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Vol. 19 (58), № 3. 2006
Biology, chemistry


Arkhangelskaya E.V., Grabovskaya E.Yu., Konovalchuk V.N.
Effect of Natural Heliogeomagnetic Fluctuations on Bioelectric Activity of Brain in Man
Heliogeomagnetic activity influenced bioelectric activity of human brain. Significant changes of correlation interrelations between the background EEG rhythms and heliogeomagnetic activity fluctuations discovered.

Bukov Y.A., Alpeyeva A.V.
Respiratory Training in Activating the Mechanisms of Homeostatic Regulation and Adaptive Abilities of Preschool Age Children Respiratory System
The influence of respiratory training on regulation of gas homeostasis of preschool age children organism was studied. Correcting effect of the proposed system became apparent in the optimization of pattern of breathing, hyperventilation decrease, enlargement of adaptive abilities of external respiration system. Regulation properties of ventilation reactions for dosed impact of physical activity found.

Bukov Yu. A., Markina I.V.
Respiratory system reserves and metabolic response properties in children with muscular hypotonia
Functional reserves of respiratory system and energy metabolism in children with muscular hypotonia studied. Muscular hypotonia turned out to decrease functional resources of children respiratory system. Anaerobic glycolysis intensification was observed at the time of physical loading whereas respiratory compensation of metabolic acidosis was inefficient. Administration of aerobic and respiratory exercises extended energy potential and ventilatory abilities.

Gurcovich E.I.
Clinical Significance of Modified Albumin Forms Test in Patients with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
Serum modified albumins forms (mA) were found in 124 children patients with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis by electrophoresis on acetatecellulose films. There was a significant rise of mA in patients with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Such a rise was observed also in the remission stage, еspecially in patients with temporary artralgias and rigidity. The latter fact was an evidience of constant intensity of the silent inflammatory process. High level of mA in patients with residual proteinuria was discovered.

Evstafyeva I. A. Reshetniak O.A., Evstafyeva H.V., Gruzevsryi V.A., Gruzevsrya V.F.
Interconnection between Circulation System Response Properties and Content of Bioelements in Organism of Teenagers Effected by Physical Loading
Functional examination of cardiovascular system in 25 teenagers (boys) living in urbanized and polluted territories city carried out. The subjects underwent the test to find the content of arsenic, zinc, copper in their organisms. The following results were collected: significant positive correlation between the indices of cardiovascular system (mean blood pressure, total peripheral resistance) and Zn, correlation trend between differentiation reogramme amplitude and As, total peripheral resistance and Zn, cardiac activity (stroke volume, cardiac index, heartbeat) and Cu.

Kulagin Y.I., Zaikin A.V., Ivanova N.M., Kulagina Y.Y.
Metabolic Syndrome in Arterial Hypertension Patients: Contemporary Pathogenesis and Physical Rehabilitation Perspectives
The review of the literature is conducted in the article about the questions of etiology and pathogenesis of metabolic syndrome - one of the dangerous and heavy disorders, which often accompanies arterial hipertensia. There were also considered the problems of medical treatment and physical rehabilitation of the patients with the given syndrome.

Melnichenko E.V., Mishin N.P., Yefimenko A.M., Snapkov P.V., Parkhomenko A.I., Mirnaya A.V.
Hemodynamic Response under Condition of Traction in Sportsmen with Different Types of Blood Circulation
To study cardiohemodynamic response on parasympathetic activation in different initial types of blood circulation there was carried out a research on 20 sportsmen having traction of mezadermal mass in zones C3 -Th8. Dependency of cardiovascular system reactivity pattern on blood circulation type discovered: for hypokinetic type there is a major decrease of diastolic arterial pressure and pulse frequency, for hyperkinetic type - major decrease of systolic volume, cardiac output, beat and heart indices.

