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Vol. 23 (62), № 2, 2010
Biology, chemistry


S.F. Kotov, A.V. Ivashov, S.V. Konoshenko
Biology faculty of Taurida V.Vernadsky National University: 10 years of service to education and science in the XXI century
The article analyzes the development of the biological department of the Tauride National University. Vernadsky for the period 2000-2010. Shows the structure of the faculty, noted the main achievements in teaching, educational and methodical, scientific and educational work.

G.F. Alieva, V.I. Sobolev
Influence of noradrenaline on parameters of muscle contraction of white rays at experimental hyperthyroidism (research in situ)
In experiments on the white rats in conditions in situ it has been established, that the experimental hyperthyroisys had caused to the essentially reduction of the latent period of the excitement (-9%) and contraction (-25%) of the muscular fibres of the forward tibial muscle. Frequentative injections of thriiodothyronine are increasing of the sensitivity of a skeletal muscle to adrenergic stimulation. Experimental hyperthyroisys is stimulating of the ergotropic function of the muscle that is being expressed in increase of its ability (+33 %) to execution of external work.

D.V. Balichieva
Possible mechanisms of forming of violation of reproductive function of experimental animals at vibration influence
In the article the information about the impact of the vibration on reproductive function of the experimental animals is presented. Liver sensibility to the damaging effect of vibration on the generative organs of rats is established.

Yu. Baraban
Correlation between arsenic concentration and EEG-waves in 11-16 year old children
Arseniс concentration determined by the X-ray-spectroscopy was above the normal level in sixty 11-16 year old children (industrial areas of Ukraine). Correlations were revealed between arsenic content and relative values of the spectral power of EEG rhythms, mainly high frequency once (beta1 and beta2) at rest (0,25<R<0,40; 0,05<р<0,000). During functional tests (open eyes, phono- and foto stimulation) correlations were revealed as well almost for all EEG waves (0,24<R<0,40; 0,05<р<0,000).

O.I. Belyaeva
Regarding Study Of The Baсterioneuston In Black Sea And Other Reservoirs (Review)
Information, testifying to the degradation of bacterioneuston d from the end of ХХ century in the Black sea is resulted. In fresh reservoirs bacterioneuston remains the most numerous link of the bacterial complex, however much metabolic activity goes down. All of it talks that bacterioneuston is subject to the alteration process.

E.V. Bednarskaya
Localization of bdellides (Acarina, Prostigmata: Bdellidae) in the caves of central part of Mountain Crimea
Information about dislocation of three of bdellide species Bdella iconica Berlese, 1923, Bdella muscorum Ewing, 1917, Cyta latirostris Hermann, 1804 in the caves of Mountain Crimea is presented in the article. Reasons of quantity differense are analyzed.

E.A. Birukova, E.N. Chuyan, A.V. Jantsev
The dispersive analysis of indicators of heart rate variability conditions under the influence of controlled breath with individually fitted frequency
With the help of the one-factorial dispersive analysis method was studied the qualitative and quantitative contribution of controlled breathing with individually fitted frequency (CBIFF) in the change of indicators of heart rate variability of examinees with various type of vegetative regulation. It is shown that course CBIFF provides decrease of uncontrollable factors influence on the indicators of heart rate variability and is the powerful mechanism of influence on the major parameters of cardiovascular and vegetative nervous systems of examinees, and all organism as a whole.

N.I. Bogatina, N.V. Sheykina, V.S. Martynyuk
The method of creation of very weak static magnetic and electric fields and well reproducible combined magnetic field for biological investigation
The method of creation, measurement and calculation of very weak magnetic and electric fields that were obtained by means of ?-metal shield was described. The magnetic field noise was measured and electric field noise was calculated. The coefficients of magnetic and electric fields weakening and shielding in the work volume were measured and calculated.

T.V. Gamma, I.I. Korenyuk, D.R. Husainov
Analgesic properties of benzimidazole
It was showed in the "hot water" electro and hot plate tests in rats with intraperitoneal injections of benzimidazole at doses of 5, 25 and 50 mg / kg that this compound has analgesic action in doses of 25 and 50 mg / kg, with only 50 mg/kg higher than the strength of pharmaceuticals analgine. At the lowest dose used (5 mg/kg) benzimidazole was increasing pain sensitivity in rats.

E.Grabovskaya, E. Nagaeva, N. Mishin
Evolution of catecholamines in erythrocytes and type nonspecific adaptation reactions of the organism in athletes under the ultra-high frequency electromagnetic field (UNF EMF)
The work is devoted to the study of ultra-high frequency electromagnetic field (UNF EMF) on the development of nonspecific adaptation reactions and the content of catecholamines in erythrocytes athletes. It is shown that under the ultra-high frequency electromagnetic field (UNF EMF) of extremely high frequency changes the type of nonspecific adaptation reactions of the organism, changing the content of catecholamines in erytrocytes athletes.

