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Vol. 14 (53), № 3. 2001

Harytonkina О.G., Zagoruychenko I.V., Lysenko V.I., Korenyuk I.I.
Children Attention Deficit - Special Feature and Correction
In paper are described the features of attention deficit syndrome by children. Also the questions of correction of this syndrome are covered.

Konareva I., Pavlenko V.
Mutual Connection of Rythmical Activity of Brain Cortex, Event Potentials and Features of Personality
EEG percularities connected with evoked potentials and personal features of 104 tested were researched. The authors reveal direct and versed mutual connections between capacity of EEG rythms and contingent negative wave, P300 potential, time of reaction, and such personal features as neurotysm, pcycotysm, social temp, courage, dreaness, perspicacity, gypotimia, flexibility, troubleness, independence.

Oturina I.P.
The Influence of Electromagnetic Field of High Frequency on Parameters of Mezostucture of Leaves of Cultivated Plants
It is stated, that the previous working of seeds of cultivated plants by electromagnetic irradiation of high frequency increases the quantity of chloroplasts in the cells of leaves, their photochemical activity and also the contents of pigments in plastids, raises clear productivity of photosynthesis and activates processes of growth.

Teplitskaya L.M.
Protection of Rare and Disappearing Species of Crimean Plants Biotechnological Aspects
The use of biotechnological methods in the elaboration of the effective reproduction methods in vitro of rare and disappearing species of orchids of Crimean flora with the purpose of their repatriation to the natural location as well as the genetic banks foundation and the collections to preserve the genetic funds has been shown in the article.

Apostolov L.G., Koba V.P.
The Analysis of Age Structure and Condition of Living of Plantations of Pinus Pityusa in the Karaul-Oba
The results of learning of structure of the plantations of Pinus pityusa in the area of the Karaul-Oba have been adduced. The appaisal of the current condition of their viable has been given. The analysis of the main reasons of degradation of the plantations has been giving.

Grigorjev, S.G., Apostolov, L.G., Ivashov, A.V., Simchuk, A.P., Melnichuk, S.A.
Influence of Subletal Dozes of Biopreparations on Genetic Structure of Populations of Potato Tube Worm on Esterase and Aldehyddehydrigenase Loci
Selective effects of biological preparations on the potato tube worm was established in dependence on genotypes in Sod and Est-2 loci. The effect of a preparation at the loci coincided in direction with natural selection, working in a population and strengthened its pressure. At the Aldh- 1 locus die effects were not found. Selective reaction on chemical preparation was detected only for Est-2 locus.

Boyko G.E.
The Characteristic of Ecological-Biochemical Interactions of Plants and Herbivores-Entomoconsorts
This paper is adressed the analysis of the terminology and theory used for characteristic of ecological-biochemical interactions between plants and herbivores-entomoconsorts.

Kuchina E.G.
About Forming of Readiness of Students-Biologists to Ecological Education of Schoolboys
Analysis of the term readiness to ecological education of schoolboys is given in the article, levels of readiness are distinguished and described.

Kotov S.F.
Competition and Size Hierarchies of Coenopopulations of Salicomia Europaea L. (Chenopodiaceae Vent.)
In natural Salicomia europaea coenopopulations the competitive interactions is established. The influence of a competitiveness stipulates depressing growth S. europaea in height on 24 - 61 %. The competition does not change size-hierarchies structure of populations. The Lorenz's curves remain constant during S. europaea vegetation period. In S. europaea communities the size- symmetric competition is observed.

Zhaldak S.N.
Experimental Investigation of Influence of Competition on Anatomical Structures of Plants of Galophyt 's Population of Crimea
Investigated influence of competitional interaction in population of Salicornietum purum on some anatomical structures of plants. Plants competitors have particularity small cells plant tissues in compare with plants grown in condition of absence of competition (exp.). Augmentation of xeromorphic signify can be complained by inner competition in realm of mineral feeding.

Prosyaimikova L.B.
Change of Exchange of Water and Productivity of Photosynthesis on Seedlings of Ouercuspetreae L. exLiebl. (Fagaceae) Infected by Powdery Mildew of Durmast
Introduced are the data of powdery Mildew of durmast influence on the degree of affection, intensity of transpiration, water shortage and net productivity of photosynthesis of seedlings of Q petraea.
It is shown that the affection of sprout by powdery mindew of durmast has been of epiphytotic character and by the end of the vegetative period it has reached its maximum. There were noticed such pathologic changes in water rigime of plants there was found a reduction in net productivity of photosynthesis under he influence of parasite.

