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Vol. 16 (55), № 3. 2003

Vinnikova О.I.
Soil Micromycetes and Algae of Deciduous Forest Plantations of Seversky Donetz River Terrace
The mycobiota and algoflora species composition was studied in leaf litter and soil of birch and asp plantations. The fungi and algae species composition were floristically compared between different sampling points. The peculiarities of distribution of representatives of the different systematic groups in leaf litter and soil depending on sampling depths and habitat type are discussed.

Ceisler Yu.V., Kalinovsky P.S., Martynyuk V.S.
Influence of Variable Magnetic Field on Spectral Characteristics of Albumin upon its Interaction with Hydrophobic Ligands
The influence of variable magnetic field on spectral characteristics of serum albumin in the presence of the chloroform was studied. It was demonstrated that influence of magnetic field leads to increase of chloroform binding with protein molecule in hydrophobic caves and in location peptide groups.

Bogdan O.V.
Systematic Structure of Lichen Flora in the Dine Forests of Yalta Mountain Forest Nature Reserve
The flora of epiphytic and epixylous lichens in the pine forests of Yalta Mountain Forest Nature Reserve consists of 117 species, 52 genera, 37 families and 9 orders.

Branovitskaya T.Yu., Chmeleva S.I.
Biologically Active Compounds in Wine Material Production
We studied the quality of wine materials received from the seeds of different sorts of grape such as Magarach Bastardo, Kaberne Sovinion, Saperavi, which had been treated with different concentrations of giberellin (30 and 40 mg/l). The question about influence of exogenous hormone on biochemical structure of juice made of wineberries and on the chemical structure of wine material was discussed.

Brigadirenko V.V.
Possibilities of Using of Litter Invertebrates for Indication of Soil Humidity Gradations in Forest Ecosystems
Using variance analysis, it was demonstrated that the number of dominant taxonomical groups of litter invertebrates, the ground beetles species (Coleoptera, Carahidae), separate life-forms of the ground beetles and the values of species diversity indices do not differ in forest ecosystems with different gradations of soil humidity. The most sensitive indicator of soil humidity gradations in forest ecosystem is the mixophytophagous aspect in the ground beetles' fauna.

Godunko R. J.
Ecomorphological Analysis of Mayflies (Insecta: Ephemeroptera)
In this paper the main classification describing the ecological and ecomorphological types of mayfly larvae was analyzed. Papers that could be a basis for creation a general ecomorphological classification of Ephemeroptera are cited.

Goloborodko K.K.
Ecological and Faunistic Review of Lycaenidae (Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera) Fauna in Dnepropetrovsk Region, Ukraine
A full list of Lycaenidae species is established. Previous facts of ecology and landscape-biotypical differentiation are given. There is a forecast of future founds of H. virgaureae, C. osiris, A. artaxerxes species in the district, according to analisus of species structure of Lycaenidae in neighbouring regions. According to the results of the research N. rhymnus, T. dispar rutila, T. nogelii dobrogerisis, M. telejus, R. bavius hungaricus, P. daphnis, P. pylaon species are recommended for insertion into the Red Book of Dnepropetrovsk district.

Gromova E.V., Zalevskaya I.N., Zhukova A.A.
The Characteristic of a Protein Spectrum of Blood Serum in Thyroid Diseases
Using the method of disk - electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gel, characters of blood serum proteins spectrum were studied in groups of the patients suffering from autoimmune thyreoiditis, adenoma of thyroid gland, cancer, nodose goiter and diffuse toxic goiter. The differences of each of electroforetical spectrums are shown in a variation of general number of protein fractions, change of quantity of fractions in various ef- zones and ef- mobility of separate protein components.

