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Vol. 20 (59), № 2. 2007
Biology, chemistry


Bugara A.M., Bugara LA., Teplitskaya L.M.
The Cytofluorimetric Study of DNA Content in Nucleus of Secretory Cells of Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia Mill.)
Cytofluorimetric content of DNA in secretory cells of lavender (Lavandula angustifolia Mill.) during differentiation were investigated. It was shown, that interphase nucleus of secretory cells of gland hair content 4C DNA. Quantity 4C DNA is the result of endoreproduction and yield in terminal differentiation in G2- period. Interphase nucleus of gland content 2C DNA.

Bukov Y.A., Zhmurova T.A.
Corrigent Influences of Reflex and Muscular Massage on the System of External Respiration of Children in Pseudoneurotic State on the Residual-Organic Basis
The article presents data showing effectiveness of using reflex and muscular massage in combination with pharmacotherapy in the process of rehabilitating schoolchildren in pseudoneurotic state. The suggested scheme of rehabilitative influences has corrigent impact on the system of children's external respiration, increasing its adaptive abilities.

Ibragimova Е.Е.
Ecologie and Phytotoxic Assessment of Pollution of Agricultural Soils of Crimea by Pesticides and Heavy Metals
Summary: Residual quantities of pesticides (Buyleton. [nsegar. Phosphamid) at insignificant quantities and heavy metals (lead, copper, zinc) are found in agricultural fields, located along motorways, there. Ground polluted by residua! quantities of pesticides and heavy metals exert influence on complex effect shown in inhibit growth processes of the root of Allium сера L.

Kabuzenko S.N., Kuznetsova N.N., Omelchenko A. V.
Suggested Mechanisms of Protonic ATPase Activation in Maize Plants under Salt Stress
Protonic ATPase enzyme activity, which plays the key role in adaptation of plants to salt stress, content of products of peroxide oxidation of lipid (POL) and reducing activity of tissues and extracted chloroplasts were parallel studied on maize seedlings. Positive interdependence can be observed when the above- mentioned properties are changed under conditions of salt stress. It can be concluded that intensification of POL under the given conditions can be considered as display of adaptive stress reaction ensuring activization of ATPase that takes part in removal of causing salinization Na+ kations from cells.

Kravchenko VI., Makarchuk M.Ju., Turta О.I.
Influence of Odoration of Pleasant and Unpleasant Odors on Psychophysiological Functions of Male and Female
In present article the possible mechanisms of odor effect on neurodynamic and cognitive functions of male and female are discussed.

Konareva I.N.
Diagnostics of Fundamental Emotions According to the Amplitude/Frequency Parameters of Vocal Signals
We present experimental data on the problem of the diagnostics of fundamental emotions according to the quantitative indices of the speech samples. The amplitude (loudness, sound volume) and frequency (sound height) characteristics of the vocal signal significantly correlated with the levels of emotions of «anger», «guilt», «gladness», «interest», «disgust», etc. Characteristic amplitude/frequency ranges for the components of the spectrum of vocal samples typical of the stenic and astenic emotional states (determined using a technique of Izard) have been identified.

Lysyakova N.Yu., Simagina N.O.
Cytoembriological Features of Masculine Hametophyte in the Subfamily of Lamioideae L.
The cytoembriological features of family of Lamiaceae L. are investigated The structure of masculine hametophyte is revealed and the morphometric indexes of pollen corns of 20 species and 7 genus of subfamily of Lamioideae L. are certained. Specificity of form of pollen corns at the species of genus Salvia L. is exposed. The terms of maintainance of viability of pollen corns, and also dependence between the amount of germinating pollen corns and amount of the strung seeds are certained

Makhonina M.M., Chuyan E.N., Juravleva L.l'.
Morphometrical Analysis Application of Blood Cells Images to Quantity Characteristics of Contents Peroxidase in Peripheral Blood Neutrophils
It is shown, that application morphometrical analysis of blood cells images allows to receive the whole spectrum of attributes: optical density, the area of active cytoplasm, a quantity indicator of contents, form parameters of cells, to construct histograms of activity distribution of inclusion. Whereas use of criterion L.S. Kaplow allows to calculate cytochemical parameter of the contents peroxidase in blood neutrophiles which is comparable only to the area of active cytoplasm, however change of functional activity of peripheral blood cells, at various experimental influences, depends, including, from optical density.
Thus, morphometrical analysis of peripheral blood cells images allows to raise considerably efficiency of use of cytochemical analysis methods and to receive not only qualitative, but also quantitative results of research

Oberemok V. V.
Early Non-Specific Breachs in Development of III Instar Gypsy Moth Caterpillars Infected with Lymantria Dispar Nucleopolyhedrovirus
Early non-specific breeches in development of gypsy moth caterpillars infected with Lymantria dispar Nucleopolyhedrovirus are investigated. Numeral indexes of slowing-down of development and loss of weight of infected III instar gypsy moth caterpillars are found.

Pavlenko О.М.
Dynamics of EEG-Potentials During Psychological Counseling Session
Psychological counseling sessions occurred to render changes in brain activity which could be experimentally recorded by EEG. Major activity changes had place in frontal cortex of right hemisphere in form of beta2- and gamma-rhythms relative power increase.

