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Vol. 22 (61), № 4. 2009
Biology, chemistry


Andreeva N.A.
Microflora of organs in dead tursiops truncatus / N.A. Andreeva
Results of internals’ bacteriological analysis of the dead dolphins kept in State Oceanarium are presented. We’ve revealed several cases of animal’s death from microbiosis and determined dominating pathogenic microflora. We’ve realized comparative analysis of the bacteriological data taken from foreign literature and studies done in Oceanarium earlier.

Artamonova Y.V.
Combinative effect of low intensive electromagnetic radiation and lead ions at the animals / Y.V. Artamonova, S.M. Rogacheva, M.I. Babaeva, S.I. Baulin, E.N. Chuyan, E.R. Dzheldubaeva
The isolated and combined with low intensive electromagnetic radiation 65 GHz effect of lead acetate at the mice physical endurance and mass was studied. Lead acetate was introduced orally in non lethal doses. The potential action of EMR at the toxicity of lead was discovered.

Birjukova E.A.
Synchronization between rhythmic processes in cardiovascular system at examinees with various type of vegetative regulation / E.A. Birjukova, E.N. Chujan, O. D. Bogdanova
Synchronization between rhythmic processes in cardiovascular system (CVS) at examinees with various type of vegetative regulation were explored by method of controlled breathing (CB) with individually fitted frequency (ITF) the conforming localization of the power peak in a low-frequency gamut of a heart rate (HR) spectrum. It is shown, that at examinees with normotonic and sympathetic predominance of vegetative regulation CBITF course action conducts to the considerable decrease Si and augmentation of vigor of HR spectral components. The obtained data testify to change of the CVS functional state and strain reduction management systems under the influence of CBITF, that is bound to the central and vegetative respiration-dependent synchronization between respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Gamma T.V.
Antipain effects newly syntezied derivatives 1,5-benzodiazepinon-2 / T.V. Gamma, I.V. Epishkin, D.R. Husainov, M.Yu. Baevsky, A.M. Baevsky, I.I. Korenyuk
In job with the test “Electrostimulation” are established the influence 1,5-benzodiazepinon-2 and newly derivative under intraperitoneal injection in rats on a pain threshold. The investigations of those matters with Analginum have been carried out. The increase of pain threshold by the influence 1,5-benzodiazepinon-2, 3- methylbenzodiazepinon-2 and 4-methylbenzodiazepinon-2 different doses is found out.

Gubkinа D.G.
Тhe change of variational heart rate readings resulting from EEG feedback / D.G. Gubkinа, S.A. Caico, Z.S. Settarova, V.B. Pavlenko
Variotions of variotional heart rate readings resulting resulting, neuro- and psycho-physiological characteristics at alpha-theta color feedback session by means of EEG were analized. The above effect causes a change in the pattern of EEG, decrease in stress index and situational anxiety decrease trend.

Demtsun N.A.
Features of infradian rhythmicity of movement velocity in regenerating planaria Dugesia tigrina regenerating in the different seasons of the year / N.A. Demtsun
We found that in the dynamics of the movement velocity in the regenerating planarians in periods of duration: ?2d,1; ?2d,5; ?3d,0; ?3d,7; ?4d,2; ?5d,1; ?7d,0. The patterns of infradian rhythmicity of regenerating planarian movement velosity have seasonal variation.

Yolkina N.M.
The character of some erythrocytes metabolic indexes under initiation of oxidative reactions in vitro with different concentrations of glucose / N.M. Yolkina, S.V. Konoshenko, E.V. Plotnikova, V.V. Kazakova
Under initiation of oxidative reactions in vitro the intensivity of glycolitic reactions in human erythrocytes is lowered. The presence in the system, generated the active oxygen forms, 5 мМ and 10 мМ glucose promote the intensification of glycolitic reactions in erythrocytes.

Ibragimova E. E.

Indication of pollution of an environment in urboecosystems with use of pollen Pinus sylvestris L. / E.E. Ibragimova
Was investigated man's generative systems of populations Pinus sylvestris L., which are grow in area of a household dump firm. Also was established that the emissions of a household dump firm render bad influence on generative bodies Pinus sylvestris L., shown in poor quality of pollen, formed by them.

Kirillova A.V.
The research of development of short-term memory in the children / A.V. Kirillova, S.A. Panova, L.D. Lesova
It has been proved progress development of elements of digital, vivid and verbal-logical types of short-term memory in the studied group of children.