Nikiforova E.A. Lyashenko V.P. Pasichnechenko O.N.
Change of Retroactive Response of the Isolated Preparations of Aorta at the Unspecific Loading with NaCl
The possible mechanism of change of retroactive activity of the isolated preparations of aorta at the NaCl loading described. The response on vasoactive substances occurred to depend on the level of P-adrenal system activation.

Rovnaya O.O.
Mechanisms of Respiratory System Adaptation to Training Loads in Qualified Synchronized Swimming Sportswomen
Mechanisms of movement regulation due to special adaptive changers in respiratory system in the synchronized swimming high-qualified sportswomen were studied. Respiratory system in this kind of sport is an outstrip excitation of efferent synthesis and plays a role of initial mechanism of movement activity.

Safronova N.S.
Factor Analysis Application as a Means of Estimation of an Organism Functional Condition at Use of the Natural Biological Active Supplements Chyawanprash and Stresscom
The functional state of an organism at a stage of long-term adaptation to physical loading while taking the natural biological active supplements Chyawanprash and Stresscom was studied through use of the factor analysis. The administration of the natural biological active supplements rendered optimization of qualitative-quantitative mutual relation between the basic effectors of functional system responsible for adaptation to muscular activity in the students with a high level of daily motor activity.

Severynovskaya E.V., Grygorova M.A., Kasymova K.I.
Properties of HNA and Bioelectric Activity of Rat Brain under the Chronic Influence of Low-Intensity Irradiation
The properties of HNA and bioelectric activity of different areas of rat brain under the chronic influence of low-intensity irradiation in 0,25 Gy doze described.

Snegirev F.F.
The Effect of the Nutrition Substance on Some Physiological and Biochemical Blood Indices in 2 to 3 Months Old Pigs
The effect of the nutrition substance on physiological and biochemical blood indices of pigs in feedings described. Some recommendations on using the nutrition substance presented.

Sobyanina G.N., Bukov J.A.
The Use of the Methods of Mathematical Modeling while Assessing the Schoolchildren Psychosomatic State
The article introduces the ways of mathematical modeling application to the research of statistical relations between the functional parameters of human body and adaptation potential of senior school teenagers studying by the innovative V.F. Bazarnov's method. The algorithm of diagnostics (executed with the multiple regression method) of the schoolchildren psychosomatic state under the influence of the vertical posture presented.

Chaus T.G. Lyashenko V.P., Lukashev S.N., Melnikova O.Z.
The Changes of Summary Bioelectrical Activity of Hypothalamus in Rat Caused by Application of Amitriptylinum against the Background of Long-Lasting Stress
The changes of summary bioelectrical activity of front and back hypothalamic areas in rats under effect of long-lasting stress and application of amitriptylinum were studied. Bioelectrical activity of hypothalamic structures was essentially modulated in the animals being in stressful situation within 21 weeks. There were allocated the periods which differed by their electrographically indices and might reflect the various stages of stress- response in an organism. The application of amitriptylinum in rats, which were under stress situation, resulted in amplification of desynchronization effect of stress within the first weeks of experiment and synchronization of bioelectrical activity of hypothalamus within later period. Important role of monoaminergic brain systems in changes of functional activity of front and back hypothalamus areas under effect of long-lasting stress hypothesized.

Chornaja V.N., Homjakova O.V., Koval C.J.
Effect of Synthetic Treonine on the Processes of Amino Acids Absorption in Small Intestine
The properties of interaction between the free amino acids treonine, lisine, metionine and triptofane while absorbing in small intestine described.

Chuyan E.N., Dzheldubayeva E.R., Postolnicova I.V., Mitrophanova N.N.
Dependency of Analgesic Effect of Low Intensity Electromagnetic Irradiation of Extremely High-Frequency on the Individual Properties of Animals
Dependency of analgesic effect of low intensity electromagnetic irradiation of extremely high-frequency (EMI EHF) on the individual properties of animals at the experimentally caused tonic pain studied. Maximal analgesic effect of EMI EHF in the «open field» test was observed in rats with low level of motor activity («ambidecstre»), and minimal effect - with high level of motor activity («left -handed»).