O. Zalata, H. Evstafyeva, M. Thcegoleva
The multiple regression analysis EEG at content of chemical elements (lead, strontium, calcium) in organism of children
In of twenty-one patients with disorders of the autonomic nervous system (12-13 year old children, eastern Ukraine) EEG-examination with biomonitoring were examined. The element’s contents were determined by the method of X-ray fluorescent spectroscopy. At the hairs children the border of norm was exceeded by the level of lead and calcium. Multiple regression analysis confirmed lead, strontium and calcium affected patients’ EEG activity at different functional test.

E.E. Ibragimova
Influence of technogenic pollution on viability female generative bodies and quality seeds of Pinus sylvestris L.
This article represents data the influence of technogenic pollution on female generative organs viability and the quality of a Pinus sylvestris L. seeds. It is established, that populations, growing along an auto line with high intensity of movement of fine macrostrobiles are formed, their seed efficiency is reduced, and seeds of poor quality are formed.

O.I. Kolotilova, L.A. Yakovishin, I.I. Koreniuk
Influence of viagra and complex triterpence glycosides with viagra on parameters of the electrical activity of neurons Helix albescens
Using of the intracellular registration investigattion of influence viagra and triterpene glycosides together with viagra on the electrical activity non identification neurons visceral ganglion Helix albescens. Demonstrated that the neurotropic effects of Viagra and its complexes with triterpene glycosides cause the opposite effect, manifested in changes of electrophysiological parameters.

V.N. Konovalchuk, R.A. Popolitov, E.V. Archangelskaya
Biomechanical bases of therapeutic horseback riding (Hippotherapy)
The research analyses the biomechanical bases of hippotherapy as part of rehabilitation for children with neuro-orthopedic infringements. The article shows the necessity of co-ordination of interactions of muscles and joints of the child with the movements of a horse.

A.V. Korolyova, I.N. Zalevskaya
The comparative characteristic of the electrophoretic spectres of muscle protein of Scorpaena porcus with different sex and age
The investigation of age and sexual particularity of the electrophoreric protein spectres of muscle tissue of Scorpaena porcus were made. The differences of electrophoreric composition of muscle proteins from species with dissimilar age were ascertained. The sharp differences between electrophoretic spectres of muscle proteins were not obtained

A.S. Kostyuk, K.N. Tumanyants
Dynamics of pain sensitivity molluscs Helix albescens in action low-intensity electromagnetic radiation of extremely frequency range
Changes in parameters of pain sensitivity molluscs Helix albescens under electromagnetic radiation (EMR) of extremely low-intensity of frequency (electromagnetic field (EMF)of extremely high frequency (EHF) and EMR of extremely low frequency (ELF)) influence. It is shown that electromagnetic factors cause phase changes in pain sensitivity: increased sensitivity to pain (hyperanalgaesia) replaced hypoanalgetic effect. The most lasting hypoanalgetic effect causes EMR of ELF, which is developing rapidly and has a long duration.

V.C. Martynyuk, R.I. Islyamov
Influence of extremely low frequency magnetic field on cross-correlations of metabolic parameters
We study the single effect of an extremely low frequency magnetic field (ELF MF) with frequency of 8 Hz induction 5 mcT for cross-corelations of metabolic processes in the brain of animals. It was shown that a single action ELF MF leads to a substantial reorganization of the regulation of metabolic processes in all brain structures. The features of changes of cross-correlations between metabolic depends on the localization of the investigated metabolic processes and is responsible for leveling the individual-typological characteristics of animals.

V.V. Nikolenko
Anatomical and morphological features of the leaf apparatus of decorative strawberries under the influence of environmental conditions
The paper presents the comparative characteristics of the dynamics of the leaf apparatus of decorative varieties of strawberries Lipstick and Pink Panda. The results of the anatomical and morphological organization of the leaf apparatus for certain kinds, depending on the different moisture conditions studying are shown.

N.M. Ovsyannikova
Human characteristics of adaptive reactions in connection with the content of heavy metals in the body
Adaptation reactions types in children and adults living in conditions of urban and industrially polluted environment have been determined on the basis of account immune system integrated parameters. It has been revealed that specific cell immunity was least steady than nonspecific cell immunity to environment condition. The specific humoral immunity was characterized by disbalance. Multiple regression analysis has established, that the complex action of Hg, Pb, Cd, Cu and Zn exceeded separate influence of each metal. Cd and Cu were the most significant predictors for Т-cell immunity link in children; Hg brought in the essential contribution to complex influence of metals on Т-cells in 1-6 year old, and B-cells - in 7-11 years old children; Cu more often was the most significant predictor in the joint action of metals in all ages. The character of correlations testified that cooper in its contents in the body within the limits of physiological norm or lower did not influence the immune system adaptation reactions.

