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Vol. 18 (57), № 3. 2005
Biology, chemistry

Babushkina О.Ph., Panova T.S.
The Rehabilitation of Senior Class Girls with the Bearing Disorder
The results of influence of various complexes of physical rehabilitation of the physiological parameters of 16 year old girls are discussed in the article. The rehabilitation was carried out at school № 23 of Simferopol city.

Glivenko A. V.
The Functional Significance of Lead and Cadmium for Cardiac Activity in Medical Students
An investigation of funcional significance of lead and cadmium for functioning of heart of 26 18-20 year old students of Crimean Medical University was carried out. It is revealed that the content of the investigated heavy metals in hair was within the mark. A positive correlation between the level of cadmium in the organism and 9 parameters of the chronotropic function of heart and negative correlations befuren lead and 4 design indices of heart rate were discovered.

Djeldubaeva E.R., Chuyan E.N., Moscovskyh A.A.
A Preliminary Antistress Effect of Low Intensity, Electromagnetic Field of Extremely High Frequency during an Experimental Pain Stress in Rats
In the experiments where a single and course use of electromagnetic field of extremely high frequency were applied on rats the following results were obtained: electromagnetic radiation rendered a pronounced anesthetic effect during pain stress, caused by both hypodermic injection of formalin and intraperitoneal injection of acetic acid in the experiments.

Evstafyeva I.A.
Functional State of Central Nervous System of Teenagers as Connected to Content of Arsenic in Hair
The veseavch on 25 teenagers living on urbanized territory, was carried out. The content of arsenic in hair was at à normal limit (0,21-2,42 μg), but the mean vaines exceeded the norm for children (1μg). The positive correlation between high-frequency EEG-waves and arsenic was revealed, but a more significant correlation was revealed for psychological characteristics (frustration, extravers і on, unprotected).

Evstafyeva E., Tymchenko S., Gruzchevsky V.
Evaluation of Tone of the Autonomic Nervous System Status and Concentration of Toxic and Essential Elements in Children
Recent scientific researche proved that concentration of toxic and essential elements effects the tone of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). Thus, we decided to research on some particular elements (lead, cadmium, cooper, zinc), which cold effect ANS. In our research we examined the tone of ANS in 20 12 year old children. On the whole the concentrations of elements were within normal values, except for a few cases. The results revealed that children had unbalanced tone of ANS with prevalence of parasympathetic one. We used a non-parametrical method of statistical analysis to (by Spearman) find out a correlation between the selected elements and the children's ANS tone. The physiological role of elements according to the correlation was as followis: Cd, Cu < Zn < Pb.
We revealed that ANS tone might have been effected by toxic and essential elements even when the concentration of elements was within normal values. And ANS tone by means of heart rate variability can be a prognostic marker of such an influence.

Yolkina N.M.
Changes of Some Biochemical Indices of Human Erythrocytes in Conditions of Active Oxygen Forms Generation in Vitro
It has been shown that under initiation of oxidative reactions in vitro (Fenton's system) the contents of hemoglobin and methemoglobin were increasing in human erythrocytes and the levels of glucose and glucosilated hemoglobin were decreasing in these conditions.
This fact may be as an evidence of glucose désintégration under effect of active oxygen forms. Also it may be a result of intensification of glucose metabolic process directed on maintenance of erythrocyte cells integrity and their functional activity.

Zalata O.A.
Evoked Potentials Characteristics in Connection with Calcium and Strontium Content in an Organism of Pupils
The calcium and strontium content measured by the method of X-ray fluorescent spectroscopy was found. The calcium deficit in 12-13-years pupils was discovered. The hair concentration of strontium was within the upper limit of norm. Statistically significant correlations between cognitive characteristics of evoked potentials and calcium and strontium contents were shown. Amount of reliable correlations was fluctuating within the limits of correlation coefficient values for calcium 0.33<r<0.43, for strontium 0.33<r<0.48.

Zolotnitsky A.P.
On Some Aspects of Vital Functions of the Pacific Oyster (Crassostrea Gigas Thunberg), Liong in the Black Sea
The processes of respiration and filtration of a pacific oyster, liong in the Black sea, are investigated. It is shown, that their intensity is close to those of a natural biotope and connected with mass by power functions. The seasonal alterations of speed of these processes caused by genesial activity of molluscums are marked. The characteristic of interrelation of oysters production and metabolism in water of various saltiness is given. It is found out, that the energy consumption is increased for biosynthesis of mass of oyster organic matter in water of a low saltiness.

