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Vol. 14 (53), № 2. 2001

Abu Hada R.H., Martynyuk V.S.
Reaction of Mast Cells on Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Fields in Vitro
The influence of extremely low frequency magnetic field on the mast cells of rats was examined. It was shown that the sensitivity of mast cells is high to magnetic influence. Reactions of mast cells depend on frequency, amplitude and time of exposure to MF.

Akimova K.A.
Some Peculiarities of Biology of Fuilejewobdella Quinqueannulata (Lukin, 1929) (Hirudinea; Erpobdellidae)
The paper deals with some ecological, biological and morphological properties of rare leach species Fadejewobdella quinquecinmdata. Descriptions of organ systems are given. The ecology of this species is studied in details. There are some suggestions on the point of including this conservation-needing species into the Red Data Book.

Brigadirenko V.V.
The Conservational Classification of Ground-Beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) of Ukraine
The present stage and prospects of conservation of ground-beetles species diversity in Ukraine were analyzed. The circuit of conservational classification of ground-beetles is proposed. This classification is based on fixed degree of a species studies, the area of its distribution, current state of populations, relation of a species to various types of human activity, finding of ecosystems, in which the species lives, under threat of anthropogenous transformation. The necessity of creation of an electronic database on ground-beetles of Ukraine is proved.

Evstafyeva I.A.
Relationship between the Circulation System Reactivity and the Load of Mercury in Hear of Schoolboys
The investigation of 25 schoolboys living at the dust-heap with a high load of mercury; in the soil, was earned out. Higher load of mercury in hair leads to compensation of the which can be revealed after physical exertion.

Gamma T.V., Ravaeva M.Yu., Husainov D.R., Kizilov A.E.
Impact of Biologically Active on the Electrical Activity of Identified Neurones in Mollusc Helix Albescens
The results of investigation of electrical activity on identified mollusk neurons affected by solutions of benzimidazole and kumarine are presented.

Godunko R.J.
Structural and Functional Organization of Mayfly Communities (Insecta, Ephemeroptera) of River Ecosystems in the Ukrainian Carpathians
Data about some structural and functional parameters of mayfly communities of lotie ecosystems of Ukrainian Carpathians are presented. The index of species diversity and community organization were determined. The hierarchic classification of ecomorphs of Bphemeroptera of Carpathians region (including some taxa of world fauna) is proposed.

Gol'din P.E.
Registering Structures of Bulla Tympani of Harbour Porpoise Phocoena phocoena relicta Abel, 1905 (Cetacea, Phocoenidae)
Based on research of bullae tympani in harbour porpoises, it was shown that the periosteal zone of medial part of bulla tympani in odontocetes is a registering structure containing annual layers. The period of layering is limited by the age of 10 years, and the laws of bone lamination during two first years of life remain unclear. This makes difficult the practical use of bulla tympani in life history studies.

Gorelova E.V.
Dynamic Properties of Some Components of Rats' Zoosocial Behaviour Depending on the Character of Space - Motor Asymmetry
The influence of space - motor asymmetry character on a male-rats' /.oosocia! behaviour was studied in two experimental models. A change of experimental conditions caused the animal behaviour repertoire changes and therefore the behaviour microgroup structure.

Gorokhova N.Y.
Ethiopathogenesis of Lungs Injury in Tourniquet Shock
The model of tourniquet shock in white rats was used. It has been established that in reperfused dysfunction of activation of blood serum proteases and bronchoalveolar lavage on the background of the inhibitors proteinase level. In addition there is strengthening of processes of oxidation of lipids, and abatement of antioxydant potential takes place.

Grachova L.V., Lukatskaya Ye.A., Pakhomov A.Ye.
Influence of Mole Burrowing Activity on Forming Diversity in Sandy Pine Forests of Steppe Pridneprovie
Characteristic of mole burrowing activity influence on soil biotic diversity in steppe forests is presented. It is shown that species diversity and number of microflora, plants, soil protozoa, microarthropods, soil mesofauna are considerably enriched as a result of mole activity. Reconstruction of biota functional structure, aimed at biological processes activization and increasing edaphotope ecological stability is noted.

Gritsjuk S.В., Khlus L.M., Khlus К.M.
The Variation of Conchological Characters of Helix Poniatia L.
The influence of the anthropogenic load on the variation of conchological characters of Helix poniatia I,, was investigated by factor analysis. The differences in the communal ities and factor loadings of the indices, in the factors' number, in the eigen-values and individual percent of factors are found.