Didenko S.Vu., Nicolenko I.A., Movchan T.D., Tymchouk S.M.
The Oil Content and Fatty Acid Composition in the Seeds of Maize Starch-Modifying Mutants
The maize high-amylose mutants were notable for having the increased germ part, oil content in the germ and the content of oleic acid glycerides. The effect of amylopectin starches formation was not accompanied by significant changes of seeds lipid complex. It was shown that the oil content and the correlation of oieate and linoleate are encoded by a few independent loci of fourth, fifth and sixth chromosomes and modified by the interactions with the polygenic complexes.

Evstafyeva I.A., Evstafyeva E.V., Pavlenko V.В., Demchenko V.F., Krilov D.V., Schegoleva M.G.
Psychophysiological Particularities of Teenagers and Microelemetnt Balance in Human Body
The central nervous system was studied in 26 children at age 14-15 years living on urbanized territory. Content of 25 metals in hair was determined. The relationship between 5 metals and cognitive evoked potential parameters was found. The averages of these metals were in the frames of norm but some persons had abnormal meanings. In addition, a deficit of some essential (Cu, Ca, Fe, S) and exceeding of some toxic elements were indicated.

Yemelyanova N.S., Martynyuk V.S., Kalinovsky P.S., Ceisler Yu.V.
Influence of Variable Magnetic Field on Interaction of Serum Albumin with Tamoxiphen
The influence of variable magnetic field on interaction of serum albumin with tamoxiphen in vitro conditions was examined. The experiment proved that action of magnetic field increases sorption ability of albumin.

Zhaldak S.N.
Estimation of Influence of Ecological and Coenotic Factors on Anatomy of Salicornia Europaea L.
Ecological and coenotic factors impacting on anatomy of Salicornia europaea L. were studied. Reducing epidermis cell size and chlorer.chyma thickness were the reactions of plants to an intraspecific competition for soil nitrogen. With increase in ecotope salinity, the tendency to intensive development of water-bearing parenchyma is marked in S. europaea.

Zykova V.K.
Bioecological Characters of Some Species of Lilac on the South Coast of Crimea
Results of studying five species of lilac introduced on the South Coast of Crimea are presented. Three of them proved to be resistant under given conditions, grow well and blossom. They are recommended for wider application in landscape gardening on the Crimea.

Ilchenko E.A., Shugurov O.A.
Electromiograms and Mechanograms of Fingers of a Human Higher Limb
Connection between mechanical processes, i.e. human arm finger bending registered as a mechanogram and electric changes in muscle structures (electromiogram) has been determined. Mechanisms which result in the changes of electromiograms and mechanograms obtained in described experiments are discussed. During simultaneous registration of a mechanogram and an electromiogram, similar changes of some parameters have been found.

Kim I.G., Kuznetsova E.J., Surova N.A.
Environmental Pollution in Karadag Natural Reserve as a Factor of Biodiversity Decline
The results of complex study of pollution in ecological systems of Karadag Natural Reserve are presented. The excess of extreme allowable concentration of iron and cadmium in fresh and sea water was found. The raised contents of organic substances in sea water were found.

Kokoshkina O.A., Kolomiychuk S.G.
Biochemical Changes and their Pharmacological Correction in Diabetes Mellitus
Data concerning metabolic disturbance, the state of antioxidant system and the role of free-radical processes in diabetes mellitus formation are presented. Efficacy of use a number of medicines and vitamin complexes for prophylactic and treatment of this disease is noticed.

Koshelev A.V., Dyatlov S.Ye.
Adaptative Possibility of Euryhaline Crustaceans
Experimental data on ranges of saline tolerance of crustacean Eucypris inflata G. O. Sars and Cletocamptus retrogressus Schmankewitsch are presented. The organisms were acclimated to salinity in the limits of 0 - 70 % (E. inflata) and
0 - 170% (C. retrogressus). The most favourable salinity is 0 - 20 % for (E. inflata) and 40 - 70 % for (C. retrogressus).

