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Vol. 19 (58), № 2. 2006
Biology, chemistry


Dzheldubayeva E.R., Chuyan E.N.
Dependence of Analgesic Effect of Low Intensity of Electromagnetic Irradiation of Extremely High Frequency from Technical Characteristics of the Generator and Exposition of Influence
Dependence of analgesic effect of low intensity of electromagnetic irradiation of extremely high frequency (a wave-length is 7.1 mm; closeness of stream of power - 0.1 mVt/cm 2) is explored in this article from technical characteristics of generator and exposition (15. 30. 60 minutes and fractional regime of irradiation) at the experimentally caused tonic pain in rats.

Ibragimova E.E., Balichiyeva D.V.
Influence of Technogenic Stress on Viability of Pollen and Seeds of Acer Platanoides
The parameters of quality of pollen and seeds, formed by bodies of reproductive system of populations Acer platanoides growing in zones with various motor transport loading are investigated. The received data testify, that the processes of microsporegenesis and fruiting of Acer platanoides can be used for phvtoindication of quality of an environment.

Kotov S.F., Galdak S.N.
The Growth and Productivity Salicomia Europaea L. on the Gradient of Salinity
On the gradient of salinity (contents of readily soluble salts in soil from 2% till 4%) growth and productivity of S. europaea were investigated. The relative speed of the plant growth in height (RGR) increases with growth of salinity. On the contrary, on the gradient of salinity the falling of speed of organic substances accumulation at S. europaea is observed; middle value of netto-assimilation (NAR) decreases, air-dry mass of plants reduces approximately in 2 times.

Malygina V.I., Grabovskaja E.Yu.
Influence of Alternating Magnetic Fields of Frequency 8Hz on State of Sympatoadrenal System
By influence of alternating magnetic fields of 8Hz frequency in rats with middle level of motion activity, adaptational reaction is developed which characterised by intensification of functional activity of sympatoadrenal system . Regularities that have been found, could be used for prognostication of men's reaction on magnetic fields action of 8 Hz frequency and induction of
5 mcTl.

Nikolskaya V.A., Suleimanova Z.R.
Dynamics of Biochemical Blood Indices in People of Different Age Group under on Influence of Balsam «Cape Martyan»
Results of investigation of cholesterol and low-density lipoproteines in blood serum of practically healthy people of different age groups are presented. Obtained results show normalizing effect of balsam on studied indicies.

Pavlenko O.M.
Dynamics of EEG-Potentials During Psychological Counseling Session
It is shown that psychological counseling sessions lead to significant changes in electrical brain wave activity which can be recorded by EEG. Major activity changes had place in frontal cortex of fight hemisphere where an increase of relative power of beta2- and gamma-rhythms has been detected.

Panova S.A., Kirillova A.V., Mishina C.C.
An Influence of Chinese Health System Do-IN and Massage for the Improvement of Mental Abilities of Mentally Children Retarded
The use of the special methods improving mental abilities (the Chinese health system Do- IN, massage for the improvement of mental abilities) exposed statistically reliable improvement of indexes of attention in mentally children retarded. The methods can are used in correction classes.

Repetskaya A.I., Leonov V.V., Malashenko E.V.
The Collection of Crimean Species of Genus Rosa in Botanical Garden of V.I. Vemadsky Taurida National University
A work on creation of Crimean natural flora Rosacea exposition has been started in the Botanical Garden of V.I. Vernadsky Taurida National University in 2004 year. In the article bio morphological and phenological characteristic of plants from the collection of Crimean wild rose were presented.

Savushkina I.G.
Accumulation and Migration Cd, Zn, Cu and Al in Leaves of Oak, Larva and Excrement Oak Leaf Roller Moth and Gipsy Moth
In this article the results of studying of the contents of cadmium, zinc, copper and aluminium in leaves of pubescent oak, larva and excrement oak leaf roller moth (Toiinx riridana L.) and gipsy moth (Lymcmtria dispar L.) are presented. Dependence of concentration of chemical elements in a body of insects on a level of their contents in forage is marked. Biological absorption factor is designed for evaluation of a degree of accumulation of the microelements, absorbed by insects from a vegetative food is designed.

Stryukov A.A.
Host Variability of Corynosoma Pseudohamanni Zdzitowiecki, 1984 from Phocid Seals of
Host variability of acanthocephalan Corynosoma psendohamanni from the Weddell seal (Leptonychotes weddelli Lesson. 1826), crab-eater seal (Lobodon carcinophagus Hombron & Jacquinot. 1842) and Southern elephant seal (Mirounga leonina (L.,1758) were studied. An unusual phenomenon was discovered: acanthocephalans in the secondary definitive host (crab- eater seal) were larger than in main definitive host (Weddell seal).

Shinkarevsky P.V., Pavlenko V.B., Polonskaya A.K., Kulichenko A.M., Briukova E.A.
Study of Low-Dosage Balsam Effect on Physiological Status of Human with Help of Gas-Charge Visualization
It was discovered that experimental balsam help to stabilize emission ability of man's skin surface.


