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Vol. 22 (61), № 3. 2009
Biology, chemistry


Boyko E. F.
Characteristic of the collection of Origanum vulgare L. by dimensional parameters of lamina
E. F. Boyko, A. V. Mishnev
Some morphological peculiarities of the leaf of Origanum vulgare L. were examined. Variability of sizes and forms of lamina were described. As a result 6 groups of dimensional parameters of the leaf and 2 groups of form of lamina were determined.

Voroshilova N.V.
To structure and dynamics theory of serial plant communities cenopopulations
In cenopopulations of serial plant communities ecotopic and biotic selection takes place against the background of different ecesis waves. Typology of inner cenopopulation forms may be built on the basis of different criteria, but levels of persistance, generative ability and life duration are rather rational for one of the first typological schemes.

Gorodnyaya E. V.
A rhythmus of growth and development Rosa tschatyrdagi Chrshan. and Rosa eglanteria L. in nature populations and culture in terms of Crimean foot-hill
In the article was presented comparative description of phenological processes of two species of the Crimean wild-roses from nature populations and culture in terms of Crimean foot-hill.

Gromenko V.M.
The vertical structure of Crimean Prisivash'ya salt-marsh biogeocenoses
V.M. Gromenko, V.B. Pyshkin, A.V. Ivashov
The vertical structure of salt-marsh biogeocenoses is investigated, the limits of tiers are found, specific composition of fauna timed to concrete biogeohorizons is indicated.

Gumenyuk K. K. Gumenyuk, S. Tsil’ko, Y. Achkasova, Y. Bondarenko, V. Panasenko, T. Achkasova
Nondiphtheriae corynebacterium is the problem demanding further investigating and analysis
In the analised material it is reflected aetiological role С. pseudodiphtheriticum in development of an infectious pathology of ENT-organs. Authors consider necessary carrying out of more profound studying nondiphtheriae corynebacterium as potential activators of diseases of the top respiratory ways.

Yolkina N.M.
Character of changes of some erythrocytes enzymes activity under model oxydative stress and pathology
N.M. Yolkina, V.V. Kazakova, S.V. Konoshenko
It has been shown, that under initiation of oxidative reactions with the share of oxygen active forms (OAF) in vitro and under illnesses with oxidative stress the activity of some erythrosytes enzymes is changed. The character of enzymes activity changes testify about damage action of OAF and possibility of development of compensatoric processes in erythrocytes.

Ivanov S. P., Fateryga A. V., Filatov M. A.
Retrospective assessment of species diversity of wild bees and wasps (Hymenoptera, Aculeata) of the Botanical Garden of Vernadskiy Taurida National University
S. P. Ivanov, A. V. Fateryga, M. A. Filatov
It was given an annotated list of the rare species of wild bees and wasps which inhabited on the territory, which now is occupied by the Botanical Garden of Vernadskiy Taurida National University, in the times of existing there the landscape park of estates of P. S. Pallas and M. S. Vorontsov – a period of the beginning of XX century. Among 23 discovered species, which are rare in the Crimea, 9 are entered to the Redbook of Ukraine. Abundance of rare species is considered as the character of high level of aculeate hymenopterans diversity in the past fauna of the park. Sources of this unique diversity, causes of its loss and a possibility of its renewal were discussed.

Klimenko Z.K.
Distant hybridization in home selection of gardens roses on immunity to fungi diseases
The results of distant hybridization in selection of gardens roses on immunity to fungi diseases have been given.

Koba V.P.
Bioproductivity and ecological potential of natural populations of kinds of Pinus L. sorts
The results of researches of polyvariance pine individes on rates of development are presented. The correlation of the given attribute with seed production and stability of natural populations of a pine to an operation of fitopatogen organisms is shown. Is established, that the removal from populations of slow development arbors promotes an acceleration of disintegration and aging of stands of trees.

Koba V.P.
Assessment of taxsathion characteristics of Pinus pallasiana D. Don growing in natural
stands of trees

The researches of the taxsathion characteristics of Pinus pallasiana D. Don growing in natural stands of trees of the south macroslope of the Main ridge of the Crimean mountains are carried out. Is established, that the most intensive accretion on a diameter and height at P. pallasiana is observed in the age of 60 years, per 140 years and the appreciable reduction of the given parameters is marked.

