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Vol. 20 (59), № 1. 2007
Biology, chemistry

Vladimirsky B. M.
To 110 th Anniversary from the Day of Birth of А.L. Chizhevsky and Phenomenon of the Russian Kosmizm
It is marked that at the most famous work of A.L. Chizhevsky the «Physical factors of historical process» are present deserving predecessors, and some authors worked with him parallel: poet I. Khlebnikov, V.A. Barchenko, D.O. Svyatskiy, V.I. Anuchin, V.М. Bekhterev. That hotshot the bold idea of this work was developed the whole pleiad of researchers, apparently, is conditioned wide enough distributed in Russian well-educated society at the beginning of ХХ age the special world view ideological direction, named later «Russian kosmizmom».

Martynyuk V.S., Temuryants N.A.
The Experimental Verification of Electromagnetic Hypothesis of Solarbiosphere Connections
The state-of-art of problems of weak electromagnetic influence on living organism in context of “electromagnetic hypothesis” of connections of solar activity with biological processes is analyzed in this review.

Grigoryev P.Ye., Vladimirskiy B.M.
The Cosmic Weather Affects the Terrorist Activity
The biggest Internet database on the terrorism MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base (1968-2005 years, 23500 events) was analyzed to find the effects of the cosmic weather in the terrorism dynamics. It was found that the attacks number significantly increases at 2-3 days after magnetic calm, and at the day of the magnetic disturbance. The typical heliogeophysical situation concomitant the attack is the gradient (it may be of the different sign) in the indices; the most probable situation is the minimum of the solar activity accompanied by the maximum of the geomagnetic activity. In the day of the attacks or some days before the increasing of the geomagnetic activity may occur. In the years range the terrorism activity increases during the years of maximal solar activity or minimal geomagnetic activity.

Grigoryev P.Ye., Poskotinova L.V.
The Individual Patterns in Relations of the Vegetative Processes with Heliometeorological Factors
As a result of monitoring (of 32 days) of the heart rate variability in intact individuals the experimental evidences of the presence of the individual (including adverse) vegetative systematical reactions on the same weather indices, were obtained at different individuals. The most biologically effective among cosmic weather indices for the time of the monitoring were geomagnetic activity and the changes in polarity of interplanetary magnetic field; among meteorological indices – were the wind velocity, then the atmospheric pressure and the temperature.

Chuyan Е.N., Grigoryev P.Ye.
The Ties between the Infradian Rhythmic of the Physiological Processes in an Organism with the Heliogeophysical Variations under the Influence of the Low Intensive Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation
This work is dedicated to the searching for the relationship of the infradian rhythmic of the physiological processes in an organism under the influence of the artificial low intensity microwaves of the extremely high frequency, with the heliogeophysical variations. It was found that the essence of the ties between the physiological processes and the heliogeophysical variations is the synchronization of the organism biorhythms by the low intensity microwaves. The sporadic enhancement of the microwave emission of the Earth ionosphere during the Solar flares and the magnetic disturbances have influence on an organism state, and its correction may be provided by the low intensity extra high frequency microwaves.

Makhonina M.M., Chuyan Е.N.
Biological Action of Electromagnetic Fields of Extremely High Frequency in the Conditions of Opioid Peptide Receptors Blocking
The thesis is devoted to study of biological action of electromagnetic fields of extremely high frequency (λ=7,1, mm, power flow density 0,1 mW/sm2) isolated and combined with experimentally envoked stress reaction (hypokinesia) in the conditions of opioid peptide system disabling, which is the one of the main stress-limiting organism systems, by injection of naloxone that is an antagonist of all sub-types of opioid peptide receptors. Obtaind results are an evidence that one of the mechanisms of biological action of low-intensity emission of millimeter range is an increase of functional activity of opioid peptide system which is a remedy of effective prophylaxis and correction of stress-reaction development. It is realized, firstly, by means of activity limitation of sympathoadrenal system through depression of the processes of catecholamine release and reception, secondly, by means of an increase of nonspecific resistance and immunological reactivity, thirdly, by means of stimulation of generation and release of serotonin and melatonin, that is, potentiation of activity of other stresslimiting organism systems.

