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Vol. 21 (60), № 1. 2008
Biology, chemistry

Vladimirsky B.М., Chuyan Е.N.
А.G. Gurvich and his prominent students – G.М. Franc and А.А. Lyubischev
In the article biographic information is presented about А.G. Gurviche, G.М. Franc and А.А. Lyubischev, prominent teacher and students of the Tavrida National V.I.Vernadsky University.

Ena V.G.
Three Crimean francs (Crimean pages of life of professor M.L. Franc and his sons: academician G.M. Franc and academician I.M. Franc)
In this article some pages are resulted from history of stay and activity in Crimea, in Simferopole, three Francs – large domestic scientists mathematician, biophysicist and physicist.

Temuriatz N.A.
Biophysical researches in an university in our days

Information is presented about biophysical researches, conducted on the department of physiology of man and animals and biophysics of the Tavrida National V.I.Vernadsky University for the last 40 years. These researches touch the study of biological action of low intensity of the electromagnetic fields of extremely low and extremely high frequencies, biorhythmic.

Kotov S.F.
Botanists of the Taurida university (to 90anniversary of botany department)

In the article there is information about scientific, pedagogical and organizational activity of professors of the Taurida university (19181921) of N.I.Kuznetsov, G.F.Morozov, E.V.Vulf. Their fundamental role is marked in development of basic directions of scientific researches of botany department of the Taurida V.I.Vernadskiy national university.

Yurakhno M.V.
Leading zoologists of TNU (to the 90 years anniversary)
Data on the main scientific achievements and the most important biographical facts for P. P. Sushkin (Member of Russian Academy of Sciences) and Professors I. I. Puzanov, V. M. Borovsky, S. L. Delyamure, A. S. Skryabin are presented.


Bugara I.A., Bugara A.M.
Morphological and cytological investigation callus culture of mint
The morphology of cells and content of DNA in interphasis nucleus of callus cultures of mint of a grade Simferopolskaya 200, induced in young leaves culture in vitro were investigated. It was shown, that callus cultures were characterized by a high level of heterogeneity on cells morphology and the content of DNA in interphasis nucleus.

Gamma T.V., Korenyuk I.I.
The comparative analysis of effects 22,3,4,53 tetragydro1H1,5benzodiazepinone2 and diazepam
In job with use of the tests Porsolt and "the suspension for a tail "is established, that 2,3,4,53tetragydro1H1,5benzodiazepinone2 shows antidepression of property, exceeding on 65,0 % action diazepam. By results of the tests "open field" and "blackandwhite chamber" 2,3,4,53 tetragydro1H1,5benzodiazepinone2 depending on a doze has anksiolityc and anksiogenyc action and on force of action exceed diazepam.

Generalov O.V., Kurkchi O.E., Yaschenko S.G.
Influence of electromagnetic factors,which arising up during work with personal computer , on excretion the 6 hydroxymelatoninsulfate
The results of students’ examination the 6 hydroxymelatoninsulfate (6 HMS) excretion are represented in the article. Dependence of the 6 HMS level is exposed from electromagnetic factors, which arising up during work of students with personal computers. More low production of melatonin is marked at foreign students.

Demtsun N.A., Makhonina M.M., Temurjants N.A., Martynyuk V.S.
Effect of the electromagnetic shielding of varying lengths for regeneration planary Dugesia tigrina
It is shown electromagnetic baffle alters the velocity of planary regeneration. These changes depend on the baffle duration and have phase nature. Shortterm periodic electromagnetic baffle (one hour per day) leads to the increase of speed regeneration during the second seven days (13%) on animals in normal laboratories conditions, while the remaining period of observations no significant changes recorded. Prolonged electromagnetic baffle (23 hours per day) within ten days significantly increase planary regeneration from the second to sixth days of observations (at 147%) for the control group of animals, reduce growth term of envelopment timeframe head and eyes, synchronizing it with various animals. At that time, at second and third phases of significant changes were not observed.

Dzheldubaeva E.R., Chuyan E.N., Chuyan E.V.
Dependence of analgetics action of low intensity of EMI UHF on the presence of polarization of EMI and duration of course influence
There was studied the dependency of the nociceptive effect of the low intensity EHF EMR course exposure (wavelength 7,1 mm. power flux density 0,1 mw/cm2) on the presence/absence of polarization of EMR at the experimentally caused sharp pain reaction. The exposure of the low intensity EHF EMR while the fixed EMR circular rightside polarization is present turned out to have the stronger antinociceptive effect as compared with the EHF exposure without polirization under the influence of sharp thermal factor. The EMR course exposure with polarization led to the decrease of pain sensitivity as compared with the one without polarization.

Kolotilova O.I., Koreniuk I.I.
The modifications of EEG spectral components under effect of bemitil
The preparation having the neurothropic effect (bemitil in dosage of 100 mg/kg) has been tested in the experiments with wake cats. There have been found the changes in power of the EEG rhythm spectral components, as well as the dosagedependent gradient when concording the bemitil effects in the dosage of 50 and 100 mg/kg.