Hetman T.P., Akimova K.A.
Dependence between Otoliths Size and Body Size of Odontogadus Merlangus Euxinus
Morphogical details of sagitta otoliths structure in Odontogadus merlangus enxinas Was studied. Dependence between otoliths size and body size of males and females was found. It was found that sagitta otoliths can be successfully used in species and sex identification.

Ikkert О.V., Kurhalyuk V.M., Hordii S.K., Galkiv M.O., Tkachenko G.M.
NO-Ergic Link and Mitochondrial Energy Metabolism in Rats with Different Resistance to Hypoxia
We investigated the influence of intraperitoneal L-arginine and NM-nitro-L-arginine injection on processes of energy metabolism, antioxidant systems and processes of lipid peroxidation in rats liver mitochondria with different resistance to hypoxia.

Ishmukhametov R.R., Chaban Yu.L.
Gliding Motility of Freshwater Cyanobactcrium Phormidium Uncinatum under Low Level of ΔμН+
The rate of freshwater cyanobacterium Phormidium uncinatum gliding motility under various pH and cation environment has been studied. It has been shown that dissipation of ΔμNa+ and ΔμCa2+ stopped bacteria movement. Obtained data are discussed in the frame oi' sodium- and calcium dependent cyanobacterial movement under alkaline pH.

Kalinovsky P.S., Martynyuk V.S.
Influence of Low Frequency Magnetic Fields on Binding of Hydrophobical Ligands with Human Albumin
The influence of extremely low frequency magnetic Held on binding of retinolacetate with human albumin was examined. It was shown that effect of magnetic field responds to initial concentration of retinolacetate. Present correlation is of nonlinear character and having maximal rate on low concentrations.

Kovblyuk N.M.
About the Necessity of Forest Edges Examining During the Study of Local Fauna of Spiders (Arachnida, Aranei)
It was found that a forest edge is the specific habitat for spiders at the same extent, as a wood and a glade. For the first time the following species in Ukrainian fauna were recorded: Robertas mediterranens Kskov. 1987. Scotina ce/ans (Blackwall. 1841) and Diaeapictilis (Banks. 1896).

Khrokalo L.A.
The Biotopical Distribution of Dragonflies Larvae (Insecta: Odonata) in Some Regions of Ukraine
The distribution of the larvae of 36 dragonflies species in 7 types of waterbodies was studied. The analysis of the similarity of biotopes upon the dragonflies larval populations have been made. Some data on biotopical distribution of dragonflies larvae in Carpathian (Chernivtsy region) are presented too.

Tsaryk l.Y.
Fauna Diversity of Invertebrates in Primary and Secondary Communities of Ukrainian Carpathians Highland
Data for fauna diversity of invertebrate organisms in the highland of the Carpathians are presented. We have discovered some differences in comparing of primary pine-trees communities and secondary meadow communities. The frequency of occurrence of invertebrate organisms is higher for secondary communities. On the other hand, the systematic diversity is very low for meadow: communities, and the primary communities are rich in the aspect of systematic diversity.

Kompaniec A.G., Turlo T.N., Bulakhov V.L.
Birds and Mammals Exkretion Activity Influence on NPK Complex Forming in Soil of Ravine Oak-Forests of Prisamarie
Characteristics of tropho-metabolites of birds and mammals influence on NPK complex accumulation in soil are presented. It is shown that their excretion activity is important ecological factor of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium forming in soil. Bird excretions enlarge these elements quantity in 1.6-2.3 times, mammal excretions - 1.2-1.9. It promotes increasing fertility and antipressing block against technogenic pollution.

Korenyuk A.V., Kvach Yu.V., Zamorov V.V.
Macrozoobenthos of Budaksky Lagoon and its Importance for Gobies (Gobiidae)
The macrozoobenthos of the Budaksky Lagoon during spring and summer period and its importance in the feeding of the round goby Neogobins mekinostomus and grass gobv Zosterisessor ophiocephalus was carried out. The results of parasitological analysis of gobies with acanthocephalans Acanthocepludoides sp. are given.

Leonov S.V.
An Influence of Competitor Species on the Land Snail Helix Albescens Rossm. Juveniles' Growth Rate
The paper presents the results of the experimental determination of competition influence of the species Eobania vermiculata (Millier) on the land snail Helix albescens Rossm. juveniles' growth rate in laboratory. The growth rate is considerably higher in absence of competitor species at identical density.

Lukashev D.V.
Estimation of Role of Mussels in Biogenic Radionuclid Migration in Freshwater Ecosystems: Experience of Water-Cooling Pond of Chernobyl NPP
The species structure, biotopological allocation and full biomasse of mussels in the water-cooling pond of ChNPP was described. The affect of mussels accumulation and sedimentation activity on bottom radionuclid deposition intensity was found.

