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Vol. 23 (62), № 1, 2010
Biology, chemistry


Alpeeva A.V.
The role of correlation of interconections in estimation of functional possibilities of the external breathing system of preschool age children with frequent cold diseases
At children often being ill the cold diseases the increase of amount of correlation intercommunications between the indexes of function of an interchange gases and ventilator can be considered, as a certificate of considerable functional tension of the system of the external breathing, and also as an attempt of the system to distribute loading on the additional amount of its components.
The respirator training instrumental in activation of respiratory musculature provided the removal of undesirable changes in the system of breathing, that showed up the decline of amount of correlation pairs, reduction of loading on structural components.

Astapenko N.A.
Biomorphological researches of fruits of Cephalanthera damаsonium (Mill.) Druce (Orchidaceae) in connection with the problem of seed’s germination
The results of researches of correlations between the C. damasonium morphometrical parameters and fruit’s weight, and also between a germination and amount of full seed are presented.

Birukova E.A.
The change of heart rate variability indicators at examinees in regenerative period after bicycle ergometric test under the controlled breathing influence with individually picked up frequency
Changes of heart rate variability indicators within 30-minutes regenerative period after the submaximum physica activity at examinees with different types of vegetative regulation under the controlled breathing (CB) influence which frequency corresponds to frequency of localisation of the maximum peak of capacity in a low-frequency range of a spectrum of a warm rhythm were studied. It is shown that ten-day CB with individually picked up frequency leads to increase in adaptive capability of an organism, optimization of regulating mechanisms, decreasing in power expenses and increasing of regenerative speed processes at examinees in answer to the submaximum physical activity.

Bogdanovskaya N.V.
Sex differences in the nitric oxide synthesis system state of healthy young people aged 18-20 years
Biochemical research of blood plasma of youth and girls aged 18-20 years before and after prolonged physical trainings is conducted. The objective existence of sex differences of the nitric oxide synthesis system state these materials shows. Higher intensity of the oxide way of NO synthesis with the constitutive NO-synthase involvement, as well as the dominance of this way of synthesis of nitric oxide over the recovery resynthesis of NO and its synthesis by increasing the activity calcium independent inducible NO-synthase was characterized for youth.

Kolotilova O.I.
Influence of molecular complex triterpence glycosides with caffeine on parameters of the electrical activity of neurons Helix albescens
Using of the intracellular registration investigattion of influence triterpene glycosides together with caffeine, which injected in extrocellurar medium, on the electrical activity non identification neurons visceral ganglion Helix albescens. It was demonstrated that application of compounds derectly of membrain cells of neuron it leads in marked activity of neirotropic action, it marked in changing all of the eletrofisiological index.

Konareva I.N.
Encephalogram and emotional state modifications under the influence of listening music
It is shown the differentiated influence of listening music in major and minor tunes in the same key on the power components of EEG and emotional phone of humans. It is found the one direction vectored suppression of the power of practically all the EEG rhythms with maximal modifications in α, β, γ ranges in both cases. The minor play influenced more on the EEG oscillation power in the left hemisphere and the major play in the right one. Listening the minor play reliably suppressed the index of the situative alarm and the display of the emotion of “shame”. Listening the minor play increased the display of the emotions “joy” and “surprise”.

Konoshenko S.V.
The character of some biochemical indexes of human erythrocytes under cardiomyopathy
It has been shown that under cardiomyopathy the content of Mg2+and the activity of catalase and glutatione – reductase in human erythrocytes are rised. At the same time the formation of secondary lipid peroxidation products is stabilized. It is possible, that biochemical changes in erythrocytes under cardiomyopathy have compensatoric importance.

Kulichenko A.M.
Device for chronic registration of extra-cellular neuron activity at freely-moving animals
Construction of device providing a possibility of exact immersion of microelectrode on an unlimited depth to the explored structures of animal brain is developed and described.

Lysyakova N.Yu.
Structure of glandular apparatus at representatives of genus Pеlаrgоnium L.
The structure, distributing, sizes of glandular structures of species, hybrids and sorts of geranium were revealed. The high cross-correlation between the complex of signs of glandular apparatus and intensity of oildeveloping process was shown. These indexes can be used for an estimation and selection of perspective genotypes of geranium in high oily selection.