Kuzminova N.S., Kuzuruba I.E.
The Influence of Kuprocsat Fungicide and Ziphos Insecticide on Artemia Salina L.
Data of study of Kuprocsat and Ziphos influence on Artemia salina are presented. All studied pesticides in concentrations 0.625,1.25 and 2.5 mg/'l were not toxic for nauplii exposed during 6 days. However, the percentage of hatching rate of Artemia and movement were lower for insecticide experiment than for fungicide.

Magla M.G.
Estimation of Vitamin Supplies in Black Sea Mussels
Efficiency of maintenance of metabolic products of different vitamins in mitochondrions of mussels' hepatopancreas was studied. It was determined that metabolic products of thiamin and nicotinate are less effectively maintained in mitochondrions in comparison with metabolic products of riboflavin, pantotenate, lipoate. It can be connected with the particularity of vitamins metabolism in mussel tissues.

Mozhanovsky V.I.
Heavy Metals in Organism of Rana Temporaria and Rana Arvalis from Biotopes Near Some Water Reservoirs in the City Zone of Kyiv
The content and distribution of heavy metals (Pb, Cd, Zn, Cu, Cr) in organs and tissues of Rana temporaria and Rana arvalis from biotopes near some water reservoirs in the city- zone of Kyiv are studied.

Munasypova I.A.
Some Aspects of Morphology of the Limnocardiidae (Bivalvia: Cardioidea)
The first detailed description of some morphological characters of 4 estuarine Limnocardiidae species: Hypanis caspia grossui Scarlato et Starobogatov, 1972, Hypanis colorata (Eichwald, 1829), Hypanis jalpugensis (Borcea, 1926), Hypanis laeviuscula fragilis(Milachevitch, 1908) is presented. Some of these characters are important for taxonomy of Limnocardiidae.

Myakushko S.A., Chovgal N.V.
The Particularities of Intrapopulation Variability in Rodents
The analysis of variability processes on individual and group levels has been undertaken. The particularities of adaptive mechanisms to the long-term dynamic shifts of the life conditions in rodents were studied.

Nyporko S.A.
Bryophyta of Obukhov District, Kiev Region
Bryoflora of Obukhov district (Kiev region) was studied. It includes 58 species of 2 divisions - liverworts (Hepatophyta) and mosses (Bryophyta), 3 classes, 21 families and 35 genera. The analysis of moss distribution on the substratum and Dlant coenoses was carried out.

Nyporko A.Yu., Demchuk О.E., Emets A.I., Blum Ya.B.
The Influence of Acetilation on the Spatial Structure of Plant Tubulins
For the first time modeling and comparative analysis of acetylated and non-acetylated forms of plant a-tubulin was carried out. It is shown that the conformational changes caused by acetylation have cluster character and are spatially distant from each other. It is demonstrated that value of RMS deviation between acetylated and non-acetylated forms of plant a-tubulin twice exceed a similar parameter for pair "plant a-tubulin - animal a-tubulin". The discovered facts confirm the assumption about non-local character of influence of acetylation on spatial structure of a-tubulin molecule.

Petrosian A.L.
Free Aminoacids Level in Rat Gastrointestinal Tract under Conditions of Closed Space Hypoxia
20 min after closed space hypoxia, content of almost all free amino acids (except glutamine) validly increased in the mucous membrane of the stomach of Wistar rats, alanine and asparagine content increased in the mucous membrane of the small intestine. 35-45 min after closed space hypoxia (agonai period), concentrations of leucine, glutamate and asparagine increased in the mucous membrane of the stomach, concentrations of glutamate, glutamine, asparagine, aspartic acid and arginine increased in the mucous membrane of the small intestine. Concentrations of almost all free amino acids (except valine) validly increased in the duodenum.

Podoprigora V.N.
Aspects of Growth of Biue Gurami under the Different Conditions of Photoperiod in Closed Water Systems
The results of experiment carried out according to original technique are presented. The effect of photoperiod on aggression, coefficient of variation of mass and total body length in blue Trichogaster irichopterus sumatranus is proven. Photoperiod is suggested to be a factor not affecting the early growth of gurami. The relationship between aggression and size structure of fish group is not found.