Ivanov S.P.
The Role of Exogenous and Endogenous Factors in the Determination of Flying Activity of Megachilid-Bees (Hymenoptera: Apoidea: Megachilidae) in Crimea
There were studied the species peculiarities of flyiftg activity of wild bees, Anthidium manicatum, Pseudocmthidium lituratum, Hoplitis mùnicata, H. bidentata, Heriades crenulatus, Osmia brevicornis, O. cerinthidis, O. coerulescens, O. cornuta, O. rufa, Megachile apicalis, M. mariiima, M. parietina M. rotundata and M. versicolor. The terms of the morning increase and the evening decrease of the quantity of bees on blooming plants are determined by the threshold value of air temperature and by the level of solar insolation. In the rest part of the day the dynamics of bees' flights is determined by the ratio of the quantity of bees collecting provisions from the blooming plants and by*the quantity of bees doing other activities in the nests. That means that the bees are destroying the evenness of distribution of the females in the phases of the nest building cycle. This distribution has the regular nature for every species under study and is caused by changes of speed on which bee females undergo some particular phases of nestbuilding cycle in different parts of the day-time.

Kotov S.F., Zaldak S.N.
Influence of Humidity, Salinity and Competition on the Anatomic Structures of Vegetative Organs of Salicornia Europaea L. и Suaeda Acuminata (C.A.Mey.) Moq.
The anatomic structure of stem and leaves of Salicornia europaea and Suaeda acuminata was investigated. Influence of moistening, salinity and intraspecific competition is set on the metrical parameters of epidermis, stoma, water-suppling parenchyma and chlorenchyma in leaves and stem ofS. europaea and S. acuminata.

Matsyura A.V.
Indirect Methods of Density Estimation in Ecological Researches
Indirect methods of population density were considered. The basic mathematical indices were presented and their implications and limitations were examined. The applied ecological software Density from Distance was worked out. The main algorithms of the plotless methods of population's density calculation were figured out.

Melnichenko E.V., Snapkov P.V., Mishin N.P., Efimenko A.M., Ozerova L.A., Parkhomenko A.I., Romashevskiy D.V., Mirnaya A.V., Makarova N.A.
Central Circulation Reactions under Conditions of Traction Myorelaxation at the Mesodermal Reflexogenic Areas C3 - Th8
To estimate the effect of traditional myorelaxation on Central circulation state there were recorded the indices of centra! cardiogeodynamics in the 20 youths before and" after 10-15 minutes traction session at C2 - Th8 area. Circulation changes representing decreased sympathetic effect on cardiovascular system and circulation redistribution in favor of central blood-current were discovered. Traction myorelaxation of cervical- pectoral area showed high sedative effect on central mechanisms of circulation regulation.

Mihailova T.I.
Age Changes of Energy Mechanisms in 9-16 Years Sportsmen
Peculiarities of enerqy potential of young judoists at differeut stages of ontogeny and sport training were oudied. Scientific data and our proprior investigations were analyzed. Cause-and-effect relation between indices of energy supply of judoists on one hand and their sport preparation on the other hand were analyzed too.

Mutev A.V.
Influence of the Specific Loadings in the Process of Employments by the Sporting Combats on the Indices of the Cardiorespiration System of Deaf Teenagers
Adaptation of the cardiorespiration system and its reaction on the physical loadings of deaf teenagers depend on age and amount of series of specific exercises. With the increase of age the dosed physical loadings related to implementation of technical elements in the sporting combats are executed more «economically».

Nikolenko О.V.
Evaluation of Byocliemistry Blood Composition in Gymnasts
The regular sports traning effect on gymnast eritrocitic membranes lipid composition and blood plasma in interconnection with peroxide oxidation active condition is studied. Obtained results allowed to pvove the fact of existant metabolic reorganizations depending on the training loadings,so to demonstrate the compensatory-adaptive reactions in organism of the sportsmen.

