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Vol. 21 (60), № 3. 2008
Biology, chemistry


Alpeeva A.V. Kozlova G.V. Chernyata K.I.
Research of efficiency of application of musical harmonizing correction in the rehabilitation of patients with hypertensive illness of the I degree
As a result conducted researches the considerable decline of potential possibilities of the cardiorespirator system at inspected is exposed by hypertensive illness the Offered method provided growth of functional possibilities of the system of circulation of blood, increase of efficiency of respirator function.

Baev O.A.
Interaction of heart’s features of morfofunсtional alteration with the character of organism’s cardiovascular system activity at the veloergometric loading
To the urgent adaptation reactions of organism’s cardiovascular system at youths with greater expressed of heart’s morfofunctional alteration are incident less frequency of cardiac abbreviations, more intensive decline of eventual systole volume and increase shock the volume of left ventricle in the conditions of the veloergometric loading with increasing power.

Bogdanovskаya N.V., Malikov N.V.
Structural and functional changes in organization of heart as a criterium of adaptation of the organism to the systematic muscular work
Echocardiographic inspection of 39 youths in the age of 1820 years who do not go in for sports and of handball players is conducted. Systematic physical loads result in the development of specific structural and functional organization of the heart with a significant degree of lability, aimed at ensuring the optimal form of organism adaptation to the muscular work is shown.

Yuriy A. Bukov, Irina A. Kovalskaya
Hypoxic-Hypercopnic Effects and Their Applications Probability in Herontology.
External respirations functional capabilities are decreased under the agening processes, which are accompanied by prooxidant activity improving and lipid's metabolism changes. Remedial method`s with reverse respirations procedure utilization provided bronchial passage augmentation, antioxidant defence upgrouth and profilacted aterosclerotic alteration.

Ludmila M. Bukova, Vladimir F. Krov’akov, Alexander P.
Zver’ansky Factor structure of the competitive potential of the young football players on training stages
Factor structure of the competitive potential of the young football players on previous and special stages of training was studied. Special dynamic of the competitive potential, reflecting hetechronic type of the sport’s perfection in young football players was revealed. That factor models can promote optimization of the studyeducational process’s planning.

Chornaya V. N., Abdymaminov T.R., Koval S.J. Hhomyakova O.V.
Increase of physical performance and aerobic capacity of organism by combining lessons of gymnastics USHU with the use of active food additives.
The results of the spolouchennogo influencing of exercises gimnastici OUSHOu and acceptance biologically of active addition to the meal «Adaptovit» at preparation of sportsmen come into question in labour . Combining of lessons by a gymnastics with acceptance of preparation «Adaptovit» was instrumental in more effective influencing of aerobnih exercises on the organism of sportsmen and achievement of greater sporting results.

Chujan E.N., Birjukova E.A., Ravaeva M. Y.
Physiological mechanisms of hear trate variability (the literature review)
In article physiological mechanisms of heart rate variability (HRV) are considered. The special attention is given the spectral analysis of a heart rhythm. Periodic and acyclic components HRV are considered, the various points of view explaining these processes are discussed.

Chujan E.N., Tribrat N.S., Ananchenko M. N.
Individually typological features of indicators of microcirculation
The method laser doppler flowmetry (LDF) studies individuallytypological features of indicators of microcirculation at is conditionalhealthy girlsvolunteers at the age of 1823 years of the Crimean region. By results of research 3 types LDFgram have been allocated: aperiodical, monotonous type with low perfusion, monotonous type with high perfusion.

Grabovskaya E., Nagaeva E., Mishin N.
Correction of functional status of sportsmen players with the help of ultrahigh frequency electromagnetic field
The work is devoted to the study of ultrahigh frequency electromagnetic field (UNF EMF) on the functional status of sportsmen’s organisms. It is shown that under the influence of Efield radiation of extremelyhigh frequencies modification of the type of nonspecific adaptive organism responses appears, functional activity of cardiovascular system is increased.

Grebneva E.N .
Dynamics of processes of adaptations at the action of a stress factor of different modality.
Research of kardyohaemodynamic indexes by the correlative adaptometry method was performed. The correlative count in 30 students 1920 years old with a different physical capacity both in rest and in physical loading was estimated. Comparative description of the correlative count's range taking into account the level of physical capacity was carried out.