Matushkina N.A.
Stylus as a Sensory Element of Dragonfly Ovipositor
The study of the females Lestes sponsa (Odonata. Lestidae) was showed that styli of the ovipositor can function as a mechanosensory organs controlling the precise eggs positioning in the substrata. Hypothesised that constancy of some characters of eggs sets is caused by complexity of oviposition pattern.

Mikheev A.V.
Informational Fields of Mammals in Forest Ecosystems of Arena Complex
Results of investigation of communication and signal frames of mammals in forest ecosystems at 2-d sandy (arena) terrace of Samara river were observed. Quantity and quality parameters of biogeocoenotical (interspecies) mammal information fields were analysed.

Musiyenko О.V., Sanagursky D.I.
Hormonal Profile, Electrolyte Homeostasis and Lipid Peroxidation during Static Loads
The comparative analysis of influence on a hormonal profile and changes of some metabolic parameters of Hatha-Yoga practice and practice by conventional physical education in high schools is carried out. It is shown that the influence of Hatha-Yoga practice on regulation processes in organism, in particular, on humoral and autonome nervous functional regulation is more effective, than conventional physical training.

Myakushko S.A.
Reproduction Strategies in Rodents Population
Main characteristic changes of reproductive strategy in bank vole populations in Kanev Nature Reserve were observed. The peculiarities of population reaction at the stages of reserve ecosystem development caused by technogenic pollution were noted.

Onchurov M.V.
Comparative Research of Webs in Two Species of Orb-Weaving Spiders (Aranei, Araneidae) from Crimea
The webs of two orb-weaving spider species: Larinioides ixobolus (Thorell. 1873) and Nnctenea umbratica (Clerck, 1758) were compared for estimation of species specifics of building instinct. Formal diagnosis and schematic drawing of catching webs of these species is given.

Podoprigora V.N.
The Impact of Size of Certain Specimens on Imitation and Structure of Mugil Soiuy Busilewsky, 1885 School
It was surely proved that imitation occurs in Mugil soiuy Busilewsky, 1885, and the size of certain specimens does not affect it. The hierarchical structure of school, which determines normal behaviour and alternation of behavioural reactions, was found.

Pristinskaya V.V.
On the Biology of Byrrhid Beetles (Coleoptera, Byrrhidae) of Ukraine
On initial stage of faunistic investigations in Ukraine was revealed 21 species of Byrrhidae. Phonological observations and studies of biology of Byrrhus pilula L was carried out. Imago of B. pilula L. feed on leaves of mosses; the larvae feed on decaying vegetable remains in the soil. Hibernation occurs on the stage of imago. Development from egg to imago lasts 3-4 months.

Reshetilo O.S.
Ecological and Microevolutional Importance of Research in Fire-Bellied and Yellow-Bellied Toads (Bombina)
The wide spectrum of questions and problems connected with the studying of fire-bellied toads, yellow- bellied toads and their hybrids is shown. Importance and necessity of fundamental investigations of the species is pointed out.

Rubtsova S.I.
Oil-Oxidazing Microflora in Sevastopol Coastal Region
The questions of a modern state, seasonal dynamics of an oil-oxidazing microflora in coastal zone of the Sevastopol region are studied. The analysis of the data has shown that the investigated stations are divided into two bunches based on number of heterotrophic and oil-oxidazing microorganisms depending on distance from the high sea. In seasonal dynamics of number of bacteria the legible dependence on seasons is marked.

Sapronova E.S.
Using of Area of Family Plot in Marmot Marmota Bobac Muller, 1776
Using of classical methods of pointing, representing and theatment of results let us to describe the territory strategy of Marmota bobac in family plot on a base of observation on individualy-tagged animals.

Shibanova O.S.
Morphology of Nematode Larvae Pseudaliidae from the Intestine of Harbour Porpoise Phocoena Phocoena Relicta
The morphological description of larvae Pseudaliidae gen. sp. (Nematoda) from intestine of harbour porpoise, which differ from Is' stage larvae of Stennrus minor. Hulocercus invaginatus and H taurica (Nematoda: Pseudaliidae) by short oesophagus and appreciable excretory system.

Slusarenko A.E.
The Immune Status of an Organism in Connection with the Contents in Soils Zn and Cd
58 inhabitants of Krasnoperekopsk region living near the «TITAN» plant, where the increased contents of heavy metals was revealed in soils, were examined. Their immunological status was examined. Three groups with similar changes of immunological parameters: infection, allergic syndromes and group with the mixed syndrome, were selected. The correlations between immunologycal parameters of content both cadmium and zinc in soils of a place of residence were shown.