Efanov K.P., Fedorenko A.M., Tsibriy U.I.
Outlooks of Complex Usage of Barium Compounds at Modification of a Titanium Dioxide
On the basis of theoretical and experimental researches the perspective direction on application of carbonate of barium for manufacturing of pigments is revealed on the basis of dioxide of titanium.

Zhilyakova T.A., Aristova. N.I., Pamova E.P., Lutkov I.P., Slastia E.A., and Belyae V.I.
Modem Methods of Quality and Safety Control of Wine
In this paper the results of contents of metals cations, specific radioactive nuclide index and mass concentration of organic acids are presented. A possibility of wine detection received by interspecific hybridization, and also detecting of cases attenuation nines by water have been shown. Results of the carried out investigations are standardized in the scientific center "Magarach", that allows to earn' out quality control and safety of wine and wine material (stum).

Zemlyakov A.E., Zemlyakov S.A., Kur'yanov V.O., Chirm V.Ya.
Synthesis of Bis-N- Acetylglucosaminides
The synthesis of peracetates of ethylene-, tetramethylene-, octamethylene-. p- phenylenedimethyl-, and o-phenylenedioxyethyl-bis-β-D-N-acetylglucosaminides were realized by oxazoline method.

Korzh E.N., Denilova O.G., Soloreva A. A., Grishkovets V.I., Yakovishin L.A.
The Pecularities of Physical and Chemical Properties of Cooling Liquids on the Basis of Chloride of Calcium
The article contains results of pH measurements of CaCl2 solutions. The increase in concentration causes sharp falling pH rise in temperature has converse effect. It can be explained by a difficult character of processes of hydrolysis.

Kropotov V.A.
Prediction of Random Errors of a Potentiometric Titration Curve Parameters: a Theoretical Aspect
The new method of prediction of random errors of potentiometric titration curve parameters on the basis of known random errors of potential (or pX) and titrant volume measurements is described. The method has made it possible to estimate separately the effect of initial data (V and E) errors upon titration results starting from a single titration.

Kuryanov V.О., Tokarev M.K.
Synthesis of 2,5-Disubstituted 1,3,4-Oxadiazoles from the Formyl Phenylglycosides
The synthesis of some 2,5 - disubstituted 1, 3, 4 - oxadiazoles from the formyl phenylglycosides of N-acetylglucosamine by the oxidative cyclisation was described.

Panova E.P., Katceva G.N., and Dryuk V.G.
Interaction of Fe (III) Salts with Malic and Citrus Pectin's
It was found that relation of reacted molecules of carboxyl groups of pectin and Fe (III) form 2,7 : 1 have been found. Findings allow using pectin-Fe (III) complex to struggle against the disease pof lants (chlorosis).

Pershina E.D., Vyatkina O.V., Glazunova M.I., Chernetskaya A.P., Bodnarchuk A.V.
Oxidizing Conversion of Phenols in the Model Systems with Natural Water
The results of study of kinetics of conversion of biphenols in natural water with a high level of mineralization in presence of peroxide of hydrogen as an oxidant are presented in the article. It is shown, that the kinetic parameters of the oxidizing systems with natural water considerably exceed the indexes of similar systems with the low level of mineralization.

Tolstenko D.P., Vyatkina O.V., Tolkacheva N.V., Kapitonov D.S.
Methods of Research of Properties of Bentonites for their Use in Winemaking
It is shown that the analysis of various methods for an estimation of quality of bentonites used in winemaking is carried out. Carrying out of additional researches with use of more exact and informative physical-chemical methods such as X-ray diffraction, differential thermal analysis, infrared spectroscopy, potentiometric titration is actual for optimization of process of bentonite selection and as consequence, increases of efficiency of their application in winemaking.

Fedorenko A.M. Kurmachov E.A., Tsibny U.I., Gudim A.N.
Spectrophotometric Definition of a Titanium (IV) and (III), Ferrum (III) and (II) in Vitriolic Solutions
Based on spectrophotometry data the sulphate technological solutions are investigated with the purpose of detection of possibility of selective definition of ions of a titanium (IV) and (III), ferrum (III) and (II). It is offered to use the method of the repeated disturbed full internal reflection in a technological process of titanium dioxide receiving.

Shul'gin V.F., Melnikova E.D., Larin G.M., Chernega A.N.
Molecular and Crystal Line Structure of the Binuclear Copper (II) Complexes of Trifluororacetylacetone Acyldihydrazones
The results of X-ray analysis of the binuclear copper (II) complex of acyldihydrazone produced by coupling of succinic acid and trifluoroacetylacetone with the composition of [Cu2L·4Py] were shown. It was found that crystals are monoclinic: a = 12.773(3); b = 8.872(2); с = 17.147(4) Å;
β = 103.36(2)°; Z = 2; space group P21/n. The number of the symmetrically independent reflections were 3319. R = 0.041; Rw = 0.117. Central atoms were separated by the 7 σ-bonds chain and located on the distance of 8.750 Å from each other. Coordination sphere of the copper atom had tetragonal pyramidal geometry with pyridine molecule in axial position. An equatorial plane was formed by two oxygen atoms, nitrogen atom of the hydrazone double- deprotonized chelatophore groups and nitrogen atom of the second pyridine molecule.