Vladimirsky B.M., Konradov A.A.
Cosmic Physics, Geophysics and Ultradian Biological Rhythms
Chronostructure of environment in range of ultradian periods (hours- ten of minutes) determined, probably, solar oscillations in the bar of g-fashions and own vibrations of Earth. It is possible that a situation here is fully analogical such for of many days rhythmic: there is a «net of resonance frequencies» in the planetary system, all of the autoswaying systems conduct the most of the time near the proper «resonances».

Russo M.V., Perrone A., Pisani A., Valenzi V.I., Avino P.
The Role of the Air Pollution in the Chronic Obstructive Respiratory Diseases
Air pollution reduction and its impact on public health continually require the control of the pollution sources, the plan of observational studies and the organization of an efficient network of environmental control and a closer study of meteo-climatic factors. Chronic Obstructive Respiratory Diseases due to air pollution have become a social problem of widespread interest. Climatotherapy measures have been executed by means of a new simple electronic instrument measuring the Skin Electric Parameters, i.e. the set of human skin parameters that give an indirect measure of the health status of the patient. The results of this work show that a climate marked by continuous windy weather, low humidity and high concentrations of negative ions with low concentrations of chemical pollutants (i.e. Pietracupa, Molise, Italy) reduce the need for health care for Chronic Obstructive Respiratory Disease in comparison with what happens in big cities such as Rome.

Halberg Franz
Challenges from «60 Years of Translational Chronobiology»

Nurishchenko N., Omelyanyuk V., Miroshnychenko N., Obora N., Medynskaya K.
Influence of Ultrasound of Sonfication Regimes on Actomiosine Spectral Characteristics
Present research was intended to study the effects of continuous and impulsive ultrasound of different intensities on the spectral characteristics of actomyosin from skeletal muscles.The ultrasound of said regimens has been shown to affect the skeletal muscle actomyosin structure. Furthermore, the small shifts of maximum localizations in actomyosin fluorescence spectra towards the short wave zone has been discovered to occur. This phenomenon may be due to the conformational rearrangements of actomyosin resulting in microenvironment changes around the tryptophane residues responsible mainly for actomyosin fluorescence spectrum. The most evident shifts were recorded for sonification by continuous as well as impulsive 2 ms ultrasound regimens.

Bulavitska V.M.
Aneuplodization and Loss of DNA in Animal Spermatozoa Damaged by X-Rays
Gamma-irradiation of animal spermatozoa is accompanied by DNA degradation and genome aneuploidization. The phenomenon takes place in the diapason of moderate doses, in the range of sublethal and lethal radiation doses it enhances significantly and simultaneously is coupled with uncontrolled loss of genetic material from spermatozoa in feeding solution. The established phenomenon acquires great importance in connection to vector properties of spermatozoon which is responsible for exogenous DNA uptake and transfer to egg cell in the process of fertilization.

Oturina I.P. Yeromina A.I., Churilova T.Ya.
Features of Photic Adaptation of Diatoms
The processes of photic adaptation diatoms Ditylum Brightwellii and Sceletonema costatum are investigated. Given research has established that at the optimum level of illuminance of both cultures (86,0 mkE·m-2·s-1) the sizes of cells and quantity of mikroalgae cellular population increase. The large cells of Ditylum Brightwellii accumulate more of organic carbon, than small cells of Sceletonema costatum. During photic adaptation specific growth rate of cellular population is less at Ditylum Brightwellii, than at Sceletonema costatum

Drobinska L., Gayda L., Karpyuk O., Ostapchenko L.
Glutation-S-Transferase Activity in Rat Parietal Cells and Hepatocytes During Development of Chronic Atropic
Activity of glutathione-S-trasferase was changed in rat parietal cells and hepatocytes during development of chronic atrophic gastritis. On early and late stages of pathology the tendency of enzyme activity decreasing was showed, whereas at the middle point we observed statistically significant increasing glutathione-S-trasferase activity. Compensatory increasing of enzyme activity does not promote neutralization of toxic products. It can be one of causes of cell proliferation infringement and chronisation of pathological process.

