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Vol. 18 (57), № 1. 2005
Biology, chemistry

Belousov L.V.
Extremely Low Radiations and Collective Processes in the Living Systems
The conditions that allow using the extremely low radiations (ELR) for detection of collective exited states of molecular substrates in the living systems were reviewed. The sufficient for these purposes there are following properties of ELR: non-additivity; concentration on the some frequencies and the presence of significant harmonics; the presence of the degradation ELR; delayed luminescence after illumination. The data about ELR obtained in experiments with eggs and germs of fishes, amphibians and birds and also with monolayer cell culture.

Voeikov V.L., Chalkin S.F., Nilov S.M.
Damp Air Extremely Low Illumination Indused by Extremely Low Intencity UV-Photons
It was revealed that the photoelectrinic multiplier that sensitive in UV-range (РЕМ-142) can increases the count of photon by visible-range photomultiplier (PEM-101) that placed on 5 sm from each other. This influence depens on damp and composition of air in the mesure chamber. It was supposed that the phenomenon of exitation of air, that was revealed due to constructive peculiarities of photon count device, can take place in living and non-living nature.

Binhi V.N.
Parametric Resonance in Magnetobiology: Critical Analysis of Arber's, Chiabrera's, Lednev's, Zhadin's, Blackmail's and Binhi's Ideas
Ratio of non-thermal biological effects of weak electromagnetic fields - conceptions of parametric resonance were analyzed. The priorities of original results were revealed.

Martynyuk VS., Tseyslyer Yu.V.
The Change of Spectral Characteristics of Met-Hemoglobin in Conditions of its Interaction with Chloroform Under Action of Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Field
The influence of extremely low frequency magnetic field on met-hemoglobins spectral characteristics on its complex formation with chloroform was researched. It was revealed that influence of hydrophobic ligand results in change of polarity around gem and change accessibility to molecules of water, and the extremely low frequency magnetic field strengthens this process.

Temuryants N.A., Minko V.A.
The Infradian Rhythmicity of Behavior Parameters in the "an Open Field» Test Rats with Low Level of Motorial Activity Under EMR of ELF Influence
The infradian rhythmicity futures of vertical and horizontal components in the "open field test" under electromagnetic radiation (EMR) of extremely low frequency (ELF) influence at rats with low and middle motorial activity and low emotionality were study. The EMR of ELF changes amplitude-phase characteristics, long of specters and their struct are. The results of EMR of ELF action to animals with various individual features is approach of behavior infradian rhythmicity parameters. EMR of ELF influence causes hypersynchronization of time organization at rats with low motorial activity.

Shishko E.Y., Malugina V.L.
Change Infradian Rhythmic of Activity Stress - Realizing Systems of Rats at Hypokinetic Stress
Summary: in the given work influence of stress reaction on infradian rhythmic sympathetic adrenal system and hypothalamic-pituitary- systems of rats are investigated. At hypokinetic stress change infradian rhythmic, which testifies to development desynchronize.

Temuryants N.A., Chuyan E.N., Verko N.P.
Naloxone Modulation Gidrolytic Activity of Phagocytes on Action Hypokinesia and EMF EHF
The work was devoted to study the gidrolytic phagocytes activity of in action of naloxone, EMF EHF and hypokinesia. Limitation of movement activity and action of naloxone high oscillations gidrolytic activity. Combined action of hypocinesia and EMF*EHF limitation gidrolytic activity.

Chuyan E.N., Makhonina M.M., Tarkov V.E.
Change of a Functional State of the Synthetic Kettle of Lymphocytes in a Rat Blood on Isolated and Combined with a Hypokinesia Activity Effect of Low-Intensity EMF of VHF
Using luminescent microspectral analysis the investigation of a functional state of the synthetic apparatus of lymphocytes of a rat blood on isolated and combined with a hypokinesia activity effect of electromagnetic field (EMF) of extremely high frequencies (EHF) was carried out. Effect of EMF of EHF on intact animal the functional activity of the synthetic kettle of lymphocytes concerning values in control bunch isenhanced, that testifies to rising a level of an immune resistance of an organism. Under influence of a nine-diurnal hypokinesia the drop of a parameter of synthetic activity of lymphocytes was observed, that testifies to depression of synthetic processes in cells. The effect of EMF of EHF on animal in hypokinesia, produces correction of change of functional activity of lymphocytes, which results in increase of a parameter of synthetic activity concerning the given parameter for animal in restricted state of mobility, which does not take place under activity EMF of EHF.

Mishenko S.V., Mishenko VP., Taryanik K.A.
The Polarized Light Influence the Procoagulative and Fibrinolytic Brain Hemispheres Features in Rats
It is determined in experiments in rats the brain hemispheres (right and left) significant procoagulative and fibrinolitic features in intact animals. At the rats' right head half piler-light irradiation on the one and on the other hand the procoagulative brain hemispheres activity increased on both sides and the fibrinolytic one-reduced. Similar changes were observed at the piler-light action to the right head half. In both cases the procoagulative and fibrinolytic features hemispheres asymmetry grew between the right and the left brain halves. The procoagulative and fibrinolytic brain hemispheres activity increasing mechanism in response to the piler-light action is discussed.