Kovalenko A.A.
Influence of anxiety on the perception of emotionally significant stimuli in humans / A.A. Kovalenko
Correlations between some characteristics of the visual evoked potentials and individual anxiety level (by the Kettell scale) was revealed in 82 healthy subjects when they perceived emotionally positive, negative and neutral stimuli. In answer to affective stimuli (positive and negative) anxious subjects showed shorter latencies of P3 component and shift of the N2 amplitude to the positive side. For the emotionally positive stimuli positive correlations between anxiety level and N1 amplitude were revealed as well as negative correlations between anxiety level and Р3 amplitude. When perceiving neutral stimuli correlations between anxiety level and amplitudes of all positive components were negative.

Konareva I.N.
Modifications of EEG in humans under the influence of plant adaptogenes / I.N. Konareva
Modifications of the frequency pattern of EEG in humans after single takings of the preparations of the plant adaptogenes, rodiola and schizandrum, were analyzed. Standard techniques of EEG recording (in C3 and C4 leads) were used. Taking of the rodiola extract resulted in a noticeable increase in the spectral powers of the ? and ? rhythms and suppression of the ? and ? activity, while that of the schizandrum infusion led to a moderate reduction in the power of ? oscillations. Thus, differentiated effects of the tested plant adaptogenic preparations on the neurodynamic processes in the brain have been demonstrated.

Kostyuk A.S.
Electromagnetic shielding changes infradian rhythmicity of pain sensitivity of land snails Helix albescens / A.S. Kostyuk, N.A. Temuryants
Revealed infradian rhythmicity parameters of pain sensitivity of land snails Helix albescens, which includes the following rhythms: 2d,1±0,13; 2d,8±0,05; 3d,2±0,04; 5d,0±0,05; 6d,4±0,1; 7d,7±0,07; 10d,8±0,09; 12d,5±0,09. It is shown that the electromagnetic shielding causes changes infradian rhythmicity of pain sensitivity of land snails, which are expressed in a sharp phase shift the rhythms, and the tendency to change their amplitudes.

Mishin N.P.
The reflex effects miorelaxation at sportsmen and not sportsmen / N.P. Mishin
In a review the analysis of a modern condition of a question on the organization neuromiovisceral interactions in maintenance of physical working capacity is resulted. Possible ways of correction desadaptation conditions impellent and visceral systems on the basis of harmonization miotonus reflex zones are shown.

Nikolskaya V. A.
Influence of hyperinsulinemia on separate biochemical indicators at patients with the
adrenal insufficiency / V.A. Nikolskaya, I.N. Nedbaylo

The data testifying to authentic influence of hyperinsulinemia on maintenance C-peptide and concentration of a hydrocortisone in blood serum and glucose in erythrocytes at patients with adrenal insufficiency in comparison with control group are established. The difference in the maintenance of ions of a potassium and sodium in blood serum and a hemolysate of erythrocytes at a control group in comparison with patients of adrenal insufficiency is obtained.

Omel`chenko A. V.
Localization of sodium in the compartments of the roots tissues and aboveground parts of maize hybrids of the new generation in relation to their salt tolerance / A.V. Omelchenko, S. N Kabuzenko, A.A Belousov, V.A. Serikov
Maize hybrids new generation, bred in the Plant Breeding and Genetics Institute - National Center of seed and cultivar investigation, Odessa were studied. It was revealed that among the studied genotypes were hybrids saltresistant Veselka MV, Shalanda MV and 385 MV of Odessa, and saltnonresistant to chloride salinity - hybrids OdMa 310 MV and 375 MV of Odessa. The difference in the localization of Na+ ions between the saltresistant and saltnonresistant hybrids, which was most pronounced in the homogenate and the cell sap of tissues aboveground parts was shown. Saltresistance hybrids were differed less accumulation of Na+ in tissues of aboveground parts of plants in comparison with saltnonresistant. Barrier role of roots as an adaptive response of organism level on the salt stress was more pronounced in salt-tolerant hybrids.

Panova S.A.
Influence of training of shallow motility on the psychophysiologycal indexes of children time-lagged psychical development / S.A. Panova, H.I. Nagaeva, A.V. Kirillova, I.N. Panov
It is exposed, that training of shallow motility for certain improves the indexes of attention cordially – vascular system for children with a diagnosis common speech underdevelopment.