Ponomaryova V.P., Chuyan E.N., Tumanyants E.N.
Change of Organism Response on Hypokinesia in Rats with Various Typological Features under Influence of EMF EHF of Different Localization
The dependence of antistress effect of elecromagnetic fields (EMF) of extremely high frequency (EHF) from localization of the influence was studied. In rats with the middle mobile activity in "open field" test the mostly pronounced antistress effect of EMF EHF influence on occipital region, as well as on the right thigh lateral surface, was observed. In rats with low mobile activity under the EMF EHF influence on occipital region, as well as on the lateral surface of the right and of the left thighs, the antistress effect has been demonstrated. In rats with the high mobile activity in "open field" test the antistress effect was found under the EHF influence on the occipital region and on the left thigh lateral surface.

Pristinskaya V.V.
Contribution to the Knowledge of the Fauna and Biology of the Pill Beetles (Coleoptera, Byrrhidae) of Ukraine
New data on the pill beetles fauna, biology and trophic specialization are presented. The fauna of Ukrainian byrrhius is presented by 26 species. Adults are 'oiyophagous and larvae are detritivorous and feed on dead leaves, moss and other vegetable matter in the soil. The life cycle depends on climatic conditions.

Potyomkina N.V., Bugara A.M., Stavtseva I.V.
Cytogenetic Sdudy of Interspecific Hybrids of Sage Grown in Culture of Immature Embryos
Interspecific crossing is a routine method in the breeding of many essential oil crops. This method allows to accumulate important characteristics of different species in the geno­type of interspecific hybrid. However, survivability of these hybrids in the first phases of the onthogenesis is unsatisfactory. This problem has been decided in our research on the ex­ample of sage breeding using immature embryos culture. Cytogenetic studies revealed combinative inheritance of régénérants, some marker chromosomes of maternal form (S. sclareaL.) and allowed to reconstruct the idiogramms of caryotypes of initial strains and interspecific hybrids.

Prokopov G.A.
On the Knowledge of Distribution of Hydrofauna of the Alma River in Crimean Natural Reserve
Distribution of 46 species of macrozoobenthos fauna along the longitudinal profile of the Alma River within reserve territory is analysed. Specific features of life in flood-land reservoirs are demonstrated. Comparison of hydrofauna in upper part of the rivers at boreal and austral macroslopes of the Crimean mountains is made.

Ranska E.M., Masikevich Yu.G.
The Investigation of the Adaptation of Rhodiola Rosea L. to Excessive Ultra-Violet Radiation
The adaptation possibilities of Rhodiola rosea L. in mountain and plain conditions have been studied. The dependence between ecological conditions of spreading places of Rhodiola rosea L., its development and accumulation of salydroside fey rootstocks has been established.

Saschuk O.V., Furtat I.M., Nogina T.M., Kovalenko E.A., Mykhalsky L.A.
The Chemical and Haemagglutinating Properties of the Biopolymers of the Non-Pathogenic Corynebacteria Cell Wall
The cell wall characteristics of biopolymers of the archived and new isolated strains of non-pathogenic Corynebacterium species are described. It was shown that biopolymers, extracted from the cells by 1% DS Na solution surface, contain the considerable amount of carbohydrate and protein components with Mm 10,0 - 120,0 kDa and do not display the haemagglutinating properties. The haemagglutinating activity (from 64 up to 2048 units) in the internal ceil wail iayers has been detected in all the studied strains.

Slusarenko A.E., Evstafyeva E.V., Derkach U.V., Ovsjannikova N.M.
Cellular and Humoral Immune Status in Children of Different Age Depending on Toxic Metal Content in Human Body
The immune system of 80 children at age 1-8 and 9-15 years, who live on urbanized territory, was studied. Average of lead, mercury and cadmium content in hair was in normal limits exceeding them in some cases for lead and cadmium. The immune system was the most sensitive for mercury. Mercury and cadmium stimulated cellular immunity of 1 -8 aged children and depressed of humoral and cellular one of 9-15 aged. Pb led to cellular immunity depression in 1-8 aged children.