Oturina I.P., Kaliberdenko E.V., Parkhomenko T.Y., Sherstoboyev N.K.
Influence of microbesantagonists of genus Bacillus on development of wheat under conditions of an artificial infectious background
Summary: the effect of treatment of a spring wheat seeds by inoculum of strain Bacillus sp. 15001 on biological activity rhizosphere, a degree of defeat of plants by parasitic fungi and accumulation of a plants biomass have been analyzed during the vegetative period. It have been established, that bacillusantagonists more effectively suppress development of phytopathogens, raise parameters of ground’s biological activity, reduce its degree phytotoxicity and disease of plants root decay.

Polishko T.N., Sirokvasha E.A., Vinnikov A.I.
Singularities of ionic phosphorilation at staphylococcus in the presence of vaginitis of womens urogenital tract
The possibility of synthesis ATP is indicated at formation of gradients transmembrane potential differences (Δψ) or transmembrane gradient of protons (ΔpH) at staphylococcus, isolation at normal state of urogenital tract (UGT) and at staphylococcus, isolation at vaginitis of UGT. The greatest intensity of increase ATP is characteristic for staphylococcus, isolation at vaginitis, the least at staphylococcus,isolation at vaginitis and presence of an additional infectious pathology in comparison with staphylococcus, isolation at normal state of UGT.

Fokina J.O., Pavlenko V.B., Kylichenko A.M.
The possible mechanisms of neurofeedback action
The basic hypotheses explaining mechanisms of encephalogram change at realization of neurofeedback seances are considered in a review. The accent is made on changes of neuromodulator brainstem influences, plasticity of neuronal networks and forming of new neuronal ensembles.

Husainov D.R., Korenyuk І.I., Katyushina O.V., Husainova K.R.
Dependence of electric activity of neurons snail from incell concentration of cyclic guanozinmonofosfat
The articles is about of dependence fast electrical processes from incell concentration cGMF of neurons RPа1, RPа2 and not identified cell of VG. Was found, that the increase of concentration cGMF renders influence on electrical processes of a nervous cell, therefore changes kinetic fast transmembrane currents, and also the system of maintenance МP is mentioned. Also is revealed, that the influence cGMF depends on specific metabolism of various cells.

Сhuyan E.N., Birjukova E.A., Ravaeva M.U.
Complex approach to estimation of the student’s functional condition
The Article is dedicated to efficiency motivation of the system of the complex computer study "OmegaM" using for expressdiagnostics of the student’s functional condition. High efficiency of the using the complex "OmegaM" will Installed for estimation of the functional condition of the organism on different level of regulation (the vegetative, neurogumoral, central) and adaptive possibilities and functional reserve of the student’s organism.

Сhuyan E.N., Ravaeva M.U., Birjukova E.A., Kovalenko A.A., Zayachnikova T.V.
Optimization of the sportsmen’s psychophysiological status in the interemulative period
The main indices of sportsmen’s psychophysiological status after 14day termoand vibromassage using "HiMaster" termomassage bed and vibromassager MD740T are considered. It was found, that 14day course of termovibromassage stabilizes the brain functional state, improves the exchange processes in an organism, reduses the psychological fatigue and decreases emotional stress level. Also the fullvalue recovery of sportsmen’s health and optimal emulative readiness effect were established.

Chuyan E.N., Tribrat N.S.
Influence EMV VLF on processes of microсirculation
In the article is presented a literature review about influensity a lowintensity EMR VLF on the process by the microsirculation and are presented a possible mechamisms of this influence.

Shvets V.N.
Agespecific peculiarities of the accumulation of carbonylated proteins in subcellular fractions of myocardium under immobilization stress influence
It was shown during the investigation the increase of carbonylated proteins concentration in the postmitochondrial fraction of rats’ heart for both age groups of animals under immobilization stress influence. But there was no any change in a content of these proteins in the mitochondrial fraction of rats’ heart at the same condition of the investigation.The reason for the described change of proteins content is the decrease of the efficiency of antioxidant system function in the cytoplasm of myocardial cells under stress influence.


Fedorenko A.M., Ronin A.M., Fedorenko L.P.
Development of technology of electro-oxidization of sulfur(IV) oxide at the production of sulfuric acid
Conducted research on solubility of sulfur dioxide in sulfuric acid at any concentrations and temperatures. Technology of electrochemical oxidization of sulfur dioxide to sulfateion in sulfuric acid solutions making up, multistage elektrolyzer is developed.

Shul'gin V.F., Rusanov E.B., Obuch A.I., Konnic O.V.
Molecular and crystalline structure of the trinuclear copper (II) complexes of the glutaric and salicylic acid diacylbishydrazine
The results of Xray investigation of the trinuclear copper(II) complex of the glutaric and salicylic acid diacylbishydrazine with the composition of [Cu3L·4Py]·2Py were shown. It was found that crystals are triclinic: „p = 11.6302(14), b = 12.2326(16), c = 16.548(2) Å, α = 82.770(4), β = 78.285(4)° γ = 88.019(4). Space group P-1, Z=2. Number of the symmetrically independent reflections with 2 σ(I)>2 is 4565, R = 0.0463. RW = 0.1259. The complex have a molecular structure and consist of three non equivalent copper atoms. Cu2...Cu3 distance is 8.506 Å, Cu2...Cu1 and Cu3...Cu1 distances are 4.612 and 4.588 Å respectively. Two copper atoms have a pyramidal geometry of coordination polyhedron, third copper atom have a square environment. The interesting complex peculiarity is a forced closing of the eightmember chelate ring that includes carbon atoms of the polymethylenic spacer.