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Vol. 16 (55), № 1. 2003
Biology, chemistry

N.A. Temuryants, E.N. Chuyan, О.B. Moskovchuk, E.J. Shishko, V.A. Minko
The Influence of EHF-Waves on Infradian Rhythmicity of Leukocytes Dehydrogenasis Activity in Rats
Infradian rhythmicity of lymphocytes and neutrophyls dehydrogenises activity intact and hypokinetic rats under the influence of EHF-waves was investigated. Modifying action of EHF-waves on hypokinetic rats was shown. It supposes that one of mechanisms anti-stress action of EHF-waves connect with their ability to synchronization of physiological processes.

E.N. Chuyan, N.A. Temuriants, N.V. Chirsky, V.G. Vishnevsky, M.M. Mahonina
Changes of Cateholamine Level in Erhytrocytes under the EHF EMR Influence
The influence of EHF EMR upon the functional state of sympathetic-adrenal system of intact rats and rats with experimentally caused stress-response was investigated. It was proved that EHF EMR limits development of stress via increase of activity of sympathetic-adrenal system. This affect might be considered as the evidence of stress-protective of function of EHF EMF.

T.V. Gamma, I.I. Korenyuk, M.Yu. Baevsky, A.A. Zamotailov, L.A. Kobilanskaya
The Effects of Benzimidazole Influence and Some of its Derivatives on the Parameters of Electrical Potentials of Molluscs Neurons
The applications effects of 2-benzyilbenzimidazole hydrohloride - pharm. medication dibazole, benzimidazole hydrohloride, 2-aminomethyl dihydrohloride and 2- cyclopropanbenzimidazole in a concentration range from 10-6 to 10-2 M on frequency and amplitude-time characteristics of neurons potentials were studied with the help of led intracellular method. It was established that all of the investigated benzimidazole derivatives cause the electro- biogenesis changes of snail's central nervous system neurons. It is revealed that action potential amplitude depends on a concentration of substances and this dependence has a linear character. On the whole, the results display a complex dynamics of benzimidazole influence and its derivatives on the neurons functional activity and allow concluding that all of the investigated combinations have a neurotropic effect So, the combinations can be used for a regulation of neurons excitability. Moreover, the results demonstrated a great value of the systematic approach in which small quantities of the preparation can be used in small volumes in order to found out a specific neuropharmacological effect within a local scope on the identified molluscs neurons. Beside, the finding indicate that the identified molluscs neurons are very convenient model for an estimation of nervous system sensitiveness to an active biological substances and for an understanding of the mechanisms of their influence.

V.S. Martynyuk, K.Sh.H. Abou Hadda
The Reaction of Mast Cells on Morphine and Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Field in Vitro
The reaction of mast cells on influence of magnetic field 8 Hz 25 micrtesla was investigated. The non-monotonous dependence was revealed in concentration range 0-10-3 M/l of Ca2+ for mast cell reactivity on magnetic field with maximum of 0.5 *10-6 - 1.0 *10-6 M/l. The efficiency of MF influence on mast cells depends also on concentration of activator of degranulation - morphine. This dependence is not monotonous with maximum in 0.5 * 10-6 - 1.0 * 10-6M/l.

P.E. Grigoriev
Mental Diseases and Variations of Interplanetary Magnetic Field's Sign During Human Embriogenesis
Retrospective analysis of monthly means of index "sign of interplanetary magnetic field" for periods of antenatal and early postnatal growth for groups of mentally healthy people and people with psychic diseases was performed. Predominance of positive polarity of interplanetary field on 3 month of embryonic period for mentally diseased people was registered in the presence of low level of geomagnetic activity. Negative correlation between the monthly means of sign of interplanetary magnetic field for mentally healthy and diseased people takes place. It allows presuming, that factors connected with the polarity and dynamics of interplanetary field have an influence on forming and developing nervous system's structures.

