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Vol. 23 (62), № 3, 2010
Biology, chemistry


Alieva T.A., Pavlenko V.B.
Age-related changes in child electroencephalografy and event-related potentials
The article summarizes literature data about changes in the electrical activity of the brain of children. Presented facts argue that the pattern of the electroencephalogram and spatio-temporal characteristics of evoked potentials undergo changes with age.

Balichieva D.V.
Features of biological action of vibration on some hemato-immunological parameters of experimental animals bodies
In the article the information about the impact of the vibration on integral indicators of the experimental animals organism is presented. The negative influence on hemato-immunological parameters is established in process of increase of vibrating influence.

Baraban Yu.A., Evstafjeva I.A., Evstafjeva E.V.
Associations between the parameters of central nervous and cardiovascular systems and arsenic content in 13-15 year old teenagers
Effects of low-level arsenic exposure on central nervous and cardiovascular systems were examined in 13-14 year old (n=30) and 14-15 year old (n=25) teenagers. Hair arsenic content in all examined was within normal limits (X-ray spectrophotometry). Correlations were determined between the arsenic content and spectral power of high-frequency EEG rhythms, EEG-potentials and parameters of the rheography (0,32<rs <0,50; 0,005<р<0,09). Neurophysiologic and cardiodynamic arsenic effects were more significant in 13-14 year old teenagers.

Biryukova E.A., Chuyan E.N.
Heart rate variability in subjects with different types vegetative regulation under the influence of controlled respiration with individually selected frequency (Part I)
The article presents a complex study of heart rate variability (HRV) in subjects with different types of vegetative regulation under the influence of controlled breathing (CB) with individually selected frequency. The study found that the CB, the frequency of which corresponds to the maximum peak power at low frequencies, the spectrum of cardiac rhythm is a powerful way to control heart rhythm, and functional status (FS), cardio-respiratory system of subjects with different types of autonomic regulation, as evidenced by optimization of HRV, increased tolerance of the cardiovascular system to submaximal exercise and increase the synchronization of cardiac and respiratory rhythms.

Bukov Yu.A., Markina I.V.
Vegetative balance and haemodynamic efficiency for children with a diffuse hypomyotonia
Significant changes in cardiohaemodynamic homeostasis were revealed in children with diffuse muscular hypotonia. Both special physical exercises and movement regimens lead to rise of the circulatory functional reserves and autonomic supply of the heart activity.

Bukov Yu.A., Mininа E.N.
Possibilities of girls’ functional state correction with using of "Рolyol" composite odorant
Changes of a kardio-respiratory homeostasis are the limiting factor of adaptive possibilities of an organism. The prolonged influence of a composite odorant of "Poliol" provides optimization of vegetative balance, perfection of mechanisms of adaptation.

Verko N.P., Litvinenko A.V., Verba I.N., Shyshko E.Yu.
The dispersive analysis of indicators of heart rate variability conditions under the influence of controlled breath with individually fitted frequency
Quite high frequency of human papillomavirus in clinical samples – 30% of clinical specimens had positive  PCR result. The greatest frequency of genotypes were 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 52, 58, 59, 67, a relatively low  frequency of occurrence reported for type 16. The frequency of different genotypes of human papillomavirus  infection depends on age and blood group of patients.

Verko N.P., Litvinenko A.V., Verba I.N., Shyshko E.Yu.
Application of polymerase chain reaction to assess the prevalence of diseases, acquired  infections in the Nikolayev region
Using polymerase chain reaction, analyzed the frequency of occurrence of infections, sexually transmitted  infections in the Mykolaiv region. The most common diseases were ureplazmoz, gardnerellez, genital herpes.  All of the subjects, regardless of the tested infections were in the age category - 17-35 years. The frequency of  various infections depends on the sex and blood group surveyed.

Ibragimova E.E.
Influence of technogenic chemical pollution on size of fluctuating asymmetry of the  leaf laminae on Armeniaca vulgaris L.
The article deals with the estimate of stability changes in the development of Armeniaca vulgaris L. in  biotopes with different level of technogenic work. It was determined that the deterioration of the urbanized  environment ecological condition causes the decrease of stability in development of Armeniaca vulgaris L.,  which is evaluated by the size of fluctuating asymmetry of the leaf laminae.