Gurkovich E.I., Chornaya V.N., Shestopalyk N.V.
Psychoemotional state correction’s role in physical rehabilitations efficiency’s increasing of spotsmen after spinal trauma.
Aromatherapy and hathajoga actions in complecs rehabilitation of spotsmtn after shinal trauma are discussrd. Aromatherapeutic procedures and spetial physical excercises application, trending on psychoemotional correction rehabilitations after spinal trauma, promoted digression’s and anxiety’s dicreaning and both muscular functions and physical sital capacity’s restoring time reduction.

Homyakova O.V., Koval S. Ya.
Rehabilitation of patients with traumatic illness of spinal cord.
The results of researches on the exposure of efficiency of influencing of physical rehabilitation on the process of renewal of motive functions and forming of compensate possibilities at patients with traumatic illness of spinal cord come into question in the article. The high degree of authenticity of indexes is exposed, that allows to recommend the offered complex influence to the patients with traumatic illness of spinal cord.

Malygina V.I., Strashko E.V .
Physical rehabilitation of children of 24 years sick of hyper kinetic for m cerebral palsy, in conditions of sanatorium.
Correction of infringements neuromuscular the device and cardiorespiratory system at children of 24 years with hyperkinetic form of cerebral palsy means therapeutic physical training and massage is established.

Inna V. Markina
Nonspecific resistance’s reactions for children with diffuse muscular hypotonia and their activisation’s possibilities.
Leucogramic data application’s possibility’ as an express criterion of the corrective action’s efficiency was determined. Physical activity’s regimen’ allowed functional reserves’ and nonspecific resistance’s forming in children with muscular hypotonia were defined.

Melnichenko E.V., Snapkov P.V., Parkhomenko A.I.
Change oxygenation vascular reflexogenic areas for sportsmen of different specializations at traction myorelakxation C3-Th8.
There was studied the efficiency of using traction myorelaxation in vascular reflexogenic areas C3-Th8 for modifying the oxygenation of intact tissues of extremities in sportsmen with mainly aerobic and anaerobic training process. Traction myorelaxation of area C3-Th8 caused significant rise in oxygenation of forearm and lower leg tissues in sportsmen of different specialization.

Melnichenko E.V., Tarabrina N.Yu., Mishin N.P., Ozerova L.O.
Correction of motive qualities in the conditions of vestibular loadings by method of active tractionrotary myorelaxation.
To study the influence of the innovative complex of the active tractionrotary myorelaxation (ATRM) on the adaptation of locomotor apparatus to vestibular load, we have tested on 15 subjects the muscle coordination properties before and after the rotation sessions in Barany Chair. The prestart doing the ATRM complex has been proved to enhance the adaptive properties of locomotor apparatus under vestibular load (р < 0,01).

Mikhalyuk E.L, Syvolap V.V., Tkalich I.V., Chechel N.M.
Vegetative suppluing of central hemodynamics and physical capacity for work in female track and field athletes-sprinters
Comprehensive examination and study of physical development, heart rate variability, central hemodynamics and physical capacity for work indices have been conducted in 47 female track and field athletessprinters, 38 of them having the gualification of 1 categoryCMS and 9 sportswomen are MSMSIC level. The influence of sporting gualification, optimum values of CI, CCR, EI and LF/HF on the indices studied was investigated. Correlative analysis was carried out.

Minin V.V.
Influence of vestibular irritations on the indexes of variation pulsometry for boxers with the different level of vestibular stability
The inspection of the circulatory system is conducted by method of variational pulsometrs for 67 boxers with the different level of vestibular stability. Found out the for boxers reactions of the cardiovascular system on vestibular irritations, presumably, related to one or another predominance of departments of the vegetative nervous system, and probably with typology of vestibulovegetative status. From these positions the got reactions can be interpreted as simpatical, parasimpatical and indifferent.

Nagaeva E., Grabovskaya E., Pilipenko G.
Application of optic physiological methods for children’s rehabilitation at the age of 8 – 10 years old with myopia of a weak degree
Effectiveness of application of optic physiological methods in children’s rehabilitation at the age of 8-10 years old with myopia of a weak degree is researched. It is shown, that the inclusion of exercises on special devices that influence accommodative apparatus of eye in the rehabilitation complex aided the improvement of visual acuity, reserves of relative accommodation and convergence.