Мartynyuk V.S.
Metabolic correlates of behavior in animals upon single influence of extremely low frequency magnetic field
The influence of the magnetic field of 8 Hz 5 microtesla on the relationship of animal behavior in the “open field” with the activity of metabolic processes in different brain structures was studied. It was shown that metabolic links
are important in behavior of animals in the new environment. The most important connection of metabolic parameters with the activity of animals in the “open field” occur in the cerebral cortex and hypothalamus. The response of animal organism to the effect of alternating magnetic field depends on the individual-typological characteristics. In animals with middle and high level of activity in the “open field”, in response to MF 8 Hz the cerebral cortex played more active role, whereas in animals with low activity - the thalamus and the hypothalamus.
The general nature of disorders of the relationships of behavior indices and metabolic processes is characterized by leveling the initial differences between different individual-typology groups. In the stereotypical response of CNS to the action of alternating magnetic field the hemispheric asymmetry plays an important role, with the dominant role of right hemisphere.

Melnichenko E.V.
For the vestibular reactions of the cardiovascular system and their correction for sportsman
The 30 wrestlers were studied on the subject of toning reflexogenic vascular areas of C3-Th8 segments on the vegetative status with vestibular loads (VN). It is shown that VN provides simpaticotonus effect at indicators heart rate, a pre-start reduction of the muscle tone segments С3-Th8 vegetative index Kerdo in area parasimpaticotonus (р<0,001) provides negative chronotropic effect on the myocardium.

Naidych S.I.
Research of dynamics РАСО2 during intensive muscular activity
The research was carried out on the exterior breathing functions of high and low qualified sportsmen during their work on the cycle-ergometer up to gull fatigue. It was revealed that in intensive physical exercise the human aerobic capability depends on the elimination of CO2 and lowing of the general quantity of carbon dioxide level in the body, that is understood from the carbon dioxide level in the alveolar air and arterial blood getting low. The verified prognostic parameter of the functional condition of the exterior breathing and human aerobic capability is PACO2. The higher is PACO2 under standard work, or the later it decreases under maximum work, the higher is the level of work capacity and aerobic capability of the human body.

Nikolskaya V.A.
Change of processes of oxidative modifications of proteins and level of molecules of average mass at patients with the adrenal insufficiency accompanied hyperinsulinemia
The hyperinsulinemia leads to rising of an indicator of oxidative modifications of proteins in blood serum and level of molecules of average mass in serum and hemolysate of erythrocytes of blood at the patients with adrenal insufficiency. Having analyzed the obtained data, it was offered to use of definition of molecules of average mass in a hemolysate of erythrocytes as additional biochemical criterion of forecasting of development hyperinsulinemia at patients with adrenal insufficiency.

Pogodina S.V.
On the particular case of exercise tolerance in the modified under the influence of contraceptives on the gonads, adrenals
The article discusses the influence of hormonal athletes on the adaptive capacity of respiratory apparatus. Much attention is paid to the implementation of these adaptive capacity in different phases of the CMC to the changes under the influence of contraceptives, hormonal background. We also discuss the fact that a significant reduction of tonic secretion of estradiol under the influence of physical activity among female athletes, the host contraceptives. The main conclusion of the article shows a decrease in the efficiency of regulation of respiratory function and exercise tolerance during the reception of birth control pills.

Ryeznik E.P.
Comparative characteristics of separate biochemical indexes of ground mollusc's mucus species Helix albescens and Eobania vermiculata
Comparative research of protein in mucus of two species of snails have been done. It is shown that difference of content of protein statistically insignificant. Mucus of Helix albescens is less stable to denature agents. Obtained data allows to work-out recomendations in methods of improving mucus obtaining and processing at pharmaceutical goals.

Redka O.H.
Histophisiological study of changes in the system adenohipofisis-thyroid gland in conditions of oxiphenokhsigerbicides 2,4 D.
Information of structurally and adenohipofisis thyroid gland in condition of pesticides action of varios duration is given.

