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Vol. 16 (55), № 2. 2003
Biology, chemistry

Bagrikova N.A., Kotov S.F.
Distribution and Structure of Communities of Annual Succulent Halophytes in Central and Eastern Part of Crimean Sivash Region
Localization of the communities of annual succulent halophytes in central and eastern part of Crimean Sivash region was adduced. Distribution and structure of these communities are determined by salinity and humidity of soil; relief influences non-directly. Coenotic factors have effect at the population level.

Banik M.V.
Estimation of the Relations between Whinchat and Common Stonechat Abundance and Habitat Structure and Impact of Anthropogenic Factors in Conditions of Chalk Slopes in Eastern Ukraine
The abundance of whinchat and common stonechat depends; on habitat structure parameters and on impact of natural and anthropogenic factors in conditions of chalk grasslands in Eastern Ukraine. The habitat requirements of both species are quite different as the abundance of each species is influenced by the distinct set of factors.

Bardyga R.V., Karpova G.Y.,Omelchenko I.E.
Characteristics of Drought Resistance of Coriander Hybrids in Parameters of Water Exchange
Coriander is a valuable, eurysynusic essential oil culture. The parameters of water exchange of breeding material of coriander play the large in drought resistance the large role are played. The group og hybrids was selected on parameters of water exchange and productivity of 1000 fetuses for further selection on drought resistance.

Biryukova T.V.
Reaction of Cardiovascular System on Measured Vestibular Pressure of Children with Different Types of Blood Circulation
The article is devoted to studying of cardiovascular system reaction on measured vestibular pressure of children with different types of blood circulation. Our investigation showed that reaction of blood circulation on vestibular influence of most children is defined by initial condition of hemodynamics. Taking into account the type of blood circulation reaction, while estimating the reaction of cardiovascular system on measured vestibular pressure, proved our supposition that children with different types of blood circulation react on vestibular pressure in different ways.

Bugara І.О.
Obtaining of Callus Cultures of Mint and their Cytological Characteristics
The callus culture of mint Zagrava, Simferopolskaya 200, Ukrainskaya perechnaya, Dvuhukosnaya and Prilukskaya 6 were obtained. The dependence of callusogenesis from genotype, expiants and structure of medium is demonstarted. The cytological analysis of callus cultures has shown their high heterogeneity in morphological structure and their potential ability to morphogenesis and neogenesis of plants.

Vahtina T.B.
Blood Enzyme Activity of Black Sea Gobes (Gobiidae) from the Bays with Different Anthropogenic Impact
Antioxidant enzyme activities in blood of round gobe habited three bays were studied. Activity of the enzymes with the exception of peroxidase in fish blood from Inkerman was 4 - 11 times higher as compared with the parameters of the fish from non-polluted bays.

Verko N.P., Chuyan E.N., Temuryants N.A., Chirsky N.V.
EMR EHF Induce Leucocytes Priming
The possibility of using of EMR EHF as priming agent during consecutive action of activizing stimulus has been studied. The incentive was stress-reaction modeled with infection or motility restriction of animals. It has been shown that multiple irradiation of healthy animals with low intensity EMR EHF increases potential power of neutrophils and lymphocytes. It promotes the increasing of organism resistance to further influence of damaging agents.

Glivenko A.V., Evstafyeva I.A., Evstafyeva E.V., Demchenko V.E.
Heart Activity Depending of Essential Elements Content in Human Body
The heart work was studied in 26 children at the age of 15 years living in urbanized area with intensive traffic. The total calcium deficit, significant deficit of cuprum, ferric and zinc in human body were determined. The positive relationship between calcium content and the cardiocycle time and negative relationship between the relative time parameter and potassium content were founded. Zinc and cuprum did not effect on heart work.

Govorun A.V.
Fauna of the Pyralids (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae) of the Biological Station of A.S. Makarenko Sumy Pedagogical Institute
The results of long-term observations are presented. The list includes 114 species, 38 species found in Sumy area at first. Phycita meliella Mann. Exophora florella Mann, Phycitodes inquinatella Ragonot were found in Ukraine at first.

Golubkova E.E., Shmaley S.V.
Electromyographic Study of Speaking Activity in Children of Pre-Schoolage
The electrophysiological characteristics of muscles and nervou structures in disjunctions of spoken acts are presented. 3 types of EMG-activities are distingushed.