Podynay U.A.
Age dynamics of activity of cathepsin d and maintenances of low weight molecules in muscles of marine ruff / U.A. Podynay, I.N. Zalevskaja, I.I. Rydneva
In the process of ontogenesis stability of fishs to the action of stress factors varies substantially. Every period of ontogenesis is characterized by different intensity of processes of oxiddative modify of proteins, level of accumulation of low weight molecules in muscles and by activity of proteoityc enzyms of cells. Multiplying activity of cathepsin D the muscles of individuals of marine ruff (Scorpena porcus) in age from 2 to 4 years and diminishing for fishes in age from 5 to 7 years was showed. Reliable growth of intensity of oxidative modify of priteins and level of maintenance of low weight molecules is marked in the senior groups of ages. Intensification of processes of oxidation of albumens and multiplying maintenance of low weight molecules at a simultaneous decline activity of cathepsin D can characterize the processes of senescence for saltwater fishes.

Popkova L.L.
Process of morphogenesis in long cultivating callus of Pojarkova hawthorn (Crataegus pojarkovae Kossych) / Popkova L.L.,Teplitckaya L.M.
Process of morphogenesis in long cultivating in vitro callus of Pojarkova hawthorn are investigeted. Cytomorphological and gistological characteristics of different types of callus of hawthorn are presents.

Redko A.V
Activity of the enzymes of carbonyle products catabolism in subcellular fractions of brain and liver of pubertal rats / A.V. Redko, L.L.Sukhova, V.V. Davydov
The activity of the enzymes of carbonyle products of free radical oxidation catabolism in subcellular fractions of brain and liver of pubertal rats has been studied. It has been established that the activity of the enzymes of endogenic aldehydes utilization in mitochondrial and postmitochondrial fractions decreased in the liver of rats at pubertal age and in the brain of rats at the late stage of puberty. It facilitates an increase in the brain and liver sensibility to the damaging effect of oxidative stress.

Safronova N.S.
The physical loadings and usage of Enerion influence on forming of nonspecific adaptive reactions of football players organism / N.S. Safronova, S.I. Najdich, I.V. Polevik
Influence of the physical loadings and usage of Enerion on forming of nonspecific conditions of football players organism was research. Decline of general rezistention of sportsmen during a competition-training season was observed. The usage of Enerion did not render substantial influence on forming of nonspecific adaptive reactions of football players organism.

Severynovs’ka O.V.
Influence short-term physical load on cardiovascular system at children different ag / O.V. Severynovs’ka, K.V. Abramova, A.L. Severynovs’ka
It has been established as a result of our researches, that the girls 7-15 years old in a condition of rest exercise heart rate increased. At children of both sexes with the ages systolic diastolic arterial pressure raises. Moderate sinus arrhythmia observed at a significant amount of children. Also we observed a departure from the norm of a parameter j (gold proportion) at girls and boys of 7-15 years in a condition of rest. The short-term physical load influence positive on parameters of cardiovascular system.

Sydorenko A.G.
Formation of electric activity hippocamp under conditions of long stress and modulating action neyropharmacological ligand / A.G. Sydorenko, T.G. Chaus, V.P. Lyashenko, O.Z. Melnikova
It was proved that the effect of long stress lead to changing in indices of electrohippocampogram, which are connected with stress stages. The obtained data about dynamics of electric activity hippocamp against stress and modulation synaptycal transmission neyropharmacological ligand specifies that is not dependent on the mechanism of action of preparations, synchronising influences which are a consequence of course of processes of self-control under stress conditions were marked.

Simchuk A.P.
Partitioning of trophic niches in parsitoids of oak leafroller moth in microcommunities of the crimean oak forests / A.P. Simchuk
Intraspecific partitioning of trophic niches was documented in two parasitoids of oak leafroller moth, which differ in their phenes. The data obtained show that alternative genotypes of one species in different manner interact with both the specimens of different species on the whole and their different genotypes.

Tribrat N.S.
Influence electromagnetic fields different ranges on processes of mircoсirculation / N.S. Tribrat, E. N. Chuyan, M. Yu. Ravaeva
In the article is presented a literature review about influence electromagnetic fields of different ranges on the process of the microcirculation.