E.P. Ryeznik, P.S. Kalinovsky
Comparative characteristics of fractions of proteins in tissues of ground mollusc's mucus species Helix albescens and Eobania vermiculata
A comparative study of fractional spectrum of protein in the tissues of liver and muscles of two species of snails presented. It is shown that the differences do not reach statistically significant levels. At the same time noting the presence of tissue specificity of the protein composition. Specify the need for more detailed study of the dynamics of the protein composition of eggs of both species. The data obtained will permit a formulation of recommendations to improve methods of obtaining and processing tissue for food and pharmaceutical industries.

V. Taikova, L. Teplitskaya
Effect of selenium on the growth characteristics of Astragalus dasyanthus (Pall.) in culture in vitro
The data on the effect of different concentrations of sodium selenite on growth rates herbaceous perennials Astragalus dasyanthus are listed here. It is shown that in the range of 5-15 mg Se (IV) / l index of growth in cultured cells of Astragalus dasyanthus decreased relative to control, and the concentration of 15 mg / l caused maximum decrease of growth activity.

L.M. Teplitskaya, V.V. Nazarov, N.A. Astapenko
Study of the stages of Cephalanthera damаsonium’s (Mill.) Druce (Orchidaceae) anther’s forming in connection with introduction to in vitro system
The facts about anther’s development and stages of microsporogenesis on the example of C. damasonium are fined. The connection between the stages of anther’s development, his size and size of bud is shown. The critical stage for leading anther of C. damasonium to in vitro culture is determined.

N.S. Tribrat, E.N. Chuyan, M.Yu. Ravaeva
Еvaluation of reactivity endothelium at action of millimetric radiation
In the article is presented course action of low intensity millimetric radiation goes to an increase in reactance microvascular endothelium, that expressed in production increase nitric oxide

V.N. Chornaya, T.R. Abdymaminov, S.J. Koval
Increasing of respiratory and oxygentransprting systems abilities in traditional u-shu spotsmen
Results of u-shu aerobic exercises in training period there disaissing. Special respiratory exercises chi-hun in u-shu spotsmen trainingincrease functional abilities of the external respiratory system. Results have a practical significans in training process optimisaytion reaching high sport achiesements.

D.E. Emirova, E.E. Ibragimova
Palynotoxic influence of different concentrations of BI-58 on generative organs of Allium cepa L.
Influence of different concentrations of BI-58 on the generative system of Allium cepa L. was investigated. It is set that low concentrations (0,05 and 0,1 ml/l) do not possess a palynotoxic effect. High concentrations (0,2 and 0,4 ml/l) the medium toxic made influence on the generative organs of Allium cepa L., bringing to the reliable increase of products of sterile pollen with broken morphologic structure.

T.V. Jakovchuk, O.V. Katjushina, D.R. Husainov
Effect of acetylsalicylic acid, atsetilsalitsilatov cobalt and zinc on behavioral responses of rats
It is research psychotropic activity of acetylsalicylic acid and its salts - acetylsalicylate cobalt (ASC) and acetylsalicylate zinc (ASC) - in the rats. In the test an "open field" under low stress aspirin and ASC revealed anxiolytic properties. It is defined antidepresant action ASC and ASC in the test of Porsolt.

Yarmolyuk N.S.
Electromagnetic shielding changes infradian rhythmicity speeds of planarian Dugesia tigrina
Revealed infradian rhythmicity speeds of planarians Dugesia tigrina, which includes the following periods: ≈2d,4; ≈2d,7; ≈3d,2; ≈3d,7; ≈4d,3; ≈5d,8; ≈9d,1; ≈11d,6; ≈12d,8. It is shown that the electromagnetic shielding causes changes infradian rhythmicity speeds of planarians, which are expressed in changes of power spectra and phase shift of the beat.


V.F. Shul'gin
The inorganic investigations history in Taurida University
The history of inorganic chemistry investigations in Taurida University from 1918 to our times was described.