Gol'din P.E.
Bone of Lower Jaw of Harbour Porpoise (Phocoena phocoena relicta Abel, 1905) as a Registering Structure
Lower jaws of 27 harbour porpoises found dead at the Crimean coast of the Sea of Azov in 2000-2002 were studied. The samples were decalcified in 5% nitric acid, sectioned, and stained by haematoxylin. The whole bones from 9 specimens with age of 1-9 years were decalcified and divided to 1 cm segments before sectioning. Growth layers were found forming in all the jaw excluding the beginning of tooth raw. The number of completed mandibular layers corresponded to that of growth layer groups in dentine, i.e. the absolute age, in animals more than 1 year old. Growth layer is characterized by the complicated structure including one or more resting lines. The specific feature is the formation of double resting lines. Thus, there are growth layer groups in mandibula equivalent to that in dentine. Jaw branch is recommended for the age determination method instead of the end of tooth raw. Using the mandibular layering for age determination is regarded as a good additional technique along with dentine reading.

Dubova V.P., Oturina LP., Reshetnik G.V.
Change of Condition of Pigment-Plastid Complex and Productivity of Photosynthesis of a Winter Wheat Infected by a Striped Mosaic Virus
The influence of a virus infection on pigment-plastid complex of leaves of a winter wheat is investigation. The negative action of a striped wheat mosaic virus is shown in degradation of a population of chloroplasts, reduction of the content of pigments, decrease of the photosynthetic productivity, braking processes of growth.

Epikhin D.V.
Rare and Endemic Species in Simferopol and its Outskirts
Occurrence of rare and endemic species of vascular plants on the territory of Simferopol is shown. Some approaches to the further study, monitoring and management are given.

Zhizhina M.N., Kahuzenko S.N.
Correlated Dependence between Reactions of Photosynthesis and Growth of Maize Plants at the Background of Salinization and Growth Regulators
Correlated dependence between indices of pure productivity of photosynthesis and growth processes of maize plant was studied at the background of chlorine salinization and exogenous growth stimulators.
It was shown that the correlated dependence between photosynthetic productivity and intensivity of growth processes reduce in conditions of salinization. Preliminary processing by solutions of evena and 6-BAP promotes increase of the coefficient of correlation between these parameters.

Zolotova - Haydamaka N.V.
Influence of Modeled Hypokinesia on the Bone Tissue Osteocytes State in the White Rats
The purpose of the present investigation was to study the bone tissue osteocytes state and structure in the rats under hypokinesia conditions during 28 day by histological and morphometrical methods. We concluded that changes in the osteocytes can be regaraded as elementary stages of adaptive changes of bone tissue. It is the evidence about intensification of resorptive processes in the bone.

Konareva I.N.
Psychophysiological Investigation of Personality
On the basis of the received statistically significant correlations of EEG pattern with a psychological characteristics of personality in 120 participants we have shown a neurophysiological mechanisms of development of individuality, which are based on the structural and neurochemical changes of brain systems that are formed under an influence of life experience.

Kondaurova Ya.G.
The Low and Prostrate Woody Plants on the South Coast of the Crimea and their Biomorphological Peculiarities
The biomorphological peculiarities and classification of tne low and prostrate woody plants on the south coast of the Crimea are presented.

Kondratenko O.N., Mitrofanova О.V.
Influence of Various Concentration of Vitamins on Growth and Development of Feijoa Plants (Feijoa Sellowiana Berg.) in Culture in Vitro
For the first time experiments have been lead, which have shown the positive influence of ascorbic acid and tiamin-HCl on survival rate of primary expiants, propagation rate and rhizogenesis induction during the clonal micropropagation in 5 feijoa forms.

Kondratenko О.V., Mitrofanova I.V., Prichodiko L.M.
Rooting in Vitro and Adaptation in Vivo of Miniature Roses (Rosa Minima L.)
For the first time the analysis of influence of salts and auxines concentration in culture medium on induction of microshoots rhizogenesis in vitro in miniature roses "Mister Bird blue" and "Zwergkunig" has been lead. The optimum periods of adaptation in vivo and planting of minirose plants in situ were determined.

Kostychenko О.V., Evstafyeva E.V., Korenyuk I.I.
Eletrogenic Opium Receptors on Identified Neurons of a Grape Snail
The influence of naloxone on rhythmic activity of identified helix neurons possessing the pacemaker properties is investigated. It was found that the cell reactions on the naloxone application (10 - 100 mkM) depended on the type of neuron. It is proposed that the naloxone action is mediated by specific ionotropic opiate receptors which are controlled by endogenous opioids.

Kucherenko V.N., Kostin S.Yu.
Contemporary Condition of Crimean Peregrin Population
These publications discusses the question of settled local peregrine population. The data on peregrine abundance and nest sites on Crimea at past and present time. Now the Crimean population is estimated at 50-55 breeding pairs.