Cheretayev I.V.
Characteristic and mechanisms of impulsive activity of neurons of snail / I.V. Cheretayev, D.R. Husainov, I.I. Korenjuk
Summarized literature data are present concerning about neurons of suboesophageal nerve in the snail Helix pomatia. The characteristic of the most known neurons is given. Are considered possible mechanisms of generation of rhythmic and pacemaker electric activity in the neurons.

Cherniy S.V.
Alterations of cerebral electrogenesis in human after long antarctic expedition / S.V. Cherniy, Y.V. Moiseyenko, V.B. Pavlenko, V.P. Semeniuk, V.V. Lisinchyuk, A.A. Kovalenko, S-A.I. Madyar, Ye.E. Kovalevskaya
Researches of features of electric activity of cerebrum of man are conducted after annual sensory deprivation in the extreme terms of Antarctic. In researches candidates in the Antarctic expedition (12 men) and winterers (12 men) took part after returning from a long expedition (13 months) at the station Vernadsky (65 14'43"S; 64 15'24"W). By the characteristic feature of changes biorhytm activity of cerebrum of human after annual sensory deprivation in the extreme terms of Antarctic there is that emotional stimulation of different modality demonstrates depressed of answer of cerebral biorhytm with strengthening of its low frequency spectrum on a background universal desynchronisation of rhythms of EEG with predominating of dysregulation displays in the projections of areas of bark of brain, relating to adjusting psychoemochen status of human.

Chechina O.N.
Respiratory rate variations in bottlenose dolphin calves (tursiops truncatus) during early postnatal period / O.N.Chechina, N.L. Kondratiyeva
Respiratory rate in four Bottlenose dolphin calves (Tursiops truncates) born in Oceanarium during early postnatal period has been studied. The analysis’s realized through visualization, ethograms and video filming. There’s registered an abrupt respiratory acceleration in the calves at leaving mother and actively moving all over the cell. At growing (4 months and older) respiratory rate in calves at simultaneous swimming with mother and alone swimming is descending. Perhaps, acceleration at leaving mother is caused by physical activity increment and emotional excitement as the result of environment stimulants.

Chuyan E.N.
Individually-tipological features of processes of microblood circulation: influencing of lowintensity electromagnetic radiation of the millimetric range / E.N. Chuyan, M.N. Ananchenko
It has been studied specific-typological reactions of microblood circulation processes of extremely highfrequency, or millimetric range, at conditionally healthy girls-volunteers in the age of 18-23 years by metod laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF). It is shown that of lowintensity of electromagnetic radiation of extremely high-frequency renders effective correcting the differentiated influence on indicators peripheral of microblood circulation, causing indemnification-adaptive reactions. Course influence of of electromagnetic radiation of extremely high-frequency leads to levelling of intergroup distinctions and approach of values of indicators of microcirculation at examinees with hypoemical and hyperemic microcirculation types to the most balanced in the functional relation normoemical that testifies about it homeostatic action.

Chuyan E.N.
Individually-tipological features of processes of microblood circulation: influencing of lowintensity electromagnetic radiation of the millimetric range / E.N. Chuyan, T.V. Zayachnikova, O.I. Gornaya
Modifying effect of hypokinetic stress on an algesthesia changing of the rats at the experimentally caused tonic somatic pain is studied. The modifying effect of hypokinetic stress on an algesthesia of rats in a formalin test depends on duration of mobility limitation. Thus a change of the algesthesia (diminishing and increase) for animals at hypokinetic stress can serve as a criterion of conversion from eustress to distress. Key words: hypokinetic stress, algesthesia, tonic pain.

Chuyan E.N.
Extremely high frequency electromagnetic radiation influence on heart rate variability indices and fractal neurodynamics / E.N. Chuyan, I.R. Nikiforov, M.Y. Ravaeva, E.A. Biryukova, E.V. Chuyan, O.D. Bogdanova
We study the changes in heart rate variability (HRV) and fractal neurodynamics (FND), students volunteer with the 10-times effects low intensive of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), extremely high frequency (EHF).Shown that the course impact normalize the regulation of cardiac rhythm, especially on the part of the autonomic nervous system, indicating a decrease in the degree of centralization of cardiac rhythm control. Reliable changes in the studied parameters were observed only after 4-th EHF-session and maximum effect of the rate EHF-therapy - to 9 – 10-th days. Also aftereffect was recorded, as evidenced by reliable change indices of HRV and FND for the next 7 days after the course EHF-therapy.

