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Vol. 21 (60), № 2. 2008
Biology, chemistry


Biryuleva E.G., Lysyakova N.Yu., Kirpicheva L.F., Radchenko О.А.
Anatomicmor phological peculiarities of some representatives of genus Iris in connection with essential-oility
Anatomic peculiarities and structure of glandular apparatus of 4 species of genus Iris were investigated. Productivity of essential oil of flowers is determined by volume of exogenic glandular structure.

Bugara I.A., Yurkova I.N., Bugara A.M.

Receive and cytological investigation the callus culture of Astragalus dasyanthus Pall.
Еspecially of callusogenesis induction in vegetative organs of Astragalus dasianthus on the Murashige and Skoog medium (2,4D 2,0 mg/l, BAP 0,5 mg/l, kinetin 1,0 mg/l were investigated. It was shown that callus from leafs explants was homogenous and consisted from meristematic and parenchymatic cells.

Grigoryev P.Ye. Tsygankov K.V. Pavlenko V.N., Kuzhevskiy I.V., Lunga M.N.
The relations of postoperative mortality with the cosmic weather
The features of the cosmic weather around the dates of surgery operations that caused the patients’ deaths during the postoperative period and around the dates of their deaths in 4th clinical municipal hospital of Dnepropetrovsk were analyzed. 47663 case histories for the interval 20012007 years were analyzed. The probable general hazard factor of the postoperative mortality is an increase of the Solar activity at the dates of the operations and deaths.

Goncharova N.S., Lyashenko V.P.
Connection between the temperature in represententional points with vegetative nervous system under physiological calm and physical load
Being setlled the connection between temperature measurements in representional points with thous in vegetative nervous system when in physiological calm and under physical load. In vivo were pointed out gender peeuliarities of the mentioned above measurements in different conditions. It was proved that physical load, depending on sex, causes to different alterations of vegetative functions systems interral ties and temperature in represententional points. The obtained data may be the base for elaboration new methods of diagnoustics and correction of functions of human within constantly dianging environment.

Galdak S.N.
Experimental study of competition interactions between the plants in associations of oneyear the eugalofitov families Chenopodiaceae Vent
The dynamics of competition in associations of oneyear eugalofitov is studied. Intensity of competition in monotsenozah oneyear eugalofitov carries a dynamic character and is related to the phases of fenologicheskogo development of plants.

Ivashov V.A., Konoshenko S.V.
Definite biochemical indices’ condition of normality erythrocytes and those of chronic posttraumatic osteomyelitis
The results of research of biochemical status’s certain indices for normality erythrocytes and those of chronic posttraumatic osteomyelitis are given. Differences in obtained findings comparing to the control group of donors has been found. Patients suffer from intensification of energy exchange and destructive processes in erythrocytes.

Zadorognaya G.A., Lyahenko V.P , Chaus T.G. , Melnikova O.Z.
Influence of a vortical pulse magnetic field on bioelectric rhythmic activity of a back zone gipotalamus rats in conditions zooconflict situations
Studied the dynamics of spectral power of frequency components of elektrogipotalamogram (EGtG), which was taken from an ergotropic area gipotalamus of rats at the terms of long duration stress (21 weeks) at application of the weak magnetic field. In EGtG of animals, inferiors of the combined action, during all of research there was the phenomenon of desinkhronization.

Fedonenko E.V., Filippova E.V.

Contamination level estimation in the Zapor ozhian reservoir
The study of heavy metal accumulation in macrophytes of the Zaporozhian reservoirs resulted in elucidation of regularities and levels of reservoir contamination in its various areas. The indicator types of water plants had been recommended for the use in biomonitoring.

Konareva I.N.

Influence of reception which contains iodine of preparation «Joddar» upon person’s volume of short-term memory
The paper deals with the dynamics of a parameter of volume of shortterm memory under influence of a rate of reception the preparation of «Joddar» which contains iodine. As the result, the parameter of volume of shortterm acoustical memory for numbers and on words has increased, a shortterm visual memory on numbers has increased. The volume of a shortterm visual memory for the images practically has not changed. Thus, the differentiated influence of a rate of reception of preparation «Joddar» on a parameter of volume of the considered kinds of shortterm memory has been established.

Koreniuk I.I., Kolotilova O.I.
The morphofunctional organization of integrative action of the parietal associative cortex (5 and 7 fields)
The complex analysis of literary and own facts about the structurallyfunctional organization one of associative zones neokortex, namely parietal associative area (5 and 7 fields) is lead.

Nikolskaya V.A., Cheretayev I.V.

Influence of oxidizing stress in vitro on biochemical parameters of erythrocytes and whey of blood of representatives of classes of birds and mammals
The investigations erythrocytes and whey indexes of blood by the influence oxidizing stress of representatives birds (Galus galus) and mammals (Sus scrofa) have been carried out. Distinctions in contents of oxidizing modification of proteins in the blood`s whey of these representatives are determined. They have different directed character increasing under the influence of Fenton solution. The increase middle mass molecules is found out in gemolizate erythrocytes and the whey after the incubation period in the Fenton`s solution.

Oberemok V.V.
Detection of DNA of Lymantria dispar Nucleopolyhedrovirus at 1st instar gypsy moth cater pillars with RAPD-PCR method
With the help of RAPD-PCR method and primer OPA-08 DNA of Lymantria dispar Nucleopolyhedrovirus was detected. Presence of virus DNA at 1stinstar gypsy moth caterpillars testifies the possibility of transovarial transmission of Lymantria dispar Nucleopolyhedrovirus.