E.R. Abduramanova, A.O. Fedotova, A.M. Katsev
Quantitative determination of zinc and copper (II) ions by the method of biotluminescent analysis
The marine luminescent bacteria of Vibrio fischeri F1, Vibrio harveyi Ms1, Photobacterium phosphoreum F2 and Photobacterium leiognathi Sh1 were used. It was found, that the most sensible species of bacteria to the copper (II) and zinc ions were bacteria P. phosphoreum F2. The comparative study of metals ions action on bioluminescence of different species of photobacteria have shown, that the bacteria V. harveyi Ms1 were characterized by maximal reproducibility of the results. Measurement accuracy of the determined concentrations range of analyzing substances was within the limits of 2 ? 20%. The results got during research have testified to the necessity of strict observance of the algorithm during the bioluminescent analysis that can be used in analytical aims.

A.E. Zemlyakov, V.N. Tsikalova, S.A. Zemlyakov
Glycosylation by peracetate of α-D-glucosaminylchloride in presents of Lewis acids
The glycosylation reactions of primary and second alcohols by peracetate of α-D-glucosaminylchloride with the use of mercury(II) iodide and promoters system «zinc chloride / quaternary ammonium salt» was studied.

V.A. Kropotov
Influence of measurement errors on potentiometric titration curve parameters of a mix of two weak one-basic acids
The Monte-Carlo method investigates influence of random measurement errors on estimations of parametres of a curve of titration of two weak one-basic acids mixture. Dependence of reproducibility of the received estimations on constants диссоциации and concentration of acids is established.

V.O. Kuryanov,T.A. Chupakhina, A.A. Shapovalova

Carbohydrate amino acid conjugates. Synthesis and biological activity
Synthesis of 4-N-β-D-glucopyranosylamonobenzoic acid and their β-alanine conjugate was described. Psychotropic activity of β-alanine derivative in the series of behavioral tests on the white outbred rats in comparison with N-(4-glucosaminyloxibenzoil)-β-alanine was investigated.

N.S. Pevzner, V.F. Shul'gin, G.A. Astahova
Coordination compounds of some 3d-metals and 1,3,5-benzentricarboxylic anion
The benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxylate of zinc, cobalt(II) and nickel(II) have been synthesised and characterised. The synthesis by presents of ethylenediamine and tetramethylethylenediamine lead to basic benzene-1,3,5- tricarboxylate. IR spectra shown that carboxylate anions accomplished any functions.

A.A. Fedorenko, E.D. Pershina, A.M. Fedorenko
Electrochemical renewal of ions of iron(III) and titan(IV) in technological solutions
Information is in-process presented about the leadthrough of researches of electrochemical renewal of ions of iron(III) and ions of titan(IV) in technological solutions of sulphuric acid. Renewal is executed in электролизере of monoarctic type with a running electrolyte. Cathodes are made from stainless steel and removable perforated plates from lead for a cathode and anode. As a result of researches the prime price of products of renewal of technological solution is set: for iron(II) are 40,5 Uah after 1,0 м3, for titan(III) are 5,27 Uah after 1,0 м3.

V.V. Tsykalov, M.Y. Baevsky, A.I. Poddubov
Synthesis of benzimidazole-based pirazolines
The reaction of condensation of derivatives 1-alkyl-2-formylbenimidazole with acetopnenones is studied. The dependence of the obtained halcone output upon the structure of a radical being in the first position of benzimidazole core is defined. The halcone benzimidazole series reaction with hydrazinium hydrate is investigated. It is shown that condensation with the formation of pirazoline cycle develops only in acetic acid. The pirazoline N-acyl derivatives are formed as a result. The structure of synthesized substance is confirmed by PMR-spectroscopy methods.

V.F. Shul'gin , S.A. Sotnik, O.V. Konnic
Сopper(II) coordination compounds of trimesic acid
Synthesis and results investigations of the copper(II) complexes with trimesic acid Cu3(TMA)2·12H2O, Cu3(TMA)(bipy)2(NO3)3·4H2O and Cu3(TMA)(tmen)3(NO3)3·5C2H5OH are described. Compounds were studied by elemental and termogravimetry analysis and IR-spectroscopy. The complexes structures were discussed.

L.A. Yakovishin, V.I. Grishkovets, N.V. Epishina
Molecular complexation of the triterpene glycosides with tryptophan in water solutions
For the first time by UV-spectroscopy the molecular complexation of tryptophan with hederagenin 3-O-α-Lrhamnopyranosyl-(1→2)-O-α-L-arabinopyranoside (α-hederin) and its 28-О-α-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1→4)-О-β-D-glucopyranosyl-(1→6)-О-β-D-glucopyranosyl ester (hederasaponin C) in water solutions was investigated. The glycosides form complexes with tryptophan in 1:1 molar proportion. It was concluded about the impact of the structure of glycosides and tryptophan on the process of complexation.