Lavrikova О.V.
The Definition of Adaptational Possibilities Criteria in Cardio­Vascular System of Academic Rowing Sportsmen as for their Physical Amount of Work Adaptation, Cardio-Vascular System, Physical Amount of Work, Echocardiogramme
A great amount of attention has been set by the problem of the current médical control provided when sportsmen carry out physical exercises. In order to study more deeply the ways of heart's adaptation to hyperfunction one should use such a highly informative non­invasive method of research as echocardiographies.
This article regards different ways of defining the adaptational possibilities criteria in cardio-vascular system of sportsmen.

Maltseva A.G.
Fauna and Ecology of Leaf-Beetles (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) of Coastal Localities in Middle Stream of Seversky Donets River
Materials on fauna, ecology and distribution of leaf-beetles (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) of middle stream of Seversky Donets river are given. 11 subfamilies with 51 genera and 248 species are detected. New data on trophic specialization, season dynamics and biotopical allocation are presented.

Matveyeva Z.S.
Study of Biochemical Composition in the Eggs of Artemia from Different Geographical Places
Biochemical composition in the eggs of artemia (Artemia salina L.) from two geographical places (Lake Sivash and estuary Kujalnik) was investigated. Concentration of proteins and lipids in the studied objects was approximately the same but the concentration of carbohydrates was different. Energetic value of the eggs of artemia from lake Sivash was higher, thns they could be used in aquaculture.

Makhin S.A., Pavlenko V.B.
ERP Indices During Time Interval Production
While solving the experimental task on time interval production there were registered ERP values (RP, SPN, P300) in two series with available and absent feedback on time operating. We found a tendency according to which people with time underestimation bias had higher ERP values. Besides, we discovered the difference of nonlinear dependencies of intraindividual RP dynamics on produced interval duration in two series with available and absent feedback.

Minko V.A.
The Influence of Low Electromagnetic Radiation of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) on Infradian Rhythmicity of Dehydrogenases Activity of Leukocytes of Blood of Rats with Low Mobile Activity
The present study investigated the influence of low intercity electromagnetic radiation ELF on infradian rhythmicity of dehydrogenases activity of leukocytes of blood of rats with low mobile activity. VMF ELF is capable to variate the time organization of physiological processes at rats with LMA, that results to development of hypersynchronization.

Popkova L.L., Kryzhko A.V.
Features of Propagation Rare Crimean Endemic Crataeguspojarkovae Kossych in Vitro Condition
Optimal nutrient medium, conditions of sterilization and preliminary processing methods of the seeds were found. Viable seedlings of hawthorn Pojarkovae have been got in two months of cultivation. The development in vitro conditions have been cutting down in 7 - 8 times as compared with natural germination and formation of seedlings ex situ for 14-17 months.

Roshina О.V.
The Effect of Environmental and Anthropogenic Factors on the Enzyme Activity in Blood Serum of Scorpionfish
The effect of environmental and anthropogenic factors on the activity of enzymes ALT, AST and ALD in blood serum of scorpionfish (Scorpaena porcus Linnaeuse) was studied. The enzyme activity was dependent on seasons. Thus, these parameters could be used for the evaluation of the physiological state of fish. The effect of water pollution on the enzyme activity was not determined.

Sergeev M.E.
The Studies of Leaf-Beetles Fauna and Ecology of Subfamily Alticinae (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) in "Pridontsovskay Poyima" Reservation
The studies of the leaf-beetles fauna and ecology of subfamily Alticinae in "Pridontsovskay Poyima" reservation are presented for the first time. 13 genera with the 93 species are detected. 1 genus (Lythraria Bedel.) and 18 species are given for Southeast Ukraine for the first time. The data on seasonal dynamics, trophic specialization and biotopical allocation of Alticinae species in correspondence with main types of plants of the reservation are represented.

Simagina N.O.
Interspecific Interaction in Communities of Associations Halocnemetum Salicorniosum
Interactions between Salicornia europaea L. and Halocnemum strobilaceum Bieb. were studied Authentic positive connection between parameters of vitality S. europaea on a gradient of remoteness from H strobilaceum is revealed. Influence H. strobilaceum increase in processes of ontogenesis. It is possible that allelopathy is one of mechanisms of an interspecific competition.

Sklyarenko D.A., Bugara A.M.
Application of in Vitro Technique for Propagation of Some Rare and Extinct Plants of Crimean Flora
Application of in vitro technique for preserving biodiversity of Crimean flora is a perspective method in the situation of growing anthropogenic press and enforce of genetic erosion. The data of investigation for propagation of some rare and endemic plants such as Crataegus pojarkovae, Onobrichis pallasii and Sorbus domestica were presented.