Gidulyanov A.A., Konoshenko S.V.
The Comparative Characteristic of Lipid Peroxidation Indexes in Blood Plasma, Erythrocyte's Hemolisate and their Membrane of Mammalia Representatives
It has been determined that state of peroxidation processes in erythrocytes of mammalia representatives has species specificity. The reciprocal correlations of lipid peroxidation levels have been determined in hemolisate of erythrocytes and in their membranes. The total contents of lipids in erythrocyte's membranes has considerable conservativity.

Syshko D.V., Gruzhevskaya V.F., Dombrowski V.V.
The Heart Capacity of Athletes Under the Influence of Vestibular Loads
Were studied vestibule-vegetation of reaction at 20 students engaged by easy athletics it is revealed that at runners parameters of productivity of heart after vestibule of irritations essentially do not change.

Stryukov A.A.
Corynosoma Bullosum (Linstow, 1892) (Acanthocephala, Polymorphidae) - a Parasite of Seal Mironga Leonina (L.) from Pacific Part of the Antarctic
In this paper specimens Corynosoma bullosum from Mironga leonina from Pacific part of the Antarctic are fiilly described. Comparison of this ones with acanthcephaJans from Atlantic part of the Antarctic are given.

Leonov S.V.
Spreading of Helix Albescens in Crimea and Determination of the Biomass of Some Populations
In this paper are given data about spreading of Helix albescens Rossmâssler, 1839 on territory of Crimean peninsula, about biomass of some populations, and - methods of its determination, is given approximate estimation of general supplies and possible limits of bag of this species.

Solovjov V.V.
Age-Sexual Structure, Morphological Variability and Peculiarities of Acanthocephal Bolbosoma Turbinella (Diesing, 1851) Localization in Bowels of Seiwhale
In article are stated the research results of age-sexual structure, morphological changeability and localization peculiarities of acanthocephal Bolbosoma turbinella from seiwhales from Antarctic continent and northern part of Pacific ocean. Are explored the separate bowels lots. Are exposed the reliable distinctions between individuals, localized into folds and on them. Shown, that in all of selections dominate the females (correlation approximate 1:2).

Gorbenko N.I., Bityutskaya O.E.
Study of Anti-Diabetic Properties of Black Sea Mussel Preparation
The researches widening spectrum of anti-diabetic preparations made on the basis of animal origin raw materials are of special interest. Preliminary data on protective effect regarding development of intolerance to glucose and hypoglycemic effectiveness of Black Sea mussel preparation were obtained.

Abu Khada R.H., Martvnyuk V.S., Ibragimova N.D.
Reaction of Mast Cells on Sodium Chromoglicate and Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Fields in Vitro
The influence of sodium cliromoglicate and extremely low frequency magnetic field on degranulation rate in mast cells of rats was investigated. Inhibitory effects of sodium cliromoglicate to decrease degranulation rate was 10-25% and had not dose-dependent manner in concentration diapason 10-9-10-4 M/l. Exposure of treated by sodium cliromoglicate mast cells to ELF MF resulted to loss of inhibitory activity of used drugs, but in concentration 10-6 - 10-5 M/l sodium cliromoglicate increased the reaction of mast cells to ELF MF impact.

Martvnyuk V.S., Kalinovsky P.S., Ceisler Yu.V.
Influence of Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Fields on Spectral Characteristics of Cytochrome Interacted with Chlorophormium
The influence of extremely low frequency magnetic field on spectral characteristics of cytochrome с was examined. It was revealed that influence of impulse magnetic field leads to accelerating of binding of chloroform with hydrophobic caves of protein and increases its volume.

Moskovchuk O.B., Chuyan E.N., Nasilevich V.A.
The Change of Infradian Rhythmicity of the Open-Field Behavior of Rats under the Influence of EHF-Waves
The infradian rhythmicity of the open-field behavior of rats under the influence of EHF- waves was investigated. It was shown the development of desynchronosis under the influence of EHF-waves on intact rats. Under the influence of EHF-waves the development of desynchronosis on hypokinesic rats was remarkable decrease.

Chuyan E.N., Kurtseitova E.E.
The Electromagnetic Radiation of Millimeter Range Influence of Unheated Intensity on the Changes of Childrens Psychological State with Different Individual Peculiarities
Summary: a modification of some psicho-physioloqical indexes of pre-school aged children under the influence of mm-therapeutics and dependence of these modifications from nervous systems has been studied in the given work. Acquired data show that under the influence of mm-tlierapeutics the psycho-physiological indexes of children increase undoubtedly. The mm- therapeutics effect depends from nervous processes, predominance of sympathetic or parasympathetic links of vegetative nervous system.