Panova S.A., Kyrillova A.V., Nagaeva E.I., Tumanyants K.N.

Influence of training of shallow motoriki on the psikhofiziologicheskie indexes of junior schoolboys
It is exposed, that the level of motoriki of rural junior schoolboys falls short of age norms, and its training improves the indexes of brief memory and vegetative adjusting of the serdechnososudistoy system.

Parkhomenko N.A., Yurkova I.N., Ryabushko V.I.
Antibacterial action of watersoluble nanocompomposition on the basis of silver and marine biopolimers
Antibacterial action of watersoluble nanocompomposition on the base of silver and marine biopolimers was investigated. It is found that the biggest effective concentration of silver nanoparticles for most testcultures was 0,050,1 g/l. A maximal oligodynamic effect was observed for the young (1, 2 – hours old) cultures of Candida albicans and Pseudomonas aeruginosa (0,025 g/l and 0,0125 g/l).

Simagina N.O., Glumova N.V.
Phenol substances of Artemisia santonica L., Halocnemum strobilaceum (Pall.) M.Bieb. with allelopathic activity
Allelopathic activity of excretion of halophytes is caused by the presence of polyphenolic substances, phenolcarbonic acids, tannins, flavanoids. Total content of phenol substances of Halocnemum strobilaceum (Pall.) M.Bieb. is 1260 mg/100 g, Artemisia santonica L. 5410 mg/100 g. It correlates with their allelopathic activity in phytocoenosis.

Sobyanina G.N.

The appraisal of scholar’s physical development under innovation conditions of study
The work is dedicated to the appraisal of the physical health level of scholar’s studied by innovation technologies. In the course of research it had been showed up that the use of the health saving methods in educational process favors the organization of the scholar’s physical development.

Teplitskaya L.M., Bugara A.M., Sklyarenko D.A., Sidyakin A.I.
Clonal propagation of rare species of Crimean plants in vitro: problems and perspectives
The perspectivity of different methods of microclonal propagation for preserving genofond of rare and extincting crimean species was shown. Effective propagation methods for in vitro culture for some species were elaborated and long term of grow collection was made.

Chaus A.G.
Changes in indices of bioelectric activity of hippocampus in rats in conditions of stress and using of carbamasepin
The bioelectric activity of hippocampus was studied in conditions of stress and activation of GАМКergic mechanisms by carbmasepin. It was proved that the effect of stress program lead to changing in indices of electrohippocampogram, which are connected with stress stages. Using of this medicine leaded to opposite changing electrohippocampogram of rats in comparing with those, who lived in conditions of influence of stress factor.

Сhuyan E.N., Birjukova E.A., Ravaeva M.U.
The role of controlled respiration at student’s functional condition correction
The article is devoted the ground of efficiency of application of method of the controlled respiratory gymnastics with the help of firmware complex «OmegaM » for the correction of the functional state of students. High efficiency of application of controlled respiratory gymnastics is set by a complex «OmegaM » for the correction of the functional state of organism on the different levels of adjusting.

Chuyan E.N., Tribrat N.S.

Methodical aspects of application of method of laser Doppler Flowmetry
Physical bases of method of laser Doppler flowmetry and methodical aspects of conducting of research of blood microcirculation help of this method are described in the article.

Yarmolyuk N.S., Kostyuk A.S., Tumanyants K.N., Mihajlov A.V.

Gydrolytic activity of alveolar macrophages at the combined action of factors of the various nature
Features gydrolytic activity of alveolar macrophages of rats are studied at the combined action of factors of various intensity. Results of research have shown, that factors of high intensity (hypokinesia and xray radiation) cause substantial increase of activity gydrolytic macrophages that can serve as risk of their clearing from cells and an output in a fabric, with the subsequent damage of fabric elements. Factors of low intensity (weak a variable magnetic field of ultralow frequency and electromagnetic radiation of the highest frequency) favour to increase of protective potential of macrophages, increasing the gydrolytic phagocytes activity. The effect of the combined action of the studied factors differs from those at their isolated action.


Efanov K.P., Povstyanoy M.V., Fedorenko А.М.
Prospects the uses of universal embryos with rutil'noy by structure on the stage of hydrolysis of sulfate of titan
In the article theoretical and experimental researches are resulted on application of universal embryos, with a rutil'noy structure, at the hydrolysis of titan(IV) sulfat. It is set that this method allows in 4 – 5 times to increase the term of the use of universal embryos, and also to change the degree of rutilizatsii TiO2. Perspective direction of application of universal embryos is exposed as crystals of rutile. It allows to exclude from the production of dioxide titan the stage of preparation of embryos of anataza and to decrease the prime price of the prepared product.

Shul'gin V.F., Obuch A.I., Rusanov E.B., Sarnit E.A., Konnic O.V.
Synthesis and structure investigation of the binuclear copper (II) complex of the salicylic acid diacylhydrazine
The synthesis and results of Xray investigation of the binuclear copper(II) complex of the salicylic acid diacylhydrazine with the composition of [Cu3L·4Py]·2Py were shown. It was found that crystals are triclinic: a = 16.8392(15), b =11.4833(10), c =17.6194(14) Å α = 90.00, β = 114.140(4), γ = 90. Space group P21/n, Z = 4. Number of the symmetrically independent reflections with 2σ(I)>2 is 5770, R = 0.0606. Rw = 0.1307. The complexes have a binuclear structure and consist of two independent [Cu2L·4Py] molecules. Cooper atoms are nonequivalent. Cu1...Cu2 distance is 4.562 Å. Cooper atom have a pyramidal geometry of co-ordination polyhedron.

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