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Vol. 22 (61), № 1, 2009
Biology, chemistry


Vishnevskiy V.G., Kostyuk A.S., Temuryants N.A., Bugaets E.V., Makarenko I.A.
Сonstruction of an instrument for pain perception studies in terrestrial gastropoda helix albescens
A devise has been constructed that allows for testing of several parameters of pain perception in mollusca – pain threshold, latent period of the pain reaction, temperature and duration of avoidance of a nociceptive stimulus. A special feature of this devise is a hot plate made of glass covered with a thin layer of titanium nitride. This feature allows for slow changes in the plate temperature.

Drogomyretska I.Z., Mazepa M.A.
The haemogram of blood and blood-forming organs of Cyprinus carpio L. under the toxic concentrations of nickel ions
In experimental conditions investigated the effect of nickel ions on Cyprinus carpio L. leucocytes. It was shown that an exposition for 96 h with nickel ions lead to distribution cells in haemogram of fishes peripheral blood. It was observed the decrease in percentage of myelocytes, metamyelocytes, band and segmented neutrophils and increase of prolymphocytes and lymphocytes number. The material change in number of leucocytes was observed in kidney and spleen of all experimental groups.

Zadorognaya G.A., Melnikova O.Z,. Lyahenko V.P., Chaus T.G, Rudenko A,I.
Influence of the vortical impulsive magnetic field on bioelectric activity in rats hypothalamus at the terms of zooconflict situation
Probed effects of influencing of the vortical impulsive magnetic field (MP) of right and left directions of rotation on forming of electrohypothalagramm (EHtG) of anterior and dorsal hypothalamic areas in rats at the terms of long duration stress (21 week). It is set that at of long duration influencing the action of the variously directed fields results in opposite effects in EHtG: at imposition vortical MF of right direction is observed desynchronization of hypothalamic structures' bioelectric activity, at the use of left directed MF – synchronization.

Ivanov S.P., Kholodov V.V., Fateryga A.V.
Crimean Orchids: pollinators composition, pollination systems diversity and its effectiveness
It was given a list of pollinators of 20 Crimean species of orchids including 98 insect species. Nectar attraction is used by 6 orchid species, and 14 species are nectar-less, they attract pollinators by fraud. Within fraudulently attraction the most widespread mechanism is attraction of inexperienced pollinators by the inflorescences glow combined with mimicry with forage plant flowers of pollinators (5 species) and clean attraction of inexperienced pollinators by the inflorescences glow (4 species). Mechanism of attraction only by mimicry with forage plant flowers of pollinators is used by 2 species; mechanism of sexual attraction is used by 2 species too; 1 species attract pollinators by imitation the feed of animal origin. The major part of species under study is pollinated by bees (14 species); 3 species are pollinated by butterflies and moths, 2 species – by vespoid wasps and 1 species – by gnats. The greatest and the most stable pollination level peculiar to nectar species and species which attract pollinators by the inflorescences glow combined with mimicry with forage plant flowers of pollinators. The less pollination level peculiar to species which use clean attraction of inexperienced pollinators by the inflorescences glow.

Kovalenko A.A., Chernyj S.V., Koryakin V.A., Pavlenko V.B.
Analysis of evoked EEG-potentials under emotionally aversive arousal condition: temporal and topographic characteristics
Influence of emotionally negative visual stimuli on the temporal and topographic characteristics of evoked EEG-potentials was investigated. It’s shown that N1, Р2, N2 and Р3 components under emotionally aversive condition appear with noticeably shoter latency than under emotionally neutral condition. Latency decrease was a maximum in the frontal, central and temporal areas of the left hemisphere.

Kotov S.F.
Interactions in coenopopulations of Salicornia perennans Willd.: competition vs. facilitation
The main factor, influencing on vitality and growth of S. perennans, is humidity of soil. An intraspecific competition reduces vitality of plants, influences on the form of growth and development. In the system of biotic factors the competition is the dominant form of interactions in coenopopulations of S. perennans on inland saline habitats; facilitation is possible only on the early stages of vegetation.

Kryzhanovskii S.A., Zyma I.G., Tukaev S.V., Cherninsky A.O.
The Correlation between resting state EEG-characteristics and human working efficiency
The aim of the work was to find the human rest EEG-characteristics, which can enable us to make assumptions about the efficiency and the features of further adaptation to various types of the cognition activity. Our findings suggest that results of both mnemonic and sensomotor tasks depends on the 9,5-10,5 Hz EEG-band power in the left frontal cortex at the previous human resting state.