Narmansky V. Ya.
Connection of planetary configurations with social, natural and technological cataclysms.
For the search of connections of correlations the heliocentric coordinates were used of Venus, Earths, Mars and: 1. statistics of dates of beginning of conflicts on North Caucasus (19891992) . 2. statistics of dates of assassinations are in Russia (19021911) . 3. statistics of earthquakes by amplitude 7 marks and higher (19611971гг) . 4. statistics of catastrophic floods are in Petersburg (17061999) . 5. statistics of failures on AES (20032005). It is shown that between positions of planets, in relation to certain heliocentric longitudes and the dates of cataclysms is dependence (0.9). The found conformities to the law are illustrated examples and can be used for a prognosis.

Naidych S.I.
Research of the man’s compensator y reactions while sailing
The research is based upon analysis of the windsurfer’s adaptive reactions while prolonged sailing in the Black Sea, and exterior breathing analysis, heart activity, thermo topography and electrolyte saliva balance. It is shown, that the main principles of the man’s adaptation while strenuous mussel’s activity in difficult conditions of sea sailing, are formed during the first seven days of physiological reactions, which help to achieve stable thermoregulation. Then, follow changes in the work of the main physiological systems: exterior breathing, blood circulation, heart beating and, finally, of the whole body. However simultaneous preservation of the temperature balance and providing of the prolonged intensive mussels activity become physiologically incongruent goals, leading to quick overstrain of the organs and systems of the body.

Reshetniak O.A., Evstafyeva I. A., Gruzevsrya V.F., Evstafyeva H.V.
Description of heart operation of the physically trained and untrained students depending on the level of maintenance of chemical elements in the organism
The functional inspection of cardiac activity is conducted at 80 the physically trained and untrained students, who have been surveyed about the maintenance of cadmium, calcium and calium in an organism. The physiological role toxic and essencial elements for an action of the heart of sportsmen and the persons who are not going in for sports is revealed.

Safronova N.S.
The food supplements Chyawanprash and Stresscom influence on the some organism prooxidant-antioxidant parameters.
Influence of biological active supplements Chyawanprash and Stresscom on free radicals oxidation and antioxidant system properties of students with physical activity life manner was research. Interaction between peroxide lipids oxidation and patients aerobic capacity was studied.

Shamardyna G.N., Martyinyuk O.V.
The complex approach to the estimation of the health level of the women at the first mature age according to the direct, functional indexes and bioener getics reserves
In the article there is established the direction of different donozological methods of the people health estimation. According to the results of analysis and generalization of the special literature datas there were sorted out methods for research of adapted potential, biological age and the level of the women’s physical health at the first mature age. This complex of diagnostics, based on the calculation according to the generally accessible morphofunctional indexes, doesn’t demand special equipment and experienced staff, giving opportunity to use it in the mass physical culture researches.

Shiryayev N. V., Shiryayev V. V., Maximyak M. P., Luzin A. V.
The main anthropometrical parameters of the players of modern European football teams
The analysis of the main anthropometrical parameters of the players of several European football championships was made. On the base of anthropometrical data the recommendations for selection in the modern professional football teams were worked out. The new weightstature index was applied by the authors.

Shishko E., Verko N., Bobrik Y.
Comparative analysis of dynamics, circadian and infradian rhythmics of pain sensitiveness men and women.
The comparative analysis of dynamics, circadian and infradian rhythmics of pain sensitiveness was conducted at men and women. Pain sensitiveness depends on envy from the sex of inspected was established. The persons of men sex have more high thresholds of pain sensitiveness in infradian rhythmics, and persons of women sex in a circadian.

Juliana I. Shramko, Irina V. Lukasevich
The Problems of Poor Health Children Rehabilitation

The results proved inefficiency of poorhealth children’s complex rehabilitation in secondary school.

Vilyansky V.N., Mel’nichenko A.P.
About the problem of student’s health estimation.
In this clause the condition of a problem from known references. There are home and foreign specialists data also own investigations result in the article.

Jmurova T.A., Bukov Y.A.
Bioelectrical activity and peroxyde oxydation indices correlative interactions in children with minimal brain dysfunction
Usage of the methods of adaptometry to distinguish the degree of tension of the main regulators, ensuring efficiency of adaptive response of children with minimum brain dysfunction. Application of deep reflex and muscular massage together with respiratory and physical exercises takes normalizing effect.

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