Strukov A.A.
Corynosoma Pseudohamunni Zdzitowiecki, 1984 (Acanthocephala, Polymorphidae) - a Parasite of the Lepthonychothes Weddelli Lesson, 1826 from Pacific Part of the Antarctic
Specimens examined of Corynosoma pseudohamanni from l.epthonichothes weddelli from Pacific sector ot' Antarctic are distinct from the described specimens from the Atlantic sector of Antarctic in their body- shape, body size, the size and shape of some organs, and armature of proboscis. So we describe the studied material to clarify their taxonomical status.

Stukaluk S.V.
Species Composition and Statial Distribution of Ants (Hvmenoptera: Formicidae) at the Lower Plateau of Chaterdag
Using original method, 12 species were found at the l.ower plateau of Chaterdag. 8 of which is discovered at first- For all species of ants statial distribution is typical.

Sumbayev V.V.
Nitric Oxide Activates MAP-Kinase Cascade
It was found that nitric oxide activates protein kinase ASK 1 (MAP-kinase cascade activator) in rat brain forming S-nitrosothiols with reactive thioredoxin (the direct ASK. 1 inhibitor). Ascorbate and glutathione inhibit the NO-dependent ASK I activation.

Suslov O.A.
Changes of Agrochemical Soil Characteristics Caused by Bacterial Preparations
The paper presents the data about agrochemical changes of soil characteristics under the influence of microbiologic and mineral fertilizers N30P20. It is shown that they are environmentally safe. They are recommended for improving plant feeding. This ensures the ecological balance of agro and ecology system and is a perspective approach in crop cultivation.

Tribrat A.G., Krilov D.V.
The Influence of Biofeedback on Man's Internal Time Counting
The influence of a-training on man s internal time counting was studied. Diverse tendencies of dynamic of a proper standard time realization were stated.

Vovchuk I.L., Benderskaya N.V., Chernadchuk S.S., Motruk N.V.
Tissue Proteinases of Ovarian and Endometrial Tumours
The research of the condition of proteinase-inhibiting system has shown the increase of activity of proteinases during non-malignant process. Differentiation of malignant tumour is accompanied by the decreasing (endometrial) or increasing (ovarian) of activity of tripsyn-like proteinases and is regulated by the level of tripsyn's inhibitor.

Yakovenko N.S.
Lichen-Dwelling Rotifers (Rotifera) Found in Some Regions of Ukraine
31 species and subspecies of bdelloid rotifers arc found in samples of 22 xerophytic lichen species from 8 regions of Ukraine including reserves Polissky. Kara-Dag and «Kam'yani mohyly». 12 rotifer species proved new for the fauna of Ukraine. 28 rotifer species were not previously found in lichens.

Yasinska I.M.
Quercetin is the Novel Irreversible Cytochrome P450 Aromatase Inhibitor
It was found that flavonoid quercetin is competitive inhibitor of rat uterine aromatase (Ki - 15.6 nM). This agent irreversibly inhibits the aromatase activity in the ovaries and uteri and decreases the concentration of estrogens in the blood serum of rats.

Zamesova T.A., Kirienko S.M.
Role of Trophic and Metabolic Activity of Phytophagous Mammals in Restoration of Biological Activity of Soils Polluted by Heavy Metals
The analysis of phytofagous mammals excretory activity influence on formation of soils biological activity under their contamination by heavy metals is given. This factor promotes recovery of biological activity and plays the important role in creation of the homeostasis mechanism.

Zemlanoy A.A., Suvorkin M.Yu., Rem A.A.
Influence of Production Association «Azov» Air Pollution on Rodents Population Rate and Morphophysiological Indicators 
Characteristics of ammonia and nitrogen oxides air pollution influence on rodents population rate and morphophysiological indicators is submitted. It is shown that strong air pollution causes significant reduction of rodents population rate. The reduction of animals number is accompanied with the organism adaptation through the changes of body and organ size and weight, which intensificate the metabolism.

Zhuk V.L., Pakhomov A.E.
Functional Role of Mammals in Changes of P-Radioactivity of Soils in Arena Forest Biocoenoses of Steppe Forests of Ukraine
The specific mass total b-radioactivity in steppe zone of Ukraine and influence on its vertical redistribution in ground digging of activity Talpa europaea is considered.

Zolotova N.V., Domashevskaya E.A.
The Influence of Microgravity on the Osteocytes Structure of Monkeys Bone Tissue
Changes in population of osteocytes in bony tissue of the iliac bone of monkeys (macaca-mulatta), which were during 14 days on space fligth «Bion-11», were study. Tendency to reduction in cancellous bone of quantity of osteocytes in connection with theirs destruction was determined. This is an adaptive reaction of bony tissue.