Naydich S.I.
Studying effectiveness of gas mixtures in recovering the exterior breathing functions
In order to reveal the most effective gas mixtures for recovering functions of exterior breathing after strenuous muscles activity, hyper-oxygen (34% O2) and hyper-oxygen (1% CO2 + 34% O2) gas mixtures were applied. It was revealed that it is more effective to apply a gas mixture containing higher percentage of carbonic acid gas, than to use gas mixture containing oxygen alone, as it leads not only to liquidation of the oxygen debt, but also to metabolic carbon dioxide accumulation in tissues, that in its turn speeds up the process of recovery of exterior breathing and of the whole body. Inhaling the gas mixture containing 1% CO2 + 34% O2 for a short time can be used during training process and competitions for quick normalization of exterior breathing functions and basic oxygen blood conditions as a means of rapid recovery.

Nikolenko V.V., Zhaldak S.N.
Morphogenetic peculiarities of decorative sorts and hybrids of the genus Fragaria L. in conditions of Crimea
The article is devoted to complex study of the shoots system some sorts and hybrids of the genus Fragaria L. at the prospect of their use as decorative plants. A comparative description of the main types of shoots of studied sorts and hybrids of strawberry, as well as the peculiarities of their development are represented.

Sidyakin A. I., Bugara A. M., Belova O.N.
Optimization of nutrient medium for the induction calusogenesis in culture in vitro vegetative organs of Clematis vitalba
Callus induction in the culture of the vegetative organs of Clematis vitalba on the modified nutrient media Gamborg-Eveleigh (B5) and the Lin-Stabа supplemented 2,4-D and BAP were investigated. It was found that the frequency of callus induction depended on the concentration and ratio of growth regulators in the nutrient medium. The highest frequency of callus induction (97%) detected during cultivation of explants on a modified nutrient medium Gamborg-Eveleigh (B5) containing 1,5 mg/l 2,4-D and BAP.

Temuryants N.A, Demtsun N.A, Yarmolyuk N.S., Tumanyants K.N.
Planaria as a model for study of effects of ecological factors
A summary of scientific literature on the changes of regeneration intensity, asexual reproduction of planaria, as well as correction of their movement under the influence of various physical factors.

Teplitckaya L.M., Yancev A.V., Rjevskaya V.S.
The statistical analysis of morphometric parameters of reproductive structures of wild Crimea’s orchids
The results of statistical analysis of ovary’s morphometric parameters (length, width) of 4 orchid’s species of Crimea’s flora are represented. It is shown the high variability of the linear parameters of ovaries. Revealed reliable statistical indicators, which can be criteria for assessing the species at some stage of development of fruits and seeds.

Fokina Yu.O.
The modifications of spectral power EEG rhythms of animal after realization alpha/teta session
The alpha/teta neurofeedback sessions on two wakeful cats were carried out based on elaborated sheme. The signal of feedback was the level of audio signal given to an animal, which diminished when the relation of powers of alpha - and teta-rhythms recorded in occipital area is increased. It is revealed, that spectral power of alpha-rhythm in occipital lead is increased and spectral power of teta-rhythm in occipital and right temporal leads is decreased after EEG biofeedback sessions

Chuyan E.N., Ananchenko M.N., Tribrat N.S.
The modern biophysical methods of research of microcirculation processes
The analysis of literary data is conducted about the modern biophysical methods of research of microcirculation processes, dignities and failings are certain each of methods, classification of methods is offered. It is exposed, that the most informing, uninvasion and accessible method of research of estimation of the state of microcirculation is laser doppler floumetry, which possesses unique diagnostic possibilities, allowing not only to estimate the general level of peripheral perfuzion but also expose the features of adjusting of mikrobloodstream.

Chuyan E.N., Biryukova E.A., Ravaeva M.Y., Nikiforov I.R.
Features of system of vegetative management of heart at examinees with various type of vegetative regulation
Article is devoted to an estimation of features of heart rate vegetative management system at subjects with various type of vegetative regulation. At subjects with sympathetic predominance by methods of statistical, geometrical, variation, spectral and autocorrelation analyses prevalence of the central contour of regulation and decrease in adaptable possibilities is shown. At subjects with vagal predominance - the minimum centralization of heart rate management, the maximum influence of an independent contour of regulation, high activation of parasympathetic department of vegetative nervous system that testifies to high adaptable possibilities and considerable functional reserves of cardiovascular system at examinees of the given group.