Ovsyannikova N.M., Repinska E.V., Evstqfyeva LA., Gruzevsky V.A., Moskovchuk O.B., Slusarenko A.E.
Functional State of Teenagers Cardio-Vascular and Immune Systems in Connection with Cooper and Zinc Content in the Body
The research of cardio-vascular system state of the 15-years old teenagers in connection with cooper and zinc contents in the body is carried out. The average content of zinc in teenagers was within the limits of norm, coming to its lower border. Statistically significant correlation of immune and hemodynamic parameters with concentration of cooper and zinc in hairs at the state of physiological rest was not revealed. In the conditions of physical loading the correlation between the parameters of heart activity and hemodynamic parameters, and concentration of zinc and cooper in the hair have been revealed. The specific physiological effects of zinc on the vascular system and cooper on heart activity were shown.

Pavlenko V.B., Sheryemyetyeva O.Y., Kalashnik O.A.
Reflection of Aggressiveness Lewe Corresponos Patterns to of Theevoked EEG-Potentials
It was discovered that amplitude and temporal characteristics of evoked EEG- potentials are correlated with aggressiveness in men.

Pavlenko O.M.
Neurobiological Approach to the Investigation of the Effects of Psychotherapy
The article introduces the critical literature review of biological mechanisms of psychotherapy.

Panova S.A., Dugcmov E.B.
Influence of Computer on the Indices of Memory, Attention, Speed of Information Perception of the 6-th and 7-th Year School Students
Comparative researche of mental capacity change of rural school pupils (6-7 class) before and after a 30 minute work at a computer was carried out. The decrease lof indices of long-term memory and speed of information perception was discoveret.

Pehimenko G.V.
Aminoacid Composition of Serum Albumin Characteristic for Some Representatives of Reptiles and Birds Classes
The quantity study of aminoacid composition in serum jilbumins of some representatives of the reptiles and birds classes is carried out. Judging by the high contents of aminoacids: Glu, Ala, Leu it can be assumed that the investigated proteins can have an increased contents of a-spiral participants on the one hand and according to the presentee of aminoacids: Val, Ile, Met in the proteins it can be concluded that they tend to have an organization of (β-structure, on the other hand.
It should be noted that a nonsignificant changes of conservatism raqge for every aminoacid can be obserued that shows some evolutionary conservatism in the contents of the aminoacids of the examined proteins.

Ponomareva V.P., Chuyan E.N.
Changes of Fermentative Activity of Peripheric Blood Leucocytes of Probationers with Different Profile of Functional Asymmetry under the Influence of Electromagnctic Radiation of Extremely High Frequency of Different Localization
Under the influence of electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequency of different localization on healthy probationers the increase of functional activity of bactericidial, hydrolytic and energy systems of blood leucocytes was observed.
The achieved results serveasan evidence of precise dependence of the level of observed changes of cytochemical indices and the degree of expressiveness of the effect of sensor asymmetry of probationers and the electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequency influence localization too. The choice of effective localization of electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequency influence could be done on the basis of preliminary determination of sensor asymmetry of a person. The results of the research contribute to practical application of electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequency for the sake of adaptation potential increase in an organism, which can be used in clinical and pedagogical practice

Reshetniak O.A.
Pecularities of Cardiovascular System Adaptation to Physical Loading in Students with Different Levels of Training
Testing results of the groups of students of different levels of sport mastering as to their cardiovascular system adaptation to physical loading is presented in the paper. A valid correlation of pulse arterial pressure, stroke and minute volume data after physical loading and five minutes restoration has been determined.

Romanenko V.A., Kochura D.A.
The Sensory System Organization in Persons with Different Levels of Genetical Anxiety and Neuroticism
The article represents a study of sensory system organization in persons with different temperamental properties.
The acoustic and visual sensory systems' heightened sensibility has been discovered in persons with high level of anxiety and emotional instability. The higher accuracy of measuarement of dynamical efforts and lower accurate rate of time interval evaluation are typical for these persons too.

Safronova N.S., Bukov Y.A.
The Influence of Food Supplements on the Functional Condition of the Cardio-Vascular System and Forming the Adaptive Reactions of the Organism
Influence of the intake of natural biologically active supplements on cardio-vascular system parameters of students with tense life manner was research. Correlation between the activity of the adaptive reactions of the cardio-vascular system and the forming a non­specific states of patients after the intake of supplements was studied. Obtained results allone to recommend Chyawanpràsh and Stresscom as a remedy that enlarges the protective-adaptive reserves of the organism of the persons with constant physical and psychoemotional strain.

