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Vol. 20 (59), № 4. 2007
Biology, chemistry


Babushkina О.Ph., Zelenskaya I.V., Panchuk А.Т.
Rehabilitation of Mentally-Motor Retarded Children
This work deals with the results of the physical rehabilitation deferential courses influence to physiological parameters of mentally-motor retarded children. The said rehabilitation was carried out at the boarding-school I-II level № 1, the city of Simferopol.

Balichieva D.J.
То the Mechanism of Vibration on Spermatogenez
In the experiments on animals some mechanisms of influence of general vibration on spermagenez are exposed.

Vishnevskiy J.G., Makhonina М.М., Demtsun N.A., Temuryants N.A.
Equipment for Lifetime Morphometry Planary Regenerations
For research and analysis of Dugesia tigrina reclaiming ability has been created complex for morphometrical analysis, consisting of microscope, videocamera, payment of videocapture, personal computer and packages of applied programs. Application morphometrical analysis allows to automate reception and processing results of this experiments type.
In the further it is supposed to define the most informative parameters from accessible and to prove their application for studying biological action hipomagnetic fields.

Gromenko V.M., Pishkin V.B., Pyzcmov D.V.
Species and Functional Diversity of Consuments of Saline Land Biogeocenoses of Crimean Lands near Sivash.
Species and functional diversities of phytophages, zoophages and parasites are investigated. Quantitative and qualitative peculiarities of trophic levels of organization that include consuments are found. Main streams of substance movement in saline land biocenoses are found.

Gubkina D.G., Madyar S.A., Kovalevskaya Е.Е., Pavlenko V.В., Belalov V.V., Kelip A.A., Kravchenko A.A.
Neuro-and-Psychophysiological Effects of One Session EEG-Biofeedback
Neuro-and-psychophysiological effects of one session of color EEG -biofeedback were studied. The investigations were carried out on healthy probabitioners aged 18-25. A tendency to decrease of anxiety was revealed along with statistically significant increase of amplitude of alpha rhythm in the result of f one session EEG-biofeedback.

Dzheldubayeva E.R., Chuyan E.N.
Influencing of Low Intensity, Ultra-High Frequency Electromagnetic Field on Ultradian Rhythms of Pain Sensitivity of Animals
Influence of low intensity, ultra-high frequency electromagnetic field (UHF EMF) is explored on a change temporal organization of pain sensitiveness of animals in a ultradian range. It is shown on influence UHF EMF renders synchronizing operating on the change of duration of pain and non-pain behavior duration in at experimental tonic pain.

Efimova V.M., Yancev A.V., Ananchenko M.T.
Influence of Breathe Gymnastic Pha-Thua-Chin on Psychophysiological Characteristics During the Study Week
This article contain measure results of capacity for work, anxiety, activity, concentration of attention, liability, mud and arterial pressure, heart rate during the study week. Our research have proved that breath gymnastic Pha-Thua-Chin improved characteristics of high nervous activity.

Kirillova A.V., Panova S.A., Lesova L.D.
The Analysis of Influence by Shalfey Ether Oil on the Psycho-Physiological Condition People
Results of EEG and psychological testing showed that shalfey ether oil odoration enhanced general level of brain activation in state.

Korenyuk I.I., Gamma Т.V., Ladigina Т.М., Baevsky M.Yu., Baevsky A.M.
Pharmacological Profile of l,5-Benzodiazepine-1H-2-on Newly Synthesized Derivates under Intraperitoneal Injection in Rats
A series of stress-tests determined the pharmacological profile of 1,5-benzodiazepine-1H-2-on newly synthesized derivates under intraperitoneal injection in rats. High dosage (100mg/kg) of 2,3,4,5-3-methyl- tetragydro-1H-1,5- benzodiazepine -2-on and 2,3,4,5-3- tetragydro-1H-1,5- benzodiazepine -2-on exhibited anxiolitic and sedative properties, higher than those of sibazone, though had not the anti-stress effect.

