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Vol. 22 (61), № 2. 2009
Biology, chemistry


Astapenko N.A.
Influence of optimization’s factors of nutrient medium on the processes of Cephalanthera damosonium (Mill.) Druce (Orchidaceae) seed’s germination
The results of researches on influence of optimization’s factors of nutrient medium on the processes of Cephalanthera damosonium seed’s germination are represented. Dependence of speed of seed’s germination on the concentration of sucrose in a medium is set. It is shown the necessity of the detailed study of dynamics of seed’s metabolites accumulation for the increase of efficiency of seed asymbiotic reproduction.

Boyko E. F.
Origanum vulgare L. and Origanum tyttanthum Gontsch. as a medicinal, essential oil, spicy-aromatics and ornamental plants
Some representatives of family Lamiaceae Lindl.: Origanum vulgare L. and O. tyttanthum Gontsch. are considered here in this summarizing article. The description of their usage as a medicinal, essential oil, spicyaromatics and ornamental plants is given.

Gamma T.V., Epishkin I.V., Korenyuk I.I., Ablaeva U.D., Repetiy M.I., Husainov D.R., Katjushina O.V.
The psychotropic effects of benzimidazole on experimental models of stress at rate
Under conditions of tests an open field, black-and-white chamber and the crosswise raised labyrinth is shown, that benzimidazole depending on a doze has sedative and anxiolitic action on a rate behavior. By results of the Porsolt test and tail-hanging benzimidazole only in a doze 5 mg/kg renders antidepressante action. The further increase of a doze of substance results to depression display of animal.

Demtsun, N.A., Temuryants N.A., Baranova M.M.
Dynamics in the mobility of planaria that are regenerating under the conditions of electromagnetic shielding
Based upon the techniques of computer image analysis we have developed a method of calculating the velocity of planaria movement. A strong positive correlation was found between this parameter and the index of regeneration (r=0.95). It has been shown that under the conditions of electromagnetic shielding, the velocity of planaria movement increases 1.2 times greater that the index of regeneration.

Demtsun N.A, Tumanyants K.N, Temuryants N.A.
Effects of low intensity UHF EMF on regeneration of planaria Dugesia tigrina
We studied the effects of 42.3 GHz, 0.1mW/cm2electrmoganetic field on regeneration of planaria. We found that UHF EMF stimulates planaria regeneration and alters the multi-day rhythmicity of its parameters.

Ivanov S.P.
Reconstruction of the phylogenetic relations of megachilid-bees (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae) on the basis of the evolutionary scenario of its nest-building instincts development
It was carried out a reconstruction of the phylogenetic relations of megachilid-bees on the basis of the evolutionary scenario with usage of 12 maerons and 195 characters of nests construction and behavior of bees and their larvae. It was ascertained the disposition of phylogenetic relations of separate taxa within tribes Megachilini and Osmiini and showed an ambiguity of the place of Fideliinae relative to Megachilidae.

Kovalenko A.A., Chernyj S.V., Pavlenko V.B.
The effects of visual affective stimuli on characteristics of evoked EEG-potentials
The effects of visual affective stimuli on characteristics of evoked EEG-potentials

Konareva I.N.
Influence of sedative vegetable preparations on emotional sphere of the person
Dynamics of parameters of emotional sphere of the person under influence of unitary reception of sedative tinctures is considered. Significant changes have caused tinctures of a peony and an aglet. The differentiated influence of investigated tinctures on the considered parameters of emotional sphere of the person is established.

Lysyakova N. Yu ., Klimenko E. N.
The cytoembriologic features of females generative sphere of Orchis pallens (L)
The cytoembriologic features of forming and development of female gametophyte of one of the most rare rhizocarpous orchid of Crimea Orchis pallens (L) are revealed. The bispore’s way of development of embryonic sack of Polygonum-type of bitegmal's ovule is determined.