Snapkov P.V., Timofeeva A.M.
Complex Rehabilitation of the Patients with Osteochondropathy of Hip Joint on the Ambulant-Polyclinical Stage
The article describes the complex rehabilitation of the patients with osteochondropathy of hip joint on the ambulant-polyclinical stage and the indices of effectiveness according to the diagnostic criteria values.

Slanishevskaia T.I.
Reactivity of the System of Microcirculation in Girls during a Thermal Test
By use of the method of laser Doppler flow the analysis of reactivity of capillary of blood flow is cjnducted girls of 16-18 years old. Reaction of tissue blood flow in girls on the local rise of skin temperature developed in two phases, that is related to the change of mechanisms of tissue blood flow. The level of reactivity of micro vessels at thermal hyperemia substantially relies on types of microcirculation.

Syshko D.V., Grugevskayci V.F., Mutev A.V.
Vestibule Stability in Sportsmen with Different Vestibility-Vegetative Type of Reactions
In sportsmen with different vestibility-vegetative types of reactions different vestibule stability is found out. The sportsmen with hyperkinetic and eukinetic reaction of the cardiovascular system on the vestibule irritations possess much higher vestibule stability.

Temuryants N.A., Chuyan E.N., Verko N.P.
Hypokinesia Modifies the Physiological Reactions on EMF EHF Influence
From the 13th till 31st day of study the effect of hypokinesia, modify ind the adaptive reactions developing as a result of electromagnetic field of extremely high frequency action was discovered.

Tereshenko F.A.
Computer Prediction of Protein Spatial Structure
Prediction of protein spatial structure from its aminoacid sequence is an important problem of modern biology. This review analyses the most widespread approaches to the problem of protein tertiary structure prediction: ab initio, homology modelling and threading, as well as the approaches to evaluation of prediction reliability by newly developed methods.

Chornaja V.N.
Influence of the Food Compliments of Modified Oak Extract on Some Indices of Metabolism in Animals
Effect of the modified oak extract which was used as a food compliment on some indices of metabolism in animals is described in this article.

Cherniy S.V., Kovalenko A.A.
Effect of Verbally Induced Emotional States on Running EEG Properties
Changes in EEG rhythmical activity under effect of verbal stimuli of different emotional valencies presented, possible mechanisms of EEG patterns formation under effect of the stimuli described.

Chuyan E.N., Zayachnikova T.V.
Modifying Effect of Hypokinetic Stress on the Change of Activity of the Sympathoadrenal System during Infection in Rats
Effect of hypokinetic stress in changing the functional state of the sympathoadrenal system in animals infected by Mycoplasma hommis is studied. It is shown that maintenance of catecholamine in the red corpuscles of peripheral blood in animals after the infection by M. hominis depends on the initial state of the organism determined by preventive influence. In rats, which were under conditions of limited mobility, there was a more considerable increase of maintenance of catecholamine in the red corpuscles of peripheral blood before the infection, than in animals which were under conditions of the ordinary moving mode before the infection.

Chuyan E.N., Makhonim M.M.
The Role of the Opioid Peptides in Modifyind the Melatonin Qauntity in a Rat Blood Serum at Normal and Stress Conditions under the Effect of Electromagnetic Field of Extremely High Frequency
There was studied the role of the opioid peptides (OpP) system in modifyind of the melatonin quantity in a blood serum under the isolated and combinated with hypokinesia low intensity electromagnetic field of extremely high frequency (EMF EHF) action. It is shown that a prohibition of the OpP receptors by the synthetic non-selective blocking agent naloxone of all subtypes opioid receptors is graded of EMF EHF action on the melatonin concentration changes in blood serum as well as at norm conditions and stress actions. Experimental results proved the participation of the OpP in the mechanism of biological actions of EMF EHF and OpP influences on the melatonin concentration in the peripheral blood.

Shiryayev N.V., Shiryayev V.V., Efimenko A.M, Luzin A.V.
Experimental Discharge of the Papain Fragments of the Human IgG
In this paper a new modification of the method of discharge ofthe papain fragments of polyclonal IgG is described. The discharge was made with the help of modern biochemical methods.

Shramko J.I.
Mononuclear-Phagocytes Rat Lung System's Kinetic during an Influence of Small Doses of Xenobyotics
There was proven that xenobiotics act negatively on the main regulatory systems and lead to distress and illness.