Polyanichev D.V., Ivanchihina O.P., Yakovishin L.A., Pakhomov V.I.
Properties of soap bubbles and laws of the use of its formation in the study of biological objects
Theoretically and experimentally demonstrated the possibility of using patterns of soap bubble formation as a model complex cell membranes of animals and plants. The effect of concentration of aqueous solutions of detergent Test on the formation of a thin liquid tape of soap bubble. It was measured surface tension, calculated surface activity and adsorption at the solution-air solutions with different concentrations of surfactants.

Lushik A.A., Kuryanov V.O.
Studying of interphase reaction of phenol glycosilation by α-D-glucosaminilchloride with polietilenglykol catalysis
In the phase transfer system "solid calium carbonate–acetonitrile", peracetate α-D-glucosaminylchloride glycosilate phenol catalyzed PEG. It was set that the best yield of O-phenilglycosides arrived at in case of glycosilation of 3-multiple molar excess of phenol, at 4,5-multiple molar excess of the dry base, 10% (mol.) PEG and in dry acetonitrile.

Fedorenko A.M., Krimova V.V., Fedorenko A.A., Govorov E.I., Asanova Z.D.
Determination of spectrophotometry of titan(III) is in technological sulphuric acid solutions
Express-methodology of selective control of concentration of ions Ti3+ is worked out by a spectrophotometry method. An optical device-analyzer by means of which it is possible to carry out determination of concentration of Ti3+ in sulphuric acid solutions by a noncontact method is made and tested. Found functional dependence of testimonies of optical analyzer from the concentration of Ti3+.

Shul'gin V.F., Bekirova Z.Z., Konnic O.V., Aleksandrov G.G. Eremenko, I.L.
Molecular structure of the lanthanum complex with 3-methyl-1-phenyl-4-formylpirazolon-5 succinylbishydrazone
The synthesis and the molecular structure of the lanthanum complex with 1-phenyl-3-methyl-4- formylpirazolon-5 succinylbishydrazone were described.

Shul'gin V.F., Pevzner N.S., Konshina O.I., Konnic O.V., Aleksandrov G.G., Eremenko I.L.
Synthesis and structure investigation of the cobalt(II) and copper(II) complexes with 3- methyl-1-phenyl-4-formylpirazolоn-5
The synthesis and the results of molecular investigation of the cobalt(II) and copper(II) complexes with 3- methyl-1-phenyl-4-formylpirazolon-5 were discribed.