Skuratovskaya E.N.
Responses of Antioxidant Enzymes of Scorpion fish Scorpaena porcus L. on Anthropogenic Impact
Activity of SOD, glutathione reductase, glut hathione-S-transferase in blood of scorpion fish habited in the bays with different anthropogenic impart was studied. Ecological situation of bays is presented. It was shown that SOD activity was significantly higher in fisb blood from high polluted bays.

Sobolev D.V.
2003. Miocene Birds from the Western Black Sea Coast of the Ukraine
Some data on the composition of the species of the Late Miocene avifauna of the Western Black Sea coast and short paleoecoiogical characteristic of this region are presented.

Stryukov A.A.
The Aspects of Localization of Acanthocephal Corynosoma Pseudohamanni Zdzitowiecki, 1984 and Age and Sex Structure of its Pacific Population
The paper concerns the aspects of localization and age and sex population structure of acanthocephal Corynosoma pseudohamanni Zdzitowiecki, 1984 from three seal species - Leptonychotes weddelli Lesson, 1826, Lobodon carcinophagus Hombron and Jacquinot, 1842, Mirounga leonina (L.). The rank of each host was determined based on the quantitative indices of invasion.

Torska A.V., Ostronosova E.B., Voronyna I., Oskolskaya I.O.
The Impact of Environmental Factors on the Structure of Macroalgae (Black Sea)
The destructive processes of the coastal strip and eutrophication in the regions of Karadag and Cape Tolsty area results in changing of the structures and reducing of the macroalgae biomass.

Homenko L.A., Nogina T.M., Podgorsky V.S.
Antibiotic Sensitivity of the Rhodococcus Erythropolis and Rhodococcus Fascians Strains Isolated from Soil of the 10-kilometer Zone around Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
The antibiotic sensitivity of the Rhodococcus erythropolis and Rhodococcus fascians strains isolated from soil of the 10-kilometer zone around Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1996-1997 years has been investigated. It was shown that new isolated and collection strains of these species almost do not differ on sensitivity to antibiotic substances of various chemical composition. They exhibit the resistantance to polymixin and oleandomycin and high sensitivity to neomycin, tetracycline, chloramphenicol, ristomycin and rifampicin.

Cherkashina A.V., Mitrofanova O.V., Kazas A.N.
Embryoculture and Micropropagation in vitro of Diospyros Virginiana L.
The germs from zygotic embryos of persimmon cv. Virginskaja 213 were obtained and than the micropropagation were carried out. For active regeneration of microshoots the medium with 1 mg 1-1 zeatin is necessary.

Chernadchuk S.S., Vovchuk I.L.
Catepsine B Activity in Tumor Tissue of Women Reproductive Organs
The pH optimum of the catepsine В activity was found in endometrial carcinoma samples (6,0) and in tumor tissue of mammal (5,5). We found inversely proportional dependence between the degree of the differentiation of malignante tumor of endometrial cells and activity of the enzyme, and increase of catepsine В activity on the development of phibrose-cystose disease in mammal.

Cherny S.V., Ponomaryova V.P., Chuyan E.N., Pavlenko V.B.
The Evaluation of the Electromagnetic Radiation of Extremely High Frequency through Registration of Human Brain Bio-Pitentials
There were studied (on 20 probationers) the properties of EEG and evoked related potentials under influence of EMR of EHF mm range and without such the influence. The changes in the experimental group under influence of EHF and in the control group were observed. Positive and negative interrelations between EEG rhythms powers and parameters of evoked potentials were discovered. The efficiency of EHF EMR influence and its principles was demonstrated.

Ravaeva M.Yu., Korenyuk I.I., Gamma T.V., Kuryanov V.O., Chupahina T.A.
Effects of Influense of Derivatives Glycopeptides on Electrical Activity Neurons Molluscs Helix Albescens Rossm
The summary:: At intracellular assignment of biopotentials identified neurons molluscs the availability neurothropic of effects of derivatives glycopeptides shown is established that all investigated connections changed a level MP and increased generation rate impulse, to a lesser degree influencing on amplitude and duration AP. The relation of responses neurons from them typologicalof features, and also from a chemical structure and concentration of the data of derivatives is revealed. The possible gears of realization neurothropic of effect of the data of connections are discussed.

Podoprigora V.N. Aleksashkin I.V.
Impact of Catalytic Peroxidation on Growth of Guppy Poeicilia Reticulata Peters, 1859 fry.
Aspects of the impact of catalytic peroxidation on growth of guppy fry were studied. It was unambiguously proven that using the catalysts for activation of natural peroxidation in enclosed water systems for fish-farming is impermissible because it negatively affects the growth rate of the biomass.