Korolyov V.A.
Features of reproduktivnogo process for rats in the conditions of electromagnetic screening
V.A. Korolyov, M.V. Zakharova, N.S. Yarmolyuk
The protracted electromagnetic screening results in abnormalities of embryonic development of rats. Screening of pregnant rats during the period of early puberty results in death of embryos on the early stages of development. At the electromagnetic screening of pregnant females of period of genesial bloom pregnancy will be realized to the stage of organogenesis and fruit period, but miscarriage is accompanied.

Kostyuk A.S.
Daily repeated electromagnetic fields shielding changes pain sensitivity of land snails of Helix albescens
A.S. Kostyuk, N..A. Temuryants
It is shown that the effect of the long electromagnetic shielding (1 hour per day) during 30 days is characterized the phase change of parameters the pain sensitivity of molluscs: I phase - the reduction of pain threshold and the latency period (hyperanalgaesia), II phase - an increase of the studied indexes (effect of analgaesia), III phase - a return to the level of baseline data, IV phase - stabilization of parameters at a level higher than the original at 2.9%.

Kotov S.F.
Competition and allometric relationships of plants in coenopopulations of Halimione pedunculata (L.) Aell.
S.F Kotov., O.M. Gruzinova
In coenopopulations of H. рedunculata competitive interactions are established. The neighbour removal experiment has shown, that the competition reduces vitality of plants. The competition changes allometry of plants - the linear dependence of allometric ratios of height, of a diameter and weight of plants in neighbour removal experiment changed it on curve dependence in not broken coenosis.

Martynjuk V. S
Influence of the combined action of a weak low-frequency magnetic field and гипокинезии on activity моноамиоксидазы in a brain of animals
.S. Martynjuk, R.I. Isljamov
Influence of the combined action of the weak low-frequency magnetic field and hypokinetic stress on activity of monoamioksidazy in different structures of animals’ cerebrum was investigated. The analysis of activity of monoaminoksidazy in the different structures of cerebrum has showed that animals, being in the conditions of variable magnetic field during many days, have an unspecific adaptation reaction which is characterized for organism reaction with mobility limitation. Thus simultaneous influence of indicated factors causes changes of activity of given enzyme mainly in gipotalamuse.

Parkhomenko A.L.
The influence of entomopathogen bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis on cabbage plants invasion by Bravicoryne brassicae L.
/ A.L. Parkhomenko, T.Y. Parkhomenko, N.M. Lesovoy
It have been shown, that the treatment of cabbage plants by entomopathogen strains Bacillus thuringiensis 994 и 0376 decreased the invasion by phitophage Bravicoryne brassicae L. on 10 – 26 and 30 – 34% and increased the cabbage yielding on 118 and 90% accordingly, in comparison with control without treatment.

Prosyannikova I.B.

Phytotrophic obligatory-parasitic fungi of Guardeyskoe pgt. Surburbs, Simferopol district
I.B. Prosyannikova, E.A. Dzunenko, Z.N. Bilyalova
45 species of obligatory-parasitic fungi belonging to 14 general and 3 divisions of fungi were discovered as a result of mycological studies for the vegetation season 2007-2008 around Guardeyskoe pgt. Parasitic fungi of higher plants were revealed on 15 species of feeding plants, new for Crimea. 9 species of parasitic fungi new to Crimea and 22 ones new to Crimean forest-steppe were found.

Prosyannikova I.B.
The influence of rust fungi Uromyces muscari Lev. on state of population Scilla bifolia L. (Liliaceae)
I.B. Prosyannikova, V.V. Chernitsyn
In the course of performed mycology researches during three seasons of vegetations 2006-2008 prevalence and intensity of defeat of Scilla bifolia L. by the rust fungi Uromyces muscari on the east and south slopes of mountain Kosh-Koya are studied. It is set that the associated pair: fungi-plant appears annually. Dependence between the terms of sporification U. muscari and phenological spectrums of plant - owner is exposed. It is set that mass teliosporification of parasite is on the stage of fruiting of plant-owner (end of April - beginning of May). Anatomic researches of vegetative organs of S. bifolia are conducted. The local and endophytic location of parasite in tissues of plant-owner are exposed. Analysis of the phytosanitary state of population of S. bifolia on the east and south slopes of mountain Kosh-Koya showed, that defeat the rust fungi U. muscari exceeds 50 percent barrier and takes epiphytotic character.