Chuyan E.N., Zayachnikova T.V., Tribtat N.S.
Hypokinetic Stress Modifies Pain Sensitivity of Rats while Rendering Experimental Visceral Pain
The modifying effect of hypokinetic stress on pain sensitivity of rats while rendering experimental visceral pain studied. Changes in painful and non-painful behavioral responses duration in the "bit test" observed.

Chuyan E.N., Makhonina M.M, Kostjuk I.V.
Application of the Luminescent Microspectral Analysis for the Determination of Catecholamines in a Blood Leucocytes under the Different Experimental Influences
This work proved out application of the microspectral luminescent analysis for the determination of catecholamines concentration in leucocytes in a rats blood under the different experimental influences. It is shown, that dynamics of the catecholamines contamination in leucocytes is similar to the variation of this parameter in erythrocytes in a rats blood, that confirmed by correlation analysis (r = 0,77, p<0,001). Application of the luminescent microspectral methodic for the determination of the catecholamines contamination in leucocytes is adequate for the symptoadrenal system activity definition.


Dovgiy I.I., Grishkovets V.I., Yakovishin L.A.
Molluscicidal Activity of Triterpene Glycosides Isolated from Cussonia Paniculata
Molluscicidal activity of triterpene glycosides of Cussonia paniculata studied. Presence of molluscicidal activity of β-amyrine row triterpene glycosides and its absence in triterpenoids and glycosides of α-amyrine and lupane rows shown. The structural factors effecting the molluscicidal activity found.

Pevzner N.S.
The Copper (II), Cobalt (II) and Nickel (II) Complexes of 3,4- Dimethoxybenzoic Acid Hydrazides and 3,4,5-Trimethoxybenzoic Acid Hydrazides
The complexes of 3,4-dimethoxybenzoic acid hydrazides (L1) and 3,4,5- trimethoxybenzoic acid hydrazides (L2): [M(L1-2)2(H2O)2](NO3)2·nH2O, where М = Co2+, Ni2+; n = 0 (L1); n = 2 (L2), and [Cu(L1-2)2(H2O)](NO3)2·nH2O, where n = 0 (L1); n = 1 (L2), have been prepared and characterised by elemental and thermogravimetric analysis, infrared and electronic spectra.

Sheikh-Zade M.I.
Piruvic Acids' Intramolecular H-Bond Energy Estimation by IR-Spectra
The infrared spectrum solutions of pyruvic acid in C2Cl4 were obtained in torsion and valency vibrations of OH-group in temperature interval of 25-115 °С. The identification of τOH and vOH bands has been made. From the analysis of concentration and temperature dependency of intensity of the vOH bands conclusion has been made about conformation of monomers of this acid. The potential function of the internal rotation of OH-group was calculated. The intramolecular hydrogen bond energy was estimated.

Shul'gin V.F., Trush Yu.V., Gusev A.N., Alexandrov G.G., Eremenko I.L., Larin G.M.
Crystalline Structure Investigation of the Copper(II) Complex with Isophtalic Acid Bis (Salicyledenhydrazone)
Binuclear copper (II) complex of 1,3-benzendicarboxilyc acid bis (salicyledenhydrazone) (H4L) [Cu2L·2Mrf·MeOH] has been synthesized and investigated by X-ray method. Crystals are three clinic, а = 981.4(2), b = 1296.6(3), c = 1341.1(3) pm, α = 106.40(2)°, β= 103.89(2)°, γ = 99.08(2)° Space group P1. Copper (II) cathions are disposed on 1029 pm and are nonequivalent. First copper cathion coordination polyhedron are square and build by donor atoms (2N + O) of bis (salicyledenhydrazone) and morpholine nitrogen atom. Second copper cathion are coordinated with methanol molecule and oxygen atom completed coordination polyhedron to square pyramid and disposed in axial position.