I.I. Korenyuk, A.E. Kizilov, D.R. Husamov
Modifications of Electrical Activity of Identifical Neurons, which were Influenced by Mebicarum and Naloxonum
The results of mebicarum and naloxonum research and their influence on identified RPa1, RPa2, RPa7 neurons of snail Helix albescenes were described in the article. It was found out that external applicateon of mebicarum in concentration 10-3 M causes facilitating influence, expressed in considerable increase of voltage, decrease of AP duration, and besides in reduction of voltage and duration of trace hyperpolarization. The accelaration of activation processes and inactivation of sodic, potassium and probably, other ion channels in cell are the most probable device of mebicarum dependent effects in researched nerve cells.Pecrease of AP voltage and increase of duration of activity potential was observed during application of naloxonum in concentration 10-4 M of neurons RPa1, RPa2. The definite degrees of specific RPa7 neurones replies expressed in lack of modification of AP duration and in less considerable decreas of its voltage were determined. It is possibly connected with lack of potassium current in it.

S.I. Rubtsova
Quality Characteristic of Oil-Oxidazing Bacteria in Coastal Zone Black Sea
The questions of a modern state of a oil-oxidazing microflora in coastal zone of the Sevastopol region are studied. Definition of oil-oxidizing microorganisms genus belonging and studied of morphological properties of obtained cultures.

A.A. Gidulyanov, S.V. Konoshenko
Dependence of Oxidative Modification of Mammalia Some Representatives Haemoglobins from their Intramolecular Structure
It has been determined that total volume of hydrophobic cavities and the hydrophobic level of central parts of haemoglobin's major fractions of mammalia some representatives have the species specificity and inversely connection. The dependence between oxidative modification of haemoglobins and the character of their intramolecular structure has been shown. The haemoglobins with lesser volume of hydrophobic cavities and with greater hydrophobic level of intramolecular parts have more higli stability for oxidative processes.

V.A. Nikolskaya, S.V. Konoshenko
Influence of an Muscle Work on Structurally Functional Properties of a Serum Albumin of the Sportsmen, which One are Engaged in Sporting Games
In the article the findings of investigation of functional activity of a serum albumin of the sportsmen of acyclic kinds of sports is submitted depending on their specialization, and also change of secondary structure of protein volleybal-player at increase him liganding of loading.

V.B. Pavlenko, I.N. Konareva
Event-Related EEG Potentials as Indicators of Professional Choice
The article describes the peculiarities of event-related EEG potential in 25-35 years old adults-specialists and in 15-16 years old youngsters. It has been shown that such potentials, as the indicators of unique human neurodynamics can be regarded as well to be the indicators of inclination to certain profession group choice.

S.V. Pogodina
Pecularities of Realizing of Aerobic Abilities of Young Swimmers in the Process of their Adaptation to Physical Load for Endurance
This work deals with the description of the factors that conditions, decrease of aerobic productivity of the swimmers, aged 9-12, in the process of their adaptation to physical load for endurance.

I.B. Prosyannicova
Influence of Mildew Powdery of Oak on the Water Exchange of the Seedlings Quercus Petraea L. ex Liebl.(Fagaceae)
It is studied the influence of powdery mildew of the oak on degree infestation, the total content of water, the intensivity of transpiration, degree of the stomata opening and the water shortage of leaves of seedlings Quercus petraea. It is shown that after warm wet winters infestation.

V.S. Martynyuk, N.A. Temuryants, A.V. Yatsenko, I.A. Anisimov, N.G. Ptisyna, G. Villoresi, Yu.A. Kopytenko, E.A. Kopytenko, J. Rasson, D. Pfluger, N. Yucci
Computer Based System for Generation and Registration of Low Frequency Magnetic Fields in Magnetobiological Experiments
The computer based system of generation and registration of low frequency magnetic field in magnetobiological investigations was constructed in National Taurida V.Vernadsky University. This system was used for modeling of electromagnetic background in studies of biological activity of magnetic fields with electric-transport-like complex spectra.

V.G. Blokhin
Peroxide Oxidation of Lipids in Foliades of Maize on the Early Stages of Ontogenesis under the Influence of 6-BAP in Extreme Temperature Conditions
It was investigated the influence of 6-BAP on the oxidation of lipids in foliages of maize and the content of antioxidation substances during the influence of low (4°C) and high (40°C) reversible damaging temperatures on plants. After the influence of cold the quality of hydroperoxides (HP) and malone dialdegides (MDA) increases in 1,5-2 times in comparison with normal, during up decreases or remains without changes. 6-BAP decreases the quality of HP and MDA independently from temperature stress. Phytohormone increases the content of ascerbinate - on 20-23%, glutathione - on 45-132%, phenol - on 27-37% in comparison with control.