Repetskaya A.I.
Functional zoning of the Botanical Garden of Taurida V.Vernadsky National University territory
In this paper the concept of functional zoning of the NTU Botanical Garden territory is presented. The four zones (expositional, nature protective, scientific and administrative) with the corresponding subzones and park facilities are identified. The objectives are defined and the characteristics of each zone are given. The creation of the protected buffer zone adjacent to the territory of the Botanical Garden is proposed.

Savushkina I.G.
Prospective members of the family Caprifoliaceae A. L. Jussien for planting in the Foothill Crimea
I.G. Savushkina, V.V. Leonov
Estimate for range of representatives of the family Caprifoliaceae A. L. Jussien, growing in the Botanical Gardens of Taurida V.Vernadsky National University are given. The most perspective types and forms for use in landscaping at the soil-climatic conditions of the Foothill Crimea are proposed.

Simagina N.O.
Influence of edaphic factors on the allelopathic effect of halophytes
N.O. Simagina, N.Yu. Lysyakova
The depending of accumulation of phenolic matters from the changes of maintenance of elements of mineral feed in soils are revealed. The high and low concentrations of substances have influence on a phenolic exchange not only plants-donors of allelopathic matters but also plants-acceptors.

Spitsaiev A.S
The project proposition for improvement the Regional child ecological сenter area (Lviv)
The paper outlined the concept of beautification and landscaping project Regional Children's Environmental - Naturalist Center in Lviv. An analysis urboekolohichnyy territory on which project proposals are developed.

Chuyan E.N.
Individually-tipological approach to research of processes of microblood circulation
E.N. Chuyan, M.N. Ananchenko
By a laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF) is studied individually-typological features of indicators of microcirculation at is conditional-healthy girls-volunteers of the Crimean region at the age of 18-23 years. As a result of research 3 types LDF-GRAM have been allocated: aperiodic, monotonous with low and high perfusion. It is shown that the highest equation regulator processes of microcirculation processes examinees with aperiodic type LDF-grammes.

Chuуan E.N.
Change of indicators of variability of the heart rate and , fractal neurodynamics in the conditions of controlled breathing on frequency of fluctuations of the spectrum of the heart rate
E.N. Chujan, E.A. Birjukova, M.U.Ravaeva , A.V. Yancev, T.V. Zayachnikova
Changes of indicators of variability of a heart rate and fractal neurodynamics in the conditions of controlled breathing on frequency of fluctuations of a spectrum of heart rate are studied. It is shown that the controlled breathing, which frequency corresponds to frequency of localisation of the maximum peak of capacity of a heart rate in low-frequency (LF) a range is the powerful mechanism of management of a heart rate and change of a functional condition of an organism as a whole. Studying of properties of own oscillatory processes of system of vegetative management by a heart rate is possible on the basis of a resonance effect in a spectrum of a heart rate at influence of controlled breathing with the frequency corresponding to frequency of localisation of the maximum peak of capacity of a heart rate in low-frequency (LF) a range.

Chuyan E.N.
Features of development of pain stress taking into account the individual-typological peculiarity of animals
E.N. Chuyan, E.R. Dzheldubaeva, O.I. Gornaya, T.V. Zayachnikova
The variability of pain sensitiveness is studied for rats with the different type of motor asymmetry at the experimentally caused tonic pain in a «formalin test». It is shown that the coefficient of motor asymmetry of animals can serve as a criterion their sensitiveness to pain stress. To pain stress rats appeared most sensible with left-side motor lateralization, i.e. by the dominant right hemisphere of brain, and the least – with a dominant left hemisphere («right-handed person») and with the unexpressed functional asymmetry («ambidexterity»).