Drobinskaya O.V., Kravchenko O.A., Artemenko O.Yu., Ostapchenko L.I.
Cytoplasmic Ca2+ Content in Rat Colonocytes under Ulcerative Collits Development
Ion Сa2+ content was investigated in colonocyte cytosol under ulcerative colitis development. The increase of free endocellular Са2+ in 2 times is shown in comparison with the control. Destructive-erosive injuries of colon mucosa and typical colitis symptoms were determined in the same conditions. At action of the carcinogen the level of Ca2+ exceeded control values on 50 %, 40 % and 14 % in corresponding terms of the research that was accompanied by a thickening of a mucous, and for 8-10 week abnormal local infiltrations, localized mainly in proximal colon.

Drobinska O., Maksymovych I., Ostapchenko L.
Effects of Inhibitors of Nitric Oxide on Process of Ulceration
Effects of inhibitors of nitric oxide synthesis on processes of ulceration induced by serotonin were studied. Serotonin provoked damages of gastric mucosa in 2 h after serotonin administration. The NOS activity increased by 85% in comparison with control animals. Usage of aminoguanidine resulted in significant enlargement of the ulcers and hemorrhages areas. NOS activity didn’t differ from that after the serotonin administration. L-NAME treatment inhibited NOS activity by 25, аnd prevented ulcers and hemorrhages formation, but increased the hemorrhages area. 7-nitroindasole administration decreased NOS activity to control level and prevented ulcer injuries.

Mandryk S., Sidorik L., Pogrebnoy P., Ostapchenko L.
Influence of Salicilate and Deoxyholate on HSP70 and HSP90 Expression Level in Human Gastric Cancer Cell Cultures
It is still little known about precise role of Hsp in gastric mucosa, especially upon action of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (acethylsalicylate, indomethacin), bile, as well as during different stomac disorders. In our work human gastric cancer cells were used in order to elucidate Hsp70 Hsp90 expression levels upon salicylate and deoxyholate influence. It was observed increasing in Hsp70 expression in cells which were stressed by salicylate and deoxyholate on 2-, 7- and 18-th hours of stress. However, there were no changes in Hsp90 expression patterns upon these stress conditions. So, it is obviously that salicylate and deoxyholate induce Hsp70 expression.

Tverezovskiy M.V.
Regional Differences of Microbial Landscape on Frequency of Met and Quantitative Composition of Microbial Associations of Isolated from the Patients with Rinosinusitis in AR Crimea
Trained regional difference of microbial landscape on frequency of met and quantitative composition of microbial associations of isolated from the patients with rinosinusitis in AR Crimea. Marked predomination of the multicomposition systems: in Yalta is four-composition (34,46%), Kerch is two-composition (46,00%), in Simferopol is three-composition (42,25%).

Dzheldubayeva E.R., Chuyan E.N.
Infradian Rhythmicity of Pain Sensitivity of Rats Influenced by Low Intensity Ultra-High Frequency Electromagnetic Field
It is shown that low intensity electromagnetic radiation of extremely high-frequency (7,1 mm, 0,1 mW/cm2) modifies the infradian rhythmicity of pain sensitivity affected by pain factor rendering the normalizing and correcting action that shows up as the change of the rhythmic processes structure and is the sign of reactions of organism adaptations to the protracted pain stress.

Narmansky V.J.
Solar Activity and Planetary Configurations. New Opportunities in Forecasting
The method of forecasting of solar activity and solar-terrestrial interaction created. The basic idea is about use of correlations between solar activity and simultaneous configurations of two planetary pairs Mercurio – Jupiter and Earth – Neptune. The method (named “heliomechanics”) has already succeeded in forecasting the minimum of solar activity (September, 2007).