Jakovchuk T.V., Katjushina O.V., Husainova K.R., Korenjuk I.I., Husainov D.R.,Gamma T.V.
Psychotropic activity of salts of salicylic acid in the conditions of behavioural tests at rats
In experimental stress-models on rats psychotropic activity of salts of a salicylic acid - salizilat cobalt (SK) and salizilat zinc (SZ) was investigated. In the test of the open field in conditions of weak stress at SK are revealed sedativic properties that specifies on prodepressive action of substance, and at SZ it is found out ancsiolitic effect. In conditions of other behavioural tests it is not revealed the expressed psychotropic effects.


Aristova. N.I., Gerzhykova V.G., Zhilyakova T.A., Panova E.P.
Definition of glycerine mass concentration in dry wine material
Glycerine definition by photocolorimetric method in wine material and modeling systems can be used for output product inspection. The lowered level of glycerine in ready-made wine material can testify about dilution must before a fermentation have been established.

Vyatkina O.V., Pershina E.D., Aleksashkin I.V., Botnar O.S.
Adsorbtive and catalic component of the oxidative processes of phenols-contentive natural water
In article the results of the study of the kinetic of biphenols conversion in homogeneous and heterogeneous system with natural water in presence of hydrogen peroxide as an oxidant are given. It is shown that increasing of speed and degree of phenols conversion in heterogeneous system comparatively to homogeneous is caused by the presence of weakly-bound ion Fe3+ in structure, buffer action and proceeding of inconvertible adsorption of investigated phenols on henerogenic component- bentonite.

Gusev A.N., Eremenko I.L., Kiskin M.A., Shulgin V.F.
Synthesis and Molecular structure of the zinc and 3-(pyridine-2-yl)-5-(2-salicylideniminophenyl) -1Н-1,2,4-triazole’s complex
The results of the synthesis and the molecular structure investigation of the zinc complex with 3- (pyridine-2-yl)-5-(2-salicylideniminophenyl)-1Н-1,2,4-triazole's are described. The coordination compound was investigated by element analysis, IR and PMR-spectroscopy methods. The molecular structure was determinated by X-ray analysis. It was found that after crystallization from DMSO-ethanol mixture monoclinic crystals was obtained. Space group С2/с, a = 25,4055; b = 14,9389; c = 19,4304 Å, β = 96,0060°; Z = 8. The zinc-zinc distance is 4,038 Å. Crystallizations from dioxane don’t change molecular structure, but change the crystal structure. Space group С2/с, a = 23,074; b = 13,869; c = 16,675 Å; β = 119,664°; Z = 4.

Katceva G N., Aristova. N.I., Panov D.A.
The methods of sorbic acid determination in the winemaking
Comparison of physical and chemical methods of sorbic acid determination is conducted in standard solutions and models standards. By a spectrophotometry method maintenance of these preservatives is certain in seven wines made in Ukraine.

Kornilyev G.V., Ezhov V.N.
About dynamics of ascorbic acid and carotene accumulation in fruits and leaves of some nectarine varieties during vegetation
In this paper the dynamics of ascorbic acid and carotene accumulation in fruits and leaves of 8 nectarine varieties belonging to different ripening groups bred NBG – NSC is examined. A conclusion about nectarine fruits and leaves as sources of vitamin C and provitamin A was done.

Kropotov V.A.
Prediction of random errors of a potentiometric titration curve parameters: weak acid titration
The method proposed by author for prediction of parameter random errors of potentiometric titration curve has been shown to be suitable for the occasion of not so weak acids and not too diluted solutions. Dependence of these errors on strength of titrated acids and its concentration has been established.

Meshkova S.B., Topilova Z.M., Shul’gin V.F, Abkshasrova C.V.
Investigation of the luminescence of the mixed-ligand complexes of terbium (III) and europium (III)-diketonates with acylpirazoles
The investigation results of the mixed-ligand complexes terbium (III) acetylacetonate and europium (III) thenoyltreefluoroacetonate with acylpirazoles were shown. There was found that formation of complex of europium (III) thenoyltrifluoroacetonate with aselainic acid bisacylpirazoles lead to 20-30 ones increasing of luminescence intensity.