Lysyakova N.Yu., Simagina N.O.
Dynamics of symbiotic and allelopathic interaction of rhizomatous Crimean orchids
At 4 representatives of subfamilies Neottioideae, concerning to groups of rhizomatous geophytes, peculiarities of localization of endomycotrophic component, dynamics of symbiotic and allelopathic interaction on ontogenesis phases, influences of edaphic and climatic factors on a degree of micotrophity are revealed. It is established negative correlative dependence between a degree of micotrophity and morphometric parameters, and also potential and real seed efficiency of rhizomatous species of Crimean orchids.

Markina M.V., Lyahenko V.P., Rudenko A,I., Vyatkin A.K.

Investigations state of function acidforming stomach over electrolytic composition of saliva at the patients with gastrointestinal tract disease and at sounds persons
Investigated the interrelation between the content of the mass concentration of cations and anions in gastric and salivary secretions that displays the functional state of the digestion. Shows the correlation analysis of electrolyte elements mixed saliva and gastric juice, establishing a direct relation between mass concentration of sodium cations, chlorine anions and acid-function of the stomach.

Melnikova O.Z., Lyashenko V.P.
Researches of mediator mechanisms of modulation at the terms of long duration stress of background total electric activity of ergotropic area of hypothalamus of rats
Investigated the dynamics of cooperation of noradrenergic and GABA-ergic mediator systems during of long duration stress, analyzing caused by him the changes of wave powers of ergotropic hypothalamic area background total electric activity in narcotized rats. The electrographic displays of the indicated systems' activity were got by application on a background a stress situation of central neurotransmission modulators – amitriptilin, aminazin, carbamazepin

Nikolskaya V.A., Rubanovskaya T. V.
Influence experimental hyperinsulinemia on processes of oxidative мodifications of proteins in tissue laboratory rats
By method of definition of oxidative мodifications of proteins in tissue of a liver, a brain and heart it is established, that the state experimental hyperinsulinemia leads to activation of oxidative processes and destruction proteins of the studied tissue with formation of products of oxidative мodifications aminoacids the residual (aldehydic and ketonic products of neutral and basic character). Knocking over hypoglycaemia glucose allows to lower indicators of the oxidised products.

Oturina I.P., Yemelyanova A.A., Kuryanov V.O.

The study of antimicrobial activity of the new synthetic chemical preparations
Тhe dynamics of sensitivity of the Staphуlococcus aureus and Escherichia coli strains, sown in Simferopol from people, to the antibiotics and synthetic preparations from the different classis of organic compound with the use of diffusion in agar method was investigated. It was determined that the efficiency of action depends from occurrence of the active radicals in their molecules, concentration and species characteristics of microorganisms.

Pavlenko V.B., Fokina Yu.O., Machin S.,A., Litsov D.I.
EEG correlates of process of decision-making in humans
The article presents the variations of EEG patterns during the process of decision making on expressing agreement/disagreement with (socially sensitive) statements provided. It is hypothesized that making positive and negative decisions can correlate with activation and inhibition of the "mirror" neuron system in the human brain.

RomanenkoA..V., Kartak A..A.
Increase of motive activity of children with mionectic sight of medical physical culture
Effective overcoming of violations of physical development for children with mionectic sight possibly on condition of development and introduction of the individual program of medical physical culture on every student separately taking into account individual psychical, physical and visual features.

Filimonova N.B., Kutsenko T.V.
Factor analysis of a microstructure of the working memory on visual verbal and nonverbal stimuli for men and women
On results a factor analysis for women two functional systems of working memory are exposed - system of memorizing of verbal information and system, related to attention. For men three functional systems of main memory are exposed: 1- system of memorizing of the simple verbal and nonverbal information, 2 - system of memorizing exactly of letters, 3 - system of memorizing of difficult nonverbal information.

Fokina Yu.O., Kylichenko A.M., Pavlenko V.B.
The changes of spectral power EEG rhythms of animal after realization beta/teta session
The spectral power of EEG rhythms after biofeedback sessions on two wakeful cats is investigated. EEG biofeedback sessions were carried out based on elaborated sheme, in which the level of audio signal given to an animal, diminished when the relation of powers of beta- and teta-rhythms recorded in frontal area is increased. It is revealed, that spectral power of beta-rhythm in frontal and left temporal leads is significant increased after EEG biofeedback sessions.