Ivanov S.P.
Materials of the comparative study of the leafcutter bees nesting (Hymenoptera, Megachilidae,  Megachile Latr.). Part I. Nest buildings diversity
The analysis of nesting modes diversity of wild solitary bees of the genus Megachile was carried out. All the bees of  the genus (their nesting is known) build fully component cells. More often nest cells are located in ready hollows of  various origins, more seldom in hollows that are gnawed out by a female bee in the ground or some other substrate.  Only bees of the subgenus Chalicodoma build free cells on the surface of the substrate. The representatives of 16  subgenera of this genus use slices of leaves or more seldom – slices of flower petals for cell building. Female bees of  7 subgenera use only slices. Others also use a chewed leaf material (4) or wet soil (6), resin (1), sand (1) or sawdust  (1). The representatives of 3 subgenera mostly use the soil; sometimes they add resin, leaf mastic. It should be noted  that the nesting of the bees of the genus Megachile is weakly studied. The modes of nesting are known for the  representatives of less than a half of the subgenera. General concepts for the further observation of a bee leafcutter  nesting are defined. List of nest parameters that are the most interesting for the observation is given.

Konareva I.N.
Individual psychological determinants of a coronary-prone type of the personality
Individual psychological determinants of the personality types determined using the Jenkins' questionnaire  are described. The coronary-prone type is psychologically characterized basing on the results of correlation  and dispersion analyzes. Gender differences between the subjects of the coronary-prone type are shown.

Nikolskaya V.A.
Changes of biochemical indexes of red blood cells effects in experimental hyperinsulinemia
Evidence that the effects of experimental hyperinsulinemia leads to reciprocal changes in the content of middle molecules in hemolisate red blood cells of laboratory rats and increased activity of catalase has presented. By the method of determining the oxidative modification of proteins activation of peroxidation processes in erythrocytes with the formation of aldehyde and ketonic products of neutral and basic character is established.

Pogodina S.V.
Activity of the cardiovascular system in regulation of blood flow swimmers of various ages in adapting to the specific physical loads
The features of interaction of various components of system of movement of blood in maintenance of an optimum level of speed of movement of blood at the swimmers of various age were studied at physical  loadings.

Prosyannikova I.B., Kostrikova L.A.
Peculiar features of feeding plants’ anatomical structure influenced by rust fungus Melampsora populnea (Pers.) P. Karst. (Uredinales)
The influence of the rust fungus Melampsora populnea (Pers.) P. Karst on the anatomic structure of vegetative  organs of feeding plants Mercurialis perennis L. and Populus niger L. is studied. Local and entophytic parasite’s disposition in the tissues of host plants is revealed, the phenomenon of tissues’ hypertrophy and  deformation of organs of M. perennis are found. It can be adjudged that under the influence of the pathogen on  M. perennis, the delignification of sclerenchyma’s cells and a weaker development of perimedullary zone are  observed. The necroses of the epidermis, leaf’s mesophyll along with the complete loss of necrotic tissue are  noticed at the place of the lesion in M. perennis. It is shown that under the influence of infection in leaves of  P. niger at the stage of telio- and urediniosporulation, a decrease in the thickness of sklerenhyma layer of  vascular bundles and destruction of leaf’sanatomy are observed.

Razumeyko V.N., Ivashov A.V., Oberemok V.V.
Seasonal activity and dynamics mosquitoes (Diptera, Culicidae) in water bodies of  Southern Coast of Crimea
Phenological dates of activity of blood-sucking mosquitos during the season in comparison with plant  vegetation and climate events are investigated. Seasonal dynamics of population density of blood-sucking  mosquitos in conditions of different reservoirs of Southern coast of Crimea is described. Average dates of  mass species' parasitic activity for mosquitos of Southern coast of Crimea are given.

Reshetnyak O.A., Evstafjeva I.A., Evstafjeva H.V., Grughevskaya V.F.
Value of cadmium, potassium and calcium for a functional condition of cardiovascular  system of sportsmen
The functional inspection cardiovascular system is conducted at 80 the sportsmen and physically untrained students, who have been surveyed about the maintenance of cadmium, potassium and calcium in an organism.  The physiological role toxic and essencial elements for an action of the heart of sportsmen and the persons  who are not going in for sports is revealed.