Shulgin V.F., Obuch A.I., Zub.V.Ya.
Spacer-armed binuclear copper(II) complexes with 5- mercapto-3-methyl-1-phenyl-pirazole
The copper(II) binuclear complexes with aliphatic dicarboxylic acids and 5-mercapto-3-methyl-1- phenyl-pirazole diacylhydrazones has been synthesized and investigated. For spacer-armed dimers with two or three methylene bridge the weak long-range coupling was found. The observing of seven lines hyperfine structure with 1:2:3:4:3:2:1 intensity ratio and constant as 35 G is a most bright show of this phenomena.

Shulgin V.F., Rusanov E.B., Gurtovoy R.I., Pevzner N.S., Konnic O.V.
Synthesis and molecular structure investigation of the trinuclear copper(II) complex of the tris(salicilidenhydrazone) of 1,3,5- benzene tricarboxylic acid
The synthesis and results of X-ray investigation of the trinuclear copper(II) complex of the triacylhidrazone of trimesic acid with the composition of [Cu3L·4Py]·CH3OH were shown. It was found that crystals are triclinic: а = 11.7940(4), b =13.7241(5), c =15.8993(6) Å, α = 107.4120(10), β = 94.2900(10), γ = 105.5650(10) Space group P-1, Z = 2. Number of the symmetrically independent reflections with 2σ(I)>2 is 7636, R = 0.0465; RW = 0.1198. The complexes have a trinuclear structure and consist of two [Cu2L·4Py] molecules connected in the dimer by phenoxy bridges. Cooper atoms are non-equivalent. Copper … copper distances are 9,414, 9,371 и 9,667 Å respectively. The staking with square polyhedrons of copper atoms is detected in crystal.

Shulgin V.F., Rusanov E.B. Trush Yu.V.
Crystal structures of the binuclear copper(II) complexes with bis(calicyliden)hydrazones of the 1,4-benzenedicarboxylic acid and 1,4-cyclohexanedicarboxylic acid
The crystal structures of the binuclear copper(II) complexes with bis(calicyliden)hydrazones of the 1,4- benzenedicarboxylic acid and 1,4-cylohexanedicarboxylic acid were investigated by X-Ray method. Complex of the 1,4-benzenedicarboxylic acid bis(calicyliden)hydrazones [Cu2L·4Pirrolidine]·CH3OH: crystals are monoclinic а = 15.5142(7), b = 13.8784(6), c = 17.8873(8) Å, β = 91.990(2)°. Space group C2/c, Z = 4. Number of unique reflections 4269, R = 0.0303; RW = 0.0827. Complex have a molecular structure and consist of two equivalent copper atoms spaced at 11,021 A. Copper coordination polyhedron are square pyramidal. Complex of the 1,4-cyclohexanedicarboxylic acid bis(calicyliden)hydrazones [Cu2L·2Py]: crystals are triclinic, а = 8.1852(4), b = 8.5157(5), c = 11.6553(7) Å, α = 80.678(3), β = 70.041(4), γ = 74.803(3)°. )°. Space group P-1, Z = 1. Number of unique reflections 3053, R = 0.0395; RW = 0.0917. Complex have a molecular structure and consist of two equivalent copper atoms spaced at 10,772 Å. Copper coordination polyhedron are square.

Yurkova I.I., Panov D.A. and Ryabushko V.I.
Studies of nanobiocomposite optical properties on argentums and algae polysaccharides basis
Physical and chemical properties of argentums nanoparticle by the method of optical spectroscopy was investigated by the method of optical spectroscopy and it is shown that got nanoparticle possess the narrow interval of distributing on sizes (10–20 nm) and save aggregate stability at the protracted storage and concentration.

Yakovishin L.A., Grishkovets V.I., Rubinson M.A., Korzh E.N.
The complex’s formation of triterpene glycoside α-hederine with hydrophilic proteinogenous amino acids
In this paper the obtaining complexes of triterpene glycoside α-hederine with hydrophilic proteinogenous amino acids (asparagine, aspartic acids and histidine) is described. The complex’s formation is confirmed by IR-spectroscopy.