Stanishevskaya T.I.
Character of the level of basic metabolism of the white rats outside of the high limit of norm of circulatory triiodothyronine
The regulation of basic metabolism is being broken down at achievement of the level of triiodothyronine of the high verge of the norm, that is being manifested by the loss of the precision of its maintenance; the speed of oxygen’s consumption at experimental hyperthyroidism is being settled on the new stationary level with the more large indexes of variation; the character of distribution of the values in the «new» totality is being described by the normal law of distributing.

Cheretayev I.V.
Dependence of effects of salicylic acid and its salts on the neurons of snail from the state of calcium system
The article is about of dependence neurotropic effects of salicylic acid and salicylates cobalt and zinc from a state of calcium system snail`s neurons In the first series of experiments for blockage of entering calcium current used cadmium chloride, and in the second by means of barium chloride quenched entering calcium current and allocation of calcium from endocellular depot. It is shown, that neurotropic effects of salicylic acid and its salts are not depend from concentration of calcium ions in cytoplasm of the excitatory cage.

Chechina O.N.
Acoustic activity of a dolphin female and its calf (Tursiops truncatus ponticus Barabasch) in early ontogenesis in оceanarium conditions
We have studied acoustic activity of a Tursiops truncatus female and a calf born in оceanarium (6 weeks aged) during their simultaneous and single swimming, rest, orientative-exploratory behavior, as well as feeding the female by a trainer. Dolphin signals were digitally audio-taped during video filming behavior elements. In the result of our researches we’ve sorted out 16 types of acoustic signals, 8 of which had their sub-types. The change of occurrence frequency in different types due to different conditions is revealed. The results prove diversity of acoustic signals during female-calf interaction as well as relation of acoustic activity with the interaction form displayed.

Chuyan E.N.
The peculiarities of rats’ behaviour with different type of motor assymetry under the circumstances of combinative influence of chronic hypokinetic and pain stresses
The influence of hypokinetic (HK) stress on the change of rats pain sensitiveness at the sharp tonic pain is studied. It is shown that the chronic stress on the mobility limitation influence modificatively on the level of rats’ pain sensitiveness at the sharp tonic pain, nevetheless this effect depends on the durability of the mobility limitation (at the early terms HK stress pain sensitiveness diminishing was observed, and at the later terms, vice versa - increase), and on animals’ individual-typological peculiarities (“left-handed” rats are the most sensitive to the pain stress, and “right-handed” rats and “ambidexters” are the less sensitive).

Yuferev V.S.
The respiratory rhythm, as one of the Biorhythmological performance criteria of adaptive control mechanics of respiration athletes in different phases of the menstrual cycle
In this paper we study how to regulate the mechanics of breathing in athletes in different phases of the menstrual cycle. We discuss the influence of hormonal athletes on the sensitivity of the respiratory center to carbon dioxide. Much attention is paid to the respiratory rhythm, and methods of mathematical analysis. In particular, it is recommended to use the periodogram analysis of the respiratory rhythm, because this analysis allows the most adequate to estimate the frequency of respiratory movements throughout the test. And thus determine the influence of the frequency component at the value and mechanical ventilation parameters of respiration, as well as to predict the effectiveness of respiratory reactions of athletes to physical loads in a certain period of training and competitions.

Yanchuk P.I.
The effect of vasopressin on oxygen balance, heat generation and bile formation in liver
In acute experiments on nembutal anesthetized dogs and chronic experiments on dogs, studied the effect of vasopressin on the oxygen balance, heat generation and bile formation in liver. The study showed that, injection of vasopressin at the vasoactive dose in portal vein increased heat generation and O2 consumption, parallel to a short time decrease in O2 delivery, while the pO2 in liver is decreased. In non vasoconstrictive dose, vasopressin increases volume speed of choleresis, intensity of deoxycholic acids biosynthesis in hepatocytes and conjugation of bile acids
with taurine.

Yarmolyuk N.S.
Effect of variable magnetic field of ultra low frequencies on the regeneration of the cephalic end of planarian Dugesia tigrina
ELF alternating magnetic field with an amplitude of "nanotesl" range significantly stimulates the regeneration of planariann Dugesia tigrina, as evidenced by the increase of index of regeneration and speed of locomotor activity.