Solovyov S.V., Goreyko V.A.
The Modern Status and Tendency of Development of Wood Ecosystems of Wetlands of Middle Dnieper
In the article the modern status of wood ecosystems and wetland soils of middle Dnieper on an example Dniprovsko-Orelskiy Natural Reserve is characterized. The tendency of simultaneous development of plants and soils is shown. The basic characteristics of organic substance of soil are defined.

Samchyshyna L.V.
Scanning Electron Microscopy of Diaptomids Eggs Shell (Copepoda: Calanoida)
Scanning electron microscopy examination of eggs in freshwater Calanoida E. graciloides and E. gracilis allowed to find peculiarities of structure and egg surface in diapause and subitaneous eggs. The comparative morphometric analysis was carried out. The significance of the thickness of the egg envelope of these two types is discussed in connection with their different ecological role.

Stukaijuk S.V., Ivanov S.P.
Special Thesaurus and Some Biocoenotical Indices of Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of Crimean Jailas
A list of 20 ant species found at highland plateaus in Crimea is given. Species - Myrmica sulcinodis Nyl. and Lasius paralienus Leach were found at Crimean jailas for the first time. Data on landscape distribution and number of species are presented. For seven species with the highest abundance, area of nest territories and density of families are shown. Information about particularities of application of new technique of ant study previously published in shortened form is offered.

Kharchenko A.L.
The Biomorphological Characteristics for the Representatives of the Family Lauraceae Lindl. Introduced in the South Coast of the Crimea
A biomorphological characteristics for the representatives of the family Lauraceae introduced in the South coast of the Crimea. There are: Cinnamomum camphora (L.) Presl., Laurus nobilis L. and 17 cultural forms, Lindera angustifolia Cheng., Neolitsea sericea (Bl.) Koidz., Umbellularia californica (Hook & Am.) Nutt. The precious qualities of these plants for practical using are shown.

Kchlystun N.Ya.
The Short Analysis of Adventive Flora of the Chernivtsi
68 adventive species from 27 genera currently occur at the area of Chernivtsi.Climat conditions of Chernivtsi are favourable for growth of adventive species of American and Mediterranean-Iranian-Turanian origin.

Tsyba A.O.
Morphological and Biological Characteristics of the Perch (Percafluviatilis L.) of Some Reservoirs of Middle Dnieper
In the present paper the data on the morphological and biological characteristics of the perch of some reservoirs of Middle Dnieper basin are given. The study has shown that difference in body size of perch have more influence on plastic characteristics and fatness than difference in habitat condition.

Sherbina T.I., Korobova E.A.
State of Health and Physical Development of the Schoolchildren with the Eyesight Defect
Lower level of physical development of the young schoolchildren with the healthy children can be explained with the existence of the basic defect and the secondary defect of the development also. In its turn, these factors deepen the state of hypodinamy of these children while they grow up.

Yavorskaya E.S.
Growth Peculiarities of the Ficus L. Species Shoot System
The results are given as for the development of 5 Ficus L. species shoot system, introduced into the Donetsk Botanical Gardens, Nat. Acad. Sci. of Ukraine. Specific differences and the general adaptive features of the genus are determined, the structural- and-temporal scheme of plants being adduced.

Yakovenko N.S.
Rotifers (Rotifera) of the South Coast of Crimea
47 rotifer species of 11 genera and 6 families are found in plankton, mosses, lichens and soil collected in the territory of SCC from Sebastopol to Karadag Reserve. 43 species proved new to the fauna of Crimea and 14 species and one genus (Didymodactylos Milne, 1916) are new for the fauna of Ukraine. Rotifer distribution in terrestrial and marine habitats of SCC is discussed.