Korenyuk I.I., Husainov D.R., Katyushina O.V., Husainova K.R.
Influence of Naloxon on Processes Synaptic Transfer
The article is about research of influence naloxon on processes synaptic transfer between a not identified neuron of autonomic ganglion and the neuron PPa2, and also in synaptic between a three pairs not identified neurons autonomic ganglion of Helix albescens. It is revealed that at application naloxon the reduction lability of synaptic transfer. Effect naloxon is caused connect to suppression entering calcium current and with its influence on opium system.

Narmansky V.J.
Coming Back to a Question on 11-Years Cycles Nature of Solar Activity
The method of forecasting of solar activity and solar-terrestrial interaction created. The basic idea is about use of correlations between solar activity and simultaneous configurations of two planetary venus, earth, Jupiter the method (named "heliomechanics") has already succeeded in forecasting the minimum of solar activity (September, 2007).

Oberemok V.V.
Vertical Transmission of Lymantria Dispar Nucleopolyhedrovirus Polyhedrons
Transovarial transmission of Lymantria dispar Nucleopolyhedrovirus polyhedrons is found. Virus polyhedrons were found mainly inside of the eggs. It is shown that at the egg stage majority of virus polyhedrons are located in adjacent to embryo deutoplasma (yolk).

Рanova S.A., Kyrillova A.V., Nagaeva E.I., Tumanyants K.N.
Comparative Analysis of General Motive Activity and Psychophysiologists Indexes for Rural and City Children 5-6 Years
Distinctions are exposed in general motive activity of rural and city children 5-6 years and more low indexes of attention, that testifies to influencing of social terms of place of residence on physiological and psychical development of under-fives.

Ravaeva M.U., Koreniuk I.I.
Influence N-Uronoilderivative Amino Acids on Stress-Caused Ulcerogenesis
Work is devoted to studying ulcerotropic activity of N-uronoilderivative of amino acids. Ability of N-uronoil-glicil-glicin to activate protective mechanisms is shown at ulcerogenesis, that is caused by stress. Possible mechanisms of antiulcerogene actions of connection are discussed.

Temurjants N.A., Shishko E.J., Nagaeva E.l., Minko V.A., Demtsun N.A.
Change Infradian Rhythmicity Functional Activity Neutrophils Blood of Rats at Adaptable Reactions of the Organism of Various Type
Infradian rhythmicity functional activity neutrophils blood of rats at development of nonspecific adaptable reactions of an organism of various type. It is revealed, that hypokinetic stress leads to changes infradian rhythmicity of the investigated systems shown in development desynchronize. Nonspecific adaptable reactions of type of activation and the trainings caused by action EMF EHF and VMF of ELF cause increase synchronization between the investigated parameters. Changes caused are expressed by action VMF of ELF much more brightly, than those at action EMF EHF.

Fokina J.O., Kylichenko A.M.. Pavlenko V.B.
The Probable Mechanisms of Electroencephalogram Generation
The bases mechanisms of electroencephalogram forming in view of cortical-subcortical transmitter networks specificity are considered in a review.

Kharaim N. N.
Spicy-Aromatic Plants of Genus Artemisia L
In the summarizing article the representatives of genus Artemisia L. as spicy aromatic plants were considered. The description of their utilization in perfumery, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industry was done.

Chuyan Е.N., Ravaeva M.U., Dzheldubayeva E.R., Zajachnikova T.V., Fokina U.O.,
Kovalenko A.A., Moskovskih A.A.

Influence of Termo-Massage Device on Psychophvsiology Condition of the Organism
The changes of basic parameters of students psvchophysiology status after
14-days massage on "Hi-Master" termo-massage bed are considered in the article. It is established, that 14-days rate of termo-massage leads to functional stabilization of a condition of brain activity and to increase of readiness level for reaction to external stimulus and information perception; to improvement of exchange processes in an organism, to increase in physical working capacity and opportunities the device blood circulation; to reduction of psychological exhaustion and decrease in person emotional stress level.

