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Vol. 20 (59), № 3. 2007
Biology, chemistry


Verko N.P., Shishko E.Y., Bobrik Y.V., Mincitova N., Gacanova I.
Infradian Rhythmics of Painful Sensitivity Persons with Various Specific Features
In the given work dynamics and infradian rhythmics of painful sensitivity persons with the various vegetative status, types of biological rhythms and a degree neyrotizm is investigated. Results of research have shown, that high thresholds of painful sensitivity have persons with typological features "sympathotonics-owls-extroverts". and a low threshold of painful sensitivity - "vagotonics-lark-intraverts". Also it is marked, that persons of a female have lower thresholds of sensitivity and much smaller amplitude of fluctuations of painful sensitivity, than the man.

Grigoryev P.Ye., Afanasyeva N.А., Kodunov L.A., Grechanina Ye.Ya., Veropotvelyan N.P., Glazkov I.S., Lubarskiy A.V.
The Cosmic Weather as a Health Hazard for the Initiation of the Chromosomal Diseases
The cosmic weather during the gamete genesis and embryogenesis of the offspring with the chromosomal diseases was analyzed using the data of long-term screenings in the different Ukrainian regions. The health hazards could be the increase of Solar activity during the -З, -1 weeks before conception, fluctuations of the Solar, geomagnetic activity and the interplanetary magnetic field polarity since the second half of the previous cycle until the conception. Probably, the cosmic weather factors could violate the proper rhythmic of the hormones of woman reproductive cycle causing the initiating of the chromosomal diseases.

Gubanova Т.В.
Some Aspects of Low-Temperature Adaptation of Stem and Leaf Succulents
Peculiarities of water regim and intensity of peroxidase oxidation of lihids in stem and leaf succulentsunder the growing influence of low-temperature factor were studied. It wasshown similarityes of low-temperature adaptation of stem and leaf succulents.

Dzheldubaeva E.R., Chuyan E.N.
Change of Microrhythmic Duration by Pain and Non-Pain Displays for Rats under Influencing of Low Intensity Electromagnetic Irradiations of Extremely High Frequency
The change of microrhythmic duration is explored pain and non-pain displays for rats under influencing of low intensity electromagnetic electromagnetic irradiations of extremely high frequency (EMI EHF). It is shown that EMI EHF modifies microrhythmic of duration of behavioral displays for rats at the action of pain factor and testifies to ability of this physical factor to render synchronizing an action.

Melnichenko E.V., Mishin N.P., Snapkov P.V., Parkhomenko A.I., Romashevsky D.V.,
Belikov V.I.

Electrocardiographic Correlates of Aerobic Work Capacity under Traction of Mesodermal Structures C3-Th8
Effects of passive traction session in the areas C3-Th8 on cardigeodynamics indices in 12 youths with aerobic endurance type (group 1) and 23 youths practicing anaerobic kinds of sport rendering load on neck- breast section of spinal cord (group 2) studied. Traction of mesodermal structures C3-Th8in group1 resulted in decrease of only blood pressure indices while in group 2 there were observed significant changes of electrochemical processes in myocardium such as decreased values of HF, APs, APd, PP (P< 0.05 - 0.001). rise of cardiogram peak intervals R - R, T, (P <0.01 - 0.001), degree decrease of heart electric axis at peak P (P< 0,001).

Oberemok V.V.
A New Way of Activization of Latent Lymantria Dispar Nucleopolyhedrovirus
A new way of activization of latent Lymantria dispar Nucleopolyhedrovirus is suggested. The way is based on a use of virus genome fragments. DNA markers of protective mechanisms of a gypsy moth against Lymantria dispar Nucleopolyhedrovirus are found.

Omelchenko S., Grab Y., Zalevskaja I., Rydneva I.
Maintenance of Heavy Metals in the Organisms of Some Fishes of the Black Sea and their Influence on the Level of Oxidative Modification of Proteins
Research of the level of oxidative modify of blood serum proteins is executed together with determination of maintenance of heavy metals in the organisms of fishes of the Black sea. which dwell in off­shore areas of Sevastopol. It is shown that heavy metals accumulate in the organism of fishes in wide limits, not exceeding the set level of national critical limits, and able to initiate oxidative stress in an organism, and in particular to cause the increase of intensity of processes of oxidative modify of proteins.

Pogodina S.V.
Features of an Exchange of Gases in Easy at the Swimmers of Various Age at Use of Physical Loadings of Various Capacity
In clause the intensity and efficiency of an exchange of respiratory gases in easy at the swimmers of various age is studied at use of physical loadings of various capacity. It is recommended to use the data of results of researches for an establishment of an optimum doze of physical loadings during trainings the young swimmers.

