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Vol. 13 (52) № 2. 2000
Biology. Mathematics. Physics. Chemistry.

Kotov S.F.
The Quantitative Approach to the Extimation of the Competitive Interactions at the Community level. Two-Species Community of Annual Plants.
The estimate of intraspecific and interspecific interactions was calculated in the community of Salicornietum suaedosum association.The transformation of the estimate of the competition at the population's level to the estimate of the competitive interactions at the community level have been carried out. As a result of competition the losses of plant's mass at the population's level were reached 27-35 percent from maximal mass. The losses of mass at the community level were reached 674,8 g/m².

Evstafjeva I.A.
Physical Activity as a Functional Assay for the Detection of Changes in Compensated Cardiac Function in Children with Different Levels of Mercury in their Hair.
The investigation of 25 schoolboys , who lives at the dust-heap with a high load of mercury in the soil, was carried out. More high load of mercury in hair leads to compensation of the heart function, which can be revealed after physical exertion.

Boyko G.E., Ivashov A.V.
Age Peculiarities of Excretion Secondary Metabolism Compounds by aterpillars of Oak Leafroller Moth.
The peculiarities of excretion of secondary metabolism compounds from the pubescent oak leaves by caterpillars of Oak leafroller moth are analyzed in this paper. The intensity of their modification and utilization is maximal in the fifth-instar larvae.

Apostolov L.G., Simchuk A.P., Grigorjev S.G., Melnichuk S.A.
Influence of Subletal Dozes of Biopreparations on Genetic Structure of Populations of Potato Tube Worm on Exterase and Aldehyddehydrogenase Losi.
Selectivity of action of biological preparations on the potato tube worm was established in dependence on genotypes in esterase and aldehyddehydrogenase losi. The effect of a preparation at the esterase locus coincided in direction with natural selection, working in a population and strengthened its pressure. At the aldehyddehydrosenase locus the effects were found out only in two experimental populations.

Stryukov A.A.
Corynosoma Preudohamanni Zdzitowiecki, 1984 (Acanthocephala, Polymorphidae ) - a Parasite of the Seal Lobodon Carcinophagus Hombron and Jacquinot, 1842 from Pacific Part of the Antarctik.
Studied acanthocephals Corynosoma pseudohamanni specimens of seal Lobodon carcinophasus from Pacific resion of Antarctic differ from described specimens from Atlantic resion of Antarctics by body shape, body and some organs dimensions, and also by proboscis armature ( Zdzitowiecki, 1984). That is why we provide description of the studied specimens in order to clear out their systematical status.

Manankova O.P.
Post-Graduate Student of the Chair of Plants Physiology and Biotechnology, Tavric National University. A Role of Illumination and Endogenous Gibberellins in Morphogenesis of Grapevine's Suckers.
A role of illumination and endogenous gibberellins in morphogenesis of grapevine's suckers is considering. A lack of illumination slow down the development of the leaf blade, inflorescence and tendrils. A decreasing of the light stream reduce the level of endogenous gibberellins.

Kostyuchenko O.V., Korenyuk I.I.
Endogenous Pacemaker Activity of Isolated Mollusc.
During the investigetion of the isolated Rpa2 and Rpa7 neurons of snail Helix lucorum it was discovered that their impulse activity had endogenous nature. The questions of the participation of inward caicium current and the role of axodendritic tree in generation of pacemaker activity are being discussed.

Ivanov S.P.
Origin and Evolutional Development of Nest Construction Instinct Meguchilid Bees (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae)
The scheme of evolutional development of megachilid bees on the base of nests construction and females behaviour data. Two stades and four basic directions of construction instincts were distinguished. The first stege is formation of basic constructive elements of the nest and cells. The second one is divergent development in two directions: intensification of structural independency of cells ( to nesting on exposed surface ) and succesive rejection from constructive elements of cells (to nests with virtual cells). The new direction – development of constructive “parasitism” was distinguished. The position of Lithurgini as dead lock branch of megachilid was determined.

Kalinina N.O., Kabuzenko S.N.
Effect of Chloride Saliniti and Growth Regurators on the Protein's Content and Peroxidase Activity in the Root of Zea Mays.
The protein's content and peroxidase activity in the root of Zea mays were reserch. Was established that chroride salunity decrease the total protein's content and considerable increase peroxidase activity. The growth regurators was action on the stady harametres.