Eysmont E. V.
Correction of anxiety in children and adolescents through the course of feedback sessions on the characteristics of the electroencephalogram / E. V. Eysmont, T. A. Alieva, N. V. Lutsyuk, V.B. Pavlenko
Changes in the pattern of the electroencephalogram (EEG) during the feedback sessions on the characteristics of the EEG (EEG-biofeedback) and assessment the effect of EEG-biofeedback method application to the level of anxiety were studied, assessed using psychological tests such as Spielberger, A.M. Prihojan and Luscher. 23 healthy subjects, 5-14 year old took part in the investigation who were divided into two groups: experimental (n = 11) and control (n = 12). Obtained data are an evidence of the change of the functional state of the brain as a result of the course of EEG-biofeedback sessions. Changes of EEG alpha rhythm amplitude, amplitude ratio of the alpha rhythm and the theta rhythm, sensory motor rhythm and theta rhythm, as well as the modal frequency of the alpha rhythm were observed. Registered changes of EEG characteristics caused by the course of EEG-biofeedbacksessions were accompanied with lower levels of anxiety.

Emirova D.E.
Comparative analysis of phytotoxic action of pesticide BI-58 on agricultural cultures / Emirova D.E.
The comparative analysis of phytotoxic action of BI-58 is conducted on Zea mays L., Allium cepa L. and Helianthus annuus L. It is established, that a concentration 0,05 ml/l did not render phytotoxic operating on investigational cultures. A dose 0,1 ml/l, recommended to the application, rendered the phytotoxic operating on the seed of Allium cepa L. and Zea mays L. High concentrations of preparation (0,2 and 0,4 ml/l) had expressed phytotoxic effect on the studied cultures.

Yarmolyuk N.S.
Influence of the electromagnetic shielding on the regeneration of planarian Dugesia tigrina with different functional asymmetry / N.S. Yarmolyuk
At planarian with different functional asymmetry found out distinctions of parameters of regeneration. EMF causes the identical changes of processes of regenerators for them, but the degree of their expressed is different.

Kropotov V. A.
Prediction of random errors of the potentiometric titration curve parameters of the weak two-basic acid / V. A. Kropotov
An influence of random errors of measurement on estimations of a titration curve parameters of the two-basic acid is investigated by the Monte-Carlo method. Dependence of repeatability of the estimations produced on the dissociation constants and concentration of acid is established.

Kurchi E.
The application of factor analysis for the estimation of the influence of geometric parameters on the reduced moment of inertia in 2-nitro-3-methylphenol molecules / E. Kurchi, M.I. Sheikh-Zade
The method of factor analysis has been used for the estimation of the influence of geometric parameters on the value of the reduced moment of inertia Іr on the example 2-nitro-3-methylphenol in cis- conformation. The mathematical model of such influence in the form of regression equation has been obtained, from the analysis of which a conclusion has been made that a dominant influence on Іr value of this molecule makes the top geometry (OH-group), but the influence of the geometry substitutes in benzene ring is noticeably less essential.

Nikipelova O.M.
Microbe composition and bactericidal properties of natural biocomplex and their carbon compozits O.M. Nikipelova, S.S. Stavitskaya, S.I .Nicolenko, T.I. Mironyuk
Microbiological researches of deep-water ground deposits (GD) of the Black sea and some carbon components on their basis are conducted. Influencing the microbе composition GD and components is shown on their catalazical, bactericidal properties, that is important for their subsequent use with the medical purpose.

Shulgin V.F.
Molecular and crystal structure of the binuclear lanthanum complex with 5-hydroxy-3- methyl-1-phenyl-4-formylpirazole / V.F. Shul?gin, S.V. Abkhairova, O.V. Konnic, M.A. Kiskin, I.L. Eremenko
The synthesis and results of molecular and crystal structure investigation of the binuclear lanthanum complex with 5-hydroxy-3-methyl-1-phenyl 4-formylpirazole are described.

Shulgin V.F.
Synthesis and structure investigation of the binuclear copper(II) complexes with acyldihydrazones of aspartic acid's N-derivates / V.F. Shulgin, E.B. Rusanov, N.A.Gusev, E.A. Zamnius, O.V. Konnic
The synthesis and the results of molecular and crystal structure investigation of the binuclear copper(II) complexes with N-derivates aspartic acid's acyldihydrazones by X-Ray technique was described.