Gusev A.N.
Molecular and crystal structure of the cadmium 3-(pyridine-2-yl)-5-(2-salicylideniminophenyl)- 1Н-1,2,4-triazole’s complex
The results of the molecular and crystal structure investigation of the cadmium complex with 3-(pyridine-2- yl)-5-(2-salicylideniminophenyl)-1Н-1,2,4-triazole's (H2L) are described. Composition of the complex Cd2(H2L)2(CH3COO)4·3EtOH. Crystals are monoclinic, space group С2/с, a=26,1536(10), b=21,4975(8), c=10,0212(4) Å, β=97.3050(10)°; Z=4,22493 reflections with с I(σ) > 2, R=0,0376, Rw=0,1284. Complex has binuclear structure, distance between central atoms which connected by the acetate-ions – 3,938 Å. Two another acetate-ions function as bidentate ligand and occupy terminal position. Coordination polyhedrons of cadmium are distorted pentagonal bipyramide.

Zaytsev G.P.
Preparative isolation of triterpene glycosides from Clematis vitalba by high performance liquid chromatography coupled with evaporative light scattering detector
The study indicated that HPLC coupled with ELSD was successfully used in the isolation and purification of triterpene glycosides from Clematis vitalba. It also demonstrated that HPLC coupled with ELSD is an effective method to isolate components without UV absorption from natural products.

Kohanenko E.V.

The red-ox and conducting properties of the natural aluminosilicate, treated by phosphate-ions
The participation of water in the formation of multicomponent double electric layer on the electrode is experimentally fixed at the presence of the dispersion of alumosilicate. At the presence of water the quantity of charge carriers rises resulting from hydrolytic processes, that affects the change of electric properties, namely the extinction of dielectric properties and emersion conductive ones. Studies of wet bentonite have allowed assuming the presence of highly mobile electrons in it. Such phenomenon is possible at the formation of exciton channels of conductivity as a result of distortion of own structure of a mineral at the presence of water. Conditions of origination of proton conductivity in suspensions of alumosilicate, treated by phosphate ions with immediate participation of water are proved.Obtained results allow the practical substantiation of the red-ox processes proceeding in a natural media.

Nicipelova O.M.
Role of granoulometrical composition of silt mud system at their balneological estimation
Results of study of granoulometrical composition of the silt sulphide mud systems of row of deposits of Ukraine and deep-sea ground deposits of the Black sea are presented. Finding testify to the variety of his composition, presence of far of more shallow particles, exposure of rise of their quantity with depth, that it is especially important from the point of view balneology.

Ovsienko N.A.
The changes of grapes chemical composition in the process of ripening
A change the concentration of organic acids and sugars during ripening of grade vine Isabel and Moldova, sprouting in the North area of Crimea have been explored. There is a considerable decline of mass concentration of titrating acids and multiplying maintenance of sugars. It is set that concentration of malic acid in 2,5 time more than by tartaric acid for one and other grade, that is promote in the improvement of quality of wine.

Panova E.P.
The influence of low temperatures on physicochemical property of must
In this work carry out research changes of physicochemical descriptions (viscosity, conductivity, pH, titrating acidity, sugar and other`s) of must grade Aligote, Rkatseteli and mixes of Chasselas, is conducted in the process of three-stage concentration of the sectional freezing a method. Derived concentrate can be used as reservoir liqueur for the second fermentation.

Fedorenko A.A.
Solubility of titanium dioxide and synthesis of sulfate of titan(III) are offered in solutions of sulphuric acid
Information is in-process presented about research of solubility of paste of titanium dioxide in solutions of sulphuric acid with the purpose of further renewal of ions of titan(IV) to titan(III), as strong repairer of ions of iron(III) to the ions of iron(II). Basic problems, present at the production of titanium dioxide, are described.The methods of receipt of soluble and crystalline sulfate of titan(III) are offered in solutions of sulphuric acid.

Sheikh-Zade M.I.
Estimation of dimerization's energy of antronylic acid
Infrared spectra of antronylic acid's solutions in CCl4 in the field of valency vibrations of C=O and OH groups in the temperature interval 22–72 oС have been received. Constant of dimerization Kд value under different temperatures have been obtained. Depending on the temperature of Kд the value – Нд dimerization of this acid were found. A conclusion has been made that reduction of electronodonation capacity of carbonyl group is being compensated by the increase of protonodonation capacity of hydroxyl group.