Anashkin O.V.
Lyapunov's Functions in the Problem on Exponential Stability.
In the framework of Lyapunov's direct method, sufficient conditions for exponential stability of the zero solution of nonlinear system of ordinary differential equations with a small parameter are obtained. Unlike with the well-known Krasovsy's criterion the Lyapunov's function is non-monotone along solutions of the system.

Belan E.P.
Existence of Countable Many Running Waves of Functional-Differential Equations.
The problem of existence of countable many running stable waves for Corteveg-de Fris and Bussinesque quasilinear functional-differential equations is considered.

Vronsky B.M.
On Proper Oscillations of Compressible Stratified Fluid.
In the article the problem on small motions and proper oscillations of stratified fluid in the bounded region. It was shown that the spectre consists of a countable set of eigenvalues and a part of continuous spectre. Asymptotic formulas for eigenvalues were obtained. Correct solvability of Cauchy problem has been proven.

Zakora D.A.
On Basicity Property and Spectrum Asymptotics for Some Hydrodynamical Spectral Problem.
Some statements on p - basis property, Riesz's basis property of part of root elements, asymptotic behavior for eigenvalues are obtained.

Ivanov Yu.B.
Eigenvalues of One Operator Pencil, which Exceed Coriolis Parameter.
Operator polynomial pencil, associated with the problem of free oscillations in rotating ideal liquid is considered. Exitence theorem for the pencil eigenvalues which exceed Carioles parameter is proved.

Orlov I.V.
The Principles of Functional Analysis in the Scales of Spaces: Hahn – Banach Theorem.
Hahn – Banach theorem and its corollaries are transformed to the linear inductive scales of topological vector spaces. The weakened variant of the theorem is obtained for nonlinear scales.

Persidsky S.K., Dryomov S.Yu.
Concerning Property of Having Fixed Sign Quadratic Forms in a Cone.
In this article a criterion of S.K. Persidsky property of having fixed sign quadratic forms in a cone applied for generalization of a well-known theoreme of L. Grujic about exponential stability of complex system. A description of computer realization of above criterion is given for a tasks of large demension.

Andreeva L.Yu., Berzhansky V.N., Polulyakh S.N., Shvetz M.
NMR Signals in Doped Magnets.
The NMR spectra of the imrurity macromolecules are simulated. The equivalence between approach proposed and known approaches is shown. The equations described the spin-echo relaxation rate are obtained.

Taran Ye.P.
The Influence of Higher Types of Waves on Electromagnetic Fleld Distribution Near to Heterogeneity.
The numerical model of calculation of electromagnetic fields in waveguides structures containing nonuniform inclusions is offered. The researches on influence of higher types of waves on structure of an electromagnetic field near to heterogeneity are carried out.

Fridman Yu.A., Kosmachev O.A.
The Phase State of a Biaxial Nonheisenberg Ferromagnet in an Exterior Magnetic Field.
In the paper the dependence of coupled magnetoelastic waves spectra for a biaxial ferromagnet with biquadratic exchange on magnitude of external magnetic field one investigated. It is shown, that the dynamic properties of magnetoelastic waves and phase states of a system are determined by the relation of a Heisenberg and biquadratic exchange constants. The three - dimensional phase diagram of system under study is obtained.

Berzhansky V.N., Sorokin Yu.V.
Covalency Effects and Electron-Nuclear Interactions in the Chromium Chalcogenide Spinels.
Using the LCAO method, we have obtained the expressions describing covalent contributions in the electron-nuclear interactions in the chromium-based ferromagnetic chalcogenide spinels.

Yevdokimov S.V., Yatsenko A.V.
The Ifluence of Illumination on the Internal Electric Field in LiNbO: Fe Crystals.
By short-circuit photocurrents and NMR measurement LiNbO samples the nature of light influence on non-uniformity of macroscopic internal electric field is investigated. It is estimated that the spectral composition of illumination influenced considerable on local field changing. It is concluded that OH groups play the significant role in this process.