Chmeleva S.I., Bugara A.M, Omel`chenko, A.V., Yakimova O.V.

Getting callus cultures of ordinary oleander (Nerium oleander L.) and analysis of cardiac glycosides on the content
Features of callus induction in the culture of the vegetative organs of Nerium oleander L. were investigated. Selected Murashige and Skug nutrient media modified for obtaining and passage callus cultures. Chemical analysis of callus cultures revealed the presence of fractions of cardiac glycosides, which are typical for the intact plants.

Chuyan E.N., Biryukova E.A., Ravaeva M.Y., Nikiforov I.R.
The individual profile of a functional state of an organism of examinees with various type of vegetative regulation
The article is devoted an estimation of an individual profile of a functional state of an organism of examinees with various type of vegetative regulation. At subjects with vagal predominance - the highest, with sympathetic predominance – low integrated indicators of a functional state of an organism is shown. By the claster analysis method presence of different mechanisms of maintenance of a homeostasis and regulation of a functional condition at examinees with a different tone of vegetative nervous system is shown.

Chuyan E.N., Gornaya O.I.
The peculiarities of youths-students’ blood microcirculation
The article is devoted to the peculiarities of youth-students’ blood microcirculation state by means of laser Doppler flowmeasuring (LDF). The author defines three basic types of blood microcirculation with the predominance of hyperaemic type.

Chuyan E.N., Tribrat N.C.,Ravaeva M.U., Drevetnyak N.A.

Changes of blood microcirculation during the lowintensity millimetric-radiation
It is rotined that in the process of single influence of milimetric-waves there is a change of indexes mikrocirculation in area of direct local ELF-influence. It is exposed, that in area of EHF-influence there is a redistribution of blood stream in behalf on prevailing of nutritive blood stream, that in a LDF-gramme the decline of miogenic tone and index of by-passing expressed. It is rotined that on influence EMR EHF tonedependent components of adjusting of microvasculature react the first, in particular, miogenic and endothelial frequency components, and this reaction carries local character.


Nikipelova O.M.
Influence water in structure-colloidal condition silt sulphide mud system
A dependence of definite colloidal-chemical index silt sulphide mud system from mass part moisture, that determine their structure-colloidal condition was showed. By this condition a possibility to use mud in medical practice considers.

Romanovskaya I.I.
The perspective matrices for allergens immobilization
The immobilization of rye pollen- and hen egg’s white allergen was studied by entrapment in poly-Nvinyl caprolactam and by adsorption on aerosil A-380. The preparations of allergens with high level of protein binding, stable at storage, prolonged action in model stomach- and intestine- pH-modeling media, were obtained.

Sheikh-Zade M.I.
A study of the antronylic acid molecular forms in dilute solutions in CCl4
The infrared spectrum solutions of antronylic acid in CCl4were obtained in the field of valency vibrations of hydroxylic, amino- and carbonyl groups in the temperature interval of 22-72 °С. The identification of νOH, νNH, νC=O bands have been made. From the analysis of the values of the bands frequency, concentration and temperature dependences of the intensity of bands the conclusion has been made about the formation of monomers and dimers of this acid under the conditions chosen for this experiment.

Shulgin V.F., Bogomyakov A.S., Konnic O.V.
Magnetism of the spacer-armed copper(II) complexes
Results of magnetic investigation of three copper(II) spacer-armed complexes with acylhydrazones of the carboxylic acids (dinuclear complex of the glutaric acid salicylidenhydrazone, dinuclear complex of the isophtalic acid and 2-hydroxyacetophenone and trinuclear complex of the trimesic acid salicylidenhydrazone) were described. The weak exchange coupling with –2J = 1-2 сm-1 were detected. The intermolecular oxobridges formation leads to overall ferromagnetic or antiferromagnetic interactions (zJ' ≈±0,5 сm-1).