Safronova N.S.
Aerobic Physical Training and Mildronate Action on Formation of Specific and Nonspecific Adaptive Reactions of the Weaken Somatic Health Persons
Summary: properties of the forming a specific and non-specific adaptive reactions of the weaken somatic health persons were investigated. Interaction between the forming of the non-specific adaptive reactions and the oxygen transportation system function of patients during physical training, usage of Mildronate and combination of Mildronate and 6-week training cycle was studied. Obtaining data testily about complex of Mildronate and aerobic physical training efficacy as increasing of specific and non-specific resistance method of the weaken somatic health persons.

Teplitskaya L.M., Scheiko E.A., Lobko V.N.
The Culture of Anther of Orchids in Vitro and its Morphogenetic Potencial
Callus cultures from anther of 5 species of Crimean flora were gotten. It was shown the dependence of callusgenesis processes from genotype and phytohormonal composition of nutritient  medium. Cytomorphological analysis of callus cultures showed their high morphogenetic potencial in connection with the presence of meristematic places of hystogenesis and embryogenesis.

Chuyan E.N., Zayachnikova T.V.
Change of Pain Sensitivity of Rats under an Influence of Hypokinetic Stress
This work is devoted to research of pain sensitiveness change under an influence of hypokinetic (HK) stress in the animals during development of pain syndromes. HK stress modifies both behavior reactions of rats at the action of pain stress (in «formalin» and «vinegar» tests) and pain sensitiveness at threshold level in «hot plate» and electrostimulation tests, that testifies for a modification effect of HK on the pain sensitiveness of the animals regardless of pain irritant nature.

Temuryants N.А., Kostyuk A.S., Yarmolyuk N.S., Tumanyants K.N.
Combined Action of Restriction of MobilitY of an Ionizing Radiation on Nonspecific Resistencv of Rats are Investigated.
Features of the combined action of restriction of mobility of an ionizing radiation on nonspecific resistance of rats are investigated. Results of research have shown, that the effect of the combined action of factors differs from those at their isolated action. Also restriction of mobility potential decrease in activity of bactericidal systems neutrophils is noted, that, but limits an intensification anaerobic processes in leucocytes blood of the rats treated to action of an ionizing radiation, and x-ray radiation limited development of a stage of alarm hypokinetic stress.


Сrymova V.V., Aleksashkin I.V., Fedorova A.V.
Processes of Sorption Ions of Cadmium on the Crimean Soil Samples
In a paper the processes of an adsorption of ions of cadmium on the Crimean soil having different composition and property are reviewed. The performances are retrieved sorbate: sorbate capacitance and extent of withdrawal.

Polonskaya A.K., Ezhov V.N., Kornilyev G.V., Grebennikova O.A.
Biologically Active Substances of Some Fruit Crops Leaves in Connection with Perspective of Utilization them in Foodstuffs
In this paper comparative chemical analysis of apricot, cherry-plum and nectarine fruit and leaves are offered. Also conclusion about the possibility of canned fruit stuffs enrichment with biologically active substances by adding dried leaves is done.

Shavronskaya A.V., Obolvaninova O.A.
Dosimetry Potentialities of Electrochemical Devices of Diffusion Type
This paper presents the research results of Gamma-radiation and neutron flows effects on electrochemical transforms of diffusion type (ETDT). Analytical expressions describing these processes are proposed. The results obtained allow to recommend doing dissymmetry of the given fields within the proper limits using ETDT.

Shul'gin V.F., Riisanov Е.В., Trush Yu.V.
Crystalline and Molecular Structure Investigation of the Copper(II) Complex with Isophtalic Acid and 2-Hydroxy-5-Methylacetophenons Bisacylhydrazone
Binuclear copper(II) complex of 1,3-benzendicarboxilyc acid and 2-hydroxy-5-methylacetophenone (H4L) [Cu2L·3Py] has been synthesized and investigated by X-ray method. Crystals are mono clinic: a = 12.1996(12), b= 17.7295(17), с = 17.9339(17) Å, β = 109.7450(10)°, space group P21/ n, Z = 4. Complex are building as a "dimer of dimers" and consist of two binuclear subunits, that are connected in centered dimers by weak copper co-ordination witch phenoxylic oxygen atom of neighboring molecule that leads to Cu202 fragment in that copper atoms are displaced on 3.409 Å appeared. Intramolecular distances in binuclear subunits are 8.56 Å. Copper atoms coordination polyhedrons are square and build by donor atoms (2N + O) of bisacylhydrazone and pyridine nitrogen atom. One copper atom is coordinated with other pyridine molecule and nitrogen atom completed coordination polyhedron to square pyramid which disposition in the axial position. Second copper atom take places in the weak interaction witch phenoxylic oxygen atom of the neighboring molecule.

Yurkova I.I., Panov D.A., Ryabushko V.I. and Panova E.P.
Influence of Physico-Chemistry Features of Sodium Alginate on Argentic Nanoparticle Synthesis
Influence of physico-chemistry features of different manufacture sodium alginate on argentic nanoparticle synthesis was investigated. The reducing power depend from kind of industrial sodium alginate, quantity of free carboxyl groups in biopolymer molecule, and from monomer's ratio (manuronic/guluronic acids) is shown.