Safronova N.S., Fomenko A.V.
Some aspects of respirator rehabilitation of migrants
Influence of course of the hypoxic-hypercapnic trainings is in-process investigational on the functional state of  the respiratory system of migrants. Diminishing of the phenomena an hyperventilation and improvement of  breathing efficiency is rotined. The increase of stability is marked to the sharp hypoxic-hypercapnic loading.

Sytnik N.A.
About some ecological laws of a filtеr feeding of oyster (Ostrea edulis L.)
Influence of various concentration of nutriment on a filtration rate (F) and food consumption (R) at 2 age  groups of oysters is investigated. Dependence F and R from body mass during various seasons of year is  characterised. The model of definition of magnitude of a daily ration depending on change of mass of a body  and water temperature is offered.

Syshko D.V., Savina K.D.
Features of regulation of cardiac rhythm at the sportsmen with various duration of vestibular appearance
It is revealed, that the parameters variation pulsometer at the sportsmen change on any other business after of  vestibular irritations. These changes depend from duration of vestibular appearance.

Temuryants N.A., Tumanyants K.N., Kostyuk A.S.
Effect of various environmental factors on molluscs
Provides an overview of the literature on the impact of exogenous factors on neuronal activity, behavioral avoidance  reaction of thermal stimulus, a capacity for orientation and navigation in mollusks.

Tribrat N.S., Chuyan E.N.
Modulation of microcirculation processes with the help of low millimeter radiation
Using the method of laser Doppler flowmetry it was shown that low-intensity EHF EMR has a gross effect on the  processes of microcirculation in human skin, wich expressed in a change of nonoscillatory and oscillatory  characteristics of basal blood flow and indices of microvascular tone. Momentary influence of EHF EMR leads to a  local decrease in peripheral resistance and domination of nutritional blood flow in the shunt one against depression in  favor of which indicate an increase in the amplitudes of myogenic and endothelial tissue blood flow oscillations  indicate the against background of a decrease myogenic tone and indicator shunt only in the localization of EHF  exposure. Repeated exposure EHF EMR has a shiking effect on the change of nonoscillatory and oscillatory  indicators of passive and active regulation factors of microcirculatory processes resulting in an increase in the  production of vasodilators, decrease in peripheral resistance in the arterioles and precapillares, increase blood flow in  the microvascular against the background improved venular outflow. In the mechanisms of action of low-intensity  EHF EMR on microcirculatory processes the main role belongs to endothelium-dependent, endotheliumindependent myogenic and neurogenic components of the regulation of tissue blood flow.

Filimonova N.B., Kravets T.V.
Definition of specific features of dynamics of the cardiorhythm at testing the working  memory of the person
Dynamics of the cardiorhythm of the person at change of the psychophysiologic loads was researched by a  method of the wavlet-analysis on the basis of Krawtchouk functions that has allowed estimating the specific  features of reaction of the person and the contribution of separate parts of vegetative nervous system to  creation of the adaptive reaction on defined psychophysiologic load. Structural regularity in dynamics of the  wavlet-spectrum were defined by the method SOM-Ward clustering.

Chechina O.N.
Dynamics of development of playing manipulation at calf of Steller sea lion in  ontogenesis
There’ve been studied play manipulative behavior in sea lion calves (a male and a female) born in Oceanarium  during their evolvement (up to one year old). It’s been found that play manipulation with objects includes  actions typical of feeding behavior (grasping, holding in teeth, biting, throwing up in air and patting). While  playing with objects and fish the calves generated a series of actions typical of the closing stage of feeding  behavior. The results obtained indicate an important role of play manipulation with environmental objects in  forming feeding behavior habits in sea lion calves.

Chuyan E.N., Gornaya O.I.
The behaviourial reactions of animals with the varied type of motor asymmetry under the   ircumstances of chronic and pain stresses
The changes of animals with the varied type of motor asymmetry behaviourial reactions under the circumstances  of chronic hypokinetic and sharp pain stress-factors isolated influence and their combination are studied. It is shown that the type of motor asymmetry can serve the criterion of their sensitiveness to the stress influences.

Shramko Yu.I., Chernaya V.N., Kuevda V.V.
The problems of rehabilitation in children with cerebral palsy
The results proved efficiency of rehabilitation in children with cerebral palsy with Evminov’s profilactor use  in special children’s day hospital department.