Grigoriev P.E., Martynyuk V.S., Temuryants N.A.
The Biological Significance of the Different Indices of Cosmic Weather in the Different Phases of Solar Cycle
The synchronization of the physiological processes by the heliogeophysical variations is provided by that channel of action of the "cosmic weather" on the environment (ionospheric or magnetospheric), which activity is dominated during the experioment. It is expressed in the minimal phase differences between the rhythms of physiological processes and the indices of the "cosmic weather" of the corresponding class - solar (Wolf numbers, 10.7 cm Solar flux) or magnetic activity (Ap, Kp, IMF polarity).

Zenchenko T.A., Konradov A.A., Zenchenko K.I.
The Correlation of Dynamics of Amplitude of "Near Zone Effekf 'with Geogeliophysical Indices
An array of daily values of amplitude of "nearest zone effect" (NZE, or degree of manifestation of self-organization processes in statistical population (radioactive decay) was obtained using histogram method for data analysis (Shnoll method).
It was revealed significant statistical correlation between the dynamics of amplitude of "nearest zone effect" and indices of solar and geomagnetic activity, so that the peaks of NZE amplitude coincide with the moments of the highest rate of changes of absolute value of interplanetary magnetic field and geomagnetic field intensities.

Vladimirsky B.M., Konradov A.A.
Complex Problems of Solar-Biospheric Connections
The analysis of new works on influence of cosmic facrors on Earth was reviewed. Main questions: influence of Moon on physicsl-chemical systems, Hokelen's "planrtary effect", daly variations in physical-chemical systems.

Stepanyuk I.A.
Features of Reactions of Biological and Physico-Chemical Systems to External Factors
The reports considers the dangers of obtaining artifacts while making an overall analysis of experimental data on reactions of biological and physico-chemical systems to variations in external, mostly electromagnetic factors in the cosmos-biosphere system. The dangers are caused by not taking into account the information, or lack thereof, on a number of specific features: nonlinearity of the coupling function in the statistical regime, dynamic features of the systems reacting independently and in various combinations, as well as the conditions of conducting the experiments, in particular, inconsistency in discreteness of obtaining information and spectral characteristics of the involved factors.

Pavlenko V.B.
The Role of Subcortex Aminergic Structures in Organization of Voluntary Behavioral Act
The study is devoted to elucidation of the mechanisms of preparation for, realization of and estimation of the results of targeted behavioral acts in humans and animals, which include self- initiated movements conditioned by the time parameters. Characteristics of behavioral acts to a great extent depend on the individual peculiarities of the activity of the monoaminergic cerebral systems.

Kolotilova O.I., Pavlenko V.B., Koreniuk I.I., Kylichenko A.M., Fokina J.O.
Interrelation Between the Activity of Neurons of Aminergic Brain Systems and EEG Rhythms in Cat
In the article there is analysed the interrelation between the activity of neurons of aminergic brain systems and EEG rhythms in cat.

Tiunin V.L., Madyar S.A., Kovalevskaya E.E., Pavlenko V.B.
Correction of Unfavourable Influences of Intensive Computer Work Using Madyar's Color Tables
It was shown that intensive computer work within an hour leads to unfavorable changes of EEG pattern - probationers' potentials. Application, of Madyar's color tables assists to recover their psychophysiological status.

Tribrat A.G., Makarova L.B., Pavlenko V.B.
Strategies of Directed Auto-Correction of Psycho-Physiological State through Use of Biological Feedback by EEG
The article observes the strategies of relaxation by 35 subjects during EEG biofeedback sessions. The most optimal strategy appeared to be the so called "mental relaxation", resulting in best alpha- and theta-rhythms amplitudes ratio.

Cherniy S. V., Makhin S.A.
Anxiety Level Effect on the Components of Event-Related EEG-Potentials
The article reviews the interconnection between anxiety level and the components of event- related EEG-potentials (ERP), and states the possible formation mechanisms of ERP patterns in people with high anxiety.

Korenyuk I.I., Gamma T.V., Baevsky M.Yu., Podmareva I.R.
Influence of Bemitile on Physiological Reaction of Rats
Summary: With the help of the test of  "an open field " after an injection bemitile features of influence of this substance in various dozes on physiological reaction of animals are shown rats. On the basis of the received results the conclusion that bemitile renders oppressing effect on behavioural reaction of rats is made.

Ravaeva M.J., Korenjuk 1.1., Kur'janov O.V., Chupahina T.A.
Studying of Psychotropic Activity N-[N-(l,2:3,4-di-0-Izopropiliden-α-D-Galactopyranuronoil)]- Glycil-Glycine
In the test «open field» action N-[N-( 1,2:3,4-di-O-izopropiliden-α-D-galactopyranuronoil)]- glycil-glycine on behavioural parameters of activity of rats is investigated. It is established, that glycopeptides in a doze of 50 mg/kg has brake an effect on nervous system, investigation of that may be reduction stress animals.. The comparative analysis of action glycopeptides, his carbohydrate basis and a radical has shown, that the most expressed effect was observed at action glycopeptide.