Rybka T.S.
The Peculiarities of Entomological Complex Formation in South-West Region Mountain-Forest Ecosystems of Southern Coast of Crimea
Results of investigations of mountain-forest ecosystems entomocomplexes of south-western region of Southern coast of Crimea with analysis of their spatial, cenotic, ecomorphic and biomorphic structures are given.

Temur'ynz: N.A., Verko N.P., Grigor'ev P.E.
Dependence of Human Body Reactions to Heliogeophysicai Factors Action on Vegetative Status
As a result of research the authentic correlation between indexes of solar activity and all parameters of psychoemotional condition in group of vagotonics has been found out. A shift of leukocytic formula to the left prevailed in the conditions of the "quiet" sun and the decreased solar and geomagnetic activ ity; the increase in mature forms of neutrophils - in the days of the raised solar and geomagnetic activity. The increased solar and geomagnetic activity contributes to the development of stress reaction in vagotonics and persons with vegetative balance. In the periods of heavy heliogeomagnetic condition the activity of bactericidal system of myeloperoxidase in neutrophils of blood of sympathicotonics and especially vagotonics is suppressed.

Chuyan E.N., Dzheldubayeva E.R.
Research of Role Opioidergic Systems in the Mechanisms of Antinociceptive Action of Low Intensity Electromagnetic Electromagnetic Irradiations of Extremely High Frequency
The role of the opioidergic system is explored in the mechanism of antinociceptive action of low intensity of electromagnetic irradiation of extremely high frequency (EMI EHF) at tonic, visceral and sharp thermal pains for rats. Received results testifies in behalf on certain universality of analgetic effect influence of low intensity EMI EHF on an organism and proves participating of the opioidergic system in the mechanism of antinociceptive and antistress actions of this physical factor. Information of this research allow to extend picture of mechanisms of biological action of EMI EHF and can be used for the increase of efficiency of EHF-therapy.


Kropotov V. A.
Prediction of Random Errors of a Potentiometric Titration Curve Parameters: Strong Acid Titration
The method proposed by author for prediction of parameter uncertainties of potentiometric titration curve is compared to two conventional approaches, such as rotation titration and the sum-of-squared residuals. As it is demonstrated in case of strong acid titration, the method has significant advantages for designing an optimal experiment.

Krymova V. V., Adjigafarova N. С, Fedorenko A. M.
Scandium(III) Sorption by Zeolites
Scandium (III) sorption from solutions on Na+- and NH4+- forms of zeolites (clinoptilolite) and biomineral sorbent (BMS) has been investigated. The physicochemical characteristics of Sc+3 ions sorption processes were obtained. The researched sorbents were found effective and they may be used for extraction and concentration the Sc+3 ions from raw materials.

Romanovskaya І.I. Dekina S.S., Sevastyanov О. V.
Some Features of Casein Hydrolysis Kinetics by Papain, Trypsin and Alkaline Protease from B. Subtilis
The kinetic of initial rates of casein hydrolysis kinetics by papain, trypsin and alkaline protease from Bacillus subtilis was studied. The thermodynamic and kinetic parameters of the reaction were determined. In the range of substrate concentrations, exceeding 4.6; 3,1 and 1.8 g/dm3 for papain, trypsin and alkaline protease, respectively, the substrate inhibition of proteolytic activity of the enzymes mentioned occurs, which substantially decreases the rate of hydrolysis reactions, as it was shown. Taking this effect in consideration, it is recommended the usage of 0,5 - 0,75 % casein solutions, at which the substrate inhibition would not play the significant role.

Sheikh-Zade M.I.
Research on Phenylantranylic Acid's Dimerization by IR Absorption Spectra
Infrared spectra of phenylantronylic acid's solutions in C2CI4 in the field of valency vibration of OH-group in the temperature interval 25 - 100 °С have been received. Constant of dimerization Kd values under different temperatures have been obtained. Depending on the temperature of Kd the values of -ΔН and -ΔS dimerization of this acid were found. A conclusion has been made that reduction of electronodonation capacity of carbonyl group is being compensated by the increase of protonodonation capacity of hydroxy I group.

Shul'gin V.F., Rusanov Е.В., Obuch A.I.
Molecular and Crystalline Structure of the Binuclear Copper(II) Complexes of Succinic and Pyruvic Acid Acyldihydrazone
The results of X-ray analysis of the binuclear copper(II) complex of acyldihydrazone produced by condensation of succinic acid hydrazide and pyruvic acid with the composition of [Cu2L·4Py]·2Py were shown. It was found that crystals are monoclinic: a = 14.3795(6), b = 8.8736(4), с = 15.9147(7) Å, β = 101.062(3)º , Z = 2; space group P21/c. Number of the symmetrically independent reflections with 2σ(I) > 2 is 2804, R = 0.042; Rw = 0.087. Central atoms were separated by the 7 σ - bonds chain and located on the distance of 8.922 Å from each other. Coordination sphere of the copper atom had strongly distorted to trigonal bipyramid tetragonal pyramidal geometry.