L.M. Teplitskaya, N.Yu. Lysyakova, E.G. Biryulova
Peculiarities of Mycotrophnost of Some Orchid Species in Flora of Crimea
In the article localization of fungus mycorrhiza-former in cells and tissues of root system of 4 Orchid species was described. Reasons of mycotrophism modification were discussed according to frequency of meeting, degree and intensity of mycotrophnost in connection with phases of ontogenesis and belonging to plant species. Biotechnological characteristics of fungus colony, niorphometric indexes of fungus in vitro and in plant are represented, they can be indexes of physiological condition of fungus and its stage of development.

S.I. Chmeleva
The Effect of Gibberellin on the Vine Steadiness to Mildew Affection
The extent of mildew affection on some kinds of vine while the tveatinent ty different gibberellin concentvations (20, 30, 40, 50 mg/l) was studied. The problem concerned with the effect of exogenous hormone on the vine steadiness to mildew affection is under consideration.

I.A. Stepanyuk
Detecting of Atmospheric EM-Fields in the Sea Onn-Water Layer as the Ecological Factor for Hydrobiontes
The amplitude-modulated electromagnetic sygnals (AM EMS) generated by storms and atmospheric processes were detected in the on-water lyers. Such AM EMS can be importatnt ecological factor for various electrosensitive marine animals which migrate to depths before or during biologically dangerous atmospheric processes.

V.F. Shul'gin, A.N. Gusev, V.Ya Zub, G.M. Larin
The Weak-Long Range Exchange Interaction between Paramagnetic Ions in Monomeric Binuclear Complexes of the Acylbishydrazones
Results of the investigations of the weak-long range exchange interaction between paramagnetic ions via polymethylene chain in the monomeric binuclear complexes of copper(II) and vanadium(II) by EPR method are presented in this review. The reasons that influences on exchange intensity are analyses and probable mechanisms of this phenomena are discussed.

I.N. Yurkova, V.R. Estrela-Llopis
The Conductometric Algotest of the Quality of Aqueous Medium
The influence of different concentrations of heavy metals on a change in the biological activity of the cells of green microalgae Chlorella vulgaris LARG-3 was investigated. This change was monitored with respect to a relative change in the electrical conductivity of dispersion medium after the exposure of biomass in this medium.The investigated method is characterized by rapidity, high sensitivity can be used for the control of the pollution of aqueous media on the early stages, when the action of toxicants bears the reversible nature.

V.V. Krymova, N.A. Surova
Use of a Method Invertional Voltammetry for an Estimation of a condition of Pollution of Fresh-Water and Sea Ecological Systems Heavy Metals
Has shown an opportunity of application of a method the IVA for the analysis of heavy metals, as in fresh-water, and sea ecosystems. Laws of seasonal distribution pollutats in fresh and sea water that enables to define anthropogenous sources of receipt, and also the general ecological condition of ecosystem are revealed.

E.D. Pershina, I.V. Aleksashkin, A.I. Strizhevskiy
Catalytically Expansion H2O2 in Alkaline Condition at Presence of Copper (II) Ions
The outcomes of definition of constants of speeds and activation energy of process of decay hydrogen peroxide catalyzed hidroxoforms of copper (II) in a limits values pH 7-12. Is established, that the velocity of decay H2O2 is incremented in a limits values pH 9-12, thus the molecular mechanism of decay predominates.

A.V. Borodina
Spirulina Platensis (Nordst.) Geilter Growth Characteristics when Substitution Hydrocarbonatis to Carbonates in Zarrouk Medium
Data on Spirulina platensis (Nordst.) Geilter growth characteristics under conditions of substitution of NaHCO3 to Na2CO3 in comparison with standard Zarrouk medium are presented. Dynamics of organic and inorganic carbon and pH in two nutrition medium is shown.

G.N. Shadrin, V.V. Crymova, V.P. Gorobey
The Influence of Non-Ionogenic SAS on the Electric Properties at the Solution-Air Border-Surface
We have studied the influence of non-ionogenic SAS (surface-active substances) on the value of interphasal electric potential at the solution-air border-surface. It was found out that with the increase of absolute value occurs. Obtained data accords with up-to-date theoretical concepts held in physical chemistry.