Emirova D.E.
The study of phytotoxic influence of various DNOC concentrations on the seeds of  Helianthus annuus L.
Influence of different concentrations of BI-58 on the generative system of Allium cepa L. was investigated. It  is set that low concentrations (0,05 and 0,1 ml/l) do not possess a palynotoxic effect. High concentrations (0,2  and 0,4 ml/l) the medium toxic made influence on the generative organs of Allium cepa L., bringing to the  reliable increase of products of sterile pollen with broken morphologic structure.

Yuferev V.S.
Features of interaction and level of secretion of estrogen and glucocorticoids in various  phases menstrual cycle sportswomen
Investigated levels of secretion and feature of interaction of glucocorticoids and an estrogen during a menstrual  cycle of sportswomen and at performance of a physical activity of various capacity. The highest level of cortisol  secretion observed during menstruation, and the smallest just before menstruation. Estradiol peak observed in the  phase of ovulation. During the application of physical impact was an increase in the level of tonic secretion of  estradiol and cortisol in the phase of ovulation, and reduced levels of cortisol in the premenstrual phase in 100%  while increasing the level of estradiol secretion, which can be considered as a compensatory reaction in the  direction of steroidogenesis to enhance glucocorticoid function. Identified two types of reactions associated with  decreased and increased levels of tonic secretion of estradiol in comparison with the rest while using the exercise  in other phases of the cycle showed varying degrees of fatigue athletes and can be used as a criterion for  determining the degree of fatigue in the different phases of the menstrual cycle.


Aleksashkin I.V., PershinaK.D., Kazdobin K.A.
Optimization of synthesis magnetic fluid
Is devoted to developing methods of synthesis of magnetic fluid. The problem of synthesis stable (within 7  years) of magnetic suspensions, studied their structural organization. Synthesis of magnetic fluid with a high  magnetization and resistance was carried out in hydrophilic-hydrophobic environment on the basis of  magnetite and ferro-substituted cobalt and copper. The efficiency of the synthesis method, which depends on  the basic parameters: pH, and the nature of the anions of the initial components.

Dovgy I.I., Grishkovets V.I.
Glycosides of Сussonia genus and their biological activity
The literature data on secondary metabolites of Cussonia genus were analyzed. Most of aglycones belongs to α–amyrine and lupane rows. The biologic activity of glycosides is discussed.

Dovgy I.I., Grishkovets V.I.
The distribution of triterpene glycosides in the organs of Сussonia paniculata.
The qualify and quantify differences in triterpene glycosides distribution are shown. Among other things high  content of acetylated triterpene glycosides in the leaves and flowers and their absence in the stem bark were  mentioned

Ivanets L.M.
The influence of physical and chemical properties on kinetics of the reaction  methylsubstituted hydrazides of O,O-diphenylthiophosphoric acids with phenylisothiocyanate
The influence of some physical and chemical parameters of the reaction medium on the reaction rate constant  of methylsubstituted hydrazides of O,O-diphenylthiophosphoric acid with phenylisothiocyanate is studied.  Established that the main influence on the process has specific solvation of hydrazides' molecules by  electronodonor solvents basic nature.

Kokhanenko E.V., Klyashtornaya O.S., Pershina K.D., Branovitskaya T.Yu.
Photochemical effects in the system of bentonite-arhonit-water
Influence of the aluminum silicates photocatalysts activity to the distruction of the hydrogen peroxide was  found. Proton got from hydrolytic reactions and stabilized the hydrogen peroxide in the investigated system  due the active forms of oxygen, which generated in the water suspensions of aluminum silicates.

Yakovishin L.A., Grishkovets V.I., Sergienko Yu.I., Коrdgh Е.N.
Molecular complexation of triterpene glycosides with L-phenylalanine in water solutions
Using a method UV-spectroscopy, the molecular complexation of L-phenylalanine with hederagenin 3-O-α-Lrhamnopyranosyl-(1→2)-O-α-L-arabinopyranoside (α-hederin) and its 28-О-α-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1→4)-О- β-D-glucopyranosyl-(1→6)-О-β-D-glucopyranosyl ester (hederasaponin C) in water solutions was for the first  time investigated. The glycosides form complexes with L-phenylalanine in the 1:1 molar proportion. The  structures of glycosides and L-phenylalanine are concluded to have an impact on the complexation process.  Comparative study of influence of glycosides and complexes on seeds germination Avena sativa L. has been  made.