Prokopov A.R., Nedviga A.S., Surova N.A.
Physical-Chemical Properties of Bi-Substituted Garnet Ferrite Films.
Results of experimental investigations in sublayer modifying of physical-chemical properties of garnet ferrite films are given. Connection between chemical composition nonuniformity and magnetic nonuniformity in film thickness is shown.

Lelyakov A.P.
Exact Solutions of the Equations for the Motion of the Closed Zero-String in the Homogeneous Field of Einstein-Maxvell with the Homogeneous Non-Isotropic Tensor of Maxvel.
The work is dedicated the stady of a dinamik of closed zero-string in the zone of colliding plane waves. It is shown, that a motion of the closed zero-string will be restricted in this zone. The obtained exact solutions in work must serve the basis as for the construction of Quantum theory of extent objects so as for the cosmology.

Ryabushkin D.S., Sergeev N.A.
Two-Pulse NMR Echo in Heteronuclear Solids.
In this paper the peculiarities of formation of two-pulse NMR responses in heteronuclear solids containing two types of magnetic nuclei are investigated.

Strugatsky M.B., Skibinsky K.M.
Crystalline Blocks and Fine Structure Magneto Effect in Iron Borate.
The theory of magnetoacoustic birefringence for Iron Borate was supplemented by explanation of observed small-period oscillation being a result of defective structure of the crystal.

Shulgin V.F., Panteleeva O.V.
Coordination Compounds of Some 3d-Metals with N-Para-Carboxyphenyl-ß-D-Glucosamine.
Synthesis and investigation of the co-ordination compounds of N-para carboxyphenyl-ß-D-glucosamine and Ni2+, Co2+, Zn2+, Mn2+; , ions by elemental and thermal analysis methods and IR technique were described. The composition and the structure of complexes has been determined.

Kostyk S.V., Aleksashkin I.V., Khlevnaya Ye.G., Pershina K.D., Groshenko N.A.
Gomogenious Catalitic Reactions with Gas Rejection.
In this paper the standard and modified volumometric methods are described. There methods are used to study catalitic reactions with gas rejection and their errors, advantages and disadvantages are considered. The method of floating up bubbles that grow is offered for microkinetic investigations and the mathematic apparatus is presented.

Kropotov V.A.
Approximation of Potentiometric Titration Curves by Logarithmic Functions: Processing of Titration of Dibasic Acids as a Monobasic Acid Mixture.
The logarithmic function approximation of titration curves of dibasic acid as mixture of monobasic acids is described. The possibility of employing this approach for precise evaluation of equivalence points is shown. The relative error in end titration points depends on the leap magnitude, in the version of potentiometric data prpcessing, and is within the 0,1-1 % limits.

Fedorenko A.M., Khomenkov V.V.
Rational Methods of the Determination of Ions Equvalent Concetration.
In the article are offered the rational method of definition of equilibrium concentration Ions. These method are recommended to use in making up of the calculation programs on the computer.

Kurkchi E.U., Fedorenko A.M., Kurkchi U.M.
Sotibility of an Stibium Oxide (III) in Multinuclear Spirit Water Solutions and Calcium and Barium Hydrooxide.
The processes of dissolution of an Sb oxide (III) in Calcium and Barium hydrooxide solutions with ethilenglicol, glicerin and xylitol are investigated. Is revealed, that hydrooxide of barium with multinuclear spirits is a perspective electrolyte in hydrometallurgy of non-ferrous metals.

Panova E.R., Katseva G.N., Aristova N.I., SeinaE.M.
Comparative Estimation of Tartaric Acid Determination Methods
The comparative estimation of three tartaric acid determination methods in vine materials  was given. Proposed photometric methods are characterized by high productivity and low systematic error deviation.

Shadrin G.N., Krymova V.V., Starostenko V.V., Trunchenkov V.N., Mazinov A.S.
Influencing of a Microwave of Fields on Aggregate Stability of Disperse Systems.
The outcomes on influence of superhigh frequency (SHF) electromagnetic fields on aggregate stability water suspension Fe2O3 and Fe3O4 are adduced. The aggregate stability of suspention to decreases on exponential relation with increase the time-exposure of activation water in SHF – field.