Chuyan E.N., Makhonina М.М., Bogdanova O.V.
Morphometrical Analysis Application of Blood Cells Images to Quantity Characteristics of Contents Sour Fosfataza in Peripheral Blood Neutrophiles
It is shown, that application morphometrical analysis of blood cells images allows to receive the whole spectrum of attributes: optical density, the area of active cytoplasm, a quantity indicator of contents, to construct activity distribution of inclusion histograms. This allows to raise considerably efficiency of cytochemical analysis methods use. including sour fosfataza, and to receive not only qualitative, but also quantitative results of research.

Eysmont Е. V., Nikiforov I.R., Pavlenko V.B.
Interconnection between the Electroencephalogram Spectral Characteristics and the Anxiety Level in Youngsters of 14 to 15 Years Old
Interconnection between the electroencephalogram spectral characteristics and the anxiety level in 29 youngsters of 14 to 15 years old has been studied. The anxiety level was tested with use of the tests by Spielberger-Khanin and A.M. Prikhozhan. The anxiety level value in children turned to have a negative correlation with EEG alpha-rhythm amplitude.


Lutkov I.P., Makarov А.С. Zhilyakova Т.А., Aristova N.I., Belyaev V.I., Panova E.P., and Psuturi D.I.
Research of Basic Organic Acids in Wine Material for Sparkling Wines of the Sevastopol Area
The results of research of composition and mass concentration of organic acids are presented in worts and champagne wine material of the Sevastopol area, got in the seasons of the vine making of 2000-2006.

Perchina, K.D., Kostec, S.V., Kohanenko, U.V., Kohanenko, V.V., Rosovsky R.A., Chetov R.V.
The Mechanic Component in the Processes on the Boundary a Platinum Electrode-Water
It was investigated with help of the electrochemical methods the effects of the gaseous inclusions in water and solutions of electrolytes, there influence on the magnitude and stability" of the Red-Ox (Eh) potential. The dependence of this potential on quantity and composition of gas impurities is detected. The mechochemical model of the processes on the boundary a platinum electrode (Eh) /solution is offered.

Tolstenko D.P., Vyatkina O.V.
Interaction of Phenolic Compounds with Bentonite
In work the study of processes proceeding at hydroquinone and gallotannin adsorption on bentonite is carried out. Is established, that up to an output on saturation hydroquinone adsorption occurs in interbatch space of bentonite in steps, but gallotannin binds irreversible with formation of a monolayer on a surface of a mineral.

Sheikh-Zade M.I.
Research on Phenylantranylic Acid's Protonodonation Capacity by IR Absorption Spectra
Infrared spectra solutions of phenylantranylic acid with some proton acceptors in C2Cl4 in the field of valency vibration of OH-group in the temperature interval 25-100° С have been received. Constants of the complex formation phenylantranylic acid with proton acceptors have been obtained. Depending on the temperature of К the values of -ΔН and -ΔS complex formation of this acid with proton acceptors were found. A conclusion has been made that intramolecular hydrogen fond exerts dominant influence on phenylantranylic acid's protonodonation capacity, but electronic effects of the substitute in ortho-position play a secondary role.

Shul'gin V.F., Rusanov Е.В., Obuch A.I.
Molecular and Crystalline Structure of the Binuclear Copper(II) Complexes of Glutaric Acid and 5-Hydroxy-3-Methyl-l-(4'-Chlorophenyl)-4-Formylpirazole Acylhydrazone
The results of X-ray analysis of the binuclear copper(II) complex of acyldihydrazone produced by condensation of the glutaric acid hydrazide and 5-hydroxy-3-methyl-1-(4'-chlorophenyl)-4-formylpirazole with the composition of [Cu2L·2Py]·Py·4H20 were shown. It was found that crystals are orthorhombic: a = 24.789(7), b = 39.319(9), с = 4.6336(14) Å,  Z = 4; space group Pnma. Number of the symmetrically independent reflections with 2σ (I)> 2 is 2838, R = 0.0606;
Rw = 0.1307. Central atoms were separated by the 8 σ-bonds chain and located on the distance of 8.939 Å from each other. Coordination sphere of the copper atom is a square. Intermolecular